Move to Amend – Abolish Corporate Personhood

The General Assembly of Occupy Seattle,

Convinced that one critical threat to free and fair elections, and authentic democratic self-governance comes from the fact that corporations have been defined as legal persons,

Declaring that persons are rightfully recognized as human beings whose essential needs include clean air, clean water, and safe and secure food,

Deeply disturbed that the granting of Constitutional protections to corporations has compromised, or resulted in the destruction of our communities, economy, democracy and natural world in many ways,

Convinced that the solution must be comprehensive, and remembering that those who believed defining people as property was immoral did not call for ending one or two parts of slavery, but for abolition of the institution of slavery,

Recalling that corporations are human-made legal fictions, and that human citizens are the source of all legitimate power in any democracy,

Deeply concerned that corporations need only profit for survival, and that such profit and survival are often in direct conflict with the essential needs and rights of human beings,

Having observed that the great wealth of large corporations lets them misuse the legal system to overpower human beings and communities, thus denying We The People’s rights,

Recalling that corporations are not mentioned in the Constitution, that The People never granted constitutional rights to corporations, but that individual judges and courts have misguidedly done so without Our consent,

Particularly disturbed that the rollback on legal limits on corporate spending in elections creates an unequal playing field enabling corporations to influence elections, candidate selection, and policy decisions,

Having seen that large corporations own most of America’s mass media and use that media as a megaphone for their own agenda, drowning out other voices,

With conviction that defining property as people is fundamentally immoral and a threat to real people, all other life forms, and the planet,

Be it resolved that Occupy Seattle calls for the abolition of corporate personhood. We join the tens of thousands of people, grassroots organizations and local governments across the country in calling for an Amendment to the Constitution to firmly establish that money spent on political campaigns must allow for an equal voice for all people, that human beings, not corporations, have natural rights protected by the Constitution, and that the rights of human beings will never again be granted to artificial entities or property.

-passed in the General Assembly 12/21/11

8 Responses to Move to Amend – Abolish Corporate Personhood

  • REPUBLIC says:

    This disorganization doesn’t know what is priority and what not.

    Solution for big corporations so called personhood.

    1. Get off the lazyboy and start your own business and have others like mind and the rest will follow to purchase locally. Type of business that will put America back in track is manufacturing. Many skilled and unskilled workers will have jobs again.

    2. Fight for liberty by going out and vote out incumbent.

    3. Organize this disorganization by making it not for profit organization and help your fellow American by providing money to open businesses.

    4. Rely on your fellow American and not on the government.

    5. Relying on the government will make you a socialist/communist slave.

    6. Apply these new built business with the ideology of Social Democracy, it works in Sweden and they are not socialists or communists. Eventually, the government sees the way it is ran and will implement on the whole Wall Street.

    I don’t understand why this disorganization is not waking up and take some of my advice, o I know why, I don’t think like you so my ideas cannot sink in with yours, because it is just the opposite.

    Well, keep doing what you are doing by self-inflict and fail your disorganization as you have failed thus far.

  • REPUBLIC says:

    Layoff the crack pipe and your foggy shrunk brain will clear up. What I said is the american way work hard. Your great grand parents thought the same way, but somehow when the 1960s rolled around the socialist and communist hippies were brainwashed by foreign entities, they used lots of dope, and now this generation is back doing what their parents did.

    Flyboy, self reliance and help one another is the freedom of government slavery, but since you are brainwashed feel that relying on the government is freedom. Think about when you lived under your parents roof, did they apply rules that you did not like sometimes, but you had 2 choices. Number 1 live under roof and get free food, care, and a roof of your head and follow those rules or Number 2 move out go to work pay for all the needs and live in freedom and liberty.

    Most of the stoners here will chose Number 1 because you don’t have to get up from that lazy boy and be productive, you just want a easy life with handouts. I guess you did not get enough of mamas milk. Now you want the government breast to feed you, but they will not be nice like your parents were. Now you a slave subject of the state.

    Who is thinking like a third world crapola. You, my friend, are lazy, spoiled, childish mind, dependent on someone else to take care of you.. do you still wear diapers by the way.

  • REPUBLIC says:

    I believe that in the back of whatever is left of your brain knows that I said the truth, but you are in denial. That is okay. You and this disorganization will fall into a self inflicted demise.

    Hey, flyboy keep going deeper into the tunnel where you and your disorganization is going. Let me know what the light is coming your way, and that distinct sound of toot, toot. Chag-aa. Chag-a, chag-a. Toot, toot…

    • Flyboy says:

      Go someplace else and preach your crap you don’t belong here. Find a Dittohead…

      • REPUBLIC says:

        People like you biased mind person makes this disorganization look bad. That is why you never see more support from the rest of America. Wow, I never heard of “dittohead” before, I had to Google it. I didn’t know you listen to Rush Limbaugh. You see the true colors of Flyboy are coming out. Are you socialist or anarchist? Rush is anarchist, why would you listen to him. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  • REPUBLIC says:

    Petition: HR 3261 SOPA Violations

    Here is where you can sign a petition to stop this madness, however I must warn you the first signatory of this petition is Ron Paul, and if you feel you or this organization must stay biased don’t bother to sign it and let the government walk all over us. Either this OS is united and unbiased and sign the petition or just do what you do best and that is scream from the top your lungs of the injustices.

    In order for politicians to listen it has to be written and not just voiced out. Voices will fade away faster than written signed petitions.

    Let’s unite whether we are left, right, or center or forever hold your peace.

    Petition: WHO GETS THE NEXT U.S. JOBS?



    With Congress arriving back in town this week for the new year, we need as massive a campaign as possible to get their attention on THE QUESTION.

    I have to rely on you to spread the petition to bring tens of thousands of new allies into our internet army.

    Here’s how you spread the petition:

    Find the email in your in-box with the subject line “TV ads break taboo on jobs and immigration”. Then forward it widely.
    Go directly to the petition page at:

  • Flyboy says:

    If the government expects me to put my life on the line, than I expect them to help me when I am down and out…………….