Occupy Seattle Joins in Solidarity with the United Farm Workers

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On January 27, 2012 Decolonize/Occupy Seattle will demonstrate their continued solidarity with laborers world-wide as we join with the United Farm Workers (UFW) in their long standing campaign for justice for the farm workers at Ruby Ridge Dairy, whose labor supplies the Darigold corporation with its dairy products.

Workers at Ruby Ridge work long days without breaks, when they ask for water they are told to drink from where the cows drink and are threatened with guns when attempting to organize; many have experienced wage theft.Farmworkers are not included in the National Labor Relations Act and already one third of the organizers have been fired for trying to form a union.

Actions have already been taken to hold Darigold accountable for the injustice at Ruby Ridge, yet nothing has changed. Like many large corporations, Darigold continues to turn a blind eye to the abuses being suffered by the workers who labor to produce their milk and their profits. Farm workers and UFW supporters found themselves greeted by security guards when they traveled to Darigold’s headquarters to discuss a remedy to the abuses.

In response, the United Farm Workers started a petition (http://action.ufw.org/page/s/darigoldpetitionkids) and on January 27, 2012, with support from Decolonize/Occupy Seattle and the greater Seattle community, will deliver these petitions to the Darigold Headquarters.

We call on all people to join with the United Farm Workers and Decolonize/Occupy Seattle to demand justice for Farm workers. On January 27, 2012 we will meet at Westlake at 2pm and march to the Darigold Headquarters at 1130 Rainier Ave. South. There we will rally at 3pm to call on Darigold to take immediate action to resolve the issues facing workers at Ruby Ridge. Transportation will be provided for those who need it.

The farm worker’s fight is the same fight against corporate greed that has led to the occupy movement. They are part of the 99%! JOIN THOUSANDS to demand that Darigold use its influence over its dairies to stop the abuses. Tell them they cannot ignore farm workers!!


Occupy Seattle se une en solidaridad con La Unión de Campesinos
Seattle, WA-Enero 27, 2012
(206) 745-0164

En Enero 27, 2012 Decolonize/Occupy Seattle demostrara su continua solidaridad con los trabajadores del mundo al unirse con la Unión de Campesinos (UFW) en su larga campaña por justicia para los trabajadores en la lechería Ruby Ridge, la cual abastece a la corporación Darigold con sus productos lácteos.

Los trabajadores en Ruby Ridge trabajan largas horas sin descansos, cuando piden agua se les dice que tomen del agua que toman las vacas, y son amenazados con escopetas cuando intentan organizarse; muchas han sido víctimas del robo de dinero. Los campesinos no están incluidos en el Acta de Relaciones Laborales Nacional y ya una tercera parte de los organizadores han sido despedidos por tratar de formar una unión. “Le pedimos a la comunidad que se una a la causa para que Darigold escuche el sonido del llamado a justicia. Somos trabajadores, hacemos a Darigold fuerte y rica, y exigimos justicia. “-Margarito Martinez (Campesino y ex. Trabajador de Ruby Ridge)

Diversas acciones han sido llevadas a cabo para exigir contabilidad a Darigold por las injusticias que suceden en Ruby Ridge, pero nada ha cambiado. Como muchas corporaciones, Darigold se ciega a ver los abusos que sufren los trabajadores que laboran para producirle su leche y sus ganancias. Campesinos y apoyadores de la Unión de Campesinos se vieron recibidos por guardias de seguridad cuando viajaron a las oficinas executivas de Darigold para hablar sobre un remedio a los abusos.

Como respuesta, la Unión de Campesinos empezó una petición (http://action.ufw.org/page/s/darigoldpetitionkids) y en Enero 27, 2012 con el apoyo de Decolonize/Occupy Seattle y la comunidad de Seattle, entregaran las peticiones a las oficinas executivas de Darigold.

Hacemos el llamado a todas las personas para que se unan a la Unión de Campesinos y Decolonize/Occupy Seattle para exigir justicia para los campesinos. En Enero 27, 2012 nos reuniremos en Westlake a las 2pm y marcharemos a las oficinas executivas de Darigold en el 1130 Rainier Ave. South. Habrá un rally a las 3pm para hacer el llamado a Darigold para que tome acciones inmediatas para resolver los asuntos que enfrentan los trabajadores de Ruby Ridge. Habrá transportación para aquellos que la necesiten.

