Charges Dropped Against May Day Protestor Maria Jannett Morales


After reviewing YouTube video of the May Day riot, King County prosecutors dismissed all charges against a protestor accused of punching a bike cop.

Maria Jannett Morales, 30, was charged with assault in the fourth degree, a felony, for an incident that occurred near the intersection of First Avenue and Pike Street a few minutes before 6 p.m. on May 1, just as the day's rioting was starting to simmer down.

SPD's version of events was called into question by amateur video from the scene uploaded to YouTube. The footage seems to show Morales walking past Fry, obeying orders. Then, after a brief verbal exchange, Fry grabs Morales by the shoulders and hair and pulls her down.


Maria Jannett Morales: May Day Protestor Charged With Assaulting Cop Proven Innocent By YouTube Video, Attorney Says

One May Day protester charged with assaulting a police officer has already been exonerated after video footage contradicting SPD's version of events surfaced. Now the attorney for a second claims the cops have once again been caught on camera embellishing the facts.

SPD detective J.D. Mudd’s probable cause statement reads:  "Morales got right up to Officer Fry and said, 'Okay bitch,' then punched Officer Fry in the chest with a closed fist.  Officer Fry grabbed Morales with the intent of placing her under arrest." Morales is also accused of kicking another cop in the leg as she struggled to get free of Fry.

In the video, Shouting makes it difficult to decipher the entire dialogue, but Fry can be heard barking orders to "Move back!" with Morales responding, "We are moving back!" Morales shuffles to her right, and Fry grabs her by the shoulders and hair, pulling her down on top of the police bikes. The videographer is then forced to move down the street, away from the action.

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