First Amendment and the Seattle Community College Board of Trustees

Today, Katherine Long at the Seattle Times published an excellent article about the limitations that the Seattle Community Colleges Board of Trustees approved last Thursday. These limitations will soon become Washington state law. Please read this article, forward it to everyone you know, and post a comment online. (You will have to take a second to register on the site). Here's the link:

As a member of Faculty for Free Speech, I can assure you that we are represented by an attorney who specializes in First Amendment law and that we will continue to fight for all of our first amendment rights on campus, including the right to be on campus after the Board of Trustees arbitrarily chosen curfew hour and to use camping as a form of protected speech.

A great big thank you to all members of Occupy Seattle who have attended the 4 public meetings leading up to this vote and to those of you who have so passionately spoken out against the Seattle Community College District's curtailment of our First Amendment rights. By  Laurel Holliday