SCCC Public Hearing for limiting civil liberties!

SCCC will be having a “secret” meeting on Tuesday, March 27th to discuss limiting civil liberties on the SCCC campus. I say “secret” because the meeting was not publicized anywhere save this little article. No students or teachers were made aware. Let’s do what we do best and rally the troops!!

A little bit about why you should attend.
The Board of Trustees is seeking to do the following:
• To define first amendment rights to “includes, but is not necessarily limited to, informational picketing, petition circulation, the distribution of informational leaflets or pamphlets, speech-making, demonstrations, rallies, appearances of speakers in outdoor areas, protests, meetings to display group feelings or sentiments, and/or other types of constitutionally protected assemblies to share information, perspective or viewpoints.”
• Limitation of expression of these rights to the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.
• Limitation of expression of these rights to a span of 8 hours for college groups and 5 hours for non-college groups.
• Limitation of people to carrying only one sign and limiting signs to no larger that 3’ x 5’ (this would preclude us using our banner!).
• Prescription of locations at which expressions of first amendment rights may occur.
• Creation of obstacles that may dissuade groups from expressing first amendment rights at Seattle Community College campuses.

Occupy 1500 Harvard Ave.- SCCC Public Hearing Facebook event page: