Noise Brigade – Againist Student Debt

The student debt crisis is cripling lives and killing dreams.

Back when a High School diploma guaranteed a decent job, we created the free public education system. We believed that education was a right, not a privilege. A High School diploma isn't what it used to be. A college degree is now a requirement.

But, instead of making a college education free for all those who want it, we've fallen victim to the contradictory rhetoric that "education isn't free" and access to education is about "personal responsibility". To believe that, you must also believe that poverty is the responsibility of poor children. That their futures must limited based on their parents means.

The government voted to *double* the interest rate on all federal student loans effective July 1st. Meanwhile they are loaning out *trillions* of dollars at * 0% interest* to Wall Street banks. The same banks that *stole and then lost* trillions of dollars in fraud and abuse. The same banks who then used those 0% interest loans to give themselves hundreds of billions of dollars in bonuses and compensation.

A student loan should be about education. Not restricting access to the disadvantaged. Not for pushing people into poverty. And not for profits that benefit the very rich at the expense of the rest of us.

So yes, education isn't free. But a massive payout from economic fraud is. Partially because students are going to pick up the bill.

We think this is wrong.

  • Stop interest rates for doubling July 1st.
  • End student debt.
  • Bring a pot.
  • Make noise.

Student Debt Noise Brigade – Event Time and Place

Wednesday. 6/13. 7:00PM. SCCC. Invite your friends.

Print the poster!

2 Responses to Noise Brigade – Againist Student Debt

  • Lance says:

    Occupy started as a protest against corporate power and the wealth gap between the 1% and the 99%. You guys have tirned it into a plaything for every other issue outr there from kiddies in hoodies to gender politics. You have lost the support of the community. And you know mit. That’s why you feel compelled to censor my critical comments.

    Close my account. I am deleting this site for good and will no longer participate in Occupy events. mayday was enough for me. Bunch of fucking thrill seeking punks posing as revolutionaries spewing anarchist slogans.

    Occupy was the best chance we had in decades at real reform in this country and Seattle occupy allowed itself to be co-opted by a bunch of proven losers.

  • donny1020 says:

    I agree, I watched the last GA where a group of people were debating the impact that the neo-anarchist and ISO types had on the OS movement but they could never simply just say who they were talking about. They also decided that because these same people have driven away the vast majority of people that originally had commonality with OS that the existing group was to fractured to confront those that co opted OS.

    OS is no longer about economic justice but about which fringe political organization can take over a meeting on a given day.