Grand Juries, Raids and Witchhunts – The Attack On Dissent

Val Carlson and Neil Fox, two prominent civil liberties attorneys discuss escalating surveillance and harassment of political activists by the FBI and police. They will also examine the history of grand jury resistance by radicals here in Seattle and across the country, as well as strategies to defend the free speech rights of protesters, be they striking unionists, anarchists, Occupiers or immigrant rights advocates. Bring your questions and ideas to the discussion.


VAL CARLSON is a veteran civil rights attorney who first spoke out against grand jury abuse in 1976 when the FBI targeted Seattle feminists, socialists and anarchists. She has represented numerous radicals in court, and was a defendant and attorney in a successful First Amendment battle by the Freedom Socialist Party. She has managed pro bono legal services for low income people, and has campaigned against police brutality and immigration raids.  To view a previous presentation by Val on Stop Police Brutality in Our Community

NEIL FOX is President of the Seattle Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. He has practiced criminal law at both the trial and appellate levels for 27 years, and has handled many protest cases, including people arrested during the WTO, Greenpeace demonstrators, members of the Occupy movement, and union members from the ILWU who were charged with various offenses while struggling for good jobs during a labor dispute in Cowlitz County last year.  Find out about Neil Fox's work and background or watch a presentation by him for the National Lawyers Guild at the University of Washington Law School November 29, 2007.
Doors open at 6:30pm, door donation $3.00, snack plates available for $7.00. Work exchanges and sliding scale available for students, strikers and the unemployed.

For more information: 206-722-2453,, To arrange childcare, please call three days in advance.