Port Truckers Food Drive

On Monday truck drivers from the port of Seattle walked away from their rigs, protesting dangerous conditions and faulty equipment. The one day strike became a two day strike, and now shows no sign of ending until the workers’ demands for safe, livable conditions are met. Unfortunately, these workers, like so many of us, have little to fall back on. They need our help! This message was sent to Occupy Seattle:

“According to Teamsters Local 117 which has been working with the truckers, the main way supporters can help at this point is to gather food items and drop them off at the Teamsters Hall – 14675 Interurban Avenue S, Tukwila – so the drivers can feed their families while they’re not working.

Then stand by for word from the Teamsters on specific support actions.”

What can we do to support the port workers?

Bring canned or boxed food items to GA on Sunday or Wednesday for collection.
Tell your friends, family, church, book club . . . anyone who will listen!
Make a donation for the truckers, and we’ll use it to buy bulk food items.
Share this link with your Facebook friends : http://www.facebook.com/events/105957899529352/
These workers have no union and no strike fund to fall back on. They are the 99% that we came together to support, and they are literally going hungry fighting for their rights. We can fix that!

Thank you for all your donations! The drivers have ended their strike and are going back to work, so we’ve removed the donation link.