General Assembly Consensus Process DRAFT

Last night, a participant in the Process & Facilitation workgroup presented a basic outline of the consensus decision-making discussion. Here's the discussion model that was presented:


Issues and Proposals – An issue for dicussion or a proposal is presented by the person who put the item on the agenda.

  • Turn and Talk – 3 min, initial thoughts on the issue.
  • Understanding; questions, facts – stack is open for questions and facts to make sure everyone has the same understanding of the issue.
  • Open Discussion – thoughts, opinions, background information, and general debate
  • Ideas and Concerns: list and address - how can we address this issue?  what are our goals?  what are our concerns?
  • Consensus Test – are we ready to move forward with what's been suggested to address the issue?
    • Other Concerns?
    • Strong Opposition?
    • Stand Asides?
    • Consensus?

If consensus is not reached, or there is strong opposition to a proposal to address an issue, the assembly may table the proposal until a future meeting.  If a proposal has been tabled once, the assembly may call for consensus among at least 90% of participants to move forward over strong opposition.  This is a last resort if there is irreconcilable opposition to a proposal that the rest of the assembly is in favor of moving ahead with, and should not be considered as strong as full consensus of the assembly.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or concerns, please let us know at


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  • REPUBLIC says:

    Is there such a thing as oppositions? Oh my, you guys better fix that. Do what you do best labeling the person, demonize, character assasination, and kick them out of OS.