Smaller is Beautiful – Occupy Your Neighborhood

More and more people are focusing their efforts locally. These smaller groups are doing great things but can be more difficult to locate and contact. This list is a start to make getting involved in the local neighborhood movement easier.

This is just a start to get the ball rolling. Please Leave a Contact Name, Email or other contact information and any background information you want to share in a comment, we will add it to the list.

Occupy West Seattle

Occupy NE Seattle

Occupy Wallingford

Occupy Capital HIll

Phinney Neighbors for Peace and Justice

Peoples Assembly Central District

One Response to Smaller is Beautiful – Occupy Your Neighborhood

  • marycpaterson says:

    Thanks for putting up this neighborhood occupy page. I’m with Occupy NE Seattle (ONES). We meet every 5-6 weeks but we do actions every week, which is the right balance for us. Our actions so far are bank protests in the NE Seattle area, and these are some of the reasons why: Reckless buying and selling that led to the recession, Foreclosures on the vulnerable, outrageously greedy CEO Salaries and bonuses, and zero or low state and federal taxes–BUT ALSO we picket big banks because they profit off of the private prison and detention center industry and off of dirty energy industries like coal and natural gas. ONES is working to weaken the hold of big banks in our neighborhoods and nurture the growth of credit unions. We are also closely linked with the peace and justice movement, environmentalism, and the end-mass incarceration movement (No New Jim Crow Seattle Campaign).
    Again, thank you for the new neighborhood Occupy page! (I think Capitol Hill is misspelled in the list.)This will be one of many ways for us to communicate with each other and grow in number and strength!