Shut down Lethal Incinerators in Seattle

February 11th: Shut down Seattle Steam’s lethal incinerators now!

Noon rally at Westlake lead by Dorli Rainey. March to Seattle Steam incinerator next to Pike Place Market and then to Victor Steinbreuck Park north of Pike Place Market. Occupy the park with die-ins, teach-ins and direct actions.

Two Seattle Steam incinerators threaten to turn downtown Seattle into a LETHAL POLLUTION ZONE. One incinerator next to Pike Place Market is already burning dirty waste wood and sickening neighbors. These residents are mainly low income folks, many of whom are elderly and/or disabled. They are one of Seattle’s most marginalized communities. The huge $80M, 50MW Seattle Steam incinerator planned near Pioneer Square would emit hundreds of tons of killer particle pollution, make $500,000,000. for Seattle Steam, and threaten thousands more downtown Seattleites with lethal pollution.

In classic 1% style, Seattle Steam will tolerate no opposition as its steamrolls to obscene pollution profits. Seattle Steam “owns” the entire Seattle City Council which recently voted 9-0 to expand Seattle Steam pollution and kill even more more Seattleites. The city council has voted to become accomplices to murder.

Seattle Steam has been awarded more than $55M in federal subsidies for its two incinerators. The reckless city council scheme to further expand Seattle Steam pollution—headed by councilmembers Richard Conlin and Mike O’Brien— would add more local subsidies to fatten Seattle Steam coffers. We people of Seattle are literally paying to have ourselves poisoned!


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16 Responses to Shut down Lethal Incinerators in Seattle

  • donny1020 says:

    What this project is to Seattle construction workers is jobs, a significant number of good family wage with benefit jobs. These jobs will be going to a segment of the population that has been hit the hardest during this construction depression.

    Why is it be protested, simply a small group of people need a cause which they can claim regardless of merit. If the facts don’t match their fiction they could care less. They simply hope to pull the environmental community into an action so that they can then exploit their numbers.

  • ojermo says:

    I’m excited to rally will Dorli Rainey! Incinerators are some of the worst technology possible as far as energy production, why not invest in clean energy and better recycling plants so that we’re not BURNING things for energy? There’s a place where that’s done, it’s called the sun, and its just the right distance from us to provide safe energy to us.

    @donny1020 have you seen the video? It includes a section on the nature of incinerators and a bit about dioxin. Also, how long will those construction jobs go on for? Have you taken a look at how much money in contract labor and benefits you’re arguing about versus the potential health impacts of garbage incineration particles and fumes? My bet is that other projects that meet higher environmental standards and provide the same or MORE value would pay out nicely for contractors and the working class. Surely you’re argument isn’t that we need to be building things to employ people and that we need not care WHAT we build… is it?

    • donny1020 says:

      In reply to Ojermo, this plant complies and exceeds all guidelines and requirements. If it hadn’t it never would have been permitted. As a construction worker we like green, not because it does anything but because it creates more work. What the bourgeois don’t understand about the working class is that work is not an abstract thing to us. We work to get money, to buy food, to pay rent or mortgage, to pay for electricity, to buy gas, to take care of our families, etc. A week without work can mean we don’t pay the electricity or we can’t pay for fuel. You most likely don’t even know what a gallon of heating oil cost or that much a bag of pellets cost. As far as burning things is bad, aren’t you the same folks that had a torch light parade to protest or lit pallets on fire to mix it up with the cops? I even saw your mommies and daddies picking your type up in a Mercedes after you were done playing revolutionary. BTW I’m burning stuff right now, that’s how we heat our home.

      In regards to parabolamomentum whose parents are paying his way through school while the son’s and daughters of the working class are left with the single option of joining the military if they want a collage education.

      Just because you own a bike doesn’t mean you speak for everyone that rides a bike. I don’t even know if it’s something to brag about, it is just a bike. If you want to question something why aren’t you questioning why tuition for working class kids keeps going through the roof. Could it be that the wealthy want to restrict secondary education for their children, this is what I think, they don’t want their brats to be forced to compete for those “good jobs”. They want our kind restricted to manual labor and because they are destroying our unions they are ensuring that we will all be nothing but surfs.

      The difference between a construction worker and the cops you have played with is that we are defending our jobs, our families and our way of life. Just get between us and our ability to provide for our families and see what happens.

