Congrats to Shanti and boo for this ridiculous charge having been dismissed :)

Shanti Wyatt's Case regarding Occupy Sukkot. October 13 2011 is Dismissed as of August 16th 2012.  Some words from Shanti's lawyer – "The prosecutor emailed me yesterday informing me that she is dismissing."



The following is a description from the Occupy Sukkot (facebook) Event:
By Emma Epstein, Andy Barr and Robert Beiser:

The eight-day festival of Sukkot reminds us of the abundance we have, and how very fragile that abundance is. The sukkah that we build, reminiscent of the fragile huts built in the days the Israelites spent wandering through the desert, represents shelter in a time of crisis, “the halfway point between slavery and liberation.” We are again at a halfway point. The movement has begun – will it take hold?

This space will not only serve as a metaphor for the shelter of the Israelites. It will be a space to challenge economic injustice, racism, oppression, displacement, and exploitation that so many in our country and world face.



Occupy Seattle in Pictures: Police Arrest 10, Then Stand Down, But Forbid Sleep

last night the protesters defiantly erected a tent in celebration of the Jewish holiday Sukkot. A number of people sat inside the tent peacefully, determined not to be intimidated by police orders banning any structures (other than the permitted medical tent) in the park. Others formed a human chain around it.

When we arrived at Westlake, the demonstration was in full swing. A lively and entirely peaceful crowd was chanting in the middle of the park, next to the newly erected tent.

Signs proclaimed the demands and messages of the protesters

Suddenly, the police moved in to take down the Sukkot tent and to arrest the people in it, as well as those blocking the way to it

Seeing the number of police on the scene, I asked one of the officers: "Who is keeping the rest of the city safe?" He said, angrily, "Other cops!"

please see wonderful photo essay from Zoltan here:

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photo credit
Joshua Trujillo