Occupy Seattle Facilitators Step Back

The small group of people that has been facilitating most General Assemblies believes that there are too few of us running too many meetings, that this tends to give us too much power, and that too many of us are white males. As a way of insisting that more people — and more people who are not white males — participate, the group of people that has been facilitating will no longer facilitate General Assembly meetings, starting Monday January 16, through Sunday February 11. During the four weeks of the moratorium, it will be necessary for others to step forward and facilitate. If no one steps forward, there will be no facilitation. The goal will be to share facilitation among the entire general assembly.

We remind Occupy Seattle of two General Assembly policies:
— Facilitation must rotate; no one should facilitate two nights in a row.
— Facilitator must not advocate or introduce their own opinions. (One more reason that everyone should share this task.)

During the four week moratorium, all current facilitators will continue to work in the Process and Facilitation Working Group, and will be making ourselves available at General Assemblies to answer questions and provide support. We’ll continue to hold 6:00 P/F Working Group meetings on Sunday and Wednesday nights, plus longer P/F Working Group meetings as needed, and we will continue to help build proposals and create agendas.

Training in facilitation will continue to be offered, and we are preparing simplified process and meeting-sequence sheets to help new facilitators with what they need to facilitate a General Assembly.

We love the General Assembly and we’re not looking for a vacation. We’re taking this step because we hope this will make the General Assembly stronger and better, and we feel there is an urgent need to decentralize anything that looks like authority. We look forward to rejoining as active facilitators when the task, with its privileges and headaches, is rotating among all or most of the participants in General Assembly.

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