General Assembly Sequence


Facilitation Principles
  • Facilitators make space and move the process.  
  • Facilitators NEVER present content.  That means not speaking your views during discussion or using hand signs to respond to others opinions.  It’s hard, but it’s important.
  • When in doubt, ask the assembly.

General Assembly begins at 7pm.  Mic Check that the Assembly is beginning.

the times listed are guidelines – actual times may be shortened or extended by consultation with the Assembly

Orientation - 5 min
Anyone can read the orientation.  Orientation signals the beginning of the assembly. People will often gather and be seated as the orientation is being mic checked, so starting even if they’re still milling is OK.

Welcome and Introductions - 5 min
Facilitators introduce themselves, state their roles, and welcome the assembly.  Open stack and invite anyone who’s new to Occupy Seattle or has never been to a GA before to introduce themselves and say what brought them here.

Speakout  – 10 min
Workers’, campers’, and occupiers’ speakout.  Open stack.

Working Group Reports - 30 min
Any group (working groups, affinity groups, etc.) may report back.  Agenda keeper queues reports, sends one at time to speak.  Clarifying questions, but no discussion.

Actions - 10 min
Announcements of upcoming actions.  Clarifying questions, but no discussion.

Ideas - 15 min
Sharing of ideas and requests for feedback.  No discussion.

Break - 10 min

Upcoming Proposals - 10 min
Announce proposals to be voted on at an upcoming GA.  Proposers should include a date for their proposal, and agenda keeper can remind them to get a copy to Process and Facilitation ( so it can go on the website.  Clarifying questions, but no discussion.

Proposals - 1 – 1 ½ hours
Proposer presents their proposal.  No more than 3 people should present a proposal.
- 3 min small group discussion.  
- Open stack for discussion.  Proposer can respond to questions and comments at the discretion of facilitation.  Nothing jumps stack except process points.  Any amendments must be either accepted by proposer or taken up by a temperature check of the assembly.
- Proposer restates proposal before vote, including amendments.
- All in favor raise one hand.  Facilitators count, compare totals.
- All against raise one hand.  Facilitators count, compare totals.
- Ask for blocks.  No blocks: announce totals and result.
- If anyone blocks, blocker(s) get 2 minutes to speak.  Multiple blockers should confer briefly and share time.  -Open stack for 3 min.  – Revote.  Facilitators count hands as before.

General Announcements