I’m STILL Getting Married to 10th and Union Warehouse! Community POTLUCK!

The following was written by occupier Babylonia Aivaz

Instead of a culture of death, destruction, and despair, I choose
life, love, and liberation!


10 Responses to I’m STILL Getting Married to 10th and Union Warehouse! Community POTLUCK!

  • BoogaBooga says:

    Babylonia ROCKS! I love this kind of humor and street theater.

  • Bradford B. Morrison says:

    Talk about a wonderful, creative idea for humorous, loving, caring, consciousness raising!!!
    Babylonia, you GO WOMAN! Party on,and change the world having FUN!!! C YA at 1:00 PM!

    Thanks for Listening
    Peace and Love
    Loudmouth Karaoke Brad

  • dglosecki says:

    how do we provide housing and commercial space for a growing city if not by private development? the government can only afford to build for the bottom 10-20%, if that. the average citizen will have to wait 20 years for this housing and business space to lose its new status so they can afford to rent/buy/lease it. that is how development works. development is necessary to create dense urban areas, reduce sprawl and enable civilization to sustain itself. it may not be the ideal means to get density, but when viewed with the many other dense urban, mixed-use developments going on in seattle, this project is a part of a “good” thing. the issue of gentrification that tends to follow new housing needs to be addressed; but calling for a stop to developing density is not the means to address this issue.

    • ReverendBonobo says:

      I’m curious to know – what is “the means” to address this issue? Do you have an action planned?

    • btraven says:

      The promotion of density is bogus. Simplicity and room to breath, away from the maddening crowds is what is needed from health and wealth (root comes from “well-being”).

      Density promoters should live amongst themselves and leave the rest of us alone.

      • btraven says:

        It’s disappointing that this CMS setup doesn’t allow posters to edit their comments. Geesh.

        In any case, in my above post, “from” should read “for.”

      • dglosecki says:

        density is the only way our planet can sustain 10 billion people.
        whether you like it or not, if we do not live denser, we will continue to overrun and ruin what remains of the natural environment,destroying the resources that enable our species and countless other species to survive. density reduces the amount of resources a human settlement consumes and can be wonderful, if done right: walkable,transit-connected neighborhoods that provide immediate access to food, work, culture and other basic services without reliance on the car. density is also conducive to human relationships and enables the spread and creation (through chance collaboration) of new ideas (like occupy). modern technology solves much of cleanliness issue that plagued dense cities in the past. properly built, density makes for a better quality of life. that’s why it’s so expensive to live in seattle, because it’s successfully dense and thus desirable – hence gentrification which is the true issue that needs to be addressed, not so much density and develepment.

  • ReverendBonobo says:

    I’m honored to have been a part of organizing this event. I think it’s becoming too easy for the public and the media to ignore typical protests with sign-carrying marchers, but theater and wacky humor go a long way (as long as you’re willing to risk looking silly in public, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea).

    The story was picked up by news media around the world (just Google her name and look at the results from the UK, Netherlands, China, Vietnam…). Some reports fail to see past the “weird news” angle, but enough gave the full story that the serious message behind the action reached a wide audience.

    On a more personal level, I was changed by this event. I have lived in the Capitol Hill neighborhood for ten years now, and have never felt as connected to my neighborhood or my neighbors as I did yesterday. I’m also ready to get down with lots more street theater.

  • thisisthetime says:

    Congratulations to you and your marriage person. This is Performance Art at it’s finest. I am truly inspired. May your Blessings continue and May You and Your Marriage Person Live Happily Ever After. Thank you.
    …this is the time…

    • REPUBLIC says:

      Why didn’t anyone buy the warehouse and made it a community center. I forgot I am thinking backwards again. What I meant was why didn’t you get it for free from the government?