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Email:  info@miccheckwallst.org
We are committed to bringing about change and raising political awareness through both community outreach and non-violent actions, or Think-Ops.


We seek to reestablish the legitimacy of our constitutional rights, speech and political influence as the sole birthright of the people; reclaiming them from the hands of the privileged, the wealthy, and the inanimate. Guided by our principles, we create forums for a multitude of conversations, cultivating our various passions into progress through peaceful communication, outreach and action. To this end, we are a call to friendship.



We are peaceful. Everyone who participates is expected to respect and embody both our foundational principles and mission statement in their ideas, actions, and the treatment of others.

We don’t vote. Your participation is your consensus, and every meeting, gathering, get-together, etc. regardless of size, is as valid and meaningful as any other.