La lucha de los trabajadores es la misma lucha en contra de codicia que a llevado al movimiento Occupy. ¡Los campesinos son parte del 99%! UNASE A MILES para exigir que Darigold use su influencia sobre sus lecherías para frenar los abusos. ¡Déjeles saber que no pueden ignorar a los campesinos!

4 Responses to Occupy Seattle Joins in Solidarity with the United Farm Workers

  • John Drabble says:

    Will Occupy Seattle be carrying flaming torches (with the implicit threat of arson) on this march? Will you be yelling profanity at the police?

    Who lobbied for this action? The RCP? One of their front groups? The kiddies in hoodies (“anarchists”)?

    At this point, sadly, the only thing that Occupy Seattle (I refuse to use that silly “decolonize” title) has in common with the national Occupy movement is using the word Occupy.

    Those who wish to work for genuine Occupy movement goals fighting income disparity and corporate influence and mayor political party corruption using non-violence should find another group to participate with. Portland or DC are good options. There will be a national OccupyDC on March 30. http://nowdc.org/

    Those of you who do attend this action–pay attention not only to who is there, who is using the megaphone, and the rhetoric they are spewing, but also to who is not there. You’ll find there the same couple dozen (at most) avowed communists and socialists who always attach themselves to any movement that seems to be gaining momentum, some naive newbies, and the poser kiddies in hoodies looking for some cheap excitement. You will find very few, if any, members of Veterans For Peace, people of faith, or other groups who are committed to fighting effectively for justice through non-violent means. This action will be little more than noisy posing and will only add to the diminishing reputation of OccupySeattle.

    • Bradford B. Morrison says:

      Hey, folks, how’s the snowball and snowman making going?? What a week of weather we’ve had!
      Golly, John Drabble, I guess you are not aware of the special symbolism of the FLAMING TORCHES on the Jan. 14th March to ask for the resignation or firing of SPD Chief John Diaz; as well as our very firm opposition to POLICE BRUTALITY in all its forms; in particular, John Drabble, to the extreme brutality of KILLING and MURDERING folks such as John T. Williams, among others. Long story short, J.D.(… odd you have the same initials as John Diaz…coincidence?…) Anyway, FYI, sir DRABBLE, and of course, with ALL DUE RESPECT… THE FLAMING TORCHES on that march REPRESENTED THE PEOPLE KILLED by SPD in the last few years; of whom there are VERY MANY, unfortunately. A very good case can be made, and has been made, that most or all of these killings were UNNECESSARY!! Often, simply MURDERS, in my opinion, and the opinion of many others in the Seattle area. Put THAT in your “pipe” and smoke it, Mr. Drabble!

      Thanks for Listening
      Peace and Love
      Loudmouth Karaoke Brad

    • BoogaBooga says:

      “With the implicit threat of arson? ” Are you high? I don’t think there will be torches, but if they frighten you, you should probably stay away from everything we do. There’s no telling what else you might see that would upset you. Most of us carry cell phones these days (with the implicit threat of making obscene phone calls), there may be cars present (with the implicit threat of vehicular manslaughter), and we’ll all be wearing shoes (presumably with the implicit threat of stomping on a basket of kittens, or whatever you’re afraid people do with shoes).

  • REPUBLIC says:

    With Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court gave states the right to legislate abortion restrictions during a woman’s second trimester. Many states enacted laws that make it more difficult to terminate a pregnancy. Among them, Arkansas, Minnesota, and Georgia require physicians to tell women that 20-week-old fetuses can feel pain during the procedure unless they are anesthetized. http://discovermagazine.com/2005/dec/fetus-feel-pain

    Then the High Court made a key admission:

    “If this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant’s case [i.e., “Roe” who sought an abortion], of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment.”

    The fact is, the 14th Amendment couldn’t be clearer:

    “. . . nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law.”

    Furthermore, the 14th Amendment says:

    “Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.” http://nationalprolifealliance.com/rlac_petition_n.aspx?pid=sb4c&npla=I1AGAB12I