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GLITUR and Waid’s Restaurant Hosting


An Anti-Capitalist Drag Show

5/19/2012– The Grand Legion of Incendiary and Tenacious Unicorn Revolutionaries is happy to announce that we and the fabulous Bearded Lady J hosting a radical queer dance party this Friday, June 22nd, at Waid’s Restaurant in Seattle. This event, far from your run-of-the-mill celebration during the Pride season, will feature alternative queer voices and local talent such as Honey Bucket and Sashay Supernova in a drag show and dance party designed to bring revolution back to queer liberation.

On the 22nd, instead of attending for-profit club events costing more than $20 to enter, GLITUR invites you to join us in coming together to strike back against popular assimilationist models of mainstream gay rights. We know that our work does not begin and end with the attainment of a gay marriage bill in WA. State or with a begrudging presidential endorsement of it that seems more like a political strategy than real progress. And as long as ADAP is being cut, CeCe is behind bars for defending herself and anyone has to experience homophobia, transphobia, trans-misogyny, sexism or racism from the state or this capitalist society we will resist.

It will be 21+ with ID, and $5 to get in. All proceeds will go to Lifelong Aids Alliance, because Pride is about coming together and giving back, not turning a profit.

2 Responses to GLITUR announces DRAG OUT CAPITALISM!!!

  • Larry says:

    “An anti-capitalist drag show” How is “…strike(ing) back against popular assimilationist models of mainstream gay rights” an anti-capitalist activity?

    Gay rights and gender equality are important issues but I don’t see WTF it has to do with what Occupy was founded to oppose which is income disparity and corporate money influence on government.

    Just another example of how Occupy has lost it’s way and is now useless for motivating a large number of people for any activity.

  • Larry says:

    WTF does “popular assimilationist models of mainstream gay rights” even mean? Being accepted in society as an equal with the same rights as everyone else? You have a problem with that? Are gays now supposed to demand their own country like black activists did back in the sixties?

    Do what you did on Mayday: form a pink block to interfere with photographers while the black bloc breaks windows. At least that is understandable. Stupid. Juvenile. But understandable.