Occupy Chaplains: Presence Not Presents – Free Gift Certificates

Head out to your local mall and pass these out to people – “Would you like a free gift certificate?”. To make a true “demonstration,” you need to hand out samples – put up a pair of chairs and a sign that says “non-judgmental listening here” or carry a sign that says “free hugs.”

Try to interrupt the commercial trance with humor, with kindness, and help people hook up with the real spirit of the holidays!

2 Responses to Occupy Chaplains: Presence Not Presents – Free Gift Certificates

  • passionateactivist says:

    How do the Occupy Chaplains explain their support for a group that refuses to renounce violence as a tactic?

    • occupyYourMind says:

      Most in Occupy *have* renounced violence as a tactic. This is probably the greatest divide between members at present. Those who are in favor of using violence to achieve their goals (and thereby, dedicate themselves to the utter failure of any worthwhile goal whatsoever) are a minority, and generally do not work to help keep the movement running; instead they join what should be non-violent protests and make everyone else look bad by tossing a brick through the Starbucks window. They are politically naive, to say the least. If they were to somehow gain power, like every other revolution achieved through violent means, theirs would likely be simply a change in tyrranies — and likely would even be a step backward.

      How can you explain your stereotyping of a widely-varying group of people that you obviously don’t understand? The United States as a group refuses to renounce violence as a tactic. That’s because there’s a very large number of people included in the group of “citizens of the US.” If it were a leaderless group, as is Occupy (or rather, a group of leaders), and if even one person in several hundreds of millions refused to renounce violence, you’d be able to make the claim that the country as a whole has not renounced violence as a viable tactic. You could point to the violence of this one person, a smoking gun, and with a smirk, you’d say, “See?” This is very poor kind of logic.

      Please think a bit harder before coming so quickly to a judgment. Perhaps if you spend some time at an occupation, you’ll wrest yourself free of the confusion of believing that any vocal minority can represent the whole — particularly in a group that professes very few shared universal beliefs. (One is believing that the disparity of wealth has rendered our system vastly unjust; another is belief in real democracy. And while not everyone’s on board with it, frequently, non-violence is held as an ideal that at least a large portion believes strongly in — and the concept continues to make its appearance in Occupy literature.)