Occupy Fun

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We at Occupy Fun hope to create a safe space for positive community building, between OFun and local businesses within the greater Seattle area. We are a "Non-working" group that exists outside of the Interwebs, and we use this page to promote outreach, social gatherings, and general Fun!

Please invite your friends to join, we are looking for organic member-driven involvement. We strive to be an all-inclusive group, all are welcome, but we have zero tolerance for hatred and bigotry. Please help us keep this space light hearted and treat others with respect.

Check your ideologies at the door. Spamming, flaming and/or trolling are a NO-NO (when isn't it?). Take heavy topics elsewhere. If you act like an Asshat, you'll leave us no choice but to treat you like an Asshat. You probably won't like how we treat Asshats!