      OS or decolonize, what ever you call it now needs to get back to the core of the movement, economic justice. This is the subject that moved thousands not nutters using fake science to deprive the working class of income.

      • BoogaBooga says:

        You just whine about everything, don’t you? Do you ever really do anything? Have you organized any actions, or is it easier to just sit on the computer and complain about how you think everyone else is doing it wrong?

        Put up or shut up. Organize an action of your own and show us all how it’s done, or quit your crying.

      • parabolamomentum says:

        “In regards to parabolamomentum whose parents are paying his way through school”

        Excuse me while I go finish my Personal Environmental Impact Midterm Project; then bike to my second job cleaning toilets.

        The reason I came back to this posting was because I took a break to read some scientific articles – I was reminded about my posting I made – here is the article.

        The purpose (in my mind) of this movement is to create a platform for people to seriously discuss a causative solution.

        If for what every reason you think the movement is dead – it might be because you’ve convinced yourself that your actions don’t matter.

        donny1020 (or anyone else wanting to educate themselves): Here is your pop quiz!

        10 possible points

        Compare the following sets of terms: (3 pts.)
        natural capitol and solar capital
        environmental worldview and environmental ethics
        element and compound
        the First and the Second Laws of Thermodynamics
        a scientific hypothesis and a scientific theory

        Differentiate among the following terms: (2pts.)
        high-quality matter
        low-quality matter
        your ecological footprint

        Name two of the four scientific principles of sustainability? (2pts.)

        What is an environmental dilemma? List two current ones. (1 pt.)
        Explain the following statement: “Environmental Science is actually a synthesis of many natural and social sciences.” (2pts.)


        • donny1020 says:

          Right, I don’t really think that is true. As 99% of that work is done by misclassified employees or independent contractors and you have to do that work full time. The fact that you can’t even own up to the fact that you are only playing revolutionary tells much.

          This is just like the neo-Nazi event at SCCC. We now know where those so called neo-Nazi’s came from. It took a while but we found that you orchestrated the entire event to redirect the OS movement.

          It’s not the movement that is dead but the role of pseudo-revolutionary groups over the movement that is dead. The movement will continue and you will still have a voice but your voice will no longer be the only voice. A workers movement should be ran by workers and not by political interlopers.

          Actions such as the Steam Plant are redirections away from real issue that impact real people. You will have your little demonstration with less than 100 people, people will look on and you will further marginalise the Decolinize group.

          The fact that you are now clinging onto worker’s action such as the Port truckers and Darigold shows how desperate you are to build a fake revolution off of the backs of exploited workers and at the same time disparage and belittle their unions.

          Your post betrays your belief that only those from, and part of the privileged class should have a voice. Sorry, I had to work and wasn’t able to hide behind books while kids my age were going to war. Your little quiz betrays you.

  • parabolamomentum says:

    Always question authority and do your best to critically come to understanding about any topic. Also, remember that the water we consume is recycled urine, possibly one molecule of your grandmothers or Abe Lincoln’s. Maybe a little of both. How incredibly cool is that?

    I’m a student who bikes everywhere and is going to be come an Environmental Scientist and I support this cause. Why? Simply because it is my responsibility as a person who is aware of the problems and to express my support for wind, geothermal, solar and smart-grid energy. I don’t want an increased risk of disease and neither does any other species.

    Everything we output into the environment effects us, and alternative energy can create even more jobs if we stand together for it. We need to grow together and push forward against our political stagnation. is a great starting point. Also, the Seattle Aquarium – Sound And Vision Screening at the Seattle Aquarium, Feb.15th

    Stay strong my sisters and brothers! Bicycle for freedom!

    • BoogaBooga says:

      I would say it’s only moderately cool. Drinking Abe Lincoln’s pee is totally cool, but drinking my grandma’s pee is totally uncool, so they sort of cancel each other out.

  • donny1020 says:

    Thank you ISO,FSP, RCP, BOC and the rest of the bored children of the privileged class that destroyed the occupy movement. All that is left is fragments of what could have been.

    • BoogaBooga says:

      Boo-Hoo. If they can break it, you can fix it. Get off your ass and do something about it, instead of crying on the Internet.

  • tigertheo says:

    Another big issue is that burning wood releases greenhouse gases. There are many solutions to producing and conserving energy without expanding the burning of wood.

  • parabolamomentum says: