General Assembly notes 11/04

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-11-04 18:40
  • Location: Seattle Central Community College
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

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  • Agenda:
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  • Mohawk
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  • ?
    • Online, read "Parents fear OccupySeattle too close to day care"
      • KIRO-TV reports some parents considering moving their kids due to what they're seeing from protesters (spoking pot and drinking)
      • some classes being held inside
      • OccupySeattle says they're being good neighbors
    • suggests that we adopt zero-tolerance policy regarding use of alcohol and other drugs
    • we're being disrespectful to people who donate and trust us
  • ?
    • would like to engage campers more
    • many are using place to sleep
    • recommends we move GA to middle of camp so they'll hear us
    • wants campers to be another category for progressive stack
      • has seen people who don't sleep overnight show up when convenient, then take leadership
      • dislikes being awoken by someone who doesn't camp here after working at camp, sleeping a couple hours
  • ?
    • Camped at Westlake before coming here
    • Was hushed at GA yesterday
    • Walked by a group congregating in discussion, was told to leave the group when he was there only to listen. They said they didn't want the distraction. Asked how his listening was a distraction.
  • Tabitha
    • Has been camping with OccupySeattle for almost a month (and not camping and not sleeping)
    • Is excited by progress here, but feels we're being held back
    • It's unfair to those who are here for a revolution, not a party
    • People talk about not finding a vein, about how they like to smoke crack
      • Smells are in our camp. People using other people's tents for drug use.
      • Amount of alcohol in camp is disgusting. We're paying to recycle lots of hard alcohol and beer bottles.
    • Select few may ruin it for everyone
      • not just
      • not part of this cause
    • Until people can come back and participate, don't need them here
    • Need social services
    • Doesn't believe in targeting
    • Saw two kids, 14 years old, who spent the night
      • As an adult, feels it necessary for us to take accountability for these children
    • Should stop being wishy-washy and take responsibility
    • This is a safety issue for all of us
  • ?
    • Users of alcohol are belligerent, don't want to hear complaints, only to drink
    • Told a few people not to be so open with their drinking
      • They fought back, said it's none of his business
      • Looked around for security, but there was none
    • Drug dealers find shelter here
      • will tell others to come get it here
    • Heard college employee ask someone where she could buy some cannabis
      • person pointed her toward a tent
  • ?
    • Has copies of statements previously passed by GA that have fallen out of everyone's attention. Will distribute them.
      • Occupy Seattle Anti-oppression and accountability principles
      • Declaration of Decolonize / Occupy Seattle
  • Michelle
    • first time speaking
    • is a medic
    • is collecting donations so she can set up Red Cross training for first aid and CPR so medics can help out anytime
      • if class doesn't work out, will donate to Occupy Seattle general fund
  • Bob
    • transitional announcement
      • from faculty who welcomed us resolutely, without whose help we would not be here
      • they are highly disturbed about reports we're all hearing
      • wanting to make it crystal clear that they will not be able to back us if behavior that has been going on continues
      • this is warning in black and white; not open to debate
      • if we don't change behavior, we'll be looking for another home
      • expect proposal later dealing with how to solve this problem and support it
  • ?
    • is from Idaho
    • someone stole his truck nine days ago
    • stumbled into us at Westlake, cold, no money, no credit cards
    • was given blankets, food, and cigarettes
    • likes to drink
    • felt drinking in his tent was better than doing so on the street
    • was wrong; no resentment, no hard feelings or ill will
    • was never out of control
    • is here to help until he gets back to Idaho
    • suggests making signs that say no drugs, no alcohol, and post them prominently to let community know we don't condone this, regardless of what they hear
  • Mike

    • Nickelsville's structure master
    • this is what they do, not what we should do:
      • Every camper is registered
      • Every tent is numbered
      • Every tent is mapped
      • Every camper who does not have a head position (elected) does two security shits per week
        • Everyone does an equal amount of work
  • GA moves

Working group announcements

Food Working Group

  • Ginger
    • phasing out use of disposable utensils and
    • after one week, you must provide your own vessel
  • Emily
    • kitchen orientation Saturday 10am, meet outside kitchen if you'd like to volunteer
      • crew will meet at 8:30
    • if you see dirty dishes, are welcome to wash them

Sanitation Working Group

  • Andrew
    • please put your stuff in the right bins
      • losing signs; if you find them missing, notify him
    • please, please, please, don't put trash in port-a-potties; it costs extra to fish it out

Fundraising Working Group

  • Fred
    • good things happening in Greenwood
    • invited to Greenwood Art Walk
    • need stores and coffee houses that would be interested in selling our yard signs
      • if there's a place you know of where they know you as a customer, let him know and he'll provide more info

Medical Working Group

  • Mohawk
    • nearly froze last night
    • recommends after GA we distribute coats we have in storage

Morale Working Group

  • Akila
    • having exciting events tomorrow at Westlake
        • candy for cool people
    • very excited to present the first mannequin and manicures event
    • Nina and she will bring Anne Taylor mannequin to begin

Legal Working Group

  • Corey
    • everyone who was arrested Wednesday was unable to get through
      • has been remedied; can now call from King County Jail
    • working on proposal to determine how to use pro-bono and financial resources for bail and bond
      • for now, need to have some idea of what Legal should do when we need to make decisions
      • Can bring to emergency GA, or let Legal can have discretion until that proposal
        • temperature check: which preferred

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • ?
    • working with Tactical to restructure WG
    • working to establish conflict mediation body, which is essentially a judicial body
      • this proposal will take effect as soon as it passes
      • rationale: address serious issue
    • this college has done something very few spaces in this country have done for Occupy Movement
      • they realize they're part of the 99 percent
      • gave us this space
      • let's not let our stupidity cause us to lose it
      • this is not Burning Man
      • this is not the back alley of a Phish show
    • if you're just here to party, please leave
    • space should be reserved to launch actions against the ruling class
    • doesn't want a few drunks and drug users ruin the last best hope of the working class
  • David
    • we are responsible for integrity of camp
    • we're on verge of losing camp if our behaviors don't change immediately
    • need everyone's help because WG is in process of restructuring
    • if you see someone breaking agreement with school, particularly with alcohol and other drugs, please say something
    • if WG asks for help, please help
    • when they find someone drinking, etc., have had success with one person addressing, lots of people supporting behind, allowing lots of space
    • should be no alcohol or other drugs tonight
    • first de-escalation training was tonight
      • encourages participation in future trainings
  • Sharla
    • Sunday 1:45pm, meet here, will walk together to off-site indoor space, then start at 2pm
    • Tuesday 7pm, meet here for 2-hour de-escalation training taught by CEO of Roots Shelter; trainings reputed to be excellent
      • please be on time

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • Tabitha
    • tonight, after GA, will meet at Bauhaus Coffee to discuss
      • plan of action for guerrilla composting,
      • solar panels that are coming
      • guerrilla gardening
    • new trash and recycling service
      • have service picking these up. Must use bags they provided. Pick up is at bottom of steps at Harvard nightly by 7pm
    • Sunday 3pm at the tent, will have garbage and recycling workshop
    • reuse everything: cups, plates, utensils. Stop throwing everything in the garbage.

Media Working Group

  • Alliana
    • have some new recruits
      • one is excellent press release writer and has lots of experience
    • purpose of Media WG is to paint this movement in positive light
      • alcohol and drug use does not help us do this
      • need help doing so

Facilitation and Process Working Group

  • Michael
    • biggest GA he's seen in a week, sees old faces and new
    • GAs take time, listening, debate, thinking
    • are good for large decisions that affect us, but not for emergencies
    • if you have suggestions about how to facilitate better, please join

Demands Working Group

  • Justin
    • City Council was set to vote on something similar to our demand
      • rescheduled, date TBA
      • will notify so people can come out in force
    • moved from outside See's Candies to Convention Center, still 4pm
    • thinking of working with the Getting Money Out of Politics group
    • working on large series of demands based on information gathered from all of us
    • meeting Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays

November 5 Bank Transfer Day Working Group

  • Zach
    • had mini-action today, got five Bank of America and Chase customers to go pull their money out in small groups
    • at 11:00am tomorrow: big action at Westlake
    • at 12:30, march will leave to got to various credit unions to sign people up

Learning Working Group

  • Norm
    • organizing de-escalation skills workshop
      • tomorrow 1pm at SCCC

Action Announcements

  • Bernie
    • with his friend James, will get more people to protest illegal foreclosures at County Courthouse on doorsteps where they do auctions
      • had 20 people in past, had five today
      • made noise, were able to do auctions, though
      • need more people
      • Fridays 10am – noon, County Courthouse, 500 4th Ave
    • his friend, Tiananmen Square survivor, suggests busing to Olympia
    • November 11 is Veterans' Day
      • don't need to be veteran to march with veteran
  • ?
    • teaching yoga tomorrow at 9am
  • Jane
    • please join every Friday morning to protest illegal housing foreclosures
    • must organize, know what we want, what our agenda is, be united, go to Olympia, and force changes to the law
    • banks should serve people, not foreclose on their houses
    • suggests marching in Olympia one day at date on which we all decide
  • Furtree
    • is recovering alcoholic
    • needs our support
    • alcoholics need each other to carry each other
    • would like to meet others Saturday 4pm in front of Medical
  • Josh
    • works in kitchen
    • carries a guitar, doesn't hear much music or liveliness
    • if you have an instrument or can sing, please bring some liveliness to camp
  • ?
    • Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Project
      • started as community housing project
      • but every year, rent increases
    • no rent control in Washington State, so rents keep increasing
    • in New York and California, there is rent control
    • idea was floated in WA 40 years ago, but no changes have come
    • about 10 years ago, related issues were raised, but it died
    • many of us here are homeless because we can't afford rent because there's no rent control
  • Shawn
    • just cycled here from Canada with friend Emily
    • want to facilitate activity with music and creativity to remind participants how precious and unique they are
      • meet after GA to discuss


  • time: 19:54
  • proposal: peace enforcement team be established as mandated security, be trained and identified as members of team, have voluntary membership. Nobody will be admitted as a member before training. Working as cohesive until that represents diversity of Occupy Seattle. Supporting as non-participatory members of rallies and demonstrations. Will be held accountable for incident log book, watch roster,
    • restated: camp safety team be established as mandated security, trained and identified as members of this team. Membership is voluntary. No one will be permitted to be functioning member of team prior to proper training and member training for term of membership. FIXME: review audio
    • presenter: Josh, Sharla, and Henry
    • rationale:
      • address security problems
    • details:
      • purpose of log book is to pass information among members across shift changes. Will be written in a way it can't be used against us. Will be destroyed after short period of time (possibly 7 days).
      • adaptable situational protocol is a changeable, adjustable, work in progress
    • discussion:
      • Analyssa – strongly opposes; similar to police system we have now
        • response: does not get rid of individuals and affinity groups; please offer suggestions for improvement
      • ? – regarding #4: Doesn't think there should be anything fluid or adaptable with this proposal. Needs to be concrete.
        • response:
      • Gen – Opposes. Adamantly refrained from adopting non-violence statement. To talk about principles we've adopted being enforced, the people proposing should have more thorough understanding of principles adopted. Seems very bureaucratic. Won't put safety to vote or bureaucracy, but act on it like he hopes everyone else would. Thinks this recreates a policing model. Very easily could empower police to crack down on us, if for instance, we have records of illegal things happening that they could get their hands on. Endangers not only individuals recorded but entire encampment. Police could subpoena documents, or if we had them laying around without serious security, an undercover agent could walk in and take them. If plan is to destroy records, why have them in firs place. Just talk to people. Should be building community, getting to know each other and supporting each other. Doesn't include policing each other and putting each other in danger. If you want to destroy records, do it preemptively.
      • ? – This isn't a police force. Police are not controlled by any democratic body. Police are authorized to get into your house with warrant. This just designates a few people to handle difficult situations. Nothing in this proposal prevents people from defending themselves. Just putting a few point people, faces we already know, in the position to help the community. Doesn't matter if we call them that or not. The college will not listen to us if we say we had a conscious change. If we say we created a new enforcement strategy, they'll hear that. This is a little bureaucratic, but the college is very bureaucratic. We can take this to them to get them to hesitate before kicking us out. Believes that log book should be replaced by people talking. Supports proposal aside from log book.
      • proposers solicit amendment regarding log book
        • proposed
        • amended
        • amendment: no log book
      • ? – Reminds us that historically, creating an enforcement has diffused collective efforts to enforce. So maybe people don't accept the conscious change, but reality is that she knows that when police are taking care of things, she closes her tent and minds her business. Doesn't want to live in such a camp. People have already taken responsibility like Minute Men. Cops killed that. Believes unintended consequences will come from this well-intended proposal.
      • ? – Was going to speak strongly against log book. Now supports proposal. Thinks it's important to have a group like this, one, preferably with better name, democratically held accountable to this body. Even though we need to work on details of how to keep camp safe, this is a step forward. We cannot have written records, whether it's official log book or not. Those would be a huge weapon in the hands of the college president and police. Need to hold group accountable to us and not keep written records. Later could add right to recall people in the group who do not uphold code of conduct being established. Major problem already. Let's not repeat it.
      • clarification: code of conduct is for members of the team. GA will would be well off to devise separate code of conduct for all of Occupy Seattle.
      • ? – Supports. What we've done so far has been chaotic and just caused more problems. If we don't adopt this, we'll lose our space. Let's have faith in ourselves and avoid that.
      • Tabitha – Heard that at Nickelsville, whole encampment is responsible for doing security duty. Likes that idea. Empowers everyone, would help us all be trained for dealing with tense situations, not only at camp but at protests. Should reformulate to be not just volunteers but everyone, who takes courses. Does not like the enforcement part of proposal. Enforcement seems harsh. Makes her think of police. Thinks needs to be concrete consequences for violation of guidelines. Currently we only acknowledge SCCC's policy. Should have policy to deal with issues in more concrete way. Is okay with removing someone for a day.
        • response: regarding consequences: this group would not be involved. Would be another group made up of many people, to determine consequences. Adaptability is critical in security situations to adapt to, for example, new police tactics or outside threats. Should not become rigid security group.
      • ? – People sometimes use marijuana medicinally and should not be punished. FIXME: review audio for second point
        • response: need to address situations in a safe way, so people will undergo peaceful mediation training.
      • ? – Last week has been a test for everyone. When faced with chaos, will we build police force or create a new world? People are angry and don't know where to put their energy. Last night, common response when witnessing conflict was to ignore it. If this passes, people need to stop doing that; don't let the point people take care of our problems like the police have conditioned us to look to them.
      • ? – Supported this until the word 'trust' came up. Nobody in the community should put trust in select individuals rather than in the community as a whole. If elite group is trusted, trust won't be given to rest of community.
      • ? – Two incidents tonight affect his feelings about the proposal. Spoke with visitor from Occupy Olympia. Asked about Peace and Safety at their camp. Each night from dusk to dawn, they have patrols by P&S committee wearing orange vests. Said it's quite effective. Just now, when we were moving from plaza to this location, came across man with beer can in his hand, drinking his beer. Asked him respectfully if he was drinking beer. Responded affirmatively. Asked if he knew we were discussing right then all the problems with drug and alcohol use. He said he has right to drink wherever he wants and that he wants to drink walking down the street. Invited the man to drink off-camp. Had polite conversation. Without clear cut policy, did not feel comfortable taking conversation further. This action caused him to walk to sidewalk where he likely finished his beer. These two incidents affected his feeling about the proposal. Inclined to to support, but is concerned about adjudicative body. Sounds bureaucratic, as if we're modeling police system we're battling to dismantle. Common sense alternative is for P&S committee to be responsible directly to general assembly after GA has specific guidelines.
        • response: attended adjudicative committee meeting. Work in progress. Deals with people who enter, act violently or steal our property. Would take group of peers and have them make decision so peace and safety are not judge and jury. Wants to deal with flaws in existing structure.
      • Bob – Strongly supports. Each of us must be responsible. If we are, work of committee will be minimal. Unfortunately, what we have not demonstrated ability to do this. Need to look at the old and see what we can bring with us. Let's not just burn it all down, just burn what's bad and bring the good. Ultimately, this bad stuff will wither away. But not soon.
      • ? – Favorite quote: If world is to be saved, will not be saved with old minds and new programs, will be new minds and no programs.
      • proposer: adjudication body: they're willing to remove that
        • we're proposing this to avoid getting kicked out
        • people are getting hight in camp and stealing things
      • amendment: no adjudicative body to be created
      • amendment: named Peace Empowerment
      • ? – Supports this but feels the community needs to be involved. Peace empowerment should be up to all of us. Everyone should be directly involved. Good for now to have volunteers, but would like to see us transition to form of peace and empowerment that empowers all of us.
      • Ted – Understands people's concerns about this coming off as some elite talk force. It won't be. Concerned about slightest possibility of creating police force.
        • Suggests that GA at any time when deciding that group should not for any reason continue to exist, GA can recall it instantly.
          • response: Agrees. If GA ever wants to do so, should do so.
      • Albert – Correction to earlier statement: At first GA, at federal building, and we adopted solidarity with Wall Street.
      • ? – came down tonight to find out if we'd take action on this. Many people won't get involved if we do not.
      • ? – Doesn't see this as creating police force. Police are not drawn from community, unarmed, using just their wits, accountable to community. If someone messes up, won't be smoke filled room full of rich old white dudes, but will be accountable to us.
      • Shawn – Sounds great as long as we all remember our responsibility to take a shift and support others during their shifts. Essential to have people focused specifically on safety certain times, not distracted. Also essential to have training for people before they participate. Just like with any WG, if GA grows unhappy, can pull it. Suggests we call it Camp Safety because it's less pretentious. Mab
      • Rhiannon – Has been around since beginning. Please consider basic necessities like port-a-potties, donations of medical supplies, food, coats, etc. What will people do if this is no longer provided? Let's turn this around.
      • ? – This is not elementary school. Why does he feel we're choosing class president? Proposal establishes false pretense of predisposition that supports an order of capitalistic hierarchy that OS is already against as collective of open-minded and free-thinking individuals. Can do this with alliant conscious of everyone. Should not even flirt with the thought.
      • Matt – Nothing in the wording states anything about enforcing nonviolence. If this passes, cannot be used to impose on others what nonviolence means, or their own pacifist religious beliefs. State cannot be smashed in one week. If we leave it to wither on its own, it won't. We need to activly make that happen.
        • proposed amendment: specifically state that security is everyone's responsibility and we're free to organize in affinity groups to keep each other safe.
          • amendment accepted
        • proposed amendment: say that new WG will not operate when we're engaged in struggle in general. In other words, this will only operate to keep camp security. When trying to devise tactics in front of, say, chase bank, this group will not dictate tactics.
          • response: What if on #5, proposer strikes direct actions?
          • direct action added not so we can interfere, specifically says not participate, just stand with you as observers and to be extra eyes in those situations
          • amendment accepted
      • ? – Supports. Feels it is important, despite feelings of dislike for authority to need a unified response. When neo-Nazis entered Saturday, some wanted to do nothing, some slept, some wanted to chant and yell, some wanted to beat them. Prefers nonviolence but believes we should be unified to deal with all enemies, including real cops we may need to face.
      • ? – Suggests we make this a duty, and that everyone must participate.
      • ? – Let's train everyone so everyone knows how to do this.
      • vote
        • time: 21:15
        • proposal passes


  • Zach – In Oakland, another Iraq Veteran was beaten by police
    • was held 18 hours without medical treatment
    • has ruptured spleen
    • was walking by himself not even part of protest
    • police officers told him to go away
    • he asked why, cops hit him in arms, legs, back, four officers tackled him
  • Shawn, Process and Facilitation
    • mandate was for rotation; not rotating much
    • please get involved
  • ? – Do we still need palates? Has business with access to many surplus palates.
  • ? – Addressing statement made at GA saying we don't have internal code of conduct. In fact we have at least two. One is Declaration of Decolonize / Occupy Seattle. Other is Occupy Seattle Anti-oppression and Accountability Principles.
  • ? – Reports from two meetings:
    • Labor Caucus meeting
      • Most labor union members are extremely supporting of the OWS movement nationally and of ours in Seattle.
        • Sensitive to not wanting to co-opt the movement in any way but provide supplies and political support in whatever way we decide democratically.
        • Faculty union has same attitude.
    • SCCC Faculty meeting
      • 24-hour teach-in on Wednesday as part of national day of teach ins. Want this to be educational moment for occupiers and students.
    • We should seriously consider taking up political actions like we do against banks but for massive budget cuts of social services at federal and state level. Everyone struggling under brunt of these cuts can effectively support each other.
  • Tabitha – Have been in contact with SCCC president et al. Having this meeting weekly on Tuesdays. If interested in sitting in or learning more about what happens, talk to her, Joshua, Bob Barnes, Alyssa in Supply or others who attended. Meeting was pretty casual. President was very pleased and impressed by amount of organization. We're doing a good job, working out kinks. Will get better.
  • Justin – If anyone knows students from UW, Seattle University, Cornish, Antioch, other community colleges, let him know (get in touch with Demands WG).

Adjourned 21:28

11/5 Seattleites Break Up with Their Banks

Starting at 1pm on November 5, 2011, Occupy Seattle will host a rally at Westlake Park in downtown Seattle in support of National Bank Transfer Day, the day people around the country close their accounts at commercial banks and take their business to local banks and credit unions. It’s time to hold the big banks accountable for foreclosing on millions of families, cutting back on small business loans that create jobs, and avoiding their fair share of taxes through offshore accounts and loopholes. It’s time to tell the banks; it’s not me, it’s you.

Occupy Seattle believes that we need to support financial institutions, like local banks and credit unions, that invest in our communities, make loans to small businesses, and help create jobs. There is no reason to continue doing business with the Wall Street banks that crashed the economy and have done little to help the nation recover. Every dollar we take back goes towards building a new bottom line that means good jobs and healthy communities.

The performance lineup for the rally includes locally known and internationally revered singer Jim Page, the popular Trip Hop band Surrealized, America’s Got Talent Alumnus Jen Seaman and comedians Travis Simmons and Nigel Larson.

Formed on October 1, 2011, Occupy Seattle is a leaderless movement of concerned Americans who have taken to occupying public spaces in order to focus our nation’s attention on the undue influence of large corporations on our government, elected leaders and our democracy itself. It is inspired by and modeled after the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Minutes – 2011 – October

Archive 2011

Minutes – 2011 – September


Comming soon

General Assembly

Decision-making GAs will not be held until Oct 2012 unless an emergency is called. Disccusions groups will be held at 7:00 p.m. at Westlake every Wednesday evening.

revised 11/16/11, posted 1/4/12

1. The General Assembly makes decisions for the collective, not for individuals.  Decisions that affect the whole collective are made by general assembly.

2. Groups are for doing work and bringing proposals. If you have an idea, start a group! Don't
ask the assembly, just find some friends and do it!

3. Yelling really loud doesn't put you on stack. Raise your hand.  Never restate a point someone's already made.

4. Assembly time is precious. You can't speak every time. Think three times before you speak.  Does this really help the assembly make a better decision?

5. Nothing is more precious than the thoughts of the quiet. Nothing is more precious than the
words of the silenced. Speak up! Especially when it's really hard!

6. Use the people's microphone. It makes us choose our words, and makes us listen.

7. Facilitators make space and move the process. Facilitators never present content or represent another's idea. The assembly is responsible for keeping facilitators in check.

8. The assembly is responsible for signing to the facilitators. If the assembly doesn't sign, the
facilitator doesn't have anything to facilitate!

9. No one else can speak for you. That's why we need you here!

10. Take care of each other!

Twinkle – I like this.  I support what this person is saying.  I agree.
Anti-Twinkle – I don’t like this. I disagree.
Ears – I cannot hear what is being said.
Wrap It Up – I get your point, please finish
V – Lets vote.
T – You’re off-topic.
Process Point – General Assembly Process is not being followed.
Block – I believe the vote we have just taken is against the basic, foundational
principles of why were here.
Raise Hand – I’d like to be on stack, and speak when its my turn.

If you would like to submit a proposal, please e-mail

If you would like to discuss the information presented in these documents, please start a thread in the Forum



GA Minutes

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

Wednesday 9/19/12 Westlake

Notes Occupy Seattle General Assembly 9/19/12

Action Announcements:

-September 26th 24 hour vigil at 700 Stewart (Federal Court House) midnight to midnight 9/27 to support Grand Jury defendants, Matt and Leah. Punctuated by 2 marches at noon, and 6. Plus Food and music.

-Global Noise Week of Action, 13-20th Oct. Week of action against big banks. NYC, Chicago participating. Autonomous actions against banks all week. We are first on west coast. Solidarity actions in Europe, Asia, and Middle East. Autonomous Actions of different themes: neighborhood solidarity to civil disobedience. Not related to City of Seattle divestment from big banks campaign. Want more people on board to help organize.

-Saturday (9/22) Harvest activity at MLK and Union–Alley Cat Acres (guerilla gardening site)

-Seattle Libraries are closing again next Thursday (9/27). People’s library is being organized downtown for one day. Not asking for book donations right now. Alyssa has a truck we can use for transport-also she has contacts with librarians that are supportive. Maybe urban rest stop will take leftover books. Last time they had 2000 books leftover though. Reusable containers needed for food and book distribution. There is a group figuring out logistics: Email if you want to help.

-Nickelsville wants us to come to their 4th birthday party 9/22 2-4 pm

Minneapolis update- 39 people were charged with felony riot for protesting foreclosures. At the trial today the cases were plead down to petty misdemeanors.

Working group reports:

GMOP: They were at Westlake for 8 hours on Monday, had lots of literature. 150-200 visitors came to table.  Next meeting:  Sunday 5pm at Convention Center 2nd floor. Working on lobbying legislature, educational events, and outreach.

Finance: We still have a bank account. We still owe $2000 to Cleanscapes, we have enough to pay it but none has paid this bill. $300 restricted to tents, $ 500 restricted to physical supplies. $125 unrestricted. They are trying to set up a meeting with the bookkeeper. They are not very organized and haven’t met in long time. Check from Madison Market for $1250 was not deposited for a long time, they got it re-issued and now we have it in the bank. Nate Shields is the only one on the bank account. Can we decide to empower Nate to pay the bill? GA empowered signers in November; maybe we can affirm that decision. We don’t have the required quorum of 50 to make a decision. Maybe we can wait until 10/5 when the next official decision making GA is? Can we just tell Nate to pay it without making a decision here?  Temp check called: unanimous in favor of paying bill. Alyssa will call and tell Nate to pay it now.

Occupy Chaplains: Tent at OWS birthday party action was staffed from 12-7. Many amazing conversations were had throughout day.

Outreach: They did some outreach on Monday. We advertised an action for midnight on Monday, but only few persons came at midnight and there was no action. We need to have more of schedule next time we advertise a time people should come.

S17 OWS Anniversary Reportbacks:

NYC: Alyssa, lots of contacts from Strike Debt. They want to work with us. There were many great fun actions at numerous banks, they also shut down 2 intersections and many were arrested.

There is still an occupation of Wall Street, but it has been disowned by ‘official’ OWS. At Trinity Church- 3rd largest landowner in Manhattan, owning over $1 Billion in property in NYC. The church is stealing occupiers stuff.  Because they are cut off from OWS finance, Occupy Trinity has a We-Pay page, but they need help supporting it. They are facing a lot of repression from the city. The city is washing their sidewalk every day. We should support them. This is their 104th day of occupation. On their 60th day OWS GA voted to defund them.  A” blocking working group” organized against them. Occupy Trinity folks are being characterized as “problem children, who would be homeless anyway”. But they have signs and literature–they are an occupation. They get evicted 3 times a day.  They are down and out folks; they have given up everything to continue the occupation. They are being watched internationally, and seen as legit occupy around the world. The First Occupy court case that lost was over occupation of Trinity land. The one black defendant in that case was sentenced to jail, while the white defendants were let off.  They were evicted on S17.
Occupy Trinity have a physical address we can mail stuff to. They need: tarps (they are mostly sleeping on cardboard now), sleeping bags, pillows, crates, hand trucks (to move stuff quickly-we are good at that). They can’t have structures, no tents. Police clear the sidewalk 3 times a day. They dumpster dive for food. They need money for bus cards.  Phone cards, phones. They are sleeping in shifts.  Waterproof boxes. What about JacPacs? We don’t have anymore, but we could ask JacPac for a donation. Who can put packages together? Let’s form a workgroup to put packages together for them.

Mail supplies to:

Occupy Trinity
C/O Will Frank
63 Wall St.
Apt. 2004
New York, NY, 10005

There were 186 arrests on S17 on the streets. The Stock exchange was shut down by cops.

Friday night mostly out-of-towners were arrested.  Cops in NY are very belligerent and brutal; they arrested people for swearing at them.  Many people were grabbed and arrested for nothing. Mutant legal has good resources online. Read the tweets @_karenanna

S17 Seattle Reflections:

Good turn-out. Silent march was frustrating for some. 1 woman was harassed by cops for having a paring knife. Nothing happened at midnight.  We need to be more strategic and organized. We need to have better legal prep. How can we build from there? Focus more on system.

The fact they could only harass someone for having a knife shows we were well organized. The silent march engaged more people than we might have otherwise. People organized a silent march. Nobody organized a more rowdy action, so it didn’t happen.

Should we have a phone tree: more secure than Facebook.

It was hard to plug into planning, because organizing was not public

Action Planning: Let’s have a Birthday party for Occupy Seattle. We need a public workgroup to plan it and follow through. When is our start date? October 1st, October 4th? September 28th? October 6th is a Saturday which would get more people. Can we make a timeline to document important dates in our history? A Workgroup is being formed to plan actions on 10/6. First meeting this Sunday at Food 4 Everyone at 3 PM.

We need to rebuild bridges with splinter groups to come back together. Let’s focus on what we agree on not on our differences. Could student debt marches end at Westlake GA? Fragmentation/impasse is not unique to Seattle. We can’t get caught up in nostalgia for the past. Many have negative associations with Westlake from bad experiences they had here. Many people have negative feelings about the past.

Westlake was a struggle, the move to SCCC held back the struggle, was too comfortable, and became a party central. We need to move to a next stage. Can we form a workgroup to evaluate and learn from the past? We don’t need to have another camp, we need to figure out strategy and goals. Having a space is good, but can hold back action.

Feeling that Occupy is dead is saddening, the birthday party on Monday kept threads of continuity going. Someone said ‘everyone is so hungry /starved for change and we want the revolution now; but the revolution has begun but it is a long process of human transformation.’

Where to continue meeting?

Weather will get bad again soon. We should plan to return the Convention Center, starting 10/5 for decision making GA. Maybe we should stay at Westlake because it is more public and has significance for our movement.
Is there a building where we can meet? Convention Center: up to 75 people capacity. The Wildcat: around 35 people. Office Space: 450 Sq. Ft office in ID w/ 9 key holders, on Maynard Street, New Central Building, 20 people capacity, internet, and storage. Libraries. Seattle First Baptist Church- up to 200 people.
10/5 GA is already officially decided to be at Convention Center. We have a permit to have a tarp structure at Westlake. Cold, wet whether impedes good decision making. If it is nice out we can go to courtyard at Convention Center. Bathrooms close at Convention Center when the last food vendor closes.  A few people want to research new locations. Most people think that it is not worth our time to find a new location other than the Convention Center or Westlake, as both are accessible and have a history of successful GAs.

Next GA (9/26) at Westlake.

10/5 GA at Convention Center.




Wednesday 9/12/12 Westlake

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Wednesday August 29th, 2012 Westlake

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Wednesday April 18th, 2012, WSCC

Orientation: Toby Process: Kathy Stack: Carol Ed: Floater Notes: Jack


Carol: We have many actions going on (briefly listed)

Action announcements

Alyssa Jungle defense East Duwamish Greenbelt a.k.a Beacon Hill Jungle Protest at Mayor’s house: Friday April 20th 4pm Greenwood Ave N and N 87th St. Last homeless camp is being evicted Claims that social services are provided; actual Looking for drivers Call Alyssa at 206-892-8136 Organizers meeting at 2, action starts at 4 Share wheel/Nicklesville/Real Change action Occupying Westlake night of the 5pm April 24th March at 7am Ed Saturday: Zombie Protest against steam incinerator 2pm Saturday at Steinbruck park Arrive starting at noon for zombie makeup Working Group Announcements Merl Healthcare for All Marking sign for Mayday March Lake City Way & 125th event was very positive Alex Livestream needs more people – down to Alex and Ian (talk to one of them to volunteer) Food for for everyone 2pm Sunday (setup starts at 2pm) Horace Mann School 24th and Cherry Guatemala: Occupation of large landholding.


Alyssa I proposal that occupy seattle endorse the occupation of Westlake by Real Change and Sharewheel and support them as much as possible


Jasmine Educational videos: on racism, sexism, etc. Could be shown before GAs or over times (discussion on considering the videos “Dream Worlds II” a video by the Media Education Foundation


Bringing back proposal from last Wednesday Discussion of concerns from last week Ed addressed various concerns: Is ok with changing to simple “Occupy Seattle endorse …” removing part of the proposal that Occupy Seattle ask members to sign it Occupy Seattle endorse Ed: this is not anti-semitic. This is an appropriate endorsement; other Occupies have endorsed this. We endorsed Wuhan protest; no one claimed that this was anti-Chinese. But this is controversial Text of the proposal: Occupy Seattle add its name to the list of endorsers for the “Divest From War” pledge Test for consensus Maria’s concern: This is political. Occupy Seattle isn’t political. Ed: I agree that elections campaigns are political, but we endorsed resistance to Wuhan. Lambert: Is the concern about getting involved in foreign issues? Test for consensus again No strong objections Stand asides: Jack: based on how few people we have, Maria, Lambert, Tony Support: six There are more that 1/3 stand asides so this doesn’t have consensus


Clown Bloc Practices every Saturday 3pm, Wednesday 6pm until May 1st Cal Anderson by fountains Wednesday 6pm Synchronized actions/marches Three actions: “socking” (going between cops and protestors) marching, “fishing” Gender Equal Caucus Sunday 7pm baucaus Revolution shall be spoken poetry jam Wildcat 7pm this Friday

Monday, February 27, 2012, 7 pm – 9 pm

Washington State Convention Center, Level 2 Minutes handwritten by Tyler from Occupy Park City, Utah, transcribed by Mary from OS Speakout: Everyone wanted to hear about the march and protest to Bring Diaz Down, which started at 12:30 p.m. today at SCCC, processed downtown to City Hall, up into the City Council chambers where protesters mic-checked the end of the council meeting then moved up to the Mayor’s Office on the 7th floor. Torches that had been carried on the march were extinguished in front of City Hall. There were extra security guards in the City Hall chambers and riot police with bicycles in front of City Hall. Some number of police officers wore blacked-out badges so that you couldn’t read their names and when asked about this, one officer replied they had blacked out their badges in honor of [a slain police officer?]. Elevators were locked but stairs were accessible. 37 protesters voted to stay and wait for Mayor McGinn. Food Not Bombs had a hard time getting to City Hall with meals due to bus trouble, but once they got there, they claimed to be making a coffee delivery and were allowed to proceed to the lobby at McGinn’s office. Because they were delayed, others had gone off to find food for the protestors and were surprised to find that they were allowed to get on the elevators and go up to the Mayor’s Office without being stopped. Some people were taking pictures and maybe footage with their phone/cameras. The Stranger was a media presence as well, for which OS protesters posed giving it the finger. Maybe King 5 too? Discussion around the torches: one person reflected there should have been more water to extinguish the torches with at City Hall. Another said the torches are thought to seem threatening to some bystanders—that this was the impression after the first Bring Diaz Down march—and that protesters could consider fake Statue-of-Liberty-like torches for a future action instead, for their symbolism of liberty. Another person who had been on the march explained that the torches were carried “for our dead,” those who had been killed or injured at the hands of Seattle police, and that this was made clear to bystanders by means of a chant they had said while marching to City Hall: “We carry torches for our dead, this revolution will not end.” Discussion of “Cops are bastards” chant: one person felt it was chauvinistic and too generalistic, another said it was meant to refer to the institution rather than to each individual police officer. Discussion of OS in the media and in particular Dominique Holden’s portrayal of OS in The Stranger: Dominique is not “a terrible person” but he editorializes, said one who gave the example of an article in The Stranger where DH had noted OS violence when OS participants at a rally shoved police bicycles at police officers but did not note that the officers had initiated the violence by using their bikes against the protesters. Another person said he had gone back and begun reading all of DH’s coverage of OS in The Stranger from the beginning to ascertain for himself whether DH had opposed OS or not; the early articles were favorable, he said, and he has not gotten to the later articles yet. Another person said the tipping point for DH and The Stranger was the Town Hall meeting, which The Stranger had helped to organize. One of the panelists chosen was Eric Hanauer, a self-proclaimed “green capitalist”—a contradiction in terms for the person making this statement—author of The True Patriot who has been recently outed for an email he wrote to Jay Inslee, Dem candidate for Washington State governor, in which Hanauer threatened Inslee by saying he’d support the Republican candidate, Atty General Rob Mackenna, unless Inslee started supporting charter schools, which many people in OS regard as a movement to privatize education. Livestream reminded everyone speaking that the GA meeting was being streamed, and he advised everyone to ignore the media. Working Group Reports Labor Caucus: Jasmine and others had made a small-group presentation at 6pm, before GA, knowing it would be a small turnout because of the police brutality action taking place. Finance: the warehouse is being emptied and things are being dispersed to several different houses. Medical supplies are going to Medical. Jacket-tents that were distributed during the encampment are with the people who were given them. Process and Facilitation: will present consensus process at Wednesday GA. Inter-Group meeting: Regular meetings Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tyler from Occupy Park City, Utah reported that the same 12-mayor meeting that led to the shut-down of Occupies across the country led to the shutdown of Park City’s camp. He set up 20 tents on his own and pretended there were 20 people camping in them, and he’ll do it again when the national movement calls for a re-encampment of public spaces. He also offered lessons he had learned about the importance of music and art in the Occupy movement; these are human activities that draw people together, and draw people to the movement, and that we should think of the presence of children. Direct Actions Announcements Thursday, March 1, students and teachers and everyone who wants to support public education will meet at Westlake at 2:45 for a rally then march to the Gates Foundation to protest its lobbying for charter schools. Organizers of this event have challenged the GF to a policy throw down. After every GA he attends, one OS participant goes to the Starbucks on 7th between Pike and Pine to protest police brutality, because there are always police officers there having coffee before it closes. He asks people to join him. March will be a big month for direct actions in support of hospitality/hotel workers. Every Friday 3:30-4:30 is a solidarity picket outside the Hilton for Hilton workers who are picketing to keep their jobs when the hotel is sold. There will be a particular push for large presence at the Friday March 9th picket, 3:30-4:30. On March 15 [?] there will be another focused action in support of the Space Needle hospitality workers. Details will come later about this and another action at the very end of the month. Discussions Even though we were a fairly small group, we decided to stay to talk about the huge turnout for the GA on Sunday, 2/26, where the May Day proposal was reproposed, debated, and passed 105 to 10, a less divisive number (and closer to consensus) than the preliminary vote on 2/23. The language of the revised proposal was something like “OS endorses and stands in solidarity with the international call for a General Strike on May 1–a day off for the 99%.” Jasmine from the Labor Caucus and hospitality worker organizer acknowledged the disagreement within OS between labor people and others, but she still believes there will be ways for labor and OS to come together on actions and projects where our paths overlap as we each continue doing our own things. The meetings to plan May Day will be open to the community, with one on March 10th and maybe another on Feb 28, though there was uncertainty about this meeting. Re-Occupying and setting up a camp: Several people spoke about their desire to see the camp come back, which may be part of the May Day actions. Meetings with Share Wheel are on hold as it was hard to find a consistent group to meet with Share Wheel, who wanted a consistent group. Share Wheel has also said that because its funders require nonviolence, they require from OS a statement about nonviolence within the camp. During our discussion, one person urged the group at some point to define “nonviolence” or “not violent” because it means different things to different entitites (for example, the police who have one definition of violence, Ghandi and Martin Luther King another). What is violence? Does it include the cutting of glass to get inside a foreclosed home? (Another idea for re-encampments is to occupy foreclosed homes.) The desire to re-occupy is strong and speakers felt bad that when the camp at SCCC was given up, people who had no homes to go to were left to fend for themselves again—or to stay at OS homes. The OS camps had given their lives meaning . By accepting everyone, excluding no one, the OS camps had taken on society’s enormous problems but had allowed everyone to feel they had something to contribute. Encampments at Westlake and SCCC had actually lowered crime rates in the neighborhood until SPD delivered provocateurs. Tyler (Occupy Park City) offered these last words in his minutes: COME BACK TOGETHER! FIND THAT SOLIDARITY! Minutes 2/26/2012 Facilitators began at 7:05pm Facilitator: Martin Stack: Danica, Michael Minutes: Nathan Speakout: Alyssa: several things have happened as a result of recent contentious arguments. Some people have been very upset. Some autonomous action was taken, that some are upset about. First thing I want to say is that anyone who influenced the website, "who took it over" as some have said. It was 'down for maintenance' for a day, but its wasn't really maintenance. The backbone services have been falling apart. We've had difficulty recruiting people. We can talk about whether people feel this is true, but the act was taken out of desperation, and a need for civility, cooperation weren't happening. Ian: I'm one of the upset people, about what happened with the website today. I felt very strongly that this was a community resource that belongs to occupy seattle. This a resource for everyone, to have a few certain people decide that it should be taken away for any amount of time, so that the collective cannot use it, is a serious abuse of authority, trust, and process. So to make that point, I changed the password for twitter and livestream and livestream channel. This wasn't done to hoard responsibility and power. If you want the passwords, come talk to me. Maria: Tonight was my first night I was going to present the proposal. I tried to look up the proposal online, and found the website was down. It was 'up for maintenance.' You know what I else I also found, there's something online that says occupy seattle endorses a general strike. I don't think we voted to endorse it, so why should it be up there. David: First I want to thank everybody, who attends marches and participates. I don't think we do enough to appreciate everybody. Today I came with a lot of people, with the intention of protesting the GA. It no longer represents the 99%. We're tired of people intimidating one another. In order to move forward, we need to set some ground rules, and address the issues. Maria: First of all, Dominic Holden is here, to inaccurately represent what we say, once again. I'd like to address what happened last time, I was emotional, but its because the rights of economic refugees, and immigrant rights are vital to what I do everyday. In relation to the May 1st general strike, we are not invisible within this movement. Alvina: I would like to begin with expressing my frustration with the entire situation. Don't you think its a little funny that people come together on the premise of conflict? I am insulted by the idea of OS affiliates, protesting OS affiliates. Its disruptive, it marginalizes us, and it really exploits what we need to work on as a community. I think that by coming in, and making a demand for peace and solidarity, is not effective. I think, that diplomacy is something to be learned by example. That we can have a dialogue, on March 4th. By doing this, you're upsetting the feathers of a lot of revolutionary people. We're coming together but not under your dictatorship. Daniel: I just want to comment that the framework of this movement, the idea that everyone here can magically speak for 99% of the people is ridiculous. We're not here to speak for the them, but stand in solidarity. That includes building bridges across movements. Both immigrant and non-immigrant rights. Alena: I appreciate the protester, to encourage us, before we move on to voting on the proposals, to agree on the process. I agree this shouldn't be run under a dictatorship. I want it to be democratic and civil, respectful. There are divergent views that are all legitimate. There isn't just one way to do things. On another note, on Wed, Rosa was mentioned in the context of the general strike. She asked me to clarify that community to community organization has not taken a position to support the general strike. Matt: Two things I find important to address. What happened last week was a dictatorship of a few, pushed to the side by blocks. Even with the shortage of time, we should have figured it out right then and there. Second, the whole thing with the website and general strike is completely out of wack. Talking about people as radical and divisive, while not looking at yourselves. An effort to silence the minority. Sam: Occupy is an idea not an organization. Factions coming together that are fracturing. The idea of occupying the space. If that many people are concerned with what we're doing, then we shouldn't do anything. Talk of making other do what you're doing is whats destroying this movement. x: The occupy movement at its best, is aimed to create community, working together and progress for the 99%. Its not going to happen with lots of bickering. Emily: Been working with the medics, came last wed to the GA. Normally I don't speak, but last wed was a huge disappointment. It showed me and a lot of the street medics how divided this group is. We don't feel like continuing with this anymore. You all are way too damned divided. Get your asses in gear and don't reduce yourselves to childish behavior and name calling. I work with kids, they work better than that. Tsukina: One of the occupy chaplains. I've been down here a lot, at camp almost everyday. I have a holy house and if anyone wanted to come in, and tell you how to live your life. I wouldn't let them come in. I told them, if you aren't lgbt friendly, get out. We have a holy thing going on, but if you aren't here for everybody, and you can't learn to get over what your holy righteousness is, get over it and go home! We don't need more proselytization. We need to raise raucous. We need to let politicians know, they're fucking up. So, lets stop talking to each other, and making cute little motions to each other about how much we agree or disagree with your point of view, your religion. In the scripture it says to think 3 times before we speak, does it help the assembly make a better decision. Liam: Having space is very important, life and death decisions about our movement. Occupy is the first tearing with what's typical politics. As a result, our discussions have become heated because its so important. i don't view occupy as a community because we're so different, and we need millions. This is one of the best opportunities to unite all kinds of workers. To say people need to stifle their anger and frustration is absurd. People trying to keep us in similar boxes to politics as usual is whats dangerous. The fact people took down the website because they disagreed with what we're fighting for is wrong. This is a global movement, with lots of people. Calling things out and fighting for what we believe is how we'll define ourselves. Dan: I'm against the strike because I don't think it will be successful. I am opposed to the website tactic. Babylonia: I view the website disruption as cool. People working for the website, putting their foot down, has caused us to reflect and look deep down. People shouldn't let themselves be walked all over. I'm glad to hear the frustration here because it sounds like boundaries. Neal: From occupy innovation. Sam has been speaking at City Council meetings. On March 2nd he's being sued for asking a question at City Council meetings. Bob: what happened between last week and this week, has been great. Anyone who thinks that nothing is wrong is on drugs. We're not one big happy family, but there is class struggle and the world is in trouble. I may be bourgeois, but why is that important. When we start calling people names, debate stops. I'm glad this happened, so we can come together. x: I do not appreciate people saying that they're pissed off radicals. That is intimidation. I'm pissed off. To come in here and accuse people of being white middle class, you don't know what I'm about. If you want a movement, and are such a radical, you build a movement. Instead of therapy by grabbing the mic and yelling fuck the pigs. David: I want to make a few things clear, we didn't protest things today. We didn't protest, we came here to have an adult, civil conversation. Just want a civil discussion. Patricia: I know everyone is all mad, look around, we haven't had this many people since Westlake. We all want civility, but lets use the numbers we have and get things done. Working Group Reportbacks Liam: Bring Diaz down tomorrow at SCCC. SPD routinely uses excessive force. With recent DOJ reports, we have a huge opportunity, with the NAACP, and the Black Clergy. Lets seize the opportunity to get justice for once. We're going into City Hall, come and join us. Teah: March 10th, we're having a celebration for international women's day. 11-4, speakers and music. We'd love if all the different occupy groups were there. Remind people occupy is still here, in a visible way at Westlake. Ed: Education: from the public education working group, there's a lot of shit to do. Stuff is really messed up with education- Bill Gates & ALEC are trying to push through charter schools. March 1st is a national day of action, many cities speaking out for increased funding and reduced corporate control. Meet at 2:45 at Westlake, then at 3:30 march to the Gates Foundation. Teachers doing a grade in, then challengin the Gates Foundation to a policy throwdown. Just because they're rich doesn't mean they're right. Tell your friends. Also, keep the website up, because I've been telling people to go there, been telling people to go there. Emily: CPR and First Aid training session soon. Glenn: I know many of you know me from Westlake. I've been there since day 3! If you have something that you want me to provide, please just bring it to the info booth. We need more papers and info at the booth. Duff: Environmental Justice: John T. Williams' totem pole was raised today. Great to see everyone here tonight, we're doing something right if there are this many people here. Many more at Seattle Center today. JTW was murdered by SPD who shot him, four times in the side, in broad daylight, and wasn't charged with a crime. A fifty foot totem pole was raised this afternoon. I was happy to be one of hundreds pulling on ropes to physically raise the pole. POC: Tabitha: We're going to have a meeting soon at Blue Cafe, 13th and Pike, so if you're a person of color and would like to organize, please come. Its a really nice space. Process: We'd like to hear from you other than when you want to win an argument. If you try to pack the GA, then it increases the likelihood that fights occur. Later tonight, we want to bring back our version of the consenus process, as per GA approval. Protest at Bellevue City Hall, against the Mitt Romney fundraiser. We need help transporting things over, please if you can help see me after the meeting. Tsukina: I wanted to talk about Police Accountability, I went on Thursday to a mediation, along with many others. It was weird, they decided to put me in with the Chief and assistant Chief, who is in charge of all the protest tactics around the city. And Katherine from OPA. They will retrain officers to use bikes as weapons less. So if that happens lets file more complaints. When officers were found to have been taunting protesters, we were told it was unprofessional behavior. However, the East Precinct, if you're interested, in prosecuting people. From the incidents that happened on the Hill, I'd be glad to help you, and even have a few lawyers who are interested in helping. Media: Ian: So media has had some problems because it doesn't have a lot of participation. As much as I like writing press releases, we need bloggers, people who have experience filming, people who want to help with the radio show, and anything media related. So if you want to be part of media, please let me know because I can't do it all myself. Fundraising: Recently, I had a benefit concert for occupy Seattle, We turned around $450 dollars, plus $370 in a check. We can have benefits to fund what we're doing. Alvina: On March 4th, this coming Sunday at 7, replacing Ga will be a sioure also known as an intergroup interoccupy interstruggle thing. Whats neat about this meeting, is the amount of people who are attending. Portland and others will be visiting. Preproposals: x: Write out proposals D: Will create several versions Action Announcements: Discussion about homelessness, Seattle Displacement Coalition, Operation Nightwatch. 7pm at hilltop house, 1005 Terrace Street, map and details on website calendar. R: Sometimes I here after meditation, at 6, before GA to do something called occupy the heart. There haven't been too many people who have taken the opportunity to do their own workshops. If people don't attend then we should take it off the calendar. On March 8th, we'll have songs written about or by women, at the Convention Center D: March 3rd, Kane hall there will be a forum with Amy Goodman and others about health care G: Our sister movement in the middle east is still in turmoil, Wed night, at the Swedish cultural center, 7pm, participants in the Libyan revolution will speak. Informative, and a good way to connect with our sister movement. Second, closer to home, tomorrow morning in Olympia 8 – wait for the decision about Thurston Superior Court, about the Olympia food coop, which has refused to sell products made in Israel. Part of the international movement regarding sanctions and boycotts, divestments from Israel. Proposals Vote on proposal to support our brothers and sisters in Syria and Greece. 97-0. No blocks, proposal passes! Occupy Seattle endorses the formation of a group to discuss, plan and conduct a boycott of Wells Fargo bank. The boycott is intended to take place over a long period of time. Like the southern… x: there are several other banks that should be included. proposer: been talking about this with others, they've shared similar concerns, because WF has hands in deportation and prison systems, we feel so far, that we would be addressing a multiplicity of problems, not just finance per se. x: the part about working with other social organizations: which ones? proposer: I'm not sure, one that may be interested so far is working washington. c: is it possible to add citi bank, bank of america and chase? as far as the initial call out, that if you're going to boycott WF, please don't put your money in those others? proposer: all big banks are bad, I hope this group grows and we end up doing that, we'll encourage positive options of going to credit unions. Passes 81-3. One block, proposer and blocker discuss and find terms. Proposal passes. Proposer: Occupy Seattle stands in solidarity and endorses the calls for a general strike – A day without the 99%! On May Day, wherever you are, we are calling for: No Work, No School, No Housework, No Shopping, No Banking — TAKE THE STREETS k: I don't want to vote on this, its devisive. Lets talk about it and figure out what we agree on. m x: how many of you will leave your role as an angry activist, to go work for big corporations tomorrow? Throw away your suit for the day, hold up a sign, then go back to work for kinko's the next day. What are you changing? x: calling for a general strike may seem good, but only if there's a possibility of it happening. For those who are actually working, who among you would go on strike? Not to talk about us, who do we know at our workplaces who are going to join us? m: for clarifying purposes, the tactics and actions of May 1st will not be happening at GA. They'll be decided at a community meeting on the 10th, and beyond. We're also planning a special GA on the 28th, we're asking everyone interested in making it happen, to attend these meetings. This isn't just about Seattle, its about a global day of action. m: people making this about getting people elected, are wrong On the other hand we have a global working class, occupying factories, from India to chile, to Libya to Greece. We need to do something. As american working class people, and beyond, to show solidarity with the entire working class. Please join the planning of a global strike. This proposal is open ended, so even if its not a full 'classical' general strike, if 500 or several thousand of us do, focus, direct action during the workday, that would be a step forward. We need to figure out what that action should be. Together, march 10th and beyond. x: I think everyone here wants to see something really big on May 1st. We all want that. that's all this proposal is really calling for. to plan that, with occupy seattle, and the rest of the community. To build for a really effective May 1st, whether it ends up being. b: I fully support the concept of a general strike. But we're seeing something, the fact that some of us in this room want to change the meaning of words, which doesn't change the meaning outside this room. Others have said they won't support a call for a general strike, not just anybody's. People who got 80k people in the streets on May Day, they didn't call it a general strike, we don't have to call it a general strike this time. We should try and shut down the city, I strongly urge us to be really careful about how to use words that have real meanings, outside this room. Another proposal will be voted on Wed. proposer: this call is in solidarity with others who are calling for a general strike. Lets not argue about something that isn't a part of the proposal. d: this is a great opportunity, for labor with a big L, to reclaim their history. Its an important time, people who are unorganized, and people with a small l, can show that we are organized, to support the big L. Its an act of solidarity, so if one group has brought out 80k people- we challenge them, and bring out even more, then history will paint it as a general strike. history has a way of changing the meaning of words. they aren't stagnant, language revolts, just like peole. d: my fiery speech was last time. I urge you to vote for this proposal, in the spirit of compromise and reconciliation. Consider the changes from Wed to tonight, there were major changes made in the spirit of occupy unity, and unity throughout the city. So if the people in black can compromise, how about the others? Vote for it in the spirit of unity. Lets have a general strike, shut down the city on May 1st. e: we have a larger GA tonight, than we have in quite some time. That isn't an accident. Not only do I think we should back this proposal, we should consider it a test to ourselves. We have two months till May 1st, and perhaps instead of doing 35 small actions with low and marginal turnout, we put our effort into a May 1st general strike. What we choose to do now, will determine the survival of our local movement. b: not necessarily for or against the proposal, a few things to mention: May Day started in Chicago, and recently the Latino and immigrant community began walking together in the streets, and united all working class people. If we as OS make sure it isn't just Latinos, and instead all people, we can walk with them. Lets not steal the show, but work together as a community. x: I'm working with the May 1st coalition, to do this May 1st action. What we know so far: because May 1st is a work day, our action will probably be in the neighborhood of 4-6PM. May end downtown. We will be asking people to take a couple of hours off their work day. We will, be shutting down a big intersection downtown at rush hour. I ask whether it passes or not that OS concentrate on actions that happen prior to 4pm, such that those actions could then build towards a larger action. l: Personally don't care what we call it, but I'd like to be in solidarity. India, Greece China, millions are striking, we should do it here. My problem with the opposition isn't that by voting it down they basically want to do nothing. In the face of upcoming elections, the Dems are trying to suck up the whole movement, because they're afraid of it, and want to co-opt it. Lets declare our own power, and stand in solidarity, and do our best, whatever its called, to shut down the city. n: This is good, but in order to get the people in the streets, we need a solid concrete thing to get behind. So I offer a friendly proposal, that everyone take to the streets and 'demand a raise from their bosses.' This will get people into the streets. 105-10, proposal passes. One block, but after discussion the drop is blocked. Occupy Seattle General Assembly – 2/22/2012 commenced at 7:10 PM Mike facilitator Martin stack Nathan minutes Worker/Camper Speakout Bang: missed work today, not planning on going tomorrow Daniel: Just got back from Oakland, attended FTP march. Organizers their impressed with our work with the port action as well as with farm workers. We have a good reputation with them. Maria: Also just got back from Oakland. Besides the compliments about our events, they're impressed that the work we're doing is organized by respective community members. Worked with Hip-Hop Occupies to organize a conference in Oakland in May. Workgroup Announcement: Ed: Education workgroup recently formed. Action next Thursday, March 1st. Event at 11 at SCCC. Several other events throughout the day. ALEC and other groups are pushing corporate interests for public education. Sign making party this Saturday, talk to us to find out more. Martin, Information: Still at Westlake, if you have any information to spread, let him know. Mark, Media: Reporting back from Olympia. Thanks to the lawsuit against the state patrol, people previously banned were allowed to attend. Over 300 people attended, from all across the country, and some from Spain. No one there spoke for anyone but themselves. Midwest conference in March as well. Kristin, Gender Equality Caucus: Planning meeting this Friday, Bauhaus 6:30 for the March 10th Women's Rally. Point is to express that women have many experiences. Duff, Bring Diaz down: February 27th, 12:30 rally at Seattle Central. 1:30 march on City Hall. Photos on the flyer are from the previous march, when SPD shut down several blocks. Duff, Support the Chase 5: On March 13th, Chase 5 going on trial, 8:30 courtroom solidarity, Seattle municipal Courtroom 1002 – 12PM Demonstration outside the courthouse. 1 PM March on Chase Bank. Also have posters to support the Chase 5… posters not flyers. Merl, Occupy Health Care: attended Olympia Social Forum. 50% of foreclosures are due to medical expenses. Quite a few people were willing to let bygones be bygones, but I want to hold the banks accountable. Join Occupy Health Care workshop. Amy Goodman and others will be there. Action announcements: Miles: Wedding to the Alder house will be on February 25th, 2 PM. March 10th, at Evergreen High school, canned food drive in front of school. March 25th, funeral for corporate greed and gentrification. Please help, don't want to plan these by himself. Look for coverage on komo. Kawan: May 19th, Nato/G8 Meetings in Chicago. Alvina: Nato/G8 caravan, meeting up with Portland, leaving May 8th. ?: Upcoming neighborhood outreaches, next one is this Saturday 3-5 PM at NE branch of the library. Outreach has been amazing, meeting lots of people I wouldn't otherwise and doing all sorts of interesting things, like finding out about the transition movement in the UK. I encourage everyone to research and find out more. Maria: May 6th, annual Farm workers solidarity action in Whatcom county. POC will be helping organize. Also May 5th, regional food sovereignty conference. Folks from LA, Florida, Chicago, and Northern CA. Global Food sovereignty conference also being planned. Pre-proposals Merl: Put the Occupy Seattle logo on the Occupy Health Care flyer Proposals: Alvina: In light of the divisive nature of our action, for one night GA will be replaced by a mass reconnect interworking group meeting. This meeting will allow for affinity groups, occupy reps, and individuals alike, to come, represent themselves, address their concerns and ideas in a free, safe space. The hope for this meeting is to produce a more permament vow of solidarity, in recognition of our universal struggle. anti-twinkles to break-out groups, twinkles to move to a vote Passes, 52-1, no blocks ?: May Day solidarity: Proposal read, breakout groups, then come back together to share opinions and ideas. ?: I think if the issue for people is the name general strike, we have to accept the meaning of words are going to change radically over time, especially when you're dealing with different national labor scenarios, for something like a strike. Right now in this country and this city, we are predominantly, a precarious, short-term un-guaranteed labor. Not a full time working class like in the past. So a general strike of today won't look like a general strike of 1910. We are precarious workers, undocumented workers, and entirely excluded segments of the population, coming together to intrude on finance, in downtown seattle. To me, thats what a general strike means, in this country today. If we're calling for a general strike in India, then yeah lets do an actual strike in India. But we're calling for it in Seattle, and I think the meaning of that word can change for the better. Maria: In terms of a global general strike. Lets remember that its international workers day. So if people are saying its being coopted, does that mean the 1% is coopting int'l workers day. We're all part of this movement globally and locally. Nobody owns the national and international movement, its composed of workers. For immigrant labor, in 1996 they had a strike, where 80% of workers in the meat industry walked out. Where as now, thats predominantly where the . So when we say organizations organize millions, we don't recognize the millions who walked out from farms and stores, and made an impact on the global economy. Also the nonprofit industrial complex, funded by the democrats, coopted the immigrant rights movement, and made people vote for Obama, as a way to give hope to the millions of immigrants who are still being terrorized, detained, and inhumanely deported. Also patriarchy, sexism, and homophobia will not silence me. Alyssa: Last sunday I blocked this proposal, in order to have everyone here to discuss this. Shout out to Cody for messaging everyone. OWS calls for people not to shop, work, etc. People from the May 1st labor group worked together to come up with OWS's May Day proposal. They encouraged us to network and work with community groups, rather than just standing in solidarity with them. Also, contrary to what some have heard, we haven't passed anything declaring a general strike, thus far. If this proposal were to pass, it would be the first one of its kind, calling for a general strike. Greg: To me, it'd be the pinnacle of American chauvanism and Americanism to not follow suit with our brothers and sisters in the 3rd world. Especially when American workers are 50% of the world's wealthiest. Can be shown with basic mathematics. Some have claimed it would confuse workers to call for a general strike, same sources have made liberal reactionary democratic party type arguments around a whole host of issues, and standing in opposition to their brothers and sisters in occupy. This is one other manifestation of this. We can't do it big like our folks in nepal and india, and greece, so we have to do the best we can with what we've got, which is people ready and willing to go there. So in times past we've called for a general strike, when we knew well it couldn't happen. We educated people about the history, what it was, etc. peace is the absence of all confusion. Education corrects error. Kawan: I agree with alyssa. For me to vote, i'd have to see we've done the legwork already. We've had several marches with less than 100 people. The 1919 general strike actually shut down seattle for a while. For me to want this to happen, we'd have to have the union people on board. Don't have it, doesn't look like its going to happen. i'm going to vote against. If others organize, and unions come together to support, then i'll change my mind and be for it. ?: I agree with what was just said, theres a difference between calling for a strike, and actually executing the strike. I have no evidence that in Seattle we could have one. I would support global actions moving in that direction, so the language would need to be, in my opinion, that we support global strikes where feasible, in Seattle we recognize we're not there yet, but we will protest in support on May 1st. ?. A general stike means masses of workers, in most cases a majority of workers, call them whatever you want, they stop working. Can't rename it… Can't say I'm running a marathon and because you're out of shape you run a 1 mile marathon. People may think occupy doesn't recognize reality, confuse people over what a general strike is, and not move occupy forward. We can be in solidarity with others, but if we recognize we can't get a general strike, lets not lie and mislead people, which we don't want to do. We want to educate people, not call something what it isn't. Arrogant for us to tell people whats going to happen. Jeff: trained unionist, 30 years on the waterfront, working in the international labor movement. Don't try democratic liberal thing with me please. I'm in agreement with bringing back May Day, to commemorate the struggle that started here. Which was coopted by the 1% and gave us labor day. However, not to belabor the last point, we need to be careful using the term general strike, especially when not having the buy off of the general unions. This is a strong trade-union city, we've had a lot of struggle between occupy and the labor movement. It was ugly at the labor temple. Think of people not here now, before we call for actions. Renaming it something else would be great. Josh: Trust is something thats very difficult to build. Very easy to lose. we had a lot of trust previously, and thanks to a few things we've lost it. Saying we're going to support all autonomous action on a day isn't responsible. We've got to call it something else, and work to organize something great. I'm against this. Thanks. ?: I feel like its important that the 28th GA is planned to be a discussion about May Day, throw out ideas, and not be arrogant or irresponsible, but plan a general strike, because there are lots of people not in unions that aren't represented that are highly organized. Many organizations planning for May 1st, we should, or could, work together to have an amazing general strike. It may not be possible to have all workers strike but it could build confidence about a future strike. This movement is about building things, not just hoping things work out. Upcoming opportunities for anyone and all organization to give their feedback on what they'd like to do. I'd like for them to be able to do their own autonomous actions. If you'd asked me 4 months ago if we could shut down the port, I'd have said no, but we're doing things and organizing in a way that makes the impossible possible. ?: I'd like to address DOT, finding it difficult to work with the faith community and develop a sense of trust of occupy, when occupy talks about actions where there's no commitment to being non-violent. I think there'd be a good turnout from the faith communities for something on may 1st, if the words diversity of tactics were not part of it. Bob: I organized a May Day rally in 1972, looking forward to May Day, I've seen us turn out 500, 1,000, 80,000 people. And when we can do that, we can come close to calling it a general strike. We can't do that this year, part of every general strike type thing that's happened has had an impetus leading up to it. I'm afraid of messing this movement up, we've got something special and can change the world. We'll have steps forward and back, but lets not impose steps back on ourselves. Planning it will be great, but if we can amend the resolution to take the focus off the general strike and put it on revolutionary actions, lets do it. Alvina: First off, what is wrong with you people, you need to start believing in yourself. Remember night of 500 tents, student walkout, or the bridge closure? These things were thrown together kind of sloppily. As far as the language is concerned, I personally don't care what you call it. At the end of the day, the message you're sending is defiance and resiliance. Thats the message we've been sending since day one. We've emptied the schools and warehouses, shut down the ports, we can have a general strike. Just takes a willing to compromise and steadfast motivation. Sloppily or no, we will have those numbers again. Liam: Oakland had a general strike on November 2nd, that is not what a general strike was 80 years ago. Workers today aren't all unionized, and we shouldn't do things how they were done in the past. To occupy in afghanistan is very dangerous, here we make space open for everyone. Talk of being tactical and working with groups ignores the fact we have plenty of connections and make things happen quickly. Talk of waiting essentially means we don't do anything, a push towards conservatism. ?: I want a general strike. Thanks to occupy, that day is closer in my mind than I ever would have thought 4 months ago. i also support and stand in solidarity with those in other places, who think they can pull off a general strike where they're at. I hope they do. I also understand that a general strike won't look the same today as it did 100 years ago, or even 5 years ago. It also won't look the same here as it does elsewhere. Still, this call specifically argues to shut down capitalism in Seattle on May Day. I don't think we're in a position to actually make that happen. Yes the workforce has changed, look at greece where they have many more precarious workers and higher unemployment & temp employment. Lots of migrant workers, but the strikes there involved tens and hundreds of thousands of people not going to work, coming out and protesting, demanding what they want. I wish we could do that right now, but I don't think we're there. I agree its important to be accurate with what we call things. Even people who call for a general strike on May Day, admit it won't be. So lets organize in our community and make sure we get a great turn out for whatever happens. proposer clarifying: In Greece on the 12th, when 500k people were in the streets, that came after a general strike that few went to because few work, and unions are corrupt, just worried about keeping their jobs. What happened was new, exploding outward. Dan: In the teacher's union, not speaking on their behalf, but I can assure you that few if any will turn out for a May Day general strike. I want to be in a strike with the entire workforce. Would like to work in concert with them, not opposition. In 1919, the strike had lots of organization, a hundred different unions formed a committee of 300 people, we don't have that. 160k people in unions and 40k not in unions walked out. Today, we have less than 12% of people in unions. How willing are they to strike? Less than 10 strikes with over 1k people, yearly. Few dangers involved, teachers being cut, but still can't get people to strike. Less than 10% voted to strike. Lets take the proper steps to get a strike not just wish it to happen. Kristin: thanks Alyssa for putting this together. Good that we're together talking about this, very important. Agree this doesn't have to be the same strike that happened in 1919, lots of other issues going on now in 2012. Women workers in Iran who can't even work, who want to. There are people in China working to build our phones under very poor conditions. You may think thats all 'there,' not 'here,' but people are trafficked here in the US, and held as slaves. The idea we don't have time to organize is BS, we have some of the best organizers right here in this room, so wtf? Juan: Here on behalf of el centro- a very noble thought to bring up the idea of a general strike. Its long, laborious work to organize. We're not just flaring up in one year because something becomes hot. We've been struggling since the day Columbus landed. Very interested in strike, just check out our website… don't typically call it a general strike, but defense. Maria direct response as proposer: Farm workers wanted to strike with el centro, but they weren't allowed to. Why did el centre not do the accountablity circle for this? Daniel: we're in solidarity with the 99%, if we call for the strike, then unions can step up and take back the power they used to have. The teacher who doesn't want to strike, what are you going to do when students walk out? Necessary communication and organization will be done to make sure we don't step on toes. Also having a campaign to have prisoners go on strike as well. Just got back from Oakland, and the idea of a general strike has changed, its a new thing. We need to set goals for ourselves so we can make history. Don't be afraid to reclaim our power as people. Alyssa clarifying question to Maria: do you have any statement from UFW about the general strike? Maria: No, but they did clarify that we don't have a bad relationship with them. Will be put up on the .org site to clarify. Also we have their contacts if anyone wants to contact them. Duff: The statement of being afraid of making history – in october we weren't afraid to occupy, and occupy westlake for the first time. A group asked themselves if they were willing to be arrested, so I went home and got my sleeping bag, and slept under the sky. Woke up at 3am and looked around me, and magic had happened, history had happened. 7 tents had blossomed on the stone cold pavement of westlake park. Occupy Seattle was born, on that audacious time. No guarantee of success, yet we spawned the reason we're here tonight. We can't have a guarantee of strike for a general strike on may day. We don't need one. We are an immensely talented group of people, who can make something. Why do we know that? Because we already have. Lets birth something historic on May 1st. For those who want another name, I humbly suggest, fuck the 1% day. ?: One of the reasons the movement exists is because we've waited far too long for social justice. If we wait till 2013, how many more people will have to die? ?: I want to speak about the difference between rhetoric and reality. Lots have offered rhetoric as though they are leaders of the working class, and they know whats best for them. But I know from history, that occupy has been great, but we have to continue working hard. If we think we're the vanguard of the proletariat, that's not cool. Lets thing about May 1st and what causes we want to advance. So think of the emotion of the working class, and what I think of are latinos. They're the best group we can fuse our movement with. I don't think a few people can call for a general strike and have labor follow. This is a systemic issue I've seen many times. Lets not think a group of people are going to win over everyone, because its not reality. proposer clarifying: Occupy LA called for this strike. I am a latino proletariat who has no interest in being a vanguard. Merl: I think 58% of state workers are unionized. Unions have tended to coopt many things in regard to occupy. Most people in this state aren't unionized, working jobs that traditionally should be… I'd call them the general worker. So we could call it a general strike, carrying this different connotation. In regard to DOT and faith community- when we look at Greece, and how things can change rapidly. The idea that interfaith support can evaporate… doesn't matter what you call it, when it comes time to do things similar to greece, its just going to happen. Daniel: I just listened to a very long argument over two words. I support getting people out for May 1st, for a big event. The organizers have a lot of enthusiasm, which is great. I have reservations about a few small things, but the main thing is 'general strike,' How about 'down with the 1% day' – friendly amendment? proposers- how about, 'occupy seattle endorses the call for a global general strike, and the national call for a general strike from occupy La, and we do this not promising a general strike. We're endorsing the call, and acting in solidarity with them.' Daniel: we're not all anti-capitalists, we're all here because there's a lot of economic injustice, but not every single one of us is against capitalism. Cody: No matter what you call it there's been a lot of organizing. The part that is often overlooked is the work OWS has done to make this happen. The biggest thing is that a lot of people are being screwed over. The general strike isn't the necessary goal. As far as a general strike in the US, we have to keep in mind that the US are hard-core consumers, and if it was up to Americans, who would know if people would? We shouldn't let our comfort and fear of change stop us, if its left to affluent people then people will just keep dying. I also don't think a general strike in Seattle has to take away from immigrants organizing that happens every year. we can make it explicitly part of it, saying don't go to your jobs, come out and learn. ?: I've heard people referencing this- 5 days from now, in India, 100 million workers are going on strike. Biggest strike in the history of the world. And people are saying we need momentum? What better time than now? Sam: The air of we know best, and the name we use, doesn't really matter. What we're doing now is trying to create change. The 12% of the people in unions, why aren't they on board, what are we doing to reach them. Miles: We can do this, we occupied westlake. Lets talk about this as we 'can' do this! Kawan: We should work toward a better world that we want to see. We called for 500 tents, got 50. Did/Didn't shut down the entire port? Don't feel we have the support of the people in Seattle. Most people won't risk their jobs to join us. When India strikes, maybe things will change. Lets wait and see. ?: We're endorsing a call, thats already been made nationally and internationally. So if we don't endorse, the only people getting left behind are the people in Seattle. How will we look if we don't have the confidence in ourselves to pass this. Class and social tensions are always boiling, no 'right' time, just gotta do it. Greg: folks talking about talking about reality. Need a mic check for people to repeat this. The Indians in India are the vanguards at this point. There's a general strike happening there soon. If you're in America, you're a 1st world parasite, and its time to bow down and submit to the real proletariat. You can't have solidarity when the resources in your laptops, etc were stolen from people in other parts of the world. It'd be the height of chauvanism not to support this thing. Regardless of whether or not the majority of American workers come out for this. Statistics about American workers: ABC pew poll states: popular support for the invasion of Iran (from fellow workers), same poll also shows support for military action by the US on Syria. So, if you don't cosign with the general strike you're cosigning with Americanism. And thus you're endorsing theft and murder at the expense of the real proletariat, so your lazy ass can see some improvements. The mathematics show this. Mathew: This whole thing about we may not succeed so we shouldn't… If you're so scared, don't occupy, go sit on a couch and watch tv. If you're so afraid this isn't going to work, then organize. Tired of this being dominated by people who make the most money. Next, if we feel like we can't do this because unions don't support, people will continue to be abused and treated harshly. If we fail, the world will keep going. Catherine: I haven't spoken at GA before. My father died on the job. He was working class. I don't know if that gives me any right to speak here. Am I part of the proletariat. I'm not part of a union. But I did see, on livestream or youtube, some individuals who were claiming to be organizing the proletariat, in order to get into a fight. The fact is, if this is a general strike, you have a lot of work to do, to mend fences. I don't think we're going to have a general strike. I don't feel you're really listening to the man speaking from el centro. I haven't spoken here before, but I think we should vote for this and support the immigrant community. proposer: two things: the labor temple- it was the union members who attacked us. I don't want to get into it, we can talk about it later, or watch the videos on youtube. Second, this proposal says nothing about excluding anyone, or speaking against anyone. We want to compliment others. We all have a place in May Day. We want to compliment it with a diversity of tactics, and stand with workers around the world. stack closed, going for a vote. proposer restates proposal, Vote: 52-25, + a few blocks, but I had to leave so didn't get minutes for the rest. Others did though, when they're received I'll complete the minutes. Occupy Seattle General Assembly Sunday 02/19/12 Facilitators: Process mover – Christine Stack – ? Minutes – Karssen Action Announcements On Monday the 20th, there was a callout for occupy prisoner solidarity. In Oakland they are doing a prison occupation. Going to be a noise demo at the youth correctional facility. 8 oclock Maria: Two action announcements: One, going around the Hill, downtown, and international and taking down the Hitler “dare to dream” stickers Two, Bring Diaz Down campaign is throwing a march rally on the 27th, 12:30 P.M. Starts at SCCC and goes to City Hall On top of that, there is a John T Williams March(it is his birthday) Alyssa – Every Friday Unite Here 8 holds a rally at 3:30-4:30 for their boycott of the Hilton. If the company sells the hotel without guaranteeing their jobs, they lose their union contract. Address is 6th street and university (Martin Fill in) March 1st, 2:45 There will be Occupy Education event [details missed] Alvina: Interwork group meeting will be on March 9th Workgroup Reports Mary: Two work group reports. Food work group had a visitor on Friday evening from public health department he was here to check out our operation in respect to food not bombs bringing food. Second, Outreach: I’m doing outreach in NE Seattle. Not the entire NE, but a few neighborhoods. First attempt at a meeting bombed, but not w/o positive results. A couple ppl from OS came to present work we do. Second attempt is coming up Saturday. I’ll pass out flyers. Report back to the group after that. Martin: We’ve been at Westlake for the past week. Lots of people are asking what happened to Occupy. The way I answer is “you happen to occupy.” On behalf of the outreach work group, I’ve been working with other NGO’s and visiting high schools and other professional groups. If you want to know about more upcoming actions that don’t necessarily concern you, speak with me. Dante(Food not Bombs, liberate Seattle) Had a situation where GA’s have lost their members, low turn out for two weeks in a row. We decided not to provide food for every GA. If there is less than 20 people we don’t think its worth it. We heard there was a possible proposal to change GA to three days a week. If we keep the schedule we have now, we are going to stick to Sunday’s and Wednesdays. We are going to move to model where we provide food for events and encourage people to cook for themselves. Were at 30-50 cents a meal. Finance: Monday Wednesday and Thursday’s are finance meeting times. Thursdays at 5:00 is finance, intergroup is M, W, and Th at 5. Finance and IG are at the same time. Budget approval on Wednesday’s. We will be doing financial restructuring: please be there if you want to be a part of this. Alyssa: 1,600 is in the General fund and 900 in restricted funds. Maria: Perhaps we should do a fundraiser/dance party? Dante: We need people to be on the finance account as signatories. You need to be able to open a bank account on your own to be a signatory. We also need financial liasons to work with the signatories. Alyssa: From the Port Truckers Support Group. We took a truckload of food from First Baptist church, and OS also put forth $436. They went back to work, but they got concessions. Ed(Process) We are going to count abstentions. If during a vote, one-third of the people voting stand aside, that won’t constitute a decision. We’d like to institute that starting now unless there are strong objections. Ideas Maria: We need to figure out something for fundraising. A dance party may be a good way to do this. We can do a roving dance party, as well as a fundraiser. Hudson: One thing I’ve heard in the past few weeks is what are we doing for the spring. Something else I’ve heard a bunch of people I’ve heard is some multi-day event at Westlake to make clear again that Westlake is the public square of Seattle that belongs to the people of Seattle. I’ve heard a bunch of different days, ranging from April to Midday. Just want to plant a seed. Alyssa: May 12 is the global day of reoccupation. We could talk to the “sometimes legal working group” about the permit they wrote about the 24 hour access to Westlake. Ed: We started talking the other night about having more time together that is not GA business time. One way to do that is more parties. One other way to do that is to spend less of an evening like this doing business and more time before and afterwards just hanging out together. Start at 6, do business at 7, stop at 9—music, food, talk. Duff: At last Wednesday’s GA, we talked about OS getting an office space not for an office but as a social center where we can hang out outside GA 24/7. Occupy Portland has something like this, and it acts like a social action. One OS person said he knew of a 20/30 rental space in the U-district for 200 bucks a month. Maria: There was a space near Gasworks park. It was pretty small, but we coul have a great presence there. Martin: Speaking of space, apparently there is a church in Queen Anne that has purchased some space for Occupy to use exclusively. If anyone wants to go tomorrow to chat with them, please speak to me. Lorraine: First Baptist Church has given us space for work parties before. They may Lambert: I don’t know who has been to the anarchist social club the Wildcat, but they have a space at 23rd and Jackson and the upstairs of the building is up for rent. It’s a lot bigger and they are renting it for $700. It could be a great opportunity to share that space with the Wildcat. If we could all put a few bucks in per month we could afford it. Mary: One more idea to do with banks is to organize a long-term boycott of one bank in particular, Wells Fargo because there are many bad things Wells Fargo has done. One thing that OS hasn’t done is a sustained boycott. I’ll be announcing a pre-proposal later on about this idea. Alaya: My working group is Team Humanity. I offer free tobacco, or be safe occupy a condom. One thing I notice a lot is people asking is they want to seek employment. I thought that if people want to get there work expertise out there they can create a team humanity bulletin. If people have something they want to donate their time to, if someone wants to give a brief description of what you do it might be a good way to interact with people who are walking by. [Break, Tom taking over on notes] Pre-proposals: Maria – OS stands in solidarity with the people of both Greece and Syria. We are outraged to action against the oppression and austerity measures that the state is administering to its people. OS supports our Syrian and Grecian comrades in their collective struggles in their streets. (for Wed.) Mary – misspoke earlier that OS hasn’t done many sustained actions. examples are seattle steam, bring diaz down. I am envisioning different one, would be weekly presence at wells fargo banks. “sustained boycott” Bringing proposal for vote Wednesday [attach text] Would like to start having weekly meetings, Wednesday 5:30 in Convention Center. Ed – process and facilitation has been developing consensus as mandated. we are beginning to bring it tonight for ?. We don’t know when it will come to a vote, because we don’t know whether there are many concerns we need to address. Proposals: Dante – wanted to add Linda Julien to OS bank account. She is our bookkeeper. Unlike other signators, she will not be handling the money. Her purpose is to have access to information without having to go through signators. If there is a situation where we need a reliable person on the account she is the most reliable person I can think of – I can personally vouch for her. [brought directly to vote, passed] Carol – concerning GAs. Propose that OS change its schedule to three GAs a week only – decision-making GA Sunday and Wednesday, and discussion Thursday. (open to amendments and discussion). Discussion · only difference I’d like to see is to add one more discussion GA. number of us are extremely busy, have hard time making it to things on specific days/times. having only one discussion GA would be very limiting to some people. having two of each would open it up a lot more, so people could make it to one of each. · Carol – by having three facilitated nights, we would open other nights to other groups having their own meeting nights (teach-ins etc.) Those people who run/propose those nights would provide their own facilitation. · one discussion GA is very close to voting GA – move to Friday? · C – chose Thursday because Fridays have been sparse · would support four nights for own agenda – spending one night a week talking about nothing but actions. could have two decision nights, one open discussion, one action discussion. (Monday?) · C – can take friendly amendment. · Like to amend that schedule not start until Mar. 1. · What plans? why Plans are for Feb. 27th, 28th. · C – we will wait one week for this to go into effect. Restated – add Monday night action brainstorming night, starting Monday Feb. 27. [Proposal passes] Consensus Process Overview / Pre-proposal Hudson – we have been meeting in P&F to discuss consensus process. Brought a chart with outline of consensus process. See: [link] Consensus model questions, concerns – Stand-asides may often be because people don’t understand something – how could they be provided resources to change? – A: we would try to come to understanding earlier in the process, also check why people are standing aside, and try to address Maria: What happens to proposals that have been tabled? A: There are a long list of proposals that have been tabled and then dropped. We like to have a date when it will come back, and if it does not, it is dropped and must be pre-proposed again. Lorraine: When something comes back after its been tabled, the discussion has been opened again. If there is room for changes or new information, that might influence coming to consensus on the second go-around. Daimey: Is there a number of times a proposal can be tabled where it is clear that there cannot be consensus and it can’t be brought again? A: ? Lambert: Where does the 90% come from? A: As to where we go it from, its what they put in Occupy Wall Street, Occupy LA, etc. What if a few people come in and mess things up? That is the fear. But if people appear to be being obstructionist, then the group must deal with that. Mary: Getting back to Lambert’s concern, what if people intentionally come to thwart an endorsement of an action? How would we address that? A: If 89 people out of 100 want to do something, they should do it. They don’t need the GA to do that. Duff: Once a proposal is tabled, is there a process to get the opposing groups together before the next GA meeting? A: It shouldn’t be a surprise when someone expresses concern. We are aiming for all the possible concerns to be listed before it comes to a vote. Duff: Second question. OWS and LA are using the two-table model. Why are we using the one-table model? A: They used that when they were having more GAs. Duff: I would like to have the vote to be on Sunday because Sunday’s are better attended. [Temp check – most approve – date set for decision on Sunday] Christine: It has come to my attention that there is another proposal. Proposal: We propose that OS endorse and pledge to participate in the May 1 general strike that has been endorsed by dozens of cities… [see restatement below] Discussion: Alyssa – Jenn Hickey reserved the 28th for a discussion about May 1 because there are a lot of issues surrounding this. We don’t have labor on board yet. Talked to Tsukina re faith community, has heard from many pastors who are concerned about this. Want to know what we’re getting into with the greater community before we go into this. Understands that other occupies are calling for this, doesn’t not want a vote, but thinks we should wait for next week. ? – Thinks passing this will only prepare us to better address the concerns of other groups who may be coming out. Also wants to point out that many labor groups are really into the democrats, may not come out anyway. Proposer – Only concern heard is that some think we’re not ready to start organizing. proposal is just a general call to start organizing. Doesn’t see why we need to have all these other groups on board. We can pass this, start organizing, then have feb. 28 event, also public Dante – like the fact that we’re endorsing this through the GA, but not keen on some of the wording. Might be more of a lip service for GA. fine with endorsing, but this says we’re going to participate, that’s more of a avenue through workgroups, which don’t need GA permission to work on actions. Didn’t hear any reportbacks during WG announcements of people actually working on this, so a little hesitant. Mary – Concerned with phrase that says “all our energy” because there are other worthwhile concerns others are putting their energy into. Also, for general strike to be effective, will need lots of working people behind it. Proposer – willing to change wording to “some of our energy”. Concerning labor – doesn’t feel theres anything that excludes anyone. Just wants to get the ball rolling. Proposer – the technical concerns related to OS. Our de facto workgroup, not directly connected to os but not separate, is bringing this because outside groups have already started organizing. ? – My one concern is that I don’t think it has been very clearly communicated with or discussed with the folks you’re trying to get to turn out for support. You should probably talk to them, reach out to workers, see how they’re going to be affected. As I rule, I as an individual will not turn out to event if the people it claims to support do not feel supported by it. Would encourage speaking to local businesses, local business owners, see how it would affect their workers’ rights. ? – When you talk about communicating with unions, are you talking about rank and file or bureaucrats? Daimey – Would encourage folks to do a little research about unions that work specifically with issues and with workers’ rights and issues they feel most passionate about. Attend meetings, talk to Jasmine. Proposer – Nothing in this proposal is organizing on behalf of anyone… Joshua – Want to offer a bit of a resolution to Alyssa – if this is already happening on Feb. 28th why not add an invitation to those discussions to this proposal. Seems like we’re probably going to organize this anyway. [friendly amendment accepted] Alyssya – will build more support if we talk to people before we vote. like talking to neighbor before you paint your house purple. Karssen – a general strike is probably the most badass tool you can use to effect change in theory, but really hard to pull off and be effective. Someone called me talking about a loan strike – problem is that people must trust everyone else must do it – if they don’t it doesn’t happen, and discredits the idea that it can work in future. Proposer – Oakland general strike was planned in very short time, first in long time. didn’t actually pull off full general strke. but was still valuable. Proposer – A general strike in the 21st century is necessarily very different from the one that happened in seattle in 1919 – we will do the best we can in organizing this. Restated: We propose that Occupy Seattle endorse and pledge to participate in the May 1st International General Strike that has been endorsed by dozens of cities across the world from Berlin to Oakland. We propose a general plan of shutting down capitalism in Seattle on the day of May 1st by flooding the streets and neighborhoods of the city with thousands of people in a wild carnival of rebellion and autonomy. We propose that Westlake Plaza be re-occupied starting on May 1st and act as a hub for the various and multiform activities taking place that day and beyond. We strongly encourage all working groups to coordinate their efforts to maximize the power and effectiveness of our efforts. There are several different tendencies, causes and issues that wish to be represented that day. May 1st is an anarchist holiday, but it is also a day that has been utilized for the past several years to highlight the struggle of undocumented people and workers. With this in mind, we propose that the GA approve a commitment to a diversity of tactics that respects that wishes and autonomy of the various grouping of people that will participate on the streets that day. If a group wishes to be non-violent or includes people who risk deportation, any actions that will infringe upon the safety or desires of that group will be discouraged. Given that we have three months to plan and coordinate, this should not be a problem and ever tendency and group will have a time and place to engage in whatever actions they wish. Let us use our energy to build up to May 1st and let it be a historic day that ushers in a new phase of the international struggle against the 1%. [Amendment – We invite all other groups organizing for this day to participate in meetings for planning and coordination: Occupy Seattle has an open meeting planned for Feb. 28, and an external group has a meeting Mar. 10.] [proposal passes, with blocks – Alyssa and Karssen] Statement of block: I think everyone knows that we’ve lost a lot of people and a lot were good people doing good work. on Friday the last of our storage team quit, we’ll need to find a new space by the 29th. these are the kind of problems we get into when we don’t . All I’m asking is that we listen to community concerns and do what we can to ameliorate them before we say we’re doing this. Don’t think its in the spirit of the movement to say we don’t need to listen to 10 or 15% of the general population. Labor and faith communities still matter. Discussion: Carol – just want to mention that I don’t think we have anyone here from labor caucus or chaplains group – the should be here if they want to influence anything, not sure why we should wait again. A little concerned about people who don’t want to talk, this proposal is not against them. Ariel – first heard about the general strike at discussion GAs a month ago. Understand that blocks are because its against our principles. Joshua – last month we already passed a proposal that we were working towards a general strike, so not sure why we would block it now. The proposal as amended, actively requests discussion, is certainly not cutting off discussion. [Revote: 22 – 6 – 1, Proposal does not pass, will come back Wednesday.] GENERAL ASSEMBLY MINUTES February 12th, 2012 Washington Trade & Convention Center Kathy – Facilitator Sam – Stack Worker Speak-out: 1) I work for the school district. I noticed there's a two-class system in how students are treated. Workgroup Reportbacks: Process and Facilitation: 1) Our four-week moratorium, it's been great, other people have stepped forward. and, we'd like to continue drawing people forward into facilitation plus we're in the process of developing a new consensus decision process. So that complicates the same-old facilitators from stepping back in and disempowering everybody else. So we would like simply to continue bringing other people forward. We will re-integrate gradually. 2) As it happens, we don't have anyone signed up for thursday or friday to facilitate. So, no one will be here on those nights to formally collect pre-proposals. So if you announce a pre-proposal on thursday or friday, please make sure it gets to us, so we can make sure it gets on the website. GMOP: We're throwing together an event on Friday. Obama's coming to town, if you want to be there, you have to pay $1000. We think that sucks. We're going to throw our own picnic, for the 99%. Low-budget. Emphasize the fact that we don't have any $$$. General feeling that it's bullshit that we live in a political system where you have to pay $1000 just to see your president. It'll be in Bellevue (that's where one of the luncheons are). We're arranging carpools. More info to come. Hip Hop Occupies: It's been a little discombobulated the last month and a half. We are re-organizing with regular meetings next week. I'm here to collect e-mails for people who want to be at those meetings. Disclaimer: We get things done. And we have a safe space, if you penetrate that safe space, you will be removed by our methods. Action Announcements: 1) Occupy Your Neighborhoods. First General Assembly in Wallingford. 7 o'clock on Monday. Keystone Church. 2) Solidarity Action: Tomorrow's action for Port Truck Drivers. Address: East Marginal Way S and S Hanford St. The rally is the same place where the port action was going to have the green zone. Some of the issues are (for the port truck drivers): the drivers are fined for having overweight trucks. They have no control over how much weight is on their trucks. They end up paying fines. They're not paid an hourly wage, they're paid by trip. They could wait four hours and be paid the same as a half an hour. When they work out their wages, after paying for trucks, insurance, etc., they often make minimum wage or less. They have no rights as employees, and are not covered by labor laws. Proposals: 1) Occupy permit the use of their logo to support, not endorse, the event that has the appearance of Amy Goodman, and Quentin Young and Jim McDermott, we will block off the names of Jim McDermott and other representatives. All in favor: 8 Against: 2 Stand Asides: 12 Proposal is withdrawn because the pre-proposal wasn't on the website. GENERAL ASSEMBLY MINUTES February 8th, 2012 Washington Trade & Convention Center Workgroup Reportbacks: Court Support: Duff – We had our first jury trial today. It was a great first case for OS: it exposes the lies that are routine, the way the SPD covers up their own violence. The jury had a yes or no decision to make. If the verdict comes back not guilty, we need to aggressively publicize. The headline should read: "OCCUPY WINS, COP LIES." Port Truck Drivers: Alyssa – We've raised over $460! And Sonya from the Food Group, already knows Ethiopian cooking– this is good because the truck drivers are mostly East African. Please come to the Rally! 9-12pm on Monday. It's on Spokane St and Hanford under the viaduct. The port workers have asked us to be very polite. Environmental Justice: Duff – February 11th is almost here. Please come out we need your body at 12pm at Westlake. It's going to be a very strong action. Our action is to shut down the lethal incinerator run by Seattle Steam. We need to fight for the lives of those marginalized in that area. Action Announcements: 1) Coming up March 3rd, Amy Goodman is showing up, along with Quentin Young. Along with two Democrats, who might not show up. This leads up to the pre-proposal – whether Occupy should do a supportive thing. 2) On February 17th, it is reported that Barack Obama is coming into town, to attempt to raise money at locations in Bellevue and Medina. One report is that the Medina location will be at the home of Susan and Jeff Brotman. The report I heard that you can get in for a measly $35,800 per couple, only reporting what I'm told. The other event is a $1,000 fundraiser, and to get your photograph with Obama you pay $5,000. There are people who are planning a demo of some sort on the 17th. Check out what the people at GMOP are talking about. 3) On February 16th, at First AME (sp?) Church at 6pm. The church is located on 14th and Pine. This will be an informational night in regards to Bring Diaz Down, which will end with the February 23rd March and Rally from Mt. Zion Baptist Church and the time for that will probably be known on the 16th of February. This involves the United Black Clergy and all are welcome. The next announcement is Bring Diaz Down February 27th at the City Council. I believe it's 2pm. At the full council meeting, we would like you all there. Pre-Proposals: Clarifying Question: We discussed the appropriateness of making pre-proposals and proposals to vote on? Answer: We keep voting until GA approves the new consensus process, which will be brought by Process and Facilitation. Q: Is the voting based on simple majority now? A: Yes. It's unchanged from the previous process. 1) I want to put the symbol of the Occupy movement here (on this flyer) if we're not too discouraged about Jim McDermott. (Physicians for a National Health Program – Annual Public Meeting – Healthcare and Social Justice) —-Announcement: I do the Free Tobacco and also Be Safe Occupy Condom. Get some condoms and pitch in! I can only get to so many Planned Parenthoods.—- PROPOSALS: 1) The Port Truckers are part of the 99%. Occupy Seattle stands with them and their struggle for as long as it may go in full solidarity. To this end, Occupy Seattle endorses the Monday Port Truck Driver's Rally and the February 18th Occupy Our Hearts Solidarity Potluck. We're asking for the endorsement not for Occupy Seattle, but for the truck drivers, we want to be able to tell them, this is for you, and we all stand with you. 13: YES 0: NO Proposals Passed. 2) To reserve one night per week in lieu of a GA to have some form of learning or educational experience related to occupation. This would be organized by the Learning Workgroup, we would take input from everyone at the GA on what topics it would like to discuss. It would be great sensitivity to the question of having certain persons acting as authorities in comparison to the masses, we would try to run it in a format as egalitarian as possible. This would also be presented in the following context: the GAs have become in attendance very thin, even on the so-called voting days, so we felt that reducing the number of the GAs might actually help attendance with those days that GA occurs. Sum: To reserve one night a week for some sort of educational learning experience that would be co-ordinated by the Learning Workgroup. 8 : YES 0: NO 1: STRONG DISAPPROVAL Concerns: 1) Quorum is an issue. 2) We're moving to consensus soon. 3) Discussions follow the votes, in the last few GAs I've been to. Proposer withdraws proposal to be brought up again on Sunday, 2/12. Occupy Seattle Discussion General Assembly Tuesday, 01/31/2012 (Assembly started without a facilitator moving process, as a loosely structured discussion) Stack: Martin Minutes: Tom Chartrand Bang: Wants approval of finance disbursing funds to reimburse expenses that went over last week’s budget. $40 for Darigold brunch, $15 for general OS food from GA’s, $60 for technical costs from Darigold action. (All in attendance expressed approval, about 25 people) Nathan: Wants to make a preproposal. We need to get new signers on the account, all of them on currently have stepped down. Alyssa has transferred the receipt books to me. This needs to be transparent, needs to be discussed. Potential signers: Nathan, and Sonya from Supply. If anyone else is a possibility, we can answer questions. What is minimum number of signers? (no clear consensus, just 1, or 3 for partnership, agreement that we would like 3 or 4, to replace 3 leaving.) All 3 need to be present to change signers over, currently Corey, Alyssa, and ?. How much money: a little over $3000. Tom – what was your preproposal? -Nathan – To approve of at least two new signers through a proposal at GA tomorrow. Bang – to withdraw funds requires one, writing a check, 3. Martin – has experience with the disbursement of funds through intergroup. Wants this discussion to generate ideas that are broader than the current system. Thinks we should do away with the account. Cody – would also like to see the account gone, take advantage of the current difficult situation. Could for instance have workgroups take care of their own funds, not raise any for the entire group, avoid the divisiveness that creates in spaces for the entire group. Dante – we’ve been having finance meetings regularly, nobody showing up. Is hesitant to think about large system changes heard, because they would definitely need work. Starting to have financial meetings at Intergroup every Thursday, starting this week with a discussion. Nathan – leaving, but just wants to make sure things keep moving, something in place for the short term. Doesn’t think GA needs to get bogged down in the entire discussion, especially now when it is important to work through new consensus methods. Really need to get more people involved in finance people to get something together to bring to the GA. Discussion topics: The Firedoglake occupy supply competition – doesn’t like it. Both the idea of looking for more stuff for its own sake, or the competitive nature of it. Do people agree? (majority twinkles, about 10, none opposing) Consensus discussion: (Much concern in the group about the three month period, being too long, and unclear how the decision at the end will be made.) Dante – two processes he likes – if a few people dissent, (but would be overridden), go to a pro/con structure, where a couple people speak on either side (not a debate). Do this, then repeat vote. Can repeat this process several times, to allow voices to be heard, maybe setting a number after which blocks can be overridden. -Use the process to find what we all agree on in a particular area, and work on that together, rather than wasting time with issues that are clearly divisive. -Specific intricate example of consensus – people don’t want a certain person to pursue a project. If one person objects to what you are doing, you find out why. It should be that plain and simple. -Much agreement with people voting with your feet, people will do what they will do. Not sure what the point of reaching consensus is though, what it would be used for. -Thinks one of the problem is that in our current system the winners tend to gloat, make the losers feel bad. Consensus is one way of addressing intergroup tension. New topic: Was part of learning group, gone for a while, seems to be having some issues. Would like to discuss what they can do for teach-ins, etc. Interested in discussing the proposal that was voted down to have one day a week with GA dedicated to teach-ins. Ed – thinks that part of a compromise reached at that discussion was that teaching could be worked into the existing discussion format, although it would be up to those attending to decide if they’re interested in the specific topic, and might be more of an open-ended discussion Martin – Would like to see more of a plan for having a system for discussion days, planning topics ahead of time, trying to tackle issues critical to the movement. Occupy Seattle General Assembly Sunday January 29th, 2012 19:10 (1/29/2012) * Location: Washington State Convention Center * Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek New People's Comments * Quinn – Attends Nova High School. Wrote a paper about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Read it to the GA. * Mariana – She's here for her grandchildren and all the other children. Working group announcements ? * Liz – Thinking of starting working group based around chemistry. Food Working Group Maria – meetings Mondays 6pm, Convention Center Occupy Wedding Working Group Mohawk – Starting new group, intends to marry the 23rd and Alder house Finance Working Group Alyssa – Went to WG meeting, found that she was the only member, quit. * need people to work with bookkeeper * everyone who had signing ability on checking account has quit Health Merl – Group has rescheduled to semi-monthly meetings. There are several other organizations working for universal, single-payer, health care, connected to varying degrees with Occupy. Occupy Seattle Labor Caucus Steve – Meeting Wednesday, 6pm, Labor Temple, 2800 1st Ave Environmental Justice Duff * Sat Feb 11, noon, Westlake Park, action to shut down lethal incinerator next to Pike Place Market * March will be led by Dorli Rainey, elderly woman who was pepper-sprayed by Seattle Police during Occupy Seattle demonstration Announcements of Future Proposals Action Announcements * Martin – Wednesday 6pm, First Baptist Church, panel discussion * Maria – Organized march in solidarity with Occupy Oakland. Wants to do another one. * Mohawk – Will marry the 23rd and Alder House, Feb 18, 2pm. Look on Facebook for more information. * Perl – Feb 18, 23rd and Olive, Michael Ealy Foundation's 13th annual police accountability event * Sunday Feb 5, 1-3pm, St. Mark's, conversation with guy from Oakland speaking about non-violence. Proposals proposal – Pay $400 for a month of rent at the warehouse, then not after that. proposer: Carol clarification: Group is not charging us rent, but is having trouble paying rent. Would be useful to help them pay their $2800 rent. discussion: How much money do we have? Not counting restricted donations, about $4700. There may be more in the WePay account. How much space, what kind of stuff? easily half the size of this room. Wheelchair, spotlight, some food, a working generator vote: time: 19:47 proposal passes unanimously proposal – Move from majority rules voting system to consensus-based system, allowing Process and Facilitation about three weeks to implement, then try it out for three months. proposer: Alyssa discussion ? – Appreciates proposal, but has same question as from the other night: Will moving to such a model solve internal problems? Kellen – Proposal is to move toward consensus. Adopting this without consensus seems contrary to the proposal. We can make specific adjustments to our process to move us toward consensus. Matt – Wants more specifics. response: Last time, accepted amendment to enact only for an initial trial period. Steve – Opposes because he believes in democracy. Whether there's one person blocking or several blocking, it's minority rule. Would prolong the process and make it harder for new people to get involved. Martin – Seasons are going to change, and we'll attract more media attention and more participants. We need a new model to get through this. ? – Understands that there have been many divisions in last month or two. This is likely to lead to longer, more exhausting debates. In small groups, consensus can work well. But this is a large group with lots of political opinions. This model will make it difficult to make challenging decisions. Multiple successful actions would not have happened if we required unanimous support. ? – Concerned that the consensus model will create long, drawn-out discussions Carol – We need more small discussions. There are many people who want to get involved, but only the eight who get on stack are able to do so. Lack of good discussion drove people away. Michael – People have been asking Process and Facilitation for months to make some changes to the GA process. Part of this would involve deciding as a group to move forward. Doesn't feel strongly about voting vs. consensus, but thinks experimentation will help us learn what works. Let's try something new together. Maria – Previously thought this was block-worthy. Opinion changed after seeing that other occupations are working more effectively than we are. Amy – One way we can move this process along is to have practice consensus GAs, maybe twice per month. ? – No reason not to experiment with other processes. One reason discussions take so long is that people spend so much time saying the same thing everyone else has said. Please take into account what people have already said. Alyssa – Has seen GAs of widely-varying sizes, and they are able to achieve consensus. Hudson – We can come up with something that works. Cameron – Favors consensus-based models. Has worked with them for years, is aware of their problems. Groups get wise to problems. If we're going to dedicate all this time, let's work toward something we agree on. ? – Suggests we try it for one month instead of three. response: spoke with P&F about how long it would take to figure out a process that would work for us. Matt – Uncomfortable. Kellen – Does not think this would slow us down. Founding principles include listening to each other. Karrsen – Let's give it a shot. Duff – Doesn't have strong feelings one way or the other. Wishes he didn't have to vote. vote time: 20:29 proposal passes 31:7 blocked (2) blockers: Issue is time. We only have a couple hours each week. It's too vague to leave it up to Process and Facilitation. discussion: ? – P&F already said they will not be solely responsible for devising the process. Emily – Is action-oriented, hopes we can try this out. Phil – Had mixed feelings about the proposal, but neither of the blockers mentioned any fundamental principle that it purportedly violates. response – (couldn't hear it) Hudson – Process and Facilitation won't just come up with some process and impose it on us. Alyssa – P&F is specifically instructed in the proposal to listen to everything said in GA and take from that, not come up with something themselves. Why are we re-voting when there has been no reason speaking to the fundamentals of the movement. Hundreds of GAs are using models of consensus across the world. They've not yet found one that violates the fundamental principles of the movement. It's vague. So are we. People make stuff up. So do we. Please tell us what principles are violated. ? – Although we state that a block should be related to violation of fundamental principles, we've never enforced that previously. Craig – Abstained from voting on proposal. Proposal had strong majority support. Urges blockers to withdraw. Michael – P&F have belief in leveling power to an almost pathological degree. They will be holding multiple meetings at a variety of times, and actively recruiting people to help devise the process. ? – We have failed to achieve consensus on a proposal to use consensus. 0; Kellen – Supports block, as the proposal infringes upon personal autonomy. This would compromise the initiative of all the people who raised their hands. ? – Seems to be some confusion due to differences between the shortened version and the longer version. We've never had a valid block; it's always about people's strong objections. one blocker rescinds) * Duff – Was previously concerned that we were dealing with the tyranny of the majority. We had 80% agreement. Feels like consensus has broken out in past few minutes. We're addressing concerns of the minority. * Ed – This is not the irony of the voting process; it's the challenge of the consensus process. Intent of the proposal is that the entire GA work this out. Matt's point about lack of explicit stating of model is valid. * (discussion of possible amendment to proposal, requiring GA approval) * amended proposal passes (unclear to note-taker what, exactly, changed, but there are no arguments about it, and the room erupted in cheers) Announcements Ed – Has spoken with about five people over past few days who've said some version of, "There was a Get Money out of Politics Event? There was an event in solidarity with Darigold workers? I had no idea." Many people inside and outside have no idea about actions that are happening. Adjourned 21:14 Occupy Seattle Discussion General Assembly Friday january 27th, 2012 (01/27/2012) Minutes: Carol Isaac Hudson called Mic Check, and announced that we would have a discussion as we already had been having in the space where around 25-30 had gathered Friday night. "As you were…" signaled the resumption of tables of discussion. There was one mid evening announcement: It was announced by Alyssa of Supply and Storage Working Group who is stepping down on 01/30/2012, that Sonja, the other member of the working group, has reported that our formerly, 'free' storage warehouse requires $400 in rent for February in order for Occupy Seattle to keep using the space for our massive amount of supplies. Furthermore, to obtain anything from storage you must contact Sonja at (206) 501 5715, have your own vehicle to transport the item(s) (Alyssa's goes with Alyssa.), allow 24 hours for retrieval, and do the pick-up between set hours provided by Sonja. This space goes completely away at the end of May. Any other rental of this warehouse will need to be voted by a future GA if the space is to be kept any of the other months between now and the end of May. Preproposal: Occupy Seattle allocates $400 for rent of the warehouse in which all of its supplies are stored for the month of February in order to use this month to find safe storage space(s). proposer – Carol Isaac to be voted on at the Sunday 01/29/2012 GA Any other warehouse arrangement requiring rent will need a proposal and vote also. Discussion: The discussion was too varied to describe, except we are all elated, tipsy and spinning that Babylonia whipped on her beautiful bride's dress and declared her love for the Union Warehouse we belovedly met in December. The wedding takes place to the remains on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. All are invited to come with great spirit! Occupy Seattle Discussion General Assembly Thursday, January 26th (1/26/2012) Facilitator: Mary Minutes: Tom Chartrand Camp/Workers Announcements: -Dealing with military contracts is horrible, they just go back on everything they have told me, but they can get away w/it because they’re a government agency. Workgroups: Dante, FNB liberate seattle – We’ve been calculating how much its costing occupy seattle for us to bring food – between 22-33 cents/meal. We’re still on our sustainability kick. When we come to GA, regardless of number of people, only bringing 20 disposable bowls and spoons. Spoons last 800 years, don’t want to throw away. Really want you guys to bring your own spoon and bowl. Only got 11 back yesterday, including 6 that were in garbage. Please! Martin, Outreach – tomorrow, jan 27, rally at 2pm, Westlake. In solidarity with ruby ridge dairy. March at 3pm to Darigold HQ, handing them a petition, holding them accountable for abusing their workers, mostly undocumented. Carol (process) – tomorrow, 330-530, at convention center, discussion of how to create a method of consensus or hybrid decision-making process Also, brunch potluck with farmworkers at 11 am, 1111 harvard (and Seneca), First Baptist as part of dairy solidarity action. They will be giving us stories. (entrance may be glass doors in lot behind church) Aliana, media – Benefit concert Sat. 8-12pm in Ballard. 1/3 of proceeds to media WG, 2/3 to possible warehouse site. 3 bands – Surrealized, Adrian Xavier, Michael Manahan. All have played for us before, they’re excellent. Look for Voices of the Revolution on FB. At Hale’s Palladium. Today at media meeting – we now have internet radio station. Looking at setting up forum for online meetings. Billy, medical – looking for more people to join because half are no longer active. (Q – do you need any certification?) No. (Was there not a requirement at one time for basic 1st aid?) Told by Michael no requirement, basic needs can be taught to the new medical. Talk to Michael for more info. Ian, livestream – looking for reporters for livestream team. The only people stepping forward are white males. Fine, not turning any away, but would like more ethnic minorities and women. All you need is laptop and little bit of professionalism. email Liam, Bringing Diaz down – trying to force resignation of seeded seattle police chief and prosecution of all offenders of excessive use of force. Now is opportune time. Meeting tonight to plan next action. Be there. 9:15 at Bauhaus, can come with me or at end of GA. Planning couple things: mic-checking city hall meeting, holding court of diaz; branding and visuals campaign to demonize him, posters all around town. Tomorrow 5pm getting together to make stencils. Talk to Liam for address. Also with It’s right to occupy affinity group, solidarity group for people arrested in OS. Couple of court dates coming up: UCC 16 pretrial Feb. 6, 9am room 903 seattle municipal court, and Ed Mast (Westlake arrest) 930 am, rm 1103. Hudson and a few others, hearing tomorrow, 2pm, can’t remember rm number, probably 1103. All this info is at updates posted all the time. If you have court dates, email us. Chase 5 have dates March 13th at 830am, rm 1002 – actual trial, this is show time, we want people to actually come with banners and signs and stuff. We’re gonna put out press releases, notices to other occupies, get people to read our statements all over the country. (Q: assuming we can’t bring camera’s?) Media can ask if they can have cameras, up to the judge in particular instance. (would you like the livestream?) hell yes. Martin emailed his details also: Feb. 3rd, 8am, in Olympia, pretrial date, rm 103. Alyssa, finance – good news: central coop Madison coop has register campaign. They sent us a check for over 1000 dollars. Shop there, big supporters. Also, special guest, Linda Julian. Volunteered to be our bookkeeper. Finance meeting tonight during discussion period. Working on a proposal to prepropose tomorrow, bring on Sunday, on better way to run our finances. Actions: Ed – Living room theater, about experiences of being in occupy seattle. If you want to organize a showing, find some friends you want to share this with, and let us know. Ian – for fundraising, making men of occupy seattle calendar. If you think you’re hot, come talk to me, I’ll let you know. Looking for all body types, ages, sexualities. Going to have trans man, woman gender bending as man, etc. We’ve already had our first photo shoot. Doing really cheeky things, valentines spread in front of chase bank. Talk to him, group on FB. Printer, graphic designer are already lined up, but printing will run over $3000, consider making directed donation. We hope to make $15000, huge return on investment. Liam – we’ve been working on getting OS times for a while now. Might get donations we need pretty soon, for first run of 20k full-color issues on regular newspring. Need people w/ editorial skill/experience to help produce high-quality newspaper. Modeled after OWS journal. They get out 100k/week in NY alone, printed in Europe as well, many languages. We’re thinking big. Alyssa – Occupy internet radio is with an outside group. They have other big plans. reserve 102.1 on your radio dial for around Feb. 16, looking at including occupy content among other, possibly racking up FCC fines. If you know someone who wants to do a show, talk to Aliana to connect them. ? – Was reading upstairs, heard you all, reminded me of my dream. My dream is creating a rescue center, creating housing and services for teens that are homeless in SE Asia. Hearing you made my dream get hotter. Discussion Topics: Finance, with Alyssa: Results will be brought as preproposal tomorrow. Liam, consensus, and elections – how occupiers should interact with that or not: Reportback: Mary – really good discussion, on what future GAs might look like. Talked about other occupies. Having agenda items that are not just proposals, for discussion. Making announcements more efficient Occupy Seattle General Assembly WEDNESDAY January 25th 19:05 (1/25/2012) * Location: Washington State Convention Center * Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Facilitation Team * Orientation: Liam * Taking stack: John New People's Comments * Collin – Visiting from Occupy Portland * Patricia – Participated at Weslake Park. Here to participate and listen. * Victoria – First time at OS general assembly. * Elizabeth – Has had difficultly finding general assemblies and joining us for the first time. Has experience with consensus * Madden – Came with a friend, here to learn. * Christina – Here to learn and observe. Wants to see if we walk the talk. Working group announcements Morale Working Group Akilah – Organizing a Valentines Day party Reasonable Solutions Working Group * Boswell * Happy that Occupy movement embraces anarchists, radicals, and others. Hopes it will do a better job of embracing people who are less radical and are interested in working within the system to fix the system. * First WG meeting happened recently. * Contact him for time and place of next meeting. Can't announce it, because people have been threatening to attend to disrupt, he has received threats Bring Diaz Down * Liam * preparing next action and greater campaign * next meeting: tomorrow, 9:15pm, Bauhaus Coffee * will be meeting during day on weekends It's Right to Occupy Solidarity * Liam * Monday, he and four others, "the Chase Five" were arraigned (arrested on Broadway Nov 2nd) * March 13, 8:30am, rm 1002, Seattle Municipal Court UFW Direct Action * Maria * (something coming up; didn't get details because they were scattered all over and not Environmental Justice * Duff * Upcoming action will be led by Dorli Rainey (woman who was pepper-sprayed at 5th and Pine, putting her face all over the nation, forcing the Mayor to publicly apologize) * Sat, Feb 11, noon at Westlake Park Finance Working Group * Alyssa * Met with bookkeeper today * Out of about $20,000 accounted for by bank account, missing about $1000 of receipts Facilitation and Process Working Group * Ed * thanks for all who are stepping up to facilitate; please sign up in advance Protect Our Rights * Nathan * planning dinner forum, tentatively Feb 23, to highlight abuse by Seattle Police and how it fits broader context of militarization of country's police forces * meeting to plan 6pm Thurs Feb 2, Convention Center Radicals Against NDAA * Matt * meeting rescheduled Livestream Working Group * Ian * seeking new reporters; e-mail People of Color Caucus * Tabitha * Drove to Sunnyside to meet with farm workers in preparation for upcoming action * Farm workers work under bad conditions * mini-rally 2pm Friday, Westlake Park, then march to Dairygold headquarters on Rainier Ave, where they'll be joined by more activists Action Announcements * Saturday, Feb 4, 1:30pm, Westlake Park, will march with nation against the impending war with Iran Announcements of Future Proposals * Cody – Will propose Sunday that general assembly decisions as a collective be restricted to those surrounding when, where, and how we meet, and controlling collective resources (e.g., warehouse of things, money), and restructuring the GA agenda. Focus is on removing policy proposals and action endorsements. * Martin – Will propose collaboration between Occupy Seattle and SHARE/WHEEL, specifying public and private space, making Peace and Safety more effective, creating a fair process for accepting new campers, and dealing reasonably with disruptive community behavior. Proposals * proposal: Move from majority-wins to consensus decision-making process, allowing Process and Facilitation time to make arrangements * proposer: Alyssa * rationale: * in line with fundamental principles of movement * in solidarity with occupations across nation * encourages everyone to participate in general assemblies * not allow letting problems of broken system from which we come to limit us * free ourselves from tyranny of the majority * discussion * Patricia – is Native American. This country is based on representational government. That is win/lose, which is no-win for everyone. We're destroying humanity with our decisions. Gave lengthy * Ariel – Wants to vote on a clear proposal of what type of consensus we will use. Worries that otherwise, we'll spend weeks using a vague description of consensus deciding on a process of consensus. Worries that democratic process will be harmed by having decisions made by the few people left toward the end of a five-hour meeting. Concerned that those who don't want to rock the boat — often the most marginalized voices — will not speak up. * response: There are many consensus models that address many of these concerns. Until we start practicing, will be difficult to tell which parts of which models work for us. Various systems avoid some of the potential problems Ariel described. * ? – Went to Occupy Congress a couple weeks ago, heard about many systems. Portland uses "modified consensus" – try to seek full consensus, but accept 90% after several rounds. With each round, there's a vote with three options: stand aside, agree, or disagree. They then hear concerns of those opposing, repeat. Seems to handle possibility of infiltrators or people who just disagree with what Occupy is about. * ? – Has felt negative pressure from the majority. Accepts that this happened and the world kept turning. Weaknesses of the majority vote are not by the consensus method, it just takes longer with the consensus method. * Steve – Shares concerns expressed. We are a movement that seeks to reach out to the 99%. Many of them do not have five hours for meetings. We need to have a crisp decision-making process. Consensus is minority rule. We oppose the rule of the 1%. We are for the rule of the 99%. Should not have a situation in which one person or small group can stop us from carrying out actions or endorsing projects. * Jim – Shares concerns expressed. Experience over a few years with consensus has not been good. Exploring some new ways of doing things is good. Let's devote several discussion GAs to structured discussion of the different models of consensus so we can all be better-educated about this thing that seems strange to some of us. If we vote on anything beyond exploring this concept, it could be disastrous. * Tabitha – Feels that people have reservations about consensus because they feel that nothing will ever happen or be endorsed. Problem is that we're spending lots of time trying to put the OS stamp of approval on actions. We can organize actions without the approval of the group. Let's consider what the GA's purpose is. She thinks it's not a mini-Congress, but a place for like minds, unlike minds, and everything in between to share, talk, and grow. * Alvina – Movement needs more autonomy. Can count on both hands how many proposals have been brought to the table and voted on based on arguments. Voting made people feel alienated, and in some cases, they left. Consensus sounds fabulous. * Carlo – Favors this move only because he's been experiencing it for the past couple months — otherwise would not know about it. It's magical. Many more people get to voice opinions, and those opinions are heard more. Likes Portland's model. * Maria – Pro: Occupy Seattle is the only West Coast occupation that has not taken consensus into their movement. Con: We only have 2.5 hours to meet here. What will we do during the two- to three-week period while Process and Facilitation tries to learn things if this is passed. Offers friendly amendment: allow P&F time to learn this new consensus system before GA votes it into stone, not after, so GA can function properly without logistical blockades. * response: That part of the proposal is designed to put a time period after the vote before we get consensus. * Damie – Favors because this does not encourage people to look on the Web, see that there's a voting GA, that there is a proposal being brought by someone they do not like, and foul things up. By using a consensus model and allowing a bit more time to go into decision-making. * Boswell – Imagine that we have another camp in the future. This won't work well with camp issues. If it is to work at all, would need two separate GAs: one for campers, one for others. Maybe try this four a few months. * response: Having spoken with P&F, thinks three months would be okay, but not two. * Lambert – Consensus decision making is designed for groups with a high level of unity. We do not have such. Idea that consensus will somehow minimize hostility or contention between different perspectives is not true. Most contentiousness is caused by blocks. Would rather see proposal for majority rule and no blocks than one requiring total consensus. Has been in number of groups that practiced consensus. He and other people he knows have felt that our voices were not heard because they were pressured not to block even though had valid concerns. * Bryce – Opposes. Heard this idea that America is a representative democracy and therefore representative democracy does not work. America has never, ever, begin a democracy. Formed as a slave state, backed by a gun and now a nuclear bomb. We (OS) don't have a president or elect a congress. Should be one person, one vote. People coming to supposed agreements under these systems involve coercion. Some people are told to shut up and not stop the consensus process. Has heard people told other people not to come tonight and speak against consensus — problem has already started. When you vote, even if you're on the "losing" side, you've voiced your mind. The vote allows shy people to speak. Let's not reinvent the wheel. The GA is new enough. * Patricia – Win/lose is no-win for everyone. * Nathan – Heard that placing the consensus model will somehow give us consensus. That's inaccurate. Point of the model is to build consensus. Heard justification of majority rule, but that ignores that nay votes are translated into nothing but a symbolic gesture of defiance. We may not have consensus now, but we can have it if we build it together. * Cody – Someone said that voting has been useful for action endorsements. This space should not be focused on action endorsements or any policy other than how we will assemble. * Dan – What is the purpose of GA? That's a separate question. Feels that some people want to avoid conflict and leap-frog or stay in the phase we're in. But there's no option to do that. We need to develop politically — all of us, collectively. We need to take action. We'll make mistakes and learn from them. Sometimes we'll endorse actions that are successful, sometimes endorse things that fail. People say we're trying to reach out to the 99%. Complication in the GA will make it harder for people to get involved. Feels people are worried about infiltrators or small groups taking over the process. That's always a danger. To insulate against that, we can develop politically so we can stop that when we know it is happening. Has faith in everyone here being able to spot it. * Cameron – Admits bias toward this. Tyranny of minority is as dangerous as tyranny of majority. Sees problems with consensus-based models. People who feel love and empathy toward their collective members tend not to want to derail what people are working on, turning into more tyranny of majority. However, consensus-based models tend to have best results of making people feel part of decision-making process. Let's move to something as egalitarian as possible and works in a streamlined fashion. * Jack (from Process) – Personally promises that when we try to figure out a method, will take all these concerns into account. Need to find ways to overcome blocks. Facilitators need to take care to avoid coercion and group-think. Facilitators need to respect people's time. * Martin – Consensus model is meant to be used as a means of preserving our own survival as a group of individuals working on like-minded projects. Now, we're squabbling over systems when the bigger issue is about our own survival. Our nation is gearing up for war right now, and there are children without food. Let's not squabble over systems. * John – At the end of three months, when deciding on consensus, we should utilize the method we used during that time. * ? – Has major concerns about the proposal that don't go to the proposal itself. If the problem is not the existing model, let's reach deeper to find out what the problems are. Those who feel strongly about the proposal should tell us what's wrong with the existing model. It's a solution to an un-stated problem. * Ed (from Process) – Process and Facilitation will not come up with the new process by itself, under any circumstances. As long as we bring in proposals that must do this or this, we'll argue. We need to bring a different kind of initiative into GA that stimulates our creativity rather than debate. * Elizabeth – Has had some experience with consensus. Has seen it used in tribes where there was great division. The process itself strengthened respect and helped build a sense of unity that did not exist in the beginning. Has seen it bring out some carefully-thought-through concerns that resulted in something greatly improved over initial offering. Has never seen consensus create division. * Shon (from Process) – Hearing lots of values and concerns and wishing that we were like other situations. These are valid things to think about, but let's hear more concrete things related to the decision. Helped create the current process, thought it was kind of consensus-based. Hearing consensus counter-posed to that. Most people are not requesting unanimity. Main concern is about position P&F and facilitators are put in. With open rules, there's too much power in hands of facilitators to work out consensus based on what they hear. Many consensus-based processes require very experienced facilitators and very aggressive facilitation. Friends in New York say that tends to turn into leadership. Let's find a way to make things happen without making facilitators make them happen. * Dante – There are many consensus models. Not all of them require unanimity. Everyone gets to be heard. With majority or supermajority rule, we don't hear why people voted the way they did afterward. * Carol (from Process) – Favored consensus because she saw problems, like the need more unity. Some votes caused people to split away. If we had more time to talk, some who disagree would have had time to understand each others' positions much better. Our current protocol doesn't allow much time for such. * ? – Many other occupations use some form of consensus, and still get things done. At last Portland GA, passed four proposals in several hours. * Jack – When the block is used, should be blocker's responsibility to devise solution. Is a veteran of the post-WTO decision process. Sometimes process alienates the greater working class and drives them away from the GA. * ? – Maybe we don't need either method. Particularly as the group grows, the portion that want one action can do it, and others who want other action can do that. Maybe we're focusing on the wrong thing. A process that implies coordinated agreement when we don't need to coordinate. * proposal implicitly tabled Adjourned 21:55 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Sunday, january 22nd, 2012 (1/22/2012) Process – Jackson Stack – Mary Minutes – Tom Chartrand WG announcements – (a few others were missed, began taking minutes a bit late) Process (Carol) – beginning to work on possible consensus process for GA, more meetings will be announced. Finance (Alyssa) – Meets every Sunday, encourages more attendance. Had some issues with money collected by group that was not counted by someone outside the group, and did not go to OS account, conflicting with GA policy. This was cleared up today. Making plans for finance discussion at Thursday’s GA. Supply and storage is trying a new fundraising system, asking for pledges of $10/month for this coming year. Hopes to avoid the problems that come with large donations. Pledges are already coming in. GMOP (Karrsen) – Had some issues with money, the donations from Saturday were deposited in one person’s account, but they will be receipted through OS. Contact Karrsen with any concerns. Also working on possible actions to draw attention to ALEC in late Feb. (being planned by Portland group) Action Announcements Maria- Transphobia resistance group – we were planning on a march every other Fri. starting the 27th. (Left because of disagreement) Tom – Meeting of UW professors (mostly from center for communication and civic engagement), students and occupiers interested in developing technology for the occupy movement. Steve Ochs was involved in setting up meetings – can email at, or talk to Tom for more info. Everyone welcome to attend, especially programmers interested in contributing, or folks interested in media/outreach. As project takes form, will continue to report back to GA. Tomorrow (Monday) Noon. UW CSE (computational science and engineering) building, room 674 Ideas- Justin – OWS put out statement of autonomy, wants to bring something forward like that, possibly wed or fri (to keep the democrats away) Proposals One proposal was withdrawn for the day. (By Travis, concerning violence, and taking 7-day breaks). Subjects for discussion groups: Martin – Feb. 4th National Freedom day march against mobilization towards war in Iran. (No reportback) Occupy Olympia solidarity social forum for Feb. (No reportback) Justin and Craig – Occupy Grand Strategy – what do we want to see come out of occupy in short medium and long term? / Evaluation of where we’re at. Report-back: ?- Re: non/violence issue – might be a good idea to say “on day X we will discuss this issue” so people who want to can come discuss it then, rather than it just not getting handled. Lambert – didn’t think above represents discussion. Lots of different perspectives presented. Big question: is the occupy movement a big umbrella for lots of groups to come together, or should we have more structure, prioritize things. Personally supports solidarity umbrella model. Thought it was a problem that many of the more radical people were in GS discussion, which is also in a way a large goal for the movement. Daniel – UFW action this Friday and General strike on May 1st. Report-back: ?- Talked about barriers to strike turnout. Illegal for union bureaucrats to go on strike, and most are not unionized. Workplace demands can mobilize workers who otherwise don’t consider themselves political to take action. General Discussion: Zack – wishes people could just give violence/non discussion arrest. Basic idea is already contained in anti-oppression principles. ?- New to this, but has had several people say that its an undecided issue. Would hope there is a way to let everybody know. Feels that people should be nicer to those bringing question. Mike – understands the frustration having gone through all the contentious discussion around proposals, followed by some good discussion of the issues. People come with certain conceptions of what activism looks like, we may need to get used to having these questions come up all the time. Patricia – doesn’t think the question is entirely resolved because principles are focused on not instigating violence Mike – voting on what occupy seattle officially is makes the group more of an established club, important to let the group be fluid. (followed by more discussion of non/violence, much of it explaining points of the recent debate to new people. Discussion was not on peoples’ mike, very difficult to take notes) General Announcements: Patricia – a result of the recent meeting with Share-wheel – in order to provide their resources to help us secure a new residential encampment for our occupiers, they would need a statement of nonviolence surrounding the camp and the campaign to get a camp ISO is holding discussion on “reform or revolution?” – UW Thompson hall, room 211, 7pm Thurs. Occupy Seattle General Assembly Wednesday january 11th, 2012 19:05 (1/11/2012) Location: Washington State Convention Center Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Facilitation Team Orientation: Mike Process mover: Mike, Michael Taking stack: Norm Agenda: Danica, Travis Working group announcements Camp Safety Working Group David First nonviolent civil disobedience training was last weekend. Went so well they're forming an affinity group. next training: Tues Jan 24, University of Washington Red Square Occupy Cannabis Activist Coalition Working Group ### Devon – Newly formed WG. First meeting: Friday Jan 13, 4pm Future meetings: Fridays, noon, Westlake Reoccupy Westlake Forrest – Get in touch if you're interested Bring Down Diaz Liam Torchlight march to SPD East Precinct Saturday 4pm Meeting tonight, after GA or 10pm (whichever first), 766 Belmont Ave East, Apt 7 last meeting had 25-30 people Gender Equality Caucus Kristen Meeting Sunday 11am Bauhaus Coffee to plan half-day teach in for Jan 22 Tomorrow in Olympia, 3:30-5pm: Forum about anti-slavery and anti-human-trafficking. She'll leave Seattle around 2pm Melissa Farley (researcher on prostitution) Eric Nickerson (national president of United Farmworkers Union) Supply and Storage Alyssa – WG needs drivers Finance Alyssa need people who do not have bad credit to become signers on our bank account. Current ones are no longer able to be such. meetings at Plymouth Church rm 321 Mike Check Wall Street ? Actions planned January 14 1:30pm, 1st floor Conv Center, then to Westlake Money Shouldn't Talk silent march non-violent, peaceful, movement January 28 10:30am – 7:00pm: Info-cert, base on first floor Convention Center Valentine's Day: Large money drop. Will write "Money can't buy love" on large sum of money and drop it more info: e-mail Meet Wed 6pm, Sat 5pm, Convention Center 1st floor Trying to get back to getting money out of Wall Street Facilitation and Process Working Group Michael must include date you wish to vote on your proposal (so they know agenda before starting meeting) night you bring proposal for vote, please stop by P&F meeting 6-7pm at Convention Center 2nd floor Goals Working Group Justin meeting this week, Sunday 4pm at Convention Center on Nov 9, GA voted Territopsis Nutricula Mufasa Awakened by SWAT team with shotguns this morning. Nobody arrested or harmed. Didn't get their books. It's Right to Occupy Duff Court solidarity workgroup who support people who were arrested at OS actions try to get people to attend court hearings – courtroom, halls, streets outside upcoming dates: Friday, Jan 13, 1:30pm, Courtroom 1103, Seattle Municipal Court, 600 5th Ave, Ed Mast has court appearance. Was arrested October 5 as part of first police raid on our Westlake Camp. Friday Jan 20, 8am, Thurston County Court in Olympia. Martin Chapman. Arrested at Occupy the Rotunda action in Olympia Monday, Jan 23, 2:30pm, Courtroom 1103, Chase Five arrested November 2 Monday, Feb 6, 9:00am, 3rd Floor, UCC Sixteen have court date Media Working Group Maria Press release issued about 23rd and Alder House Meet Mondays 6:30pm at American Friends Services Committee at 40th & 9th in University District KUOW talked about Alder House today and mentioned Convention Center GAs, letter to Steven Colbert Dan Just did first rapid response. Let's keep it up. if something comes up and needs response, please e-mail Outreach Working Group Martin just came from Seattle First Baptist hoping to draft letter to send to Seattle Police Jan 14, Fremont Abbey, artwork party to make signs for Get Money Out of Politics Jan 22 event ? Ariel – Tuesday 5pm, Odergard Library Basement at By George Cafe, UW group having second meeting. First was excellent. Announcements of Future Proposals Jasmine – Will propose on Sunday Jan 15 endorsing Hilton boycott and ask people not to patronize the hotel, stand with workers Monday at 3pm. She was here last month for Edgewater Hotel rally. It was great success. With Occupy's help and attendance, were over 150 people on streets, and Edgewater was angry. Next day, they made big announcement that they were offering raises only to non-union staff. Nobody was fooled. Non-union employees had not received a raise for four years, and the day after the rally, they got one. Hilton Seattle is under boycott, worker-called boycott. They're asking people not to patronize their own hotel. Are giving up hours, tips, and their economic security because the hotel is up for sale and they can lose their jobs at any time. To protect their jobs, a guarantee from owner that hotel will not be sold without guaranteed jobs. Westin agreed to such language, as did some hotels in Sea-Tac, but the Hilton has not. We know that prospective buyers are at the hotel right now. 7am wake-up calls daily on bullhorns. Hope the community will support on rally on MLK Day. Was arranged last-minute because of impending sale. Rally at 3pm, after the march. 6th and University downtown Seattle. Action Announcements Annie Received call from New York occupation having candlelight vigils around the world 7pm local time for all Occupy-affiliated groups meet Sunday 7pm North end of Westlake Park. Bring a candle. Proposals proposal: Endorse Get Money Out of Politics working group's events on Jan 20-21 restated: Occupy Seattle endorses the event if Jim McDermott actively participates in the march against John Diaz. presenter: Karrsen detail: Jan 20: OS joins one-day occupation of fed courthouses nation-wide several speakers and musicians speakers include Congressman Jim McDermott (may not make it on the 20th, but come on 21st instead) Jan 21: People Ignited Against Citizens' United – march culminating at Henry M. Jackson Federal Building discussion: Regarding money and politics, and Citizens United Supreme Court decision: Jim McDermott co-sponsoring two proposed Constitutional amendments to overturn Citizen's United that are now bills in Congress Maria – Opposes any political speaker regardless of party, speaking at our events. We don't represent political ideology, so we shouldn't have any politico speak at any of our events. This is a people's movement. We're not the Democrats' Tea Party. Let's remain autonomous. Aliana – Supports this event and supports having Jim McDermott speaking. We need as many intelligent and articulate people who are in support of what we're doing to speak at our events as we can get. Daniel – Does not support this action, mainly because McDermott is speaking about getting money out of politics. There's a conflict of interests when a politician who is elected by campaign funds talking about getting money out of politics. Upsetting to him because there are many intelligent, well-spoken, non-politicians who could speak at the event (e.g., radical professors, radical members of local community, and people who are directly affected by wealth leading politics in this nation). Alyssa – Each of us has our own ideas and affiliations. When we speak at an event we speak as ourselves. If Jim McDermott wants to come and speak at our event as Jim McDermott, she's fine with that. If he wants to speak as Democrat and make stump speech instead of on his expertise with Congressional law, she opposes. We should all be able to speak for ourselves; otherwise why are we hear? Damie – Since we, as Occupy Seattle, have a working group, GMOP, working to amend the Constitution in our favor, so she sees nothing wrong with getting as much support as we can. Jim McDermott, who is working on that, could be incredibly valuable by providing his wisdom, as long as it's as Jim McDermott, not as a political stump. Carlo – Generally opposes having politicians speak at OS events. Thinks Jim McDermott is special case. When he lived in Nicaragua in 1970's, McDermott was outspoken opponent of Contras. Rejects people saying that there should not be political party influences when there are several people here pushing Marxist Communist political agenda. That's fine, but let's not be hypocritical. Maria – Agrees with everyone's comments equally, but does not support the proposal. Jim McDermott is a politician. What are we trying to do? Get money out of politics. He was put in place by local money. It's not a good fit. Hudson – Likes everything about this except McDermott speaking. Nothing personal. He may be good or bad. It's naive to expect someone who makes money in electoral politics to stand in front of a microphone and not ask for our support in some way, explicitly or implicitly. Ultimately, it's about getting him elected. If there was some way to change this — since this same concern was voiced when the proposal was announced over a month ago — so we can all support the action and really work together toward this goal, he'd be happy to see it. Can't support with politician speaking. response: Knew this would be contentious, but brought it anyway. When brought forth before, was very poisonous atmosphere. Wonders if people's opinions have changed. If we are to make changes, will need laws changed. Eventually, will need lawmakers to make laws. Wonders if we'll go reformist or revolutionary. Ultimately, if you want a revolution, will need people on our side who know the ins and outs of the system and how to fix it. Let's keep our options open. People say what this movement is about. Let's keep in mind that presence of this GA is not the whole movement. Many people out there want to join but don't agree with what many of us think. Just because we or he doesn't want politicians there doesn't mean that others do not. Nearly 100 people here tonight. Many movements are converging. If we said no politicians allowed, we'd alienate many people. Endorsement is not needed; will happen anyway. WG considered dropping McDermott because of controversy, but going for it anyway. Many people respect McDermott. If not endorsed, won't be a big deal, but he'll be very sad. This is an Occupy Seattle working group. Emma – Appreciates the conversation. Let's approach this from a different angle. Something special about the Occupy movement, Egypt's, and others, are that they didn't rely on powers that be. Didn't drive out Mubarak with a vote, but by a mass of people pushing from below. Whatever people decide about this event, it should be about contributing to a mass upheaval in society that stops the crimes of this government. Let's think about being a radically-different world. System has shown again and again that it cannot give to the people. Some people are scared of that kind of upheaval because of a class outlook that looks at things on the basis of "what's in the interest for me". Don't have to be from a certain class to have that class outlook. Should look at things from the interest of humanity: mass upheaval. ? – As member of GMOP, who've been meeting for many weeks: Thanks friends for raising points they did. Clarifies that they feel the same way, and these same concerns were raised many, many, times. Have been very deliberate about not making this like a town hall sponsored by politicians, but more like a rally by the people, of the people, and for the people. Jim McDermott is only one of many people who will speak at these events. Didn't invite him because he's a Democrat, but because they want to overturn Citizen's United. Only way that will happen is by political change. Seems logical to invite someone who has introduced bill calling for abolishment of corporate personhood. Have built in open microphone time so that ordinary people — non-politicians — will have a chance to share their piece before and after the politicians speak. Pearl – Calls him McDermop because he's a dirty mop. Has been forcibly going to his office for years. Was born and raised in Seattle. Went there with some papers with someone who happened to have a protest sign in his coat. They didn't go there to protest, but security guards were called. Each time they go, they talk about racism. Does not like McDermott. Steven – Great, great grandfather was Karl Marx. Emma Goldman was mother-in-law. There are reform movements in radical movements. This is reform activity. Whole concept of how GMOP has operated is reformist, because it wants to amend the Constitution to overturn Citizens United. In reality, that won't change anything substantial for working people. There was money in politics before CU, and will be the same after its appeal. Wasn't going to oppose this, as it's what some people want to do. Having heard that some people really feel that the way to proceed is to have politicians do the work for us and change our lives is very misdirected. In the end, in the course of conversations we've had tonight, he must oppose. response: Regarding reform vs. revolution: If you want a political revolution, must engage in electoral politics. Don't have to do this as a movement. Don't have to endorse a candidate. This is a guy who knows what's going on who can tell us how to proceed. Amenable to amendment guaranteeing that he won't do a stump speech. Our politicians are slaves to money, and many of them dislike it, but see it as a necessary evil. Many of them, when saw this, hoped they could escape. Gen – 1) Karrsen says that when this was pre-proposed, there was a "poisonous atmosphere". Wasn't poisonous; they just hated the idea. Still does. This is a leaderless movement and we're having us allow a political leader to speak. 2) Someone from GMOP stressed that they are a working group of Occupy Seattle. Has been living in the TN squat, the expert creation working group. Maintained autonomy as a working group, acted autonomously, and didn't put the OS label on anything they did. Identified themselves as participants in OS without official GA approval. Just because you're a working group doesn't mean the GA has to endorse what you do. Working groups are to work, and don't need approval to do things that don't affect everyone. 3) Someone else pointed out that the voices there do not represent all voices involved so we should not block out a politician. But his voice doesn't represent everyone here. Why have a politician speak? Kristin – Is conflicted over this. Has attended a few GMOP meetings, has seen how hard people are working. Truly respects that. Many issues for OS to work on right now. Conflicted about the obvious: this is a politician, and she doesn't trust politicians now. Put her heart and soul into Obama, who completely disappointed her in many ways. Doesn't know McDermott well, but concerned that from the outside this will look like endorsement by Occupy Seattle. Just by having him there, with his title and leadership, impossible to remove his title. People from the outside will see his position. Suggests amendment in effort to bridge differences: "Jim McDermott welcome to come speak at OS event so long as 1) no endorsement for his political career sought or granted. No signs, paraphernalia, or campaign literature distributed. Political parties mentioned only in context of Constitutional history." response Brynn – Hasn't been to GA in a while, but has been very involved outside of GA, almost every minute of her spare time. Loves Kristin's proposed amendment. This is a huge issue for all occupations in all the cities (politicians speaking at events). Let's ensure that if this event happens, even though the media kind of work for the 1% and may portray him being at the event as a political thing. All we can do in response is ensure that it is public that we have asked him not to represent politics. What Karrsen said about using the system to change the system is true: We must start there. Doesn't mean it must exist forever, that we must keep it. That's just the way it is. Choreographing flash mob for that day. Supports this event and will be dancing whether it's an OS event or not. ? – Has been member of GMOP since very beginning. Our understanding is that we're about taking power for the 99%. Don't do that without being sophisticate about our tactics and strategies. We can pretend that we can overturn Citizens United without knowing anything about it, but that's untrue. For example: recently had job replacing side-sewer seven feet under ground. Sent camera down to see problem. Every now and then, we get a so-called politician — Dennis Kucinich, Russ Feingold — who is willing to go into the sewer and tell us what's going on down there. We'd be politically stupid not to listen to what they bring. Jim McDermott, if he speaks, surely would abide by limitations we suggest for his talk. We need the information he can impart in two or three minutes of a three-hour event. Forrest – Amendment sounds nice, but still inappropriate for politician to speak. Media will likely use him to make it seem like he's a speaker to OS. McDermott has never been to a GA. Consider how this will affect our community. Liam – I respect the people who brought this forward. We've been through a lot. This is not personal: We must consider more than just numbers and how to appeal to liberals. McDermott is a politician whether he says it or not. He's a candidate for governor whether he talks about it or not. The move for Democratic politicians to speak for Occupy Seattle is the biggest danger for co-option. They bring demands and ask us to let them do legislation. This is the first time in his generation that we're not just begging for scraps. Before corporations were people, they were screwing us anyway. Will not let the most important movement of his generation be co-opted. Won't let a leader of a party that is ruining the planet and killing people around the globe ruin it. What ever particular policy he's personally about, he's part of something bigger. Best thing about Occupy is that we don't rely on politicians and the powers that be. They have to respond to us anyway. ? – Is incredibly disingenuous to compare what's happening in the US to the dictatorial regimes our government set up. To imagine that Jim McDermott is some perfect politician would be ridiculous. To imagine that he's been right on some things (e.g, supporting Sandinistas and women's rights). His actions speak for themselves, for better or worse. Was asked him to this particular event because everyone in GMOP understands that while this entire system must be overthrown, you can change social norms with laws. Small step, but helps normalize a way of thinking about a topic, same way people normalized racism not being okay. Cody – Regarding people in the GA having Marxist and Communist politics: Of course, everyone has politics. We're not talking against him because of his politics, but because he's a politician trying to get elected. It's fine to have politics. Everyone should have them and we should talk about it. Bob – Disagrees that if you support what GMOP is doing you have bad political analysis or are liberal. There are those who have a Marxist . . . think there's a relationship between reform and revolution. Study who participated in the Duma. We need to stop being afraid of being co-opted. We're too strong for that. If I'm to get co-opted by Jim McDermott agreeing with us about something we're fighting for and suddenly start becoming a democrat (he's not) then someone please take him out and shoot him. Let's grow up and recognize we're pretty damned powerful. Duff – Asked GMOP to withdraw the proposal or remove McDermott's involvement. It's becoming polarizing. His office was occupied in 96 protesting wars. Last two years, have protested his aggressive support for free-trade agreements around the world. Opposes having McDermott speak at any event organized or sponsored by OS. Greg – This movement was founded on basis of we the people doing for self. Same weekend we drove the reactionary Larry Gosset from our stage was same week that Occupy Wall Street drove ??? Jones from theirs. Yes, we're smarter than to be co-opted. ? – 1) We are all worried about co-optation. It's a legitimate discussion and debate. When we control the agenda and the politics of an event, we can make the move to avoid co-optation. We need allies to be successful. Every revolution in the world had an alliance between reform elements and revolutionary elements. We can make a decision and get rid of people who want to sell us out. Having Jim McDermott speaking to the issue that is mobilizing this whole country right now is not going to sell us out. 2) If we follow the logic of the people opposing this, we'll end up with a movement of 14 people. Daniel – Regarding alliances and in honor of solidarity and accountability, offers amendment that if McDermott comes to Bring Diaz Down event and participates in the torchlight march, can call himself an active member of the movement and speak at the event. response: Likes this a lot. McDermott is likely busy. Agrees with Gen about autonomy of working groups. Accepts the amendment: No endorsement unless McDermott does that. Corey – Are you saying we should not endorse if he doesn't show up? doesn't think he will, but it would be awesome Corey – We spend too much time debating whether to endorse an event a group is working on. That's what this is about — talking about events. We shouldn't be a rent-a-rally, spending time debating whether to rubber-stamp events. We shouldn't debate whether OS will continue to endorse events that are inherently hierarchical. Maria – On October 22, People of Color Caucus refused to allow Larry Gosset — a member of their community — to speak. Stood firm and told community why. Suggests the same. Politicians do not represent us, but the 1%. Until they overturn the law, we have the right to push them to do so. We should all be educating ourselves on US history and how change happens in this nation. It's by the people, not the politicians. Suggests amendment that if he wants to speak, he should get in line with everyone else during open mic. No hierarchy in this movement. Nobody represents anyone but themselves. If he wants to speak, he can get in line. Justin – You man not believe in the state, but the state believes in you. We can take the position of purity and say that we ourselves are not supporting these wars, but the taxes we pay do. 2) We're strong enough to avoid co-option. We shut down the west coast ports. Democrats want nothing to do with us. Alyssa – In Palo Alto, San Francisco, Medford, Ashland, Los Angeles, Portland, and many other places, a bunch of occupiers want to occupy political seats, and they're going to do it. Everybody who isn't the 1% is part of our movement. Has a problem telling anyone he cannot speak at our events. But thinks about how the media will present this, and realizes the whole debate is silly. Media will call it an Occupy Seattle event no matter what we do. So whether McDermott is invited or not — up to the WG — we'll have to cope with it. Alvina – To people representing McDermott: Please keep coming anyway, because we need you anyway. vote: time: 21:31 proposal fails with vote of 30 to 30 Announcements ? – US Dept of DOJ states that Seattle Police need to be better trained. Not charging SPD under RICO Act. Violates Title 19, racketeering. We must hold DOJ accountable for active breach of trust with fraudulent intent and fraudulent and dishonest acts, and concealing a crime. He spoke before City Council about John Diaz being incompetent to run Seattle Police Dept. Liam – Will begin gathering now to go to the Bring Diaz Down organizing meeting Cody – Hopes to organize games for workgroups to compete in. Talk to him if interested. Adjourned 21:41 Occupy Seattle General Assembly, 2012-01-10 Minutes taken by David Lindes. Table of Contents 1 Orientation 2 Introductions of new people 3 Workers Reports 4 Work Group Reports 4.1 Court Solidarity, Duff 4.2 John, Civil Disobedience Workgroup 4.3 Community over Capital working group 4.4 Rise and De-colonize 4.4.1 National Day of Latina Activists, January 20th 4.4.2 January 28th, Days of Action, down the coast, against Dairigold 4.5 Gender Equality Caucus 5 Action Announcements 5.1 Guantanimo Protest 5.2 MLK Speech 5.3 Bring Diaz Down 6 Pre-proposals 7 Discussion 7.1 Sharing from discussions 7.1.1 Accountability GA group 7.1.2 random stuff… 7.1.3 New blood for facilitation 7.1.4 Open Question: 7.1.5 Semantics 7.1.6 follow-up on facilitation 7.1.7 meta point: 7.1.8 how we feel about it 7.1.9 Change facilitators mid-GA? 7.1.10 more discussion… 8 Announcements 8.1 23rd and Alder: Still there. 8.2 UW's first GA 8.3 Moving… 9 Song 1 Orientation Wording notes are not on hand, so improvised. For future reference, they're at 2 Introductions of new people Bang – new to being on time Jackie – is new. 3 Workers Reports [This is a new section, for people who work, or used to, reporting about that.] One report about a firing, suspected of being gender-based. Suggestion to reach out to the Seattle Solidarity Group. Someone from Mental Health and Chemical Abuse Division… (sorry, details missed.) 4 Work Group Reports 4.1 Court Solidarity, Duff Friday, January 13th. 1:30pm. Seattle Municipal Court, Room number 1103. One of our Brothers, Ed Mast, has a court date, stemming from his arrest on October 5th. You may remember October 5th. It was the first police raid on our camp at Westlake. The police raided us with violence and horses. 32 of us were arrested. Ed's date is 1:30 this Friday. Courtroom 1103. He does not have any more information about his co-arrestees from October 5th. Some of them may have been arrested and never charged, in the classic cop technique of crowd control by arresting with no intent of charges. However if any of you have other information about other October 5th arrestees, please contact Duff. October 5th was a significant day. It showed what Chief Diaz and Mayor Mike McGinn think of the Occupy Movement. We were one of the very first occupations to have been violently raided. We need to come out en masse on Friday. 4.2 John, Civil Disobedience Workgroup First meeting will be on Monday, here, 6pm. Everybody come. 4.3 Community over Capital working group It is a continuation of the revolutionary spirit of the 10th and Union warehouse occupation. They are working on still reclaiming that warehouse, and addressing the multi-family tax exemption program, which is an extremely corrupt city program, and discussing how to organize our physical landscape, so that we are more connected to each other. All the information is online. First meeting is Sunday, at 5pm, here. 4.4 Rise and De-colonize Working with the United Farmworkers on two dates: 4.4.1 National Day of Latina Activists, January 20th 4.4.2 January 28th, Days of Action, down the coast, against Dairigold Against the farmers that abuse their workers, in almost 3rd-world conditions. Flyer is coming. This is an escalation to a national day of May Day general strike. 4.5 Gender Equality Caucus Meeting this Sunday, 11am, at Bauhaus They've started planning an all-day teach-in. They're currently researching topics and speakers. Topics so far include: The Gender Binary (linking with Culture Jamming) Reproductive Oppression Human Trafficking and Anti-Slavery and more! If you have suggestions and can't come, please let Kristin know about speakers. 5 Action Announcements 5.1 Guantanimo Protest from Greg Spense Wolf Tomorrow, at the Jackson Federal Building, 2nd Avenue, Marion and Madison: Silent Vigil, 5-6pm. Protesting Guantanimo prisoners and indefinite intention. Organized by Amnesty International, Code Pink, and … At 6pm, Occupy is marching to Obama's headquarters, and reading Guantanimo stories in Jumpsuits. 5.2 MLK Speech Thursday, day after tomorrow, at 3rd and University, where Garden of Rememberence is, they're going to be listening to a Martin Luther King speech, "Where do we go from here?" from 1967. It's a great speech. And unfortunately the MLK event inside, which is one of the King County events, cannot play any of the speeches, because the company who owns the right to the speeches, charges a lot of money. So they've organized this event outside the building, where the recording will be played, and anyone who'd like to listen, please come and join the crowd. 11:30-1pm, 3rd and University. Thursday, 2012-01-12. 5.3 Bring Diaz Down Campaign is having a march, this coming Saturday, 2012-01-14. It's going to be in part a speak-out about police brutality. And the other half will be a torch-light march. They're awesome. It's going to start at 23rd and Union, at 4pm, on Saturday. Then they'll march to the East Precinct in Capitol Hill. There they'll have another speak-out. The torches only last 20 minutes, so they will light them as they're cresting the hill, about Madison and Pike, and come down in force, with them all lit. If you come, please be aware, the flames get really big. So please provide enough space between you and the next person. This is in support of the call for the resignation of Seattle Police chief John Diaz. 6 Pre-proposals Announcements of proposals to be voted on at a future GA. None heard. 7 Discussion Call for topics for discussion in a small group: New Blood for Facilitation Group A visit to 9 occupies all up and down the coast; discussing coordination options, etc. Accountability General Assembly, which was a pre-proposal last week, to devote one of the discussion GAs to talking about Accountability and mutual support. breaking at 2012-01-10, 19:42 7.1 Sharing from discussions In the group that you were in, was there: something that made your heart sing something disgusting something inspiring … ? 7.1.1 Accountability GA group Only two people, and they'd really like more input. Transformative Justice, which is an alternative model to the existing justice system, to address conflict in a way that's in line with our current values. Community-based accountability, rather than a punitive system of justice. 7.1.2 random stuff… He was in the military for a long time, and under the impression that the united states was this giant protector of peoples' rights. He spent a lot of time away from his family; spent a lot of time on the seas. Now this NDAA act, and the authorization to use military force, and the Patriot Act has been expanded, and it violates our basic rights, that so many millions of Americans have died in these wars, promoting these rights. He doesn't want to sit around and let it be taken away. It pisses him off. The other issue was foreclosures on all the homeless people. That's why on Thursday, they're having a march on Occidental, WaMu theatre area, it's on the calendar. The banks are pulling a fast one, trying to get people to bring their deeds in, and modify their loans. They can't even tell people where their check is going – if any money at all is even going to the account number that's on the check. 7.1.3 New blood for facilitation It seems like such a dry area, and it is somewhat dry, however, it's a great opportunity for more of us to get involved in the meetings, and show greater variety. What she wants to do as a new helper for facilitation is to invite people to facility with her, particularly other women, people who are not white, people of color. It would be awkward for her to approach people she doesn't know to ask them to facilitate, and it may be awkward to be approached by someone you don't know. Let's have more of us doing it, and take turns. Direct response: It will also make more capacity for facilitation if like workgroups take on facilitation for GAs. Some groups have talked about doing this. This might be a way to allow more people building the skills, and bringing the content of their workgroup to the broader community. Further response: The reason that some facilitators are stepping back is to make a space for this to happen. This movement is not "leaderless", it's "leaderfull" – here's an opportunity for training of leadership. 7.1.4 Open Question: Because we constantly have, and keep having, debates about non-violence versus diversity of tactics – which effects people differently based on their life experiences and background: Will the positive of having someone in facilitation outweigh the negative of having facilitators not have a voice in the GA? 7.1.5 Semantics An opinion that we should be leaderless, rather than leaderfull. People come off as a leader, so they end up being a leader by default, they get seen as a leader… 7.1.6 follow-up on facilitation He hates facilitating, he's done it a couple times, this is the first time he's come to a discussion GA. He doesn't like to facilitate… and can understand why someone who wasn't sure that their point of view would be heard as a facilitator. Maybe we could amend the current system so that facilitators do have a way to get on stack, so we don't have to have a binary thing of facilitating versus having the ability to get on stack. 7.1.7 meta point: If that question is a real question, it shows how under-represented certain populations are here. 7.1.8 how we feel about it It's not only that people of color are under-represented, it's how we think about it. The fact that we're saying this is part of the problem. She hates the idea of anybody's voice being silenced. She'd like for everybody to have a chance to have something to say. 7.1.9 Change facilitators mid-GA? One suggestion for a way to maybe have it not be locked. 7.1.10 more discussion… having a process group was originally not about facilitating, but about training people to facilitate, and having others do that. That doesn't seem to be the current role of the group, and there's the thought that it was a pretty solid idea. We as an assembly should probably be more pro-active at volunteering to facilitate, and the group should be more active in trying to recruit people. Something that everyone needs to just collectively work on. Idea that we always have at least two facilitators, and so that one of them can always raise their hand, and the other facilitator will run the process and get them on stack (even if only at the end) The job of facilitation is to move the process along, but the more people that you have doing that, the easier it is to have people coming to it easily. The point about taking someone's voice away – completely understood. But if everyone has to have a point in time when you have to check your voice and don't get to say something… Maybe that's a useful thing. If more people are open to it and training for it, then this will get shared. We're doing a disservice to some of our fellow occupiers by having the same people facilitating every night. people shouldn't have to choose. Maybe having more facilitators would allow a way for facilitators step up and be speaking. There are many people on the team, and people doing agenda, time keeper, etc., can speak. Only two people under the current rules can't speak. But if we amend things so that they can take turns, then nobody's voice is unheard. One potential problem with the current system is that if you're fine with not saying anything one night, but then something comes up in the meeting that is highly relevant, then you might want to speak, when you'd been fine with facilitating and not speaking previously. doesn't always come, wouldn't want to facilitate on the few days they do come, because they specifically want to participate in something that day. so just come more often. :) The point about checking your ego the night you facilitate: there's a positive there – you trust the group enough that even on an issue that you care a lot about, that there would be someone there who would represent your desires, your philosophy, your interest, in balance, ideally, with the multitude of other interests. can't honestly see any reason why the facilitators shouldn't be able to speak. If you're a person who is marginalized, you can't necessarily trust that someone will voice what you want to bring up. One purpose for keeping people from speaking is to minimize bias in who gets to speak. there's also a need to recognize that there is an issue of capacity. We have high expectations on the level of commitment for most people. 8 GAs a week is a really high level of participation – even those who are highly committed, that's just really hard. Perhaps too we need to re-consider the number of meetings that we have every week. Response to "trusting the assembly"… This is one of the few times he's been able to say this: He looks around the room and doesn't see anyone who he strongly distrusts, but usually there are… there are people within the group who he really distrusts and doesn't want to have them be representing him. Or even for the people that he does trust to truly represent him. Everyone has unique experiences; everyone has a unique role within this movement; etc. If we're talking about something, say, that has to do with police, and one person has a different perspective because they just got pepper sprayed, or has other history, or whatever, it would be unfortunate not just for that person, but for all of us. There's something to be said for trusting people, but he doesn't think trust should ever mean that you're giving up your voice. lately, he's not been called on, but the things he's wanted to say have gotten said by others. Earlier in Occupy, though, he had lots of things where he was the only one who was saying things that he felt were important to get said. 8 Announcements 8.1 23rd and Alder: Still there. 8.2 UW's first GA different from OS's GA, and within 30 minutes, got kicked out by campus police. Some (OS members) wanted to sit down and stay there, but all the students just kind of picked up and went. Bigger focus on small discussion groups, and just throwing things out at the same time, when they came back together. Did get some notes and contacts. Also planning to start GAs at Seattle University. 8.3 Moving… Down-sizing; stuff is available… kitchen stuff, etc…. misc stuff. 9 Song We shall overcome. Date: 2012-01-10 21:39:53 PST Author: David Lindes Org version 7.8.02 with Emacs version 23 Validate XHTML 1.0 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2012-01-04 19:10 Location: Washington State Convention Center Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Working Group Reports Engineering Casey working on solar panels for City Hall Plaza also doing some vehicle repair for Food Not Bombs and occupiers has budget from last week for $160 and seeks GA approval Dante/FNB – Engineering first attended Intergroup this week, didn't know about procedure for budget approval It's Right to Occupy Duff they are the court support workgroup support people who have been arrested at various Occupy Seattle actions 14 of the people now known as the UCC 16 (Union Culteral Center) have a hearing scheduled Friday, January 6, 2:00 p.m., Courtroom 302 at Seattle Municipal Court, 600 5th Ave yesterday, 20 members occupied the courtroom in support of the other two of the UCC 16 Camp Safety David upcoming nonviolent civil disobedience training Tuesday, January 10, noon, University Washington Red Square need people to role play as front line or cops volunteers, please bring stuffed teddy bear or flowers need help transporting one leg of the tripod, a 25-foot pole Community Over Capital Babylonia nad Mike newly-forming group focusing on gentrification, corrupt city polices that enable it, how banks are enabling it, and how we can democratically maintain power over our physical landscape meet after GA or go to Occupy Seattle website and send email Occupy Union Mary Ann planning session this Friday for action in Longview over grain exporter trying to bust union note that there's no GA Friday Transphobia Resistance Maria action: 9:30pm Friday, march Intergroup Maria supply item removed budget passed for week of January 20, 2012 Engineering: $180 Arts & E: $110 ICT: $50 Food Not Bombs: $160 Nonviolence Carlo nonviolence training this Saturday 3-7pm, ASFC Building, University District * Medical ? if you're planning action and would like to have medics, please e-mail where, when, expected attendance, level of legality and/or police resistance expected Food Not Bombs Liberate Seattle Dante provided food and coffee inside courthouse at court solidarity action reminder: no GA Friday. FNB will be at Labor Temple organizing event providing food yesterday was first FNG/Occupy hybrid food GA will not be providing spoons are providing food at GAs because some people come off streets to GAs and some people have hectic lives, prepare meal instead of attending GA Fundraising Working Group Fred returning from Labor Caucus meeting; ask him if you have questions good news: Governor Gregoire will be introducing legislation to legalize same-sex marriage in Washington State so-so news: Equal Rights Washington just hired him to do fundraising for this he'll have little evening free-time starting in a few days will still have please contact him extra-early if you need fundraising assistance Bring Diaz Down Campaign Liam last night, we adopted a statement saying we'll force resignation of Seattle Police Chief Diaz and prosecution 10pm tonight, Bauhaus Coffee, will begin planning first action; please join could be very successful; Diaz is widely-despised now Gender Equality Caucus Kristin meeting Saturday 11am, Bauhaus Coffee Food Maria 24-action coming up in two weeks reoccupation of Westlake WG is largely defunct; hopes to get people who were previously involved questions: Did GA approve reoccupation of Westlake? no, has not come to GA thanks Sonya Rodgers and Food Not Bombs Legal Working Group Patricia if you're planning actions, reoccupation of Weslake and such, maybe give a heads-up to Legal Announcements of Future Proposals Ginger – one general assembly per week, tentatively Wednesdays, be devoted to accountability check-in and practice Transformative Justice would facilitate after announcements & WG reports would discuss existing community agreements, understanding of transformative justice models, educate and practice compassionate listening and conflict resolution, create resolution space for low-level conflicts before they get out of hand, and create regular space for community accountability circles to addres harm, conflict, violations of community agreements seeking community input on the idea please e-mail Dan (who has been handling the main WePay page) – four-part proposal: 1) all donations go to the BECU account and be disbursed from there 2) all WePay pages handled under occupyseattle fundraising e-mail address ( 3) all workgroups, affinity groups, and other groups, can create specific donation pages for causes, workgroups, events, etc. 4) all workgroups, affinity groups, etc., are entitled to money raised for a specific campaign, minus 3.5% cut to WePay please send comments to OccupySeattleFundraising@ Michael – require that all proposals pass through GA be approved by 90% we have strong commitment to autonomy of our members, but when we need to act together, need proposal system that nothing carries our name or requires our participation unless we all agree will introduce it Sunday < Proposals proposal: endorse Occupy Longview's action blocking the EGT grain ship expected to arrive in Longview in mid-January, and call out to all occupations to join in solidarity presenter: Jamie discussion: Justin – Likes idea, but has concerns: What about endorsing events, particularly Jan 20 and 21 events without clear detail about event. Nothing is planned for this event. Also suggests friendly amendment: Change to "Decolonize/Occupy Seattle and Occupy Seattle" response: has phone tree to mobilize when we know ship is coming. Have money to rent vans. People in Longview organizing housing. Phil – Concerned about strange use of alternate name for Occupy Seattle, hopes to get idea of how many people in attendance will participate temp check: How many would attend? about seven of about 85 JW – Doesn't think temp check on participation is relevant now. Planning event will be Friday. Tabitha – name use is due to people's concerns about racism, obviously wasn't voted on Brad – Would like to attend. Wants everyone who can be to be. Ship arrival time seems indeterminate. Daniel – Supports proposal on grounds that we were asked to support this action by unions and Labor Temple. Planning meeting is coming up. Other occupations have taken lead, want our help Planning meeting is coming up. Other occupations have taken lead, want our help. Pat – Visitor from Occupy Detroit. Heard some discussion of event at Labor Temple today. Don't know when boat will come, beginning or end of month, but plan is to prepare for a move on short notice. Maria – Heard that there's a four-day window. Bob – Regarding how this would work in Longview: If we're going to go down there, need to be prepared to spend lots of time. Not a "show up and noon and leave at 2:00" action. If company knows there are several thousand people in Longview, could keep the ship in Astoria for days. Would need to either prepare to stay there for days in shifts or have a really rockin' phone tree. ? – Generally likes to support any proposal for action because we need more action. However, feels that this is very hazy and doesn't know if he could vote on it until after Friday planning meeting when we know more about what will happen. Jack – Supports this, but what we're discussion is the ownership of the ship. Here's many people saying we'll give owners – the 1% – control. They have enough already. Steven – Does the ILWU support the action? response: ILWU International put out a letter today saying they support actions at Port of Longview to shut down the ship. Tabitha – Callis Labor Council supports this action. If it's hazy now, understand that there's a whole coast organizing this. Lots of money coming in from Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland. It's not just some hair-brained scheme. Fred – Occupy Seattle Labor Caucus has scheduled another planning meeting for January 18 to work out nuts-and-bolts of this action. To clarify when the ship is coming: As he understands it, is expected late Jan or early Feb, may have up to four days notice, may just show up on the horizon. This is solidarity action and we need to be careful to listen respectfully to the union and let them guide our actions to ensure we are not interfering with their goals because we misunderstand what they're trying to do. response: longshore workers require time to get to work, so we'll know ahead of time vote: time: 20:19 proposal passes 49 to 1 blocks: Maria – Can't physically put herself in harm's way of Coast Guard will be guarding. Wants to know if there's an exit plan before we vote on something. Longview is almost in another state. Let's not get stuck. Justin – Supports action. Concern is that double-standard is being applied. For two-day Jan 20-21 event, nation-wide, planned for six weeks, brought for approval by GA, but many of the people supporting this proposal opposed that one because it was not well-planned, that speakers were not scheduled, and that there was sliver of chance that politician or aspiring politician would speak. block discussion: Greg – Supports this. Those who cannot afford personal risk can support this. People at the Church Council in Seattle, for instance, have previously participated by calling jail every 15 minutes until release. So for those who cannot risk, discuss with those who will do so without going to jail yourself. Daniel – Make up your mind about the double-standard. Amendment was proposed, and was not blocked. Sees no double-standard. Block does not go with spirit of movement. Was appropriate time for amendments to be made, but was not. ? – Heard two general reasons for the block: likely danger, maybe not well-planned. Neither is related to what he understands block process is used for: violations of fundamental principles of movement. Tabitha – Reiterates that this is proposal for solidarity with Longview, the main organizers of the event. We have endorsement and financial support from OWS and Occupy Oakland. Two-hour drive to Longview is nothing compared to that of the people coming from Southern California. revote: 55 to 0 block overturned, proposal passes proposal: add a 15-minute workers speak-out at beginning of General Assembly presenter: Jamie restated (with accepted amendment): add a 15-minute workers speak-out at beginning of discussion-only General Assembly discussion: ? – Thinks GA is not place for this. Maybe in workgroup would be better. Damie – Should not rid ourselves of campers' speakout. It's important, creates forum for people to hear what others have to say about getting more cohesive camp. Lambert – Supports spirit of the proposal, but thinks 15 minutes at beginning of GA is reasonable amount of time for good discussion. Shares concern that GAs are already very long. Also concerned that people who are not employed would be excluded from this. Jamie – Should not be counterpost to campers' speakout. Should work out a way to have both. Need to make movement relevant to lives of people every day. Should go along with orientation by OS to start setting up workplace committees. Let's make time for people to discuss obstacles, etc. Jack – This might lead to interesting discussions. We should have some discussion at discussion nights, then consider adding permanent section. Alvina – Thinks this is absolutely necessary. Unemployment rates are skyrocketing. Would open doors for awareness of global effects of capitalism. Can talk about workplace, areas of the world where our products are made. This ties into almost everything we do. Greg – Agrees with workers' speakout with friendly amendments: 1) Strict time limits on people talking (should be discussion, not Jerry Springer). GA is about business of regime change. 2) Have speakouts on non-voting GA nights. response: 1) trusts Facilitation. 2) accepts move to non-voting GAs Cody – Thinks this belongs in GA. It's why people come here. People need time to talk about problems they face in their days. Fred – This is not a conversation. This is a meeting. There is a difference. Really likes conversations. Doesn't like meetings much. Would like to have conversations about labor issues, but not meetings about them, unless they're about getting work done. GA is already focused on getting work done. Let's leave it that way. ? – Likes Jamie's idea. Proposes friendly amendment, that this is for campers and workers as well. Phil – We already have time for workgroups to speak, for action announcements, for general announcement. Once upon a time, we had a 24-hour demonstration, and we wanted to draw in some people who couldn't seem to plug themselves into the GA format. Let's not designate special time for everyone we want to hear from. Ginger – All her points already made. Supports with Greg's amendments. Carol – GAs are supposed to start at 7pm. If they did, it would be only 8:30 now (it's 8:50) and we'd have time for a great discussion a very time. vote: time: 20:51 passes 35 to 7 block: GAs are for announcements, actions, getting things done. Let's have discussions outside of that. discussion: Alvina: Stresses the necessity of providing safe space for oppressed people to be heard. Grew up on society that did not have time to listen. Envisions a society that has all the time in the world for those who run our society – us. Cody: This is not counter to our fundamental principles. We're not here to meet, we're here to assemble. What to do then is up to us. Babylonia: Wants to learn more about people, that we need to be cohesive. This is one of best tools for bonding. block overturned, proposal passes 47 to 1 proposal: start building for May 1 general strike in Seattle and participate in national action on January 27 presenter: Maria further detail: in solidarity with United Farm workers questions: what does it mean to start building for general strike? response: develop a working group and start to strategy a long-term workplan on how to successfully have general strike vote: time: 21:04 proposal passes unanimously with 54 votes in favor proposal: Of the four GAs per week that Occupy Seattle currently holds, have only one be a voting GA. Dedicate other three to community discussion, particularly upcoming votes, in less-polarizing environment. Next four would be: Sun Jan 8, Wed Jan 18, Sun Jan 22, Wed Feb 1, followed by evaluation. restated: of eight GAs per week (six at night, two during day), two will be voting. Other six dedicated to community discussions or whatever else people need to discuss. presenter: Kristin rationale: Common space is most constant community space we have. It's where we come together. When became proposal-only GA, became divisive and lost our focus. Last week of December, had discussion-only GAs. Ongoing repetition of vote after vote without opportunity for cross-pollination is bad. Encourages people to consider whether or not to bring issue to vote yes/no on at GA. Could proposer better contribute by making an announcement and directly communicating and organizing around the issue, or is it absolutely necessary to bring to vote? discussion: ? – Likes proposal, likes focus on discussion. Concerned that there will not be time for proposals to be voted on. response: Three or four recent proposals could have been combined. ? – If we move to once per week, will prevent many people from voting due to conflicting schedules. Prefers this proposal to be time-limited as it would be difficult to overturn and we don't know what the future may look like for the movement. response: This would be temporary, because she felt this would be hard step for people to take. This is opportunity to try it out. On February 1, we'll return to discussion GA to evaluate. Daniel – Supports this, because discussion GAs last month were most productive he's been part of. Likes that this proposal will be up for review in four weeks. As long as we maintain that, likes this. Damie – Thinks there should be at least two voting GAs per week. Many of us are very busy. ? – This signals a shift in our conception of GA. Now, it's a place to vote, and by doing so, impose an idea of what Occupy Seattle is based on what 40 people think it is, and impose that on how all of us interact with our communities. Voting is not a way of creating community. Changing our understanding of GA to an open community space creates that kind of space. It creates a space for all of us to share our voices. Shifting our focus from voting is healthy. He's excited to see where it takes us. Steven – Suggests friendly amendment: If an emergency arises that requires an immediate action for vote, we do so and make the following GA non-voting. response: willing to accept facilitator: if this proposal is changed to allow voting on same day as proposal brought, should be brought back as separate proposal Justin – likes spirit, has problems with way GA has been going since early days of the revolution. At Westlake, used to have GAs daily except Saturdays when we were busy. They we went to SCCC, GAs were more conversational. Now we're here, with four decision-making GAs and two outside. Instead, let's go back to seven per week, still with few for decision-making. Regarding single voting GA per week: Less flexibility. If we're to pick one day for voting, should be Wednesday, as it's consistently our busiest day, at Westlake, particularly at SCCC, and also here. Suggests two decision-makers, Sunday and Wednesday, with total of six nightly GAs per week. response: accepts restated: six nightly GAs (Sun-Fri), of them two decision-makers, the current daytime GAs Ginger – Can Process and Facilitation provide these services on this schedule? Tabitha – Likes this, but how to accommodate emergencies? Maria – This doesn't add up. Six plus what is less than seven? yes, it does Dan – Respectfully opposes. Have had major problems in past being hamstrung do to inability to make decisions in timely manner. Better to incorporate more discussion into voting GAs. Didn't work out in the past, and won't now. If you don't like something passed, come to next one and overturn it. Chrstine – Community-building is stifled by voting. Discussions that happen prior to vote are different, aren't for purpose of understanding each other. ? – Agrees with amendments. More GAs are wonderful idea. Time allocations are concerning. Entire GAs being spent on topics that are not relevant to our cause are troublesome. What could we work in to address time allocations? Karrsen – Supports. ? – Wants clear statement that votes are on Sunday and Wednesday. response: correct vote: time: 21:40 passes 41 to 5 block: withdrawn proposal passes proposal: Send letter to Steven Colbert inviting him to January 20-21 event. presenter: Karrsen vote: time: 21:46 proposal passes unanimously with 47 votes Announcements let's use text messages for distributing information about the port action greetings from Occupy Detroit. Lansing, Ann Arbor, and other cities are coordinating. Adjourned 21:47 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-12-20 19:10 Location: Washington State Convention Center Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: Facilitation Team Orientation: John Process mover: Hudson Agenda, Time Keeper: Michael Taking stack: Carol, Daniel New People's Comments Dorni – Used to live in Seattle, now lives in Oakland. Visiting and says hello from Occupy Oakland. Rachel – Went to DC for Take Back the Capitol, wants to get more involved, see what's happening here in Seattle Corrie – Excited about the movement, wants to check things out Neal – Just returned from British Columbia. Was important to acknowledge at start that we're on stolen land. Campers' Comments V – trying to clean up a certain area, needs certain materials to get it done (trash can, disposal unit) Devon – Camps at City Hall Plaza now. Still a strong camp, just not very big. Please don't forget them. Working Group Reports Morale Working Group Akilla – Saturday, Christmas Eve, 6pm, Gas Works Park. Presents, food, big roaring fire Food Not Bombs / Liberate Seattle Working Group Dante Because of port shutdown last week, were unable to attend budget meeting requests reimbursement for $262 of things burritos transportation automotive repair three cars damaged during port action, all electrical; seeking reimbursement for just one of them facilitator's note: past GA's have approved small amounts, Dante working with other groups; if anyone disapproves, we should discuss Mark – receipts should be public Michael – Finance meets weekdays 5pm will attempt to provide food at GAs Environmental Justice Working Group Duff Christmas Eve Eve, staging die-in protesting Seattle Steam's incinerators when: Friday noon – 2:30 where: 1st and Pike, entrance to Pike Place Market what: occupiers sprawled in death poses on sidewalk flyers signs Gender Equality Caucus Kristen – teach-in Thursday 6:30pm Capitol Hill Library Media Working Group Maria – Media would like to be present at all Occupy Seattle events and actions. If you would like them at your action, contact Alliana at Mark – Russia Today picked up one of our videos of police video at port action and took it international Internet Communications Working Group Stian if you need anything added to OS calendar or the website, contact In subject, include "calendar item" or "website update" working groups: please check confirm information under working groups tab on website Livestream Working Group Jenny trying to do daily segment about daily needs for workgroups, action announcements workgroups should have received email from Meredith, if not, e-mail if you miss getting something on the calendar, they're a good way to get the word out Facilitation and Process Working Group Carol received e-mail today from long-time minister at St. Mark's Cathedral. Do we want possible offer of space for two expedition tents that we would buy, put them on SM grounds for Jan-March? Neal tried to do this through negotiation over a month ago; board is discussing this tonight No camping there — just two tents for working groups No GA. Tents double-vinyl walled. $2000 each. We don't have the money yet. Get Money Out of Politics Working Group Karssen met with a couple groups who can help with street theater for Jan 20-21 events mock trials to be held: Exxon-Mobile, Chase, Monsanto, and Northrop Grumman it's rigged; they're guilty Supply and Storage Working Group Alyssa accepting donations for big military expedition tents via WePay account for use as medical triage during actions, weekend community clinics Action Announcements Maria – Solstice Party Wednesday starting at 4:20pm, Alki Beach, look for bonfire Kristen Wukon Village in China is under siege by Chinese government. Operating under their own governance. Military barricaded them in. Internet and telephone communications censored. related events tomorrow: 12pm, convene with GA at Westlake 2pm, March to International District 5:30, vigil for solidarity after vigil, march to Convention Center for general assembly Bobby – Got 400 copies of second issue of Occupy Wall Street Journal, all posters, bringing to GA Friday, then postering around town ? – Visiting from Oakland. Writes for Slingshot, who make Occupy special edition with large Occupy, Decolonize poster. Deadline for submissions: Jan 14. Readership of 30,000 Mark – Freedom Socialist Party have New Year's "bust the bankers in 2012" party. $5 door donation, "eat like the rich" buffet $20, Dec 31, 8:30pm. Flyers at New Freeway Hall in Columbia City Mark C. Class action civil rights lawsuit filed against Washington State Patrol he's lead plaintiff judge extended temp restraining order to February 5 anyone who received trespass order can still go to Capitol without threat of arrest time for people in our community to stand up and tell Seattle Police to stop fighting reality, stop violating people they serve, and stop violating US Constitution Announcements of Future Proposals Chris – Anti-corporate-personhood proposal patterned after that which Oakland passed. Karssen – Call for resignation of Seattle Police Chief John Diaz Kristen – Publish open letter to people of Wukon Village from Occupy Seattle expressing support and sympathy for their situation. posted on main page of website now ? – Has heard that people there are using people's mic, have some sense of solidarity with us. Proposals proposal: Proclaim that Occupy Seattle is a leaderful movement and that we are all leaders. restated: Proclaim that Occupy Seattle is a leaderless and leaderful movement and that we are all leaders. presenter: Alex discussion: friendly amendment: say that we're leaderless as well vote: time: 20:02 proposal passes 85:1 proposal: Endorse January 20 and 21 days of action concerning overturning the Citizen's United Supreme Court ruling that stated that money is speech and corporations are people. detail: Jan 20, action at US Courthouse Jan 21, march to City Hall, music and speeches at 12pm, march at 2pm discussion: Daniel: Are any politicians speaking? response: Speaker list not formalized yet. Would be speaking as individuals if so. Would verify that they're speaking as themselves, not as a cog in the machine. ? – Politicians, whether elected or aspiring, play a role as representatives of _. Is direct contradiction. Role is to speak for other people. If we allow politicians into leaderless and autonomous movement, lay ground work for _. Mark – Politicians have motivation to push agenda for their election. Contradiction to have representatives in a representativeless movement. Akilla – Disagrees that we should limit people from speaking because of being elected officials. Other elected officials have directly supported this movement. Shouldn't bar members of the 99% from speaking. SEIU nurses are working with medical team. Let's be inclusive. There are people she's worked with she wouldn't have known had things in common with. Should be up to action organizers to determine who speaks. Many other organizations want to work with us, but we have so many people who are hostile to anything establishment that they can't help us. proposer: Has dealt personally with Rep. Hassegawa, knows he's working on proposal for state bank that will address may problems we're concerned with. There are good agendas and bad agendas. Maria – Unions are working-class people and integral part of the 99%. However, unions are not corporations. Money we received from AFL-CIO was welcomed. We were floundering at Westlake and it helped. Chris/proposer – If politicians and unions want to support us by providing money, okay. Should be comfortable taking back seat rather than speaking. proposal tabled – needs to take back to WG facilitators: Michael, Hudson, Dan, and Carol recuse themselves, don't believe we can vote on next proposal yet. proposal: Commit to using methods of non-violent civil disobedience at all of our demonstrations and define violence as unprovoked physical aggression. presenter: Alliana notes that attendance was large at last GA and this one temp check: are we ready to vote on this? slight majority "no" discussion: Maria – Understands that proposal is to make OS a strictly nonviolent movement. This puts way too much authority over her personal actions. Rule will only alienate those in the movement who want to use a diversity of tactics. Isn't idea to embrace all 99%, not just passive ones? What should future camp do if Nazis come back? How do you arm yourself in a nonviolent movement? Anarchists offer this movement a wide array of tactics. Without them, our actions such as the wildly successful West Coast Port Shutdown would be deemed too passive to make a difference, and would further the things we oppose. For armchair activists: older white people, from affluent Seattle neighborhoods north of downtown, same people who, when push comes to shove would feign the responsibility of actually showing up in the streets for the rest of us (i.e., poor people of color from the south end). Who is to say what is nonviolent action or not? What about defense? Home defense, camp defense, kitchen defense. If someone attacked kitchen in middle of night, would that give her reason to retaliate? Kathleen – Opposes this proposal. Reminds people of something that happened at beginning of Iraq war. When anti-war movement was at high point, was a proposal from pacifist, liberal, anti-war coalition that unless you accepted vow of nonviolence, could not be in coalition. That was really bad. It was very divisive. Was attempt to shut up radicals, socialists, and anarchists. If people want to be nonviolent, they can be nonviolent. Disagrees with having movement take that position for many of the reasons stated earlier. ? – Emma Goldman was an anarchist. She said, "you speak of a sword, you give them a gun." This is fundamentally a strategic question. Decision to be made tonight would not be a binding decision. If the situation changed, the movement would change. It happened in the Civil Rights movement, it happened in South Africa. He knows that one of the most important principles of grand strategy is to expand alliances. Therefor, if a tactic alienates potential allies, it is not strategic. If our society is at a point where violence attracts new members to the cause, he can imagine employing violence. At this point, our society is not ready for that. This is an important debate. Not making a moral point, but a strategic point. Believes, for example, that the actions in Olympia that resulted in the media covering conflicts with the police drew away from our message. It alienated potential people who could feel comfortable in this movement. Matt – Bothered by this, because he doesn't know who will decide what is provoked or unprovoked. People are saying nonviolence, but they're not there when outside violence is occurring. ? – Thinks there is difference between mandating a tactic and expecting ethical and respectful behavior between us. That is why we have accountability practices. Don't confuse it with tactics. Circus – This won't pass. Doesn't matter how you word it. When you include "nonviolence" people will oppose it. Tempted to propose an endorsement of violence to bring attention to the fact that we're not this and we're not that. Alliana didn't say we're nonviolent, but that we will use nonviolent tactics. Didn't say that we will not use violence. 100 people saying we're not violent, rah, rah, rah, if one person throws a flare, we'll be labeled violent. Stray – Opposes this. Thinks we should take steps in opposite direction, toward self-defense against police action. Since beginning of OWS movement, police have been using violence and aggression against so-called peaceful movement. We should adopt strict policy of self-defense against police and recognize Seattle Police Department as a criminal organization. Chris – Proposal is unprovoked physical aggression. People say the whole capitalist system is violent. Agrees, but thinks this is because it is able to hide violence. Ignoring that this PR fact is fact will doom us to failure. Consider different between direct violence and systemic violence. JW – One reason people press nonviolence is to attract wider variety of people, but port action had very wide variety of participation. Let's be honest: people are concerned about turning off middle-class white people. ? – Opposes proposal. But tactical nonviolence works to our advantage. At the port, people were arrested and charged with assault because police used bikes and horses as weapons. If we are to achieve our goals, will not happen through courts and legislative system. Courts and police will not give up without a fight. ? – Someone who favors this brought up Emma Goldman. She was an anarchist. She gave a speech, gave a sword, then got a gun and assassinated President McKenley. She was the only person who supported him. These people citing Emma Goldman are full of shit. Daniel – South African, India, and the Civil Rights Movement, had people within their movements who did not endorse nonviolence. They are arguably the reason those movements partially succeeded. This proposal does not infringe on our autonomy. Why propose? They say recruitment, but he sees alienation. This is a peaceful movement. That's known. If you want nonviolent people to come out, get them to come out. Who can they be targeting for recruitment? Maybe organizations that have nonviolence in their mission statements. Emily – To people who favor this: As someone who once believed in nonviolence, a white person: What is so threatening? What would you be giving up by embracing a diversity of tactics? What would you give up? When she analyzed this years ago, realized she'd be giving up some privilege, realized she was not so afraid of the tactic, but afraid of the real result that could come from radical change. What are we afraid of? What is the threat? Greg – Proposal is insulting, especially to those of us who have faced violence at hands of racists, gang members, and police, for most of their lives. Doubly-insulting for those who put proposal forth to invoke Egypt, to let Tahrir Square roll off their tongues, when they're part of the 13% who burned down the tents of our comrades. Will we tell them to be nonviolent? Their movement started nonviolent, but all moves they made were defensive. So essentially, proposers are taking social fascist position on the international question, taking domestic colonialist view in regard to those who are the so-called people of color. Want them to be running dogs, lackeys, and bullet catchers? To take an ass-whooping while they take a check. Has been watching discussions, and finds that this is about profiteers in our movement. ? – We can all agree that we want this movement to grow, so why limit ourselves to one group's idealogical view and turn off all the potential people who could join. Need a diversity of tactics. Alliana/proposer – Is committed to nonviolence. Will bring issue forward again, maybe in a different form, but will bring it again and again. Has been with Occupy since October 1, almost every day. Won't be the last time she brings it to GA. Forrest – Just engaged in an act of violence. Took a millionth of a second, because he let his ego bark at a brother. When martial law is declared, this discussion will be very different. How many of us are prepared to stand before rifles, to subvert the police, to do everything possible to bring down the state as necessary? He's one of those people. Sagi-graha, simplest translation, means truth force. … If he strikes a police man, must be ready to take consequences. Nonviolence is not passive. Throughout the world, many of us have traveled and struggled. There is an enormous amount of experience in this room. That richness, beauty, and power is our strength. We should not adopt a principle that denies that richness. That said, discussion of nonviolence vs. violence. He practices civil resistance, not nonviolence. Does not commit acts of violence, but reserves the right to do so if it becomes necessary. ? – Regarding definition: Society is an act of unprovoked violence. Revolutionary violence we're seeing across the world would be considered nonviolence. We're hung up on the word. To invoke the letter from Cairo: wish not to use violence, but wish not to lose. Demonstrations will respond to conditions. We have half-way revolutions that never complete because of these issues. Cameron – Thinks idea of "unprovoked" is confusing. What is provocation? This is something we cannot vote on because people's definitions of provocation differ. This is dangerous. Anything we propose that represents the entire Occupy movement must represent diversity within. People are committed to philosophical nonviolence, and others are not. Regarding cutting people off: Who? Privileged white people who are afraid of losing their privilege. This isn't about making a new ladder, but braking the current one down. Mohawk – Upset that we're discussing this. Agrees with proposer about proposing over and over again. Has been here since the beginning. Has been punched in the stomach and pepper sprayed by the cops. Sat non-aggressively, took it like a man. Should try not to use violence unless your life is in danger. Please have understanding of that. Understands that we disagree. vote: time: 21:45 proposal fails, 16 to 54 Adjourned 21:50 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-12-18 19:15 Location: Washington State Convention Center Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: Facilitation Team Process mover: Michael Taking stack: Hudson Agenda: Tom Time keeper: Jack New People's Comments Whitney – needs to get involved Ann – was here in October, then on vacation. Was enlightened and took it to Occupy Maui. They're with us all the way, small but powerful. John – trying to use this opportunity to raise awareness of systemic change, police brutality against people of color, and port trucker injustice Ann – first time here Max – attended the Town Hall meeting, Plymouth Church, University Congregational, and looks forward to his time here tonight Campers' Comments V – Campers and poverty-stricken homeless people do not have access to the Internet. Library is not a practical option. Requests that information be made available on paper – where to be and when, phone list, vocabulary, etc. Patricia – Bothered that we have no camp. Physical occupation is part of what builds are community. Doesn't know what we should do or if it's what peple want, but thinks would be good to have community conversation about it. Let's let what we want and need color the conversation instead of voting yes or no on a solution someone brings to us. Find her after the GA to talk more. ? – Several people are still working with SHARE/WHEEL and churches to find a camp. Part of the reason a community conversation is important is that moving encampment and having physical occupation separate where political organizing occurs would be a problem. Working Group Reports Faith and Spirit Sukina good action today flyering with Occupy Your Holiday gift certificates hope to get folks into neighborhoods Keystone Church in Wallingford is having procession like Las Placadas. At last house, have big feed after multiple turn-downs. for more information, see the website Food Not Bombs Dante – most of their cars are back up and running Nonviolence Working Group Michael Today, spoke about essential need for nonviolence in thoughts, words, deeds. Spoke about need for more training in this community, greater community, and general public. Have been talking about tactics for direct action. Spoke about Jan 20 action: Occupy the Courts. Difference between several hundred protesters vs. several thousand non-violent ones. Terri At meeting today, voted to have Flash Occupy event Friday Dec 23. Will set up tents, bring signs, talk to people who will be there for Christmas Boat event. Expect many people. Hopes others can make it. Starts at dusk. ? Akilla – Just returned from Vancouver BC. They seek solidarity statement for action tomorrow. This is short notice, but let's think about it for the future. Have WG called Occupy Wild Salmon. Have contacted our environmental group. People of Color Caucus Maria – Jan 22, 2pm at Seattle Central, 3pm at Dairy Gold Headquarters Internet Communications Working Group Nathan – Jesse from Tactical recently participated in call for another international action, May 12, 2012 ? West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice will be having meeting for Q&A. West Seattle Library Thurs Jan 25, 6pm. If in West Seattle, please come. Announcements of Future Proposals future proposal: announce support for Get Money Out of Politics days of action on Jan 20-21 presenter: Chris Occupy the Courts Citizens Ignited Against Citizens United Friday: protest at courthouse Saturday: march beginning at Westlake future proposal: require action organizers to provide press panel presenter: Karssen before asking for support, provide press panel who will field questions day of event. One will give overview of event, then press can ask questions. Statement must be approved by GA. rationale: When we approve an action, we put the whole movement on the line. future proposal: no less than 100 people will occupy an intersection presenter: Joshua rationale: Dangerous with fewer people. Tactical recommends this. future proposal: require 80% approval for decisions presenter: Michael / Process and Facilitation will bring Tuesday future proposal: all Facebook pages purportedly part of OS submit to same principals as whole group. rationale: Many people's first exposure to the group. future proposal: file proposal to create state bank with 0% interest on home loans Proposals (discussion of whether or not to vote tonight; proposals were not adequately published) vote on whether to vote: time: 20:15, result: split 31 to 31 Discussion proposal to declare Occupy Seattle a "leaderful movement" and that we are all leaders. presenter: Alex rationale: people were representing themselves as leaders to local government discussion: Dan – Heard about "leaderful" before and likes it. Many people get caught up in not knowing what to do. They are too cautious about being proactive and end up doing nothing. Leaderful vs. leaderless encourages more action. Greg – Agrees. Has seen only two types of leadership that were effective and fair: collective and by example. The latter is most important, because without, will not have former. Means everyone is a leader. Don't have an idea and keep it quiet. Don't put forward your idea as the only one and use it as club against everyone else. Maria – We've had beautiful and cohesive week of action. Port shutdown Monday, march against gentrification, march against incinerator. Alyssa – Is amazing that we have journalists who have never been journalists before, accountants flying by the seats of their pants. People have stepped up and learned what they needed when it was needed. That's leaderful. No gatekeeper saying no and you need degree, experience. Favors proposal. Kara – Has small child so cannot come often. Has been a leader in past. Is difficult. It is great to have support. Favors proposal, but suggests talking about roles instead of leaders, choose people or volunteer self to accomplish goal as defined by group. Jamie – Doesn't believe proposal addresses concerns at hand Shawn – We are a leaderless and leaderful movement proposal: Commit to using methods of nonviolent civil disobedience at all demonstrations. presenter: Alliana discussion: Duff – Passionately opposes proposal. Will polarize us creating violent emotional civil war. Ignores beauty and success we've had since October 1. All our actions need numbers. Yesterday's action did not have sufficient numbers (attendance) to hold the intersection. If when recruiting, had required pledge of nonviolence, would have had lower numbers. Maria – Strongly opposes proposal. Violence for each of us is different. Let's not over-romanticize term "nonviolence". Violence is something that powers that be consistently use to silence us. Unless you were in India when Ghandi was performing nonviolence, don't talk about it. Means something different in context of US empire. Rich – Nobody has come to GA and proposed commitment to violence. Third or fourth time people have felt need to propose an ideology. People who most persistently push for things like this proposal are push with their ideology. Sukina – Occupy Wall Street has already ratified nonviolent statement. Thought we were in solidarity with the. One of biggest obstacles she faces when performing outreach is inability to say we have commitment to nonviolence. Wants to see movement grow, more people in streets. To do that, needs to talk to people, and needs to help them understand what we're about. Most of what we do is about nonviolence. Let's just put it on paper to cover our butts. ? – Proposal as stated says that Occupy Seattle is a nonviolent group. Does not say that anyone who defends him or herself in a way that could be construed as violent (e.g., striking back) will be excluded from future actions. Not a pledge of allegiance, but of our ideology. Let it not be confused with fact that the perpetrators of violence are invariably the police and the state. We'll need to defend ourselves against them. If he chooses to defend himself in way someone construes as violent, should still expect that he'll be a member in good standing of the occupation. Alliana – Wouldn't be any penalty at this point. Understands that we cannot control any one person's actions. Proposal doesn't mean to control anyone in the movement. Came from her belief that we will gain more numbers in the movement if we pass this proposal. ? – There is an idea that many people are drawn to nonviolence, but truth is that many people find defense to be dignified. We should continue to evaluate our strategies based on how effective they are not on dogmatic ideology. ? – Occupy Seattle stands in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. This does not mean we're bound to their decisions. We've grown from autonomies of other occupations. Oakland included what people consider violent strategies and grew as a result. Consider that what some people consider violence helps us grow. There are many people who are attracted to things besides nonviolence. Karssen – Nonviolence clearly needs to be defined if we'll have a nonviolence policy that serves any purpose other than to allow us to put it in print. When we see images of peaceful people beaten by police officers, it does something to our hearts that someone beating police does not. That's power of nonviolence. With growing pervasiveness of censorship of Internet, may be hard to get that out in the future. Has been won over to a degree by people who advocate diversity of tactics. Believes we need discipline. Perhaps when someone comes to GA seeking endorsement, could state that the event has nonviolence policy, with specific accountability for those who violate it. ? – When she thinks about words nonviolence in our movement, may be naive to think it applies to more than just physical acts. May include threats against people's safety and other points of coercion. As an individual, she is not a nonviolent person. However, thinks that to get people outside of Occupy movement to hold up to expectations we raise, we should behave in manner in which we'd like to be treated. Doesn't seek to remove right to defense. Threaten her and it's over, simple as that. But as a movement, should commit, maybe not pledge, to at least an attempt to hold up as much nonviolent behavior in ourselves and our actions as we'd like to receive. ? – Does not feel this says we cannot defend ourselves. Does not feel it robs us of autonomous action. It asks us to accept attitude of how we proceed as a group. Heard before that people will leave if this passes. Unless we adopt this, will prevent growth of movement. Not asking us not to defend or give up right of autonomy, but to adopt attitude. Mary – Is equally concerned about losing people who are already involved as encouraging new people to join. Hopes to see just this be a discussion for a while rather than worrying about the vote for now. Really wants to hear from people who believe in violence as a way to move our movement forward. Personally, as a white middle-aged movement who grew up in Civil Rights era, doesn't feel Martin Luther King Junior was …. Can move us to situation with more peace and less violence. Greg – Proposal is culmination of individuals of three separate factions who sought to seize power over GA since the beginning. Need to flesh out what is meant by nonviolence. Tactical nonviolence is one thing. Religious nonviolence is another. We are given a choice to have religion or not. Has already seen how policy will carry out. Was part of group who removed neo-Nazis from SCCC on first night. Were under control, they saw they were outnumbered. But Peace and Safety came in with nonviolence yackety-yack who came and put hands on him. Those who are not so civilized, like the dictators of self-medicated, will not respect your nonviolence. This proposal needs to be posted so others can read it, shake some hands, lobby him. ? – We cannot force nonviolence, and violence will be used against us. He is not nonviolent but nonviolence is a goal of his. Dan – Proposal says we'll have nonviolent civil disobedience at all our actions. This needs to be reworded. Nonviolence is a better tactic now than at many other times in history of the world. We can livestream, photo, etc., repression of dissent. This is completely new. Argues that escalations in tactics should come in response to actions against us. So if something happens, we can have a GA vote to revisit this. Carlo – Just because he believes in nonviolence as tactic and theology doesn't mean he condones violence perpetrated against violence. No excuse for not endorsing nonviolence. Doesn't mean he cannot call himself a revolutionary. Violence gives opposition excuse to escalate their violence, making it worse for all of us. Alliana – Intends to go back to speak with more people and revise the proposal. Withdraws for now. Chris – Feels like violence is over-romanticized in our society. Images of glorious death and destruction exist in our TV and movies. You've probably been shaped by that. Views nonviolence as tactical issue. Consider what has happened in Egypt recently. Tahrir Square demonstrators have been fighting in streets for weeks now. Like us, they're rabble going against military, sold out by allies. Violence doesn't play to our strength. Instead of non-violence, let's use "unprovoked physical aggression." ? – Some of us believe in a diversity of tactics. When we have a commitment to nonviolence, allows media and other forces to polarize us, saying who's responsible leader and who is not. We've spoken about civil rights movement, but not black power movement. When civil rights movement didn't work, people snapped off, grabbed guns, and said, "we'll defend ourselves." When the police or any racist force came to attack them, they defended themselves. MLK and the civil rights movement would not have won the rights they won without the state being worried about violence outside the country. They were trying to stop people in this country from rising up. We must be careful to recognize the history of struggles and movements. They took violence, nonviolence, and everything in between. Let's not get bogged down in one ideology or one tactic. Must clarify what is meant by nonviolence. Nonviolence and history of MLK has been brought up consistently to hide real issues. He was shot because was working on brining attention to difference between reform and revolution. State maintains power via violence now. It's naive to think nonviolence will save us. Never has. Need diversity of tactics rather than nonviolence. ? – Since the beginning of this occupation, the same concerns have come up. As we look around the room, the colors of the people we see are not diverse. Let's be clear and honest. When these events happen, when people are arrested, has heard numerous times that people have not been bailed out. There are times when we need to defend ourselves. We spend too much time talking about this. We need to do more outreach in order to gain momentum. Shawn – Has been thinking about this for 20 years. Unsure that anyone supports violence per se. Opposite of nonviolence is not violence, but honesty. It is not a coincidence that people in position of privilege feel that you can opt-out of violence. Violence is as American as apple pie. We don't like it, but not dealing with it is not a virtue. Nobody has objected here to self defense. Many people starting to see that self defense is acceptable. Most of us here were opposed to Iraq war, at least at some time. Why are we okay with excuses for repression? Ghandi was not even the most powerful leader of his time. If you know about MLK, should know about Robert Williams. See "Cairo Solidarity Statement to Occupy," in which they advocate some violence. ? – Documentary on WTO protests (the good one, not "Battle in Seattle"), when delegate in building says that if it weren't for protesters outside, things wouldn't be going as well inside. Violent and nonviolent tactics pushed diplomatic efforts. We're in a position to look better in media because we use nonviolent tactics. If we're going to bother to put up an image, let's not put up one that reinforces _ but one that forces people to confront fact that violence is sometimes necessary. V – Just last week we said we would have a meeting about racism. Was told repeatedly that she was violent when she was just sleeping. Need to grow up before we can talk about this. Dan – Has two concerns with this proposal: 1) no definition of violence, 2) came to us for recruitment purposes. Port shutdown was described as mostly peaceful by press. Movement has consistently called itself peaceful, not nonviolent. Regarding solidarity with OWS: Have they adopted declaration of decolonization? Oakland and Albuquerque have. Declaring something at GA is not outreach. Seattle is notorious for passiveness. If you believe nonviolence will gain us support, bring your nonviolent people and have a nonviolent action. Fred – Not a pacifist. One time he picked up a brick and tried to smash someone's head in. Can't say that since. But believes in power of nonviolent social change. Has seen successful revolutions. Regarding idea that this is ideological movement: behavior is more significant. Can have ideology like you can have religion. If Duff wanted more people to attend his rally, this proposal might have cost him a handful of people, but if people of Seattle were confident that this movement stuck to nonviolent principals, instead of 60-80 people, could have had hundreds. Has seen Greenpeace get 2000 people for anti-seals march, half of whom were small children. When out talking with people who are not part of OS, hears over and over concerns about nonviolence. Many are overblown, but not enough people out talking about what is going on to change perceptions in community. Does not support this proposal, for reasons Alliana understands. There are some things you can do with a proposal, and some you cannot. To see this movement become more nonviolent, will take cultural change that cannot be forced through general assembly. Maria – Just last week, this man made very racist comment. Supports a diversification of tactics. Remember the first night at Seattle Central? Was group of Nazis there. Had guns. We had only sticks and ourselves, and got rid of them. That was diversification of tactics. When you must defend yourselves against them, what will you use? Nonviolent tactics or sticks? ? – Has heard many convincing arguments for diversity of tactics. Statement of nonviolence would allow us to reach out to middle-aged people and families. People will act autonomously. This can help us gain support of moderates we're slowly losing support of. ? – We've all grown up with internalized hierarchy in our heads. When violence comes down the hierarchy, it's considered normal. When it comes down, it's considered perverse and terrible. Let's challenge this. Rebecca – Einstein once said problem will not be solved at level at which it was generated. Violence is inappropriate use of force. Can use spiritual power. It is spiritual power that will change this earth. Guns are just an extension of that power. Thinks we need to continue this discussion but look to proper definition of violence, include spiritual force, emotional violence. Let's be the change we wish to see in the world. ? – Hears wanting nonviolence and thinks it's often confused with safety. Would love to see true nonviolent civil disobedience. Believes it takes much training to do correctly. Were nonviolent resistances that brought down the Nazis in addition to violent ones. Concerned with uncontrolled violence and anger. Hopes we can talk, do exercises and training for appropriate responses to each situation. ? – Media are, in fact, painting us as violent. Reports from port shutdown were that we were throwing things at police. They're getting their propaganda from the police. KIRO, KOMO, even The Stranger, are reporting that we're getting violent. Alyssa – This is a discussion that needs to continue. Important to define these things, and to know just what we're proposing before considering. Need to find something that does not prevent autonomous action. Some groups will not partner with us until we adopt statement of nonviolence. Even if we just do it for a few months. Adjourned 21:53 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 12/16/2011 joined in-progress at 19:15 Location: Washington State Convention Center Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: n/a Campers' Comments Jamie – been camping since Westlake. Campers and she came up with proposal about accountability they still intend to bring. Salvador – proposes on January 22, we have a rally at WA State Federal Reserve Building. See him after GA if interested. New People's Comments Soren – Visiting from Occupy Minnesota. Came to help with port action. Worked several weeks on bringing attention to it prior to that. Brought some artifacts to share. Ursula – Surprised to see such wonderful people here and intends to come back. Working group announcements Environmental Justice Duff – Remember action tomorrow to stop lethal incinerators. Meet at noon to march. Food Not Bombs will be serving gourmet vegan food in the middle of the road from 2pm to 4pm. From Protect Our Rights Nathan – another training for people who want to become legal observers coming up soon seeks others to help organizing legal observers Sukina spoke with lawyer who did some work for John T. Williams' family. Willing to talk to us about using transformative justice process with us and the Police Department. Possibly leading to class action lawsuit. If interested in other police accountability actions, particularly in light of the DOJ report today. We think Occupy Seattle is only the last and latest in long-line of communities that have experienced brutality from Seattle's police department, and we want a seat at the table for the 99% in rewriting police accountability rules. Tactical meets 3pm and 9pm, but few have been attending, so no more regularly-scheduled meetings. Contact Tactical via e-mail on the website. Outreach Doug still focused on outreach to outlying neighborhoods and churches seeking more people to sign up for mailing list (passed sign-up sheet around) Media Working Group Alliana today put in request to ICT for all press releases to be posted on the website WG meeting attendance is dwindling daily, 4pm at Westlake inside Bobacine (free wi-fi there) wonders if they should continue meeting daily. It's important to have opportunity daily because there's so much happening Faith and Spirit Sukina doing outreach to many churches; would love to do more at your place of worship might ask you to put on a clean shirt and come talk with her church ladies minister who was beaten at terminal 18 was at United Black Churches for their press conference about the DOJ report please help her make contact, anywhere, any faith, any spirit, any color Morale Akilla Chrismas Eve event with dinner and gifts at 6pm Gas Work Park seek help making gifts and setting up early Get Money Out of Politics Karssen met with some street theater experts today they want to do some street theater for Jan 20-21 actions meeting with them again Monday or Tuesday Media Karssen still want press conferences, but still difficult to do with leaderless movement consider adjusting how we endorse things: if you want it, must have team compiled who will give and conduct a press confderence. One person would give a public address that has been approved by GA. Action Announcements Kristen If were involved with arrests at Olympia, please get in touch, class action lawsuit in the works injunction extended to February 3 FIXME: review audio Gender Equality having teach-in Thurs 22nd, Capitol Hill Library Sukina Sunday from noon to 4pm, Faith and Spirit are sponsoring action flyering with free gift certificates to occupy your holidays: hugs, shoulder to cry on, 20 minutes of nonjudgemental listening, one heartfelt apology even if I think I'm right. Free samples available. Probably street theater. If you're interested, please come. Westlake in front of Connect box and Starbucks box. Blake – Meeting Saturday 3pm at Bluebird Cafe on Capitol hill. Support community for 5 people arrested on Nov 22 Chase bank action. Five people facing trespassing charges. Max year in jail and 5000 file. Want public campaign to pressure prosecutor's office. Joshua 25 people marched around Capitol Hill that are experiencing gentrification, talked about its importance, put signs up, stayed on sidewalk, one police officer per protester, and when arrived at Ferarri shop, was ringed with police. Walked to 10th and union, said a thing or two, left. Very positive action. Also, good crowd at last night's rally against indefinite detention and other NDAA actions reminder: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday evening GAs 7pm, decision-making. Wednesday noon and Saturday 2pm at Westlake Park Announcement of Future Proposals proposal: Occupy Seattle commit to using methods of non-violent civil disobedience at our demonstrations presenter: Alliana have nothing written down about commitment to non-violence proposal: Occupy Seattle explicitly become a leaderless movement. presenter: Alex have nothing written down about commitment to leaderlessness Proposals proposal: Endorse Hotel Workers Rally Monday Edgewater (Wall & Alaskan) Monday Dec 19 4pm and accompanying statement, use OS media resources to publicize presenter: Jasmine friendly amendment: Statement says we support Seattle hotel workers. Can we say hotel workers in Seattle and everywhere? accepted are unionized workers? yes, Unite Here Locally They're rallying themselves, and asking for our endorsement? Yes, want endorsement and attendance for those who wish to attend. friendly amendment: give Occupy Seattle chance to speak at the protest Unite Here Locally has democratic process for making such decisions, so cannot speak on behalf of that issue tonight. speakers: worker from Edgewater, worker from Westin, Eric (union head), one community member from One America. Wanted to keep program short to spend more time picketing and making noise. Favors a mention or short speech. Will acknowledge at the least. Will check into possibility of speech. You said something about running it by staff. Will run by staff or membership? Are you organizers, paid staff, or hotel workers? He worked in hotels for two years before coming on staff. Full-time staff are workers who are selected by democratically elected board. They are empowered to make decisions for the workers. Doesn't want us to become a rent-a-rally people come to to try to turn some people out. Wants to know if we're going to be part of this. Will go, but not help organize if our involvement is just endorsement. Some damage was done to our union relations by our port action. Consider cost of further straining relations. points out that this union has given a lot to the movement without asking for credit some get. Local 8 paid to print flyers for one of our actions, donated dozens of hours of their staff time. On day of march, they had one very small sign. They have contributed without saying we want to make this non-violent march about us. Want to put in a good word for Occupy Seattle, but reminds us that they've given a lot in the past without asking for anything. Chris from online team. Online team has often posted events we're in solidarity with but are not officially endorsed by GA. He fully endorses the Unite Here rally on Monday and vote for it. But let's remember that we can help and promote events without officially endorsing. Shouldn't lower ourselves to horse-trading. Let's do what's best for our movement. Dan – With port shutdown, didn't hurt our standing with ILWU as much as mainstream media wants us to think. Thinks it's important for us to show solidarity with all workers, all people who support causes that are important to us. Worries about use of phrase rent-a-rally because it's important to us to show that solidarity. If we support other people, karma will hit us back. Karssen – Glad we had this discussion. Didn't like "rent-a-rally" but fully agrees that endorsement should be discussed. Glad to know more about how their organization works. They followed all the procedures, and have helped us in past. V – Sees another organization calling upon OS. Reason we're ill-favored by press and others, we rushed in without considering opposing points of view. Cannot afford to look worse in press or more strife among our ranks. Hopes to see people remember that not all of us are online. Information takes a while to get around. vote: time: 20:15 passes 39:3 General Discussion Akilla visited Occupy Wall Street. Helped with info tent. guest from OWS GA is much more functional here than those on Wall Street Shawn attends Chief Sealth High School, organized school walkout on port day, 25 people heard that people are visiting high schools on behalf of OS; will be coming? haven't, but hope to some time, probably in January ? As a newcomer, concerned about not knowing what general consensus of movement is. Seems to be people non-violent. It's outrageous to have people starving while others are throwing food out. two umbrella issues of Occupy Seattle and Occupy movement seem to have: economic inequality, corporate personhood having undermined political process in this country. Dan he and Nicholas crashed a press conference this morning. Probably won't be any video posted. When speaking with media, did not feel comfortable saying "representative" considered "liason" but ended up with "member". Made it more difficult to converse with media and get points across. Curious what our positions are on speaking with media and other public officials. How should we present ourselves? Joshua – Went to Olympia, got banned for a year, went to DC and raised hell. At these places, has seen things that disturb him. One thing making Occupy unique in history is that we're latest incarnation of labor movement. Has supported labor and Democrats, went to rallies, etc., and walked away feeling very disempowered. Got worse and worse. Went to Iraq in military, came back, nothing changed. Walked away from two careers: teacher and IBEW electrician, but gave it up for near-poverty to work on Occupy. Is here to step it up and fight for human justice and dignity. When we endorse actions for big labor, need to remember how big we are. Shouldn't whore ourselves out. It's important to say we support the workers, but if he's to spend his time organizing people to go to this, needs assurance that Occupy will get a shout-out. Sharla – come to her solstice beach party at Alki. Fires lighted at 4:20. ? – Seeks temp check on statement about capitalism and trickle-down economics. Is capitalism a problem? Around 50%. ? – Everyone should read past proposals that passed. To act as a representative requires GA approval. Thinks use of the block is similar to British government. They don't have a constitution. ? – Glad that there have been questions raised about organized labor. Those are important. Organized labor has had lots of problems over the years. Attests that unions are still affecting change. Wining democracy in workplace. Are not a bunch of union fat-cats in a back room. If they have meetings with management and there are not at least a dozen workers there, they see it as a failure. Nathan – Capitalism has some qualities that are good for our society, some that are corrosive. Let's not reduce this good or bad. This is complex. He's concerned about banking problems and control of information, specifically that on the Internet. Babylonia – It's okay that this is a movement of movements. ? – Capitalism vs. Socialism is false choice. We need large scale systems, but need localization and control at the bottom. Need workers cooperatives, community ownership. ? – Regarding blocks, you need to be prepared to explain your block to the group. This is a process that is designed to lead to consensus. ? – We should criminalize hoarding and raise profit margins. Kristen – Fears that some fundamental things are being left out of our discussions in this movement. Agrees that this may be the most recent manifestation of a labor party, not hearing much talk of our relationship as human beings to the planet. That's fundamental. To her, that comes before having a job. We've been raised to not think of those things. Many things in the labor movement disproportionately hurt women, people of color, LGBTQ community. Deosn't hear that enough. Babylonia – Need to get more minorities involved. Zach – Regarding rent-a-rallies and the democratic process of Unite Here. Knows someone who was part of Unite Here elsewhere and was fired for internal dissent about pink-sheeting. Arlen Jones. see Spends much of his time working on labor issues, because that's what is on his head. Sees all these issues as interconnected. Strongly believes that nothing will change environmentally until workers take control of production and end capitalism. Thinks it's great to have these discussion. Don't fear the work socialism. There are many socialisms. We can have more libertarian non-statist socialism. Karssen – Thanks union reps for coming. That an organization requests our endorsement means we're growing. Dan – Media only found out about press conference last night. No time to get to GA before it. Is moderate. Is a capitalist. Some things need change. ? – Hopes to see more nuanced consideration of capitalism and socialism. ? – Believes that we're not talking enough about long-term sustainability. Need to focus on how we're going to last here locally. People have approached churches, SHARE/WHEEL, and more. We need indoor space to get organized. Nathan – those encouraging neo-liberalism are in the pockets of the 1%. Unfettered free trade and unregulated human rights abuses are products of our system. Michael – 99% is a slogan attached to a statistic. Not strongly in favor of consensus. GA brings together good strong disagreements. Carol – Next GA Sunday. Tues, Wed, Friday. Then none on Christmas Eve. Need a way for occupations to cross pollinate. Hopes we can have a one- or two-day social forum someday in a large space with many rooms for breakout sessions. V – Convention Center security has lost and found coats from last meeting. Adjourned 21:16 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-12-13 19:20 Location: Convention Center South Building Level 2 Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: Facilitation Team Orientation: Allie Agenda: Hudson Process mover: Norm New People's Comments Working group announcements Legal Working Group Patricia 11 arrests yesterday all but two released on own recognizance except for two, one released this morning, one still being held on charges of felony assault of an officer one released this morning Outreach Working Group Doug focusing on businesses in outlying areas and schools report on yesterday's port action Matt press release about yesterday's action went out this morning see website and Facebook page media are not covering it as full shutdown in Seattle, though it was hearing very positive responses from rank-and-file longshoremen Martin this morning, arrived at 6am, started with 6 people, grew to 25 picketed gate 5 until 8:30 shut down workday operations for an hour longshoremen congratulated on success police arrived, wanted to clear us out, we negotiated, no trespass warning issued Phil a KIRO Radio reporter witnessed first-hand people throwing paint, flares, and a piece of lumber at police Information Working Group Martin have permit for information tent at Westlake Park if you have printed materials to provide, please do so Announcements of Future Proposals Action Announcements Albert – December 17, will be march from SCCC protesting Seattle Steam and their biomass-burning power plant ? – Occupy Chaplains December 18, noon to 4pm, will distribute fliers, gift certificates for non-stuff Announcements ? – meditation prior to GAs, 6-6:30, 3rd floor of Convention Center Maria – Wants to start new working group to make barricades. Had a good time building barricades at Terminal 18. Made barricade out of whatever she could find. Discussion of Yesterday's Port Action Maria – thanks Hip Hop Occupies for participation Martin – good turnout, took lots of organization, proving that we can organize and be effective ? – food team did a great job, ? – We had a very important action yesterday, will have more in the future. How to evaluate our actions? Should consider how it furthers our goals. ? – Multiple people were very confident that there were likely undercover police involved in the throwing of things at cops. One of the longshoremen bought all the demonstrators this morning breakfast. JM – Debriefing Saturday 6pm, location TBA. Things went both ways. Police were violent and people defended themselves. Matt – Took things out of downtown and into the industrial area. Had clearly-stated goals. Was well-organized. Working group came together several weeks ago. Original plan was for 30th. Outreach planning meetings were formed. Group was elected responsible for each team, stationed at various locations, coordinated with each other. They'll be in attendance at Saturday's debriefing. ? – Has been out of town for a long time, so out of the loop, likes having livestream and Facebook page for updates. Just came from house at 23rd and Alder, where there's a great setup. Martin – Someone threw a flare, but someone else tried to put out the flare. Matt – This was made to happen in a very short time, was amazing that it came off so well. In Cairo, people chucked rocks at police. That wasn't a bad thing. People who defended themselves when attacked by police were arrested. ? – Is one of the last campers at SCCC. Was found last night unconscious. Gave up everything for this cause and needs some place to go. Will die if she stays outside. Don't turn your backs on people who've given up everything. Hurts to see a room full of people who went to shut down a port but forgot the people left behind. There are people wandering around lost now who support the cause. ? – Curious what happened when the group at barricades split off. Man was hit by car that then left the scene. Has anyone reported the license plate? Dan – plate was reported within minutes, because the cops happened to be right behind demonstrators ? – Regarding retaliation against police violence. That it's a flare or piece of wood reflects poorly on us. We should remain above reproach. Without those items, could only be seen as pure self defense. Dan – Media will report what they want to report. Favors self-defense. Reports up and down the coast were reported as peaceful protest. How can you not defend yourself? This was not retaliation. ? – Regarding defending oneself against police: Understands, but has seen instances when people tried to provoke cops rather than defending. Sometimes makes her feel unsafe. Check the crowd; result may vary depending on support you have. ? – Has positive experience. Brought bike, liked that, hopes to see more. Hopes to see more people "unarresting" (pulling people back when police are yanking them away). Cops were shoving and punching. When they shove people down, we should pull our people back. Watch what's happening and figure out if you want to be near whatever is happening. Maria – Government is trying to pass law allowing detainment of citizens indefinitely. Important to think about how we can protect our communities. Police are one thing, but when the military gets involved, it will be very different. If someone puts a hand on her, her reaction is to defend herself. Let's recognize people's various ways of defending themselves. ? – Thanks everyone for putting themselves on the line. Regarding responses from the media: One of the most iconic images of this movement was the pepper-spraying cop spraying completely peaceful demonstrators [at UC Davis]. Second was the chancellor walking through people in silent protest as she went to her car. Those things build support. They are powerful and build support of millions of people. Doesn't happen when they have images of things happening that look like violence. Matt – Should we have road flares? Barricades? (general support expressed). This is relatively new here, relatively common in other places. Likely could not have shut the port down without it. Barricade at main entrance alleviated need to go deep into "red zone" which would have been dangerous. Matt [there are two Matts here] – Every successful movement happened because people were unafraid to violate the law. If you want to reach people from lower, working-class communities, will not do it by getting maced. If you defend yourself, you will. Personally, doesn't want to reach out to community who insist on non-violence. Albert – Saw the guy toss the flare. Never saw him before. Saw another guy drop percussion grenade five feet behind he and his daughter, then go to the police. News did not talk about this. Saw way more violence on the other side. ? – Image of pepper-spraying cop has become an Internet meme. One image she finds powerful is group of people in India stepping up, being beaten down, people pull the bodies down, and next group steps up. Movements that have made most difference, been most powerful and inspiring have been strictly nonviolent. ? – Agrees that the story of the Ghandi march with men walking to salt factory to take beating was insult to British, who ultimately could not be taken seriously with the flagrant brutality. Police are trained to only take their aggression to the level of aggression directed at them — don't always do this, but that's their training. Easy to catch them at their own game. As Albert said, they came in and dropped bombs behind children. Expects that we handled ourselves wonderfully. Should stay above reproach. Much power in peaceful revolution. Dan – Only peaceful revolution that ever succeeded was India. But look at where they are now: smartest people came to America, are in state of war. They are controlled. Longevity of their revolution is gone. People who have maintained their revolution are Cuba, Libya until recently, Venezuela. Every situation is unique. Cops are trained by Israeli Defense Force, who are not peaceful. They are trained not to match our force but to exceed it. SPD will respond with more force than what we give them. Only revolutions he sees as successful were not actively violent, but not necessarily peaceful. When police got violent, where were the media? ? – Did the Media Working Group have team of reporters? Will they monitor media reports? Media WG are dysfunctional now. Shawn – So much time centers on topic of violence vs. non-violence. Those of us who cringe at hearing nonviolence don't do so because they seek violence. Who has read the SPD blog? Said we came at them with bricks and rebar, but of course didn't mention violence they inflicted. Also thinks Gene Sharp tactics of nonviolence are powerful. Some of these iconic images were just lucky shots. When police don't get a lucky shot, they make one up. (Reads Solidarity Statement to Occupy from Cairo) Maria – communities have autonomously built ways of organizing Bangh – Values words of the Cairo demonstrators. Knows people who've died in conflicts outside the U.S. Didn't need to; could have fought harder. Hudson – Doesn't really care in the end if something was thrown at cops. Important that we accomplished our goals. Let's not let police use force to set our agenda. Let's be stronger than what they throw at us. Dan – Saw lots of kids at the demonstration. That was great. We, as adults, need to take care to protect the children when they come out. Maria 2 – Was at port. Was amazing. This is a big deal. Thanks everyone who was there. Cody – Regarding violence vs. non-violence: When he hears that only successful revolution are those with nonviolent civil disobedience, hopes we recognize that the focus on those tactics comes from taking them out of context. Things happening at the time make those tactics attractive to those leading things we're trying to change. Ghandi was from a high caste, so it was clear that he shouldn't be harmed; would have been different if he was from different caste. Disappointed with number of people who were willing to pack up and leave camp. ? – Was very involved at Westlake, reduced when we moved to SCCC, partly because of school commitments, but also because she didn't feel safe there. Understands concerns about people being left behind. Shawn – The reason for the failure of camp: First night, people tried to draw line about what was reasonable and not, tried to keep Nazis out. Not everyone is ready for dialog. Can't always talk stuff through with Nazis or heroine users. When people reacted with nonviolence, showed people that anything goes. There has been interesting conflict between working groups and GA. Who has heard of the letter that was sent to Nick Licata saying that if things didn't go right, might be a knee-jerk reaction that the leaders of the movement cannot contain [maybe 20%]. Patricia's name was on it, but never saw the letter before it was sent. Please come to accountability circle tomorrow. Maria – Important to hold people accountable. Making deals behind our backs is bad. Let's challenge those things early. ? – In response to concern about this letter: Is this a troll, not someone who proposes to be a leader? No, it's someone we know. Important that we don't name ourselves as leaders. Patricia – Let's have some grace for people who do and say things they later realize were stupid. reminder: four decision-making general assemblies: Tues, Wed, Fri, Sunday, 7pm, at Convention Center. At Westlake Park Wednesday noon, Saturday 2pm Adjourned 21:00 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-12-11 19:10 Location: Westlake Park Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: Facilitation Team Process mover: Hudson Taking stack: Michael Agenda: Tom New People's Comments ? – participating in Get Money Out of Politics workgroup ? – interested in helping with printed informational materials Valerie – From TC3 Campers' Comments (N/A – encampment disbanded yesterday) Working group announcements Media Working Group Mark need lots of cameras for Port actions tomorrow; bring them, tell friends get images and video to Media WG Morale Working Group Akilla – Occupy Christmas coming; see the Facebook page or talk to her after GA Fundraising Working Group Fred – chugging along, still haven't heard anything about tomorrow let him Occupy the Moment Fred – two dozen people signed up yesterday to start neighborhood groups and/or help others set up neighborhood groups Get Money Out of Politics Karssen discussed today plans start at Westlake, then march, followed by indoor venues with different activities: flash mobs, giant dolls of corporations of people so we can try them, people with giant wheelbarrels of cash so they can buy politicians Legal Working Group Patricia Apparently, whoever made fliers and information for tomorrow accidentally included the wrong number for Legal Anyone who will be there tomorrow: please bring marker, have correct number 206-403-8741, write it on everyone's arms, etc. Has the person with the other number been notified that they may be called at inconvenient times by demonstrators in jail? We have ongoing daytime permit for our info tent and are trying to expand it Action Announcements Zach Port action tomorrow meet at Westlake Park at 1:00 p.m. for rally will then head to port for people in wheelchairs, we're getting a van that will shuttle people at multiple times throughout the day rallies at 3pm and 6pm at Spokane Street fishing area there will be a "green zone" in a safe area where supporters be around without risk of arrest reminds everyone, as a longshore worker, not to go into the terminal, ever. It is overseen by Department of Homeland Security. Stay in the street. Don't cross the gate. Valerie, from Tent City III Friday at 12:30, will be Occupy Seattle workgroup at SHARE/WHEEL office to talk about safe encampments; please come and provide opinions Office is at 2nd and Virginia, in alley between Moore Theater and parking lot next to it; walk down alley and it's door on right at end of alley Babylonia fight for the 10th and Union warehouse is not over this Friday, will be protest at 10th and Union to highlight the issue of gentrification in our community rally at Seattle Central 5:15, then march to warehouse at 6pm mobilizing local neighborhood, local businesses, to support this action this is a great way to add positive media attention to the occupy movement by gaining support of our local community Nicholas, Internet and Social Media tomorrow, please use #D12 (December 12) and #occupyseattle hashtags if you take pictures or video, please contact Nicholas afterward or go to, post to pictures and video forum he moderates Ian other hashtags to use along with #D12 include #occupytheports #portshutdown ? This Wednesday, will be walk-out at highschools and colleges in Seattle rally at 2:30pm Wednesday, Red Square, University of Washington Zach was in DC last week for big hokey labor thing, wasn't that cool what was cool: people rounded up lots of occupiers, bought bus and plane tickets to get them to DC for the event had first national general assembly at base of Washington Monument idea: in Mid-march, start campaign: "51 Days of Rage" coordinated action in every state, with all occupiers in all their cities to do something coordinated related to one Occupy-related issue every day for 50 days, the national spotlight would be on one state, one issue 51st day to land on May Day, international day of workers' solidarity people in DC liked the idea, and people here seem to also; let's do it ? is climate conference at Durban, South Africa all third-world nations, along with members of Kyoto Protocol except US, India, and China, seeking compensation for problems of global warming, from wealthy nations conference officially ended today, but they'll be gathering Announcements of Future Proposals future proposal: establish process for selecting spokespeople for news media contact presenter: Karssen were going to have a press conference when leafing SCCC, but have yet to devise way to select spokespeople future proposal: rename Westlake Park to John T. Williams Park presenter: Mark would be a good statement if we're going to stay here Proposals (none) General Discussion Future General Assemblies Ed, Process and Facilitation great to see everyone, great to be back at Westlake Park, which feels like home until today, GA was always at camp, for people at camp and whoever else showed up Shall we move GA inside, for example to the Convention Center, during this transitional week? How often this week shall we have general assemblies? P&F suggest at least one mid-week, another on already have noon Wednesday here at noon; could use that for mid-week, then come up with another after Bab – We should have fewer GAs. We're in this for the long haul. Likely many people can't come every day. Maybe plan for twice weekly, have quality meetings with things planned out ahead of time (not to disparage P&F's work so far). Having meetings inside will enhance turnout. Night like tonight is going to be a rare thing. Freezing rain is going to turn lots of people off. Patricia – Makes her nervous to have fewer GAs during this weird limbo period without camp. GA is glue that holds us together, making us a community. Understands that more people might come if they were semi-weekly. Maybe have two GAs, then on off-days, have community meetings so people can come together and discuss; wouldn't be a decision-making body. ? – Likes idea of taking GA to different parts of town once in a while. Outreach have been trying to get into other neighborhoods. Might get interest from people in those neighborhoods, who might stick around longer. ? – Have been maintaining information tent at Westlake for past 2.5 weeks. That provides an option for people to come down during the day and get together. ? – Good idea to have fewer GAs, but should have more than two weekly. Already have an issue with there being two much distance between decision-making GAs. If only two per week, would look like one discussion GA and one decision-making GA. Things move fast. Like's Patricia's idea about community meetings. Ian – Objects a bit more strongly to the idea of cutting back on GAs. We moved them later so more people could participate. Many people in the greater Seattle area who participate in the movement may not be able to come to the two days we pick, or even to four. More weekly GAs provides greater variety of opportunities for participation. Zach – Agrees with what Patricia and Ian said. Should have these often to ensure cohesiveness. Looks forward to finding indoor space. Tired of being in the cold all the time. For those who are looking for spaces, would be nice to find one that has acoustics conducive to people's microphone. Many people dislike people's mic, but he loves it. It makes us choose our words and makes us listen. Keeps us tight-knit. Nicholas – Favors reduction of frequency of GAs. Regarding community-building events: There many meetings and cross-over. Thinks GAs are top priority and workgroup meetings are #2. Wants to keep it to these two classes of meetings. Has seen group meetings with very few people. There is lots of miscommunication. Thinking specifically about winter. Wants to concentrate on integration, communication, within groups. Will always be rallies, direct action, community meetings, lectures. Let's concentrate on GAs and workgroup meetings, no crazy overlapping. Akilla – Suggests we meet at Seattle Public Library. Librarians Association endorsed us. Have several rooms and auditorium. Would be simple to tell them we need it daily at 7pm. Important to have one time daily for people to come what's happening. She won't be at every meeting, but finds it reassuring that people assemble daily to make decisions. Observes that much decision making has happened informally outside of GA. Fears that fewer GAs will exacerbate this problem. ? – Likes that these are outside so people can stop in easily. Would like to see something where he lives, in Greenwood. Ed – Context is long-term. As Occupy spreads to other neighborhoods, they will have their own assemblies, with people participating in their own GAs. We'll have periodic assemblies to bring those together. There are different ways to participate. Hears the idea that if we're here nightly, will provide more opportunities. It is demoralizing to try to keep those up in hopes that others show up. This puts burden on small group, and has us talking to different people on different nights. Fred – Thinks GA has been extremely destructive to Occupy Seattle. There are 35 people here in a city of 650,000. This movement needs to grow. GA's process is good, but environment sucks. Even on a good night in December, only have a small handful of people. Need to get inside. Need to provide food. Need to be meetings that people want to attend. Karssen – Last Wednesday at noon GA, started with seven people, but it grew as people wandered over to see why seven people were repeating each other. Grew to about 25. This is an advantage of outside location. Decision-making requires that people want to be there. Suggests we meet daily, with decision-making GAs indoors and others outdoors. (break-out sessions for further discussion approx five minutes) ? – wherever we end up, let's have signs to make it clear that this is Occupy Seattle: people are walking by now wondering what this group is ? – Cannot really make a final decision on what to do with GAs, particularly because we do not yet have indoor space. For winter, is important to have indoor space. For now, let's keep GAs at Westlake. Already have information tent here. ? – Whole spirit of Occupy movement is engraved in GA. He starts planning in his head at 6pm that GA is at 7pm. Makes communication plan, then gets there. Is eager to hear decisions and proposals. Eager to hear others. Feels a special push from inside that brings him to GA every evening. Every evening, he has the best time of his life, communicating with others and knowing about them. Wants to keep it here. Maybe at 6pm. Akilla – Immediate issue is where to have GA on Wednesday. Let's do it at Convention Center this time. Everyone has been sick; she doesn't want it again. Let's move indoors for the winter. We have visible presence Wednesdays at noon. Location: Convention Center is open to public until 10pm. Has bad echo. Could rent room at downtown Seattle Public Library. She and Alliana will go to library tomorrow to determine how late it's open. Bob thinks it may close as early as 8pm. Also consider having potluck before GA. ? – Until we have concrete indoor location, should continue having GA at Westlake Park so people who aren't here now and weren't yesterday don't think we've disappeared. Karssen – Much of what people think about the Occupy movement is based on what they hear in news. Impression changes if they attend GA and like it. Loves the idea of having GAs at different locations sometimes. Maybe once per week, we have it at a different location. ? – This is the first time he visited Occupy Seattle that he has not been fed. He's okay with that, but the food has made it a community-building experience. Disliked the disposable trash pileup. Ed – Food at GA: working on it. Indoor location: Probably not this week. People's mic indoors: we'll learn to do it more quietly. Let's move indoors to Convention Center this Wednesday. When thinking of GA frequency, consider what you will do and what others likely will do. Some won't come every night. This excludes them from the every-nighters. For tonight, let's decide what to do for the next week. ? – Is first GA he came to, and would not have come if it was raining. Supports moving indoors. Spirit of the meeting is what keeps people together. Would love to come on weekends, but cannot come during week. Carol – Thinks Ed gave some funny math. Unsure that people won't come if they miss a meeting or two. Often what we discuss has not continuity. You come, find out about actions, like them and join, or do something different. Maybe don't need them seven days per week, but thinks more than two are needed. Hears that people understand that GA keeps us together. We're family. You don't have to be at home every night for dinner to be family. Wants to stay at no less than four per week during this transitional period. Mark – Feels that GA is the spirit of the movement. We're showing that it can be done, that we can organize in a transparent, open, democratic fashion. Need to teach that to the rest of the country and to our leaders. Reminder: 12 years ago last week, people in this city shut down one of the most powerful organizations on the planet. People look to Seattle to represent. We will tomorrow. Let's be proud of our history. Nicholas – Favors meeting at Convention Center this Wednesday. Curious how we'd function there. Does not favor seven per week. Four sounds good. Bob – Won't argue for any number, though he favors less than seven. Tonight, must create schedule. Worst thing we could do is start having them at different times different weeks. ? – Usually goes to GMOP meetings there on Sunday. Hard to hear people speak at those 40-people meetings. facilitator – temp check: four per week? mostly positive, few negatives facilitator – temp check: Wednesday evening: at Convention Center? mostly positive, few negatives Akilla: Convention Center's likely receptiveness to us: Know that it's funded by tax dollars, so there are spaces required to be open to public until at least 10pm. Alliana and she met with Convention Center management about three weeks ago to notify that workgroups have been using it. They were happy to know who we are and grateful that we put tables and chairs back after meetings.k ? – At Climate Convention, had people's mic inside. It's being used worldwide. He disliked it at the beginning. You just have to come to a few meetings and get used to it. Once used to it, it's good for everyone. ? – Two locations are identified with Occupy Seattle in his mind: Westlake Park and Seattle Central Community College. If we move and don't notify people, they'll be confused. Carol – Wednesday is coming soon. If we make decision, we need to spread word as far as we can. Find yourself a list of people and tell them about it. ? – If trying to reduce GA count, isn't it pointless to have one Wednesday at noon here, then another that night at the Convention Center? Ed – Has heard four, and if we want to reduce it to four, could choose four nights we already have for decision-making GAs. (Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun) Consider having one Tues. Karssen's point convinced him that Wed daytime GAs fill different role: noon during business day. Loves having four inside and one outside here. Karssen – Would like to add noon GA on Sunday or Saturday. So people cannot make it noon on Wednesday can make it on another. Akilla – Noon Sunday is bad for people who attend church. Also, more people downtown at noon on Saturday than on Sunday. ? – Noon Saturday should combine with potluck. ? – Consider that many people worship on Saturday, not just on Sunday. Maybe make the weekend daytime one later, like 2pm, so people can come after church. Karssen – 2pm is a great time. Maybe combine this with having it elsewhere. Maybe Pike Place Market, under the sign, by the pig. Ed – Loves this idea, and the mobile idea. If it's mobile, will be smaller. Will sustain, but not as much. Won't work well with potluck. Seeks creative solution. Carol – Feels it's outrageous. Imagine going down to where the pig is, mic check, and occupy with the market. Lunch with musicians, pig, and fish-throwers. We have Occupy on our minds and the tourists will, too. ? – Loves the idea of the pig, which kind of reminds him of the bull on Wall Street. Occupy the pig. ? – If we lunch with the pig, would be great outreach as well. ? – The Pike Place Market has at least two organizations that help make it more democratic: The Constituency (anyone can join), who discuss issues important to the Market and elect a member of the Market Board (Market Council?). If we are to occupy the market, probably want to work with the constituency. Also is Performers' Guild. He was past treasurer. Sort of dormant now, but could be allies. facilitator/Hudson: nearing consensus on four evenings and two daytime. Any concerns? Mark: Buskers have specific locations, some next to pig. They pay for the permit and make their money that way. Let's accommodate them somehow. Ed – Addressing his own concern about Saturday mobile GA: We're not ready to meet at the pig. What if Sat mobile GA meets at Westlake Park, then moves to wherever it's to happen (march to the pig). Could decide something else later if to move farther away. ? – What if daytime GAs were not on same days as nighttime? Thursday? Karssen – Thinks people would be excited by idea of GA at the pig this Saturday. Even if only 10 people showed, we'd have great discussion with them. Michael – Traditionally, daytime GAs have not been decision-making. Have not discussed that yet. Bob – If we go down there Saturday without first ensuring we won't negatively affect the buskers, could harm relations with allies. Let's wait a week, determine if it would be okay with people who work there, and if it is, do it in two weeks. ? – Thinks we can find that information before end of week. Should go with Ed's idea: Meet here, consider best information, then have it here or elsewhere if pig is no-go. Ed – We could announce that we always meet here. We could then walk to the pig. Mark – Very noisy at Pike Place Market. People are used to noise there. Plenty of places there. ? – Pike Place Market is part public, part private. Administered by PDA (Preservation and Development Authority). If we are to demonstrate there, must keep in mind that they are not the 1%, but small independent businesses. Let's be respectful of them. Let's do something that reaches people but doesn't disrupt their business. ? – Between Macy's and Nordstrom, is bus tunnel. Maybe we can do it in there. Carol – In market, has been trying at times to do petitions. Cannot do it inside. Cannot carry sign inside. When things were very bad in 2003, they were concerned about even a t-shirt. They're concerned about political things happening in the arcade. On the street, can do anything. Akilla – Should have some people do some research and report back on Wednesday. Karssen – That's a good idea. Regarding busking problem: What if we all bring a dollar? They might not mind. ? – Thinks that not only would it be god outreach for us, but would help attract different crowd than what Pike Place is used to getting. They get lots of tourists, not many locals. They'd love it if we brought more locals to their market. That would help their business as well as ours. Ed – temp check on Sun, Tues, Wed, Fri, evenings at Convention Center (meet on first floor), and Wed noon, Sat 2pm starting at Westlake? Karssen – let's not stop mobile until next Saturday Ed – we can do it then if we're ready, not if we're not Announcements Sat noon Dec 17, march starts at noon, then to weslake, protesting downtown incinerators Adjourned 21:02 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-12-08 19:20 Location: Seattle Central Community College Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: Facilitation Team Orientation: Maria Process mover: Jack Taking stack: Marlin and Brynn Campers' Comments Bryce – Not enough people are involved with cleanup. We should leave this place as good or better than we found it. With more people, this would go quickly. New People's Comments (none) Working Group Reports Outreach Working Group Bryce Facilitation and Process Working Group Ed – GA Friday night has been moved back to SCCC (not Cal Anderson Park) Action Announcements Port action starts 1pm Monday Portland are having a bicycle swarm down to port there to shut it down Saturday, there will be protest against violence, a non-violent march starting at SCCC 3pm to Westlake Park Announcements of Future Proposals future proposal: endorse letter to legislators regarding National Defense Authorization Act, sections 1031 and 1032 future proposal: 365-word proposal identical to one Los Angeles made on last day of camp, switched to Seattle and removing statement that money is not speech, calling for a Constitutional amendment ending corporate personhood Announcements For tomorrow's teach-ins, things look good until late-night. If you have an idea, are in a workgroup that would like to present something, etc., contact Frank 206-910-0218. Brinn – Has good friend from Seattle in Berkley who has been occupying campus there. Marched to where camp had been demolished to hold GA. Police showed up in full riot gear, surrounded everyone. They were frightened. Kept going. Police soon announced that they would arrest everyone who remained. About 10 people left, the rest linked arms, sat down, and continued with people's mic to decide what to do. An hour later, police brought proposal to occupiers offering once again to get off scott-free if they left immediately. GA continued, nobody else left. Half-hour later, went back to cops with counter-proposal suggesting that cops leave, occupiers continue GA, then leave themselves. No response from police for a long time, but eventually, cops started leaving. Big victory. Friend said he was under arrest, but never got arrested. There was a small bit of violence. Thinks it was not Berkley police but state police. Carol – Many years ago, after the free speech movement during Viet Nam War, Berkley police were the softies and the other police, Oakland, state police, marshal law type police, would stand on top of buildings and just look down. ? – Wants to rectify problem we've had for a while: thousands at marches, few at GAs. Spoke with people, and they feel there's no place within Occupy that their politics are welcome. Wants to bring them in, show them how to interact, and that anarchists & revolutionaries are decent people, just happen to disagree. So forming a group that exists in Occupy Oakland and San Jose (were kicked out of Philadelphia): Reasonable Solutions. A moderate caucus. Anyone interested with helping him out, or just joining. Jack – Many of us here are recovering Democrats. Mohawk – On October 13, people in a Sukah tent were left in a circle linking arms after cops removed the tent. Many people surrounded. Where are they now? People should not be made to feel alienated. General Discussion Where to move? Jack – Don't mention specifics. Mohawk – Scoped out spot nearby, public property, not yet clearly designated as such. Neighbors like us here, Has photos. Norm – Consider splitting up into smaller areas. Has been speaking with Ballard Community Center, who are interested in helping. Hopes to organize conversation there. Maybe we can end up with an Occupy Ballard. Bryce – Is a little worried about having multiple camp sites. One advantage of camp site is central location for cohesion. As for keeping secret, as soon as we move in, they'll know, so let's not worry too much about it. Let's pick a place at which we can make a case for being there, at least for a while. Let's not be ashamed, but proud. ? – Consider blighted buildings Mohawk – After hearing about raid at the warehouse, did some research into criminal trespass. One defense is that you can legally occupy an abandoned building. Must be abandoned. Ed – Favors unified camp continuing someplace. Tents in public places are significant and crucial. Also hopes conversation in Ballard happens. Ballard should occupy Ballard. Wallingford plans to occupy Wallingford. Fremont and Central District plan to occupy themselves. Neighborhoods can occupy in ways appropriate for themselves, and central occupation can go help them. ? – Consider un-surveyed lands. Kevin – From New York. Occupied Wall Street on first week or so. It was magic. Would like to talk to someone about food shed organizing. ? – Was raking leaves at lower stairs just now. During this, one of the campers came to wall with can of gasoline and bottle. Was busy talking to someone but was watching out of corner of eye. Worried about why this guy was pouring gasoline in a bottle. Also, there's an open fire over there. We should go do something about this. ? – appears that some people are already on it Mohawk – Would like to talk more about his potential spot. Misc Norm – Read article about Ghandi, who said we have no enemies. Consider not thinking of the 1% as enemies. Brinn – Karssen said something at Westlake Park GA (Wednesdays at noon): Something about occupiers and qualifications for good occupiers: reliability and communication skills. She knows many people with those skills, has been talking to them about work groups that might interest them. At all three of her jobs, to people on the street, everywhere she goes, if hears someone communicating well or showing reliability, mentions the revolution that's happening in the world and the place for them in it. Encourages more of the same from them. Maria – The fire is just a tiny cooking stove, not a big fire. She'll put a fire extinguisher back there as cautionary measure. Carol – Even that is dangerous. We have straw, and it has been dry for a long time. ? – If you have a bottle of fuel, will be arrested. Not lawful to keep fuel in a bottle. Maria – Please go deal with them, then. Has been doing so for three months, and they are not nice people. ? – Fire is inside a coffee can, raised surface, surrounded by people. Carol – Sure they think it's safe. One dog running through will cause problems. Kevin from NY – Has been feeling the vibe in Seattle. It's awkward. It's the complicated question of individual responsibility, group responsibility, autonomy. Maybe they exist in NY and he missed them, but are very visible here. Adjourned 20:14 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-12-07 19:10 Location: Seattle Central Community College Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: Facilitation Team Orientation: Martin Process mover: Danica Taking stack: Carol Agenda: Hudson New People's Comments Mohawk – Recently returned from Occupy Tacoma. Curious what the plan for next steps is. Happy to see that we're cleaning up. Campers' Comments Maria – Just returned from opulent dinner. Enjoyed the break. Has food to share. Maria 2 – Has flyers for port shutdown. Need support Andrew – Last night, people came through with masks and sticks. He doesn't know why. He protested, via people's mic, and was told that this was happening. Saw an older man fight a younger one. Need to find a new location and address these problems before they recur. Professor Gizmo – still seeks push-broom and rake for cleaning up. General assembly meets and talks, but little is accomplished. Hopes we act more and talk less. Seeks accountability, transparency, unity. Knows witnesses who have witnessed meth use in medical tent. John – Occupy Seattle was on FIXME: review audio FIXME Alex – Is student at SCCC. Organizing solidarity circle to surround occupation, holding hands in solidarity to show the school administration that we are supported by students. facilitator/Hudson: This man named Neal is here, intends to video record our public meeting. If you're uncomfortable with face being filmed, may want to cover it. David (from Sustainability Brigade) – Neal is from Occupy Seattle Nonviolence group. I know him; he's a good man. Martin – FIXME ? – Many of us do not want to look bad; appreciate use of the school's space. … wasn't all that clean when we arrived here Working group announcements Sustainability Brigade Working Group David We tried to set up compost a few blocks from here, but were stopped by police. Personally contacted developer of vacant property and was told no. Eventually were forced to use Cleanscapes, and it has worked, marginally. Feels like he's let us down. What we wanted was for people in camp to understand difference between recycling, garbage, compost. This is why he bought the cans with his own money and made signs. Urgent needs: Before moving to new location, need strategy for dealing with our waste. Need occupiers of the site to take on leadership, because he cannot do it himself. Transformative Justice Group Ginger presented Occupy Seattle accountability principles, passed by GA on November 29 working to provide training and workshops on conflict resolution, transformative justice, and accountability circles hope to expand; contact via email to at Hip Hop Occupies Working Group Dan Geo from Blue Scholars will perform; tells us not as a fan but as means and method Media Working Group Tainna she created Facebook event called "Occupy Seattle Cleanup Party at SCCC" starts Thursday 3pm until Monday 3pm please bring yourself and friends to clean up Karssen Alliana thinks it's time for a press conference Who can speak for us? Mark Some of WG were invited to editorial board meeting at Seattle Times was strange being inside the belly of the beast told them he was disappointed in lack of coverage of SWAT raid judge recently ruled that no-trespass orders at state Capitol are illegal; granted temporary restraining order between now and Jan 5, state patrol is not allowed to issue more of those orders people who were given those are again allowed to participate in actions at Capitol next hearing January 5, to request preliminary injunction extending time they cannot issue orders small victory for the 1st Amendment, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, right to petition govt for redress of grievances, freedom of press Evan Whatever happens over next few days will all be documented with help of our friend Neal Golding so media can't misrepresent us People of Color Working Group Maria poster-making session tomorrow 2-7pm Westlake Information Outreach Martin have permit for 8am to 8pm working 11am – 7pm; need people to help convey information Permaculture Workgroup Albert Arranging for biodiesel dump truck to come Friday night to remove Internet Communications Working Group Nathan listserves are in place City Hall Occupation Nathan contacted by Chris Potter, liason between City Management and City Hall occupation asked if he could provide Nathan's contact info to owner of property at 23rd and Alder man called, wants to get work out that house is not foreclosed, but independently owned by an out-of-state individual is interested in opening dialog between himself and occupiers we have opportunity to work with this person to improve property and show our community goodwill man has had immense pressure put on him by the city to have the police raid the house, and is resisting it SCCC Students group ? meeting tomorrow 11am in SCCC atrium Action Announcements Maria – Everyone needs to be at the port on the 12th, because we voted unanimously to support the action in solidarity workers in LA, Oakland, Longview, and here in Seattle ? – From December 16 – 18, hopes to get organizers together in one place to have extended discussion about why we're here. Location TBA. Announcements of Future Proposals Karssen – have been writing letter to teachers union thanking them for their assistance; hope to get endorsement Friday Jack – passing around copies of Proposals proposal: Groups with mandates from the GA must hold values of responsibility, diversity, synergism, and transparency. A mandate is a delegation of voice or power from the GA to a group. Groups only need mandates to act on behalf of Occupy Seattle or control significant OS resources. Mandates are created, changed, or removed, by the GA. A mission is a self-declared area of responsibility. It doesn't need approval or grand control, but others are expected to consult a group when working in that area. Are various types of groups. Each needs several members and contact information. … must have meetings and mission, have values mentioned earlier, can receive mandates from the GA. Action group is a temporary working group. Requirements are same but expectations are looser. Can receive temp mandates. A caucus is group formed around identity, concern, or value. Caucus should only claim responsibility for issues internal to the caucus, cannot receive mandates. All other groups are called affinity groups, including those still being organized and those organized around interest or hobby, cannot receive mandates. presenter: Jack rationale: Occupy Seattle mandates group values; this proposal addresses uncertain schedules of groups, unclear meeting locations, lack of trust of groups with GA mandates, undefined mandates discussion Alyssa – This is great. Please pass it so someone doesn't take your stuff. Liam – Friendly amendment: Groups representing or speaking for OS is problematic. Should be no such mandates temporary or otherwise. Otherwise, likes it. response: Currently, no groups have mandates. For instance, Media issues press releases. Is that okay? We should clarify limits. response: If we have something that all of us have agreed upon, that's okay. Otherwise, should be press statement from the workgroup or from other groups. response: will remove "or voice" Dan – Concerned that proposal does not mention anything about accountability if mandated group goes beyond mandate. response: That's important. We have an accountability group that was approved by GA, so seems this would go through them. response: who holds the accountability group accountable? response: the community does Evan – Appears that we were talking about mandating all the groups. Correct? response: no Evan – Does this mean we'll need to go through each group and create a mandate for each? How long will that take? Will it slow them down? ? – Concerned that statement doesn't address directs actions or tactics. Alyssa – Took about four minutes that stuff could be moved back and forth. Groups with mandates typically have obvious responsibilities. Not difficult to know if we want cops to confiscate stuff, if we want to eat. Evan – What about Media for instance? ? – Also has concerns, particularly with Media. They often must act quickly. For the most part, they've done a good job of establishing that they're not speaking for OS as a whole. But there are some problems. There's an occupation going on in Congress now. Several thousand people are there. Many groups are there, including OS. A member of the Media WG is there. Doesn't know if we endorsed that. Event is put on by group that simply wants to force Republicans to pass Obama's jobs bill. This as SEIU, see leaked message. Many of us are concerned about being co-opted, and we walked right into this one, without even giving voice to these groups. Response: regarding who went to DC: OS did not send people there. People from OS chose to go to DC on their own. Agrees with concerns about Media. We'll need to discuss when they seek a mandate. Need to limit what they can say. ? – No offense to proposer, as this is important, but let's table this and instead discuss what's going to happen on Friday. proposal tabled proposal: Will make every effort to communicate, especially to tent occupants who do not participate in OS events. Letter of the law can effect the eviction notice, that if we're still camping in a tent by the end of 72 hours on Friday, OS will not try to protect our belongings or prevent our arrest. Friday when 72 hours is up, we'll begin 24-hour teach-in. 3) after 24-hour teach-in, OS will use four structures surrounded by people willing to risk arrest to protect right to protest and free speech. One open canopy tent to protect teachers from weather. One sanctuary tent for chaplains to minister to occupants, many of whom suffer from PTSD. One zip-up tent for teachers and others to rest. A promise pile made of folded and bound tents, general OS supplies, medic supplies, and information. Promise pile will be focal point for community. Theme will be occupy past, present, future. 5) at end of 24hour teach in, join in rally from 11am to 3pm with speakers, music, prizes, fun. Then march to defeat violence will assemble on sidewalk. Continuing camp participants will pick up belongings and join march. 7) If a suitable location has been found by march time for OS to reestablish one or more encampments walking distance from SCCC, rally will move to general assembly mode before defeat violence march. March could include one or more locations, maybe a rally site, the original location, Westlake Plaza, defending on what GA decides. restated: have 72 hours from several days ago before facing eviction on noon Friday. At that time, have 24-hour teach-in until noon-ish Sat, then rally, then GA to determine new location then march there and set up new camp. amendments accepted: add people of color and other groups, eliminate word "responsible" presenter: Bob Barnes title: "Occupy Beyond Notice: We will not be Moved Yet" discussion why is march called defeat the violence march? response: organizer would have to speak to it Phil – doesn't like the focus on religion; other tents have good reason, but then there's one based on something he thinks is crazy; okay if other people believe those things, but doesn't like the prominence given to religion ? – overly complicated; includes too many things; why the connection with the march? response: could separate it from the march, follow same route coincidentally, etc. ? – regarding prominence of religion; has been involved with it a bit, found it to be a place open to any positive… spirituality… place of refuge, recollection, gathering strength, provided lots of benefit to lots of people here, designed to be totally non-denominational, is not a threat to anyone who dislikes religion ? – more about the prominence of religion in the proposal: having interacted with interfaith tent, points out that it is just that: an interfaith then and sanctuary for all things positive; not limited to any one given faith, spirituality, or deity. All positive beings, thoughts, and actions are the purpose behind that tent. Please keep that in mind. ? – Concerned with particular line about providing responsible Occupy Seattle participants with a place to live or camp while they continue to fight for the whole 99% of us; can insert language about who is responsible in some ambiguous way; not wholly opposed to the action but sees no reason for it to be a proposal going through GA, will potentially silence and de-legitimize people who are not responsible response: has been called responsible, understands concern; open to friendly amendments Jane – concerned about potential violence; very important for us to know how to deal with police violence in order to protect our rights; when will the nonviolence training be held? John Best, Quaker, will teach us any time we want to schedule it Alyssa – after seeing other occupations, doubts we have the numbers to face off; likes this because it doesn't depend on numbers, but perceptions; makes us look good; lets us occupy the main street; resonates in suburbs, here, high-rises, and the islands; more powerful than mobs in the street, which have failed over and over ? – one of the problems encountered by other occupations upon being busted up is coming back together. Breaking up with no plan is bad. This is a plan. It's good. Let's stay strong together through the winter so we can come on strong in the spring. Let's not bust with a giant police action. ? – If we remove the word "responsible" who would we provide security for, and who would be denied? response: providing it for anyone who feels he or she is part of the movement and wants to stand up for it. We want to make people who are using the social services we've been providing, that we're not going to be providing them. Anyone who wants to take a stand needs to be a conscious change agent. ? – Only just received this proposal. Before addressing it, wants to speak about the inclusion of spiritual framework. Has been told that the armed services are now considering atheist chaplains within the military to provide counsel and any help they can serve. Believes that the sanctuary; the sacred space, the spirit house, is wide open. Believes that an atheist carries a humanitarian within them that is similar to those of spirituality. Regarding the proposal, it's very complicated. The dates are sandwiched between a tremendous amount of work. Everyone is exhausted. Has been up for over 40 hours. We're invited to attend a barbecue preceding the march with longshoremen, students, and others. Extremely important. Bridge walk we took with other unions did not allow for bridge building. Walking with others without introductions. Wonders if we can get this accomplished – 24 hours full of various activities and pull it off strongly. response: timeframe is not of our choosing. We're being evicted. Anything we do happens in the context of the eviction. Can choose to go out with our own power or not. Chaplains was not put in as a way to interject faith community. Is a pagan atheist communist. Done because the Occupy Chaplains, part of the 99 percent, made the offer to come help and stand with us. Hopes that we don't make too big a deal of fact that those sisters and brothers want to join us and contribute the skills the bring. ? – As we are speaking here, the police are keeping track us. Recently discovered that the whole Cal Anderson Park is surrounded by police cars. Likely looking for people with backpacks thinking we might move there. Maria – Who's doing the teach-ins? Has not seen anyone approach PoC Caucus or Hip Hop Occupies. What will happen to many folks in camp? Shouldn't abandon them. They've stood with us. Should prioritize youth and people of color. response: SCCC faculty offered to chair the workshops. Suspects they'd be willing to share space. They're worried about filling the 24 hours. Welcomes broad participation. ? – Tonight is first time he's seen the proposal, so still digesting it. Likes statement of 24hr teach-in, leaving of our own power. However, this movement started on fighting note at Westlake, 99pct taking space and fighting the 1pct. Doesn't like ending that on a sort of meek note. Proposal could in some ways be a last will and testament of the occupation here. Doesn't provide political direction. Wants to see additional point specifying port action on Monday, as a strong political addition providing direction beyond the eviction, and show we're still fighting. Already discussed with Bob, who thinks it's unrelated. He thinks it is related. Bob also disagrees as he doesn't support port occupation. Wants to hear what other people think about ending this on a more political note. Craig – Is here representing teachers' union. They fully supported OS coming here. Adamantly oppose eviction. Reality is reality. Proposal has best chance of leaving OS in a state of ability to take on next challenge. Will be involved in teach-ins, but they are OS's teach-ins, not the union's. PoC can come in and talk about whatever they want. We're all in this together. Evan – Proposal is not about leaving on weak note. We're going to make a stand, but do it gracefully, in the spirit of UC Davis, walking away on our own terms. So many people are working on different places for us to go. Can show them that we're intelligent and rational. ? – Curious if there is alternative action or meeting for people who cannot risk arrest and wish to stand in solidarity, who are opposed to the eviction. Rick – Don't anticipate that police will show up and get bad press. Police here aren't like in LA; they normally announce what they intend to do and offer chance to move away before arrest. Very confident that they'll do so. Neil – Friendly amendment: add People of Color Caucus and other groups into language of teach-ins. Also, has significant problem, but supports it nonetheless. Last section calls for spontaneous GA and rash discussion about of undisclosed location that he believes would be a new location. We arrived here via spontaneous vote and rash decision to come to SCCC. Instead, let's plan to come back here, set up canope and devise thoughtful path forward. response: does not accept amendment; does not accept that we have luxury to discuss where to go next; people have been reconning other sites; shouldn't put those on the table tonight. Don't intend to spring a surprise on anyone. Will have information by Saturday about other locations so we can decide as body where to go. response: regarding interjecting politics; could assemble list of political victories response: does not support port action amendment; doesn't want to discuss it now, will discuss after GA with anyone interested vote time: 21:33 proposal passes 26 to 4 proposal: Adopt statement (read to GA) recognizing essential human need for health care that should be available to all and calling for universal health care. presenter: ? vote: 21:40 passes 16 to 1 proposal: maintain at least one tent on Seattle Central grounds presenter: Karssen vote: 21:42 passes unanimously 15 to 0 Announcements Tainna – Adrian Xavier performing reggae this Saturday with Occupy Seattle posters; contact her for tickets ? – On Occupy Los Angeles' last night had proposal regarding ending corporate personhood; 1000 people showed up. Wants to bring similar statement on Friday, our last day here. Carol – note that our last night before 72-hour notice passes is tomorrow, Thursday Ed – camp has to end, but a bunch of people standing in the cold doesn't have to end; we can probably pull off a GA Friday night Karssen – given events of this week, doubts that police will conduct big raid (group votes to have Friday GA at SCCC plaza, not at Cal Anderson Park) Adjourned 21:51 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-12-06 19:00 Location: Seattle Central Community College Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: <> Facilitation Team Orientation: Sakina Process mover: Michael Agenda: Norm 1 Taking stack: Norm 2 New People's Comments Tay – First time here. Campers' Comments (none) Working Group Reports Faith and Spirit Working Group Sakina sanctuary has been moved to corner of Broadway and Pine will be here until the last minute they can legally remain chaplains coming to visit tomorrow morning and every morning she can get them here offering blessings at houses that are being occupied, will do so at parking lots and backyard sites that are occupied as well Faith Action Network, group of church activist organizations, gave annual award for most courageous political action, to occupy movement of Washington State Camp Safety David Saturday's de-escalation training is cancelled due to current camp circumstances Internet Communications Working Group Nathan listervs are operational; subscribe to lists you're interested in March to Defeat Violence Joe March Saturday begins at SCCC 3pm, to Westlake Park will pass many sites of violence against peaceful demonstrators planning going well hotel workers have donated several hundred nice-looking posters Morale Working Group Akilla Information Working Group Martin maintaining information booth at Westlake like previously; permitted there if interested, get in touch and he'll find you a time slot, or just bring some signs Akilla appreciates Martin's efforts, suggests talking to people on the closed Facebook page Legal Working Group Alex today, in US District Court of Western Washington, in Tacoma, lawfirm filed lawsuit on behalf of Occupy Seattle protesters who were given injunctions banning them from state Capitol provided opportunity to request temporary restraining order from court banning people from being at Capitol Finance Working Group Alyssa has finance report on Oct 25, GA voted to put signers on the bank account and let them determine how to spend money they have asked intergroup to devise budget based on what groups are doing this week and what they need for next week intergroup approved: $200 – Food $100 – Environmental Justice $100 – Food Not Bombs $70 – ICT $150 – Media $100 – Outreach $150 – Sanitation $350 – Port action if anyone thinks this budget is antithetical to the movement, please speak up one dissenter: objects to expenditures at this moment; have been operating for two months, and are at critical juncture; urges caution on spending precious resources before we learn how this turns out; we can wait another week response: $1100 dollars out of about $6000; volunteers have been funding this out of pocket, most have nothing left to give; note that dumpsters and port-a-poties; dumpsters this month were: $1800 first functional meeting of WG will be 1pm Sunday at Panera Breat across from SCCC ? – we received pledge of $2500 dollars today Aaron – can we have itemized list of expenditures? response: in order to get money next week, each group must provide receipts and change so we can give it to the bookkeeper Sunday ? – sees a correlation between crisis and donations; if we're moving into significant crisis, community that needs the movement will respond Announcements of Future Proposals future proposal: those who are here simply because it's a place to camp leave as soon as possible, and those who are here as political statement stick around, leaving one or two tent, sit around, mobilize community of faith, labor, and progress, then sit at camp and take whatever risk comes, as Davis, CA did. If we stay beyond Friday, we've won a little victory. presenter: Bob rationale: If we choose to take action, mirror courage and conviction of Davis, CA we're facing eviction after Friday afternoon, police are legally authorized to move into camp action in Davis, CA, showed conviction, character, and spoke deeply & broadly to the country and world future proposal: Announce date by which we will leave. presenter: Karssen Bob's idea is a good one. Since we haven't been given a timeline, let's leave on our own schedule. We should announce that we'll leave by a certain date, to be determined later. Proposals proposal: endorse Environmental Justice Working Group's December 17 march and protest to stop two lethal incenerators downtown Seattle, one already operational and one planned for future construction presenter: Norm rationale: hazardous, Seattle Steam stands to make $500 million vote: time: 20:00 proposal passes unanimously Open Discussion Taina – We need to be careful how we talk about the potential eviction. When people say we might have to deal with being raided, it sounds violent. Nobody wants violence. Believes most of us think we shouldn't be here any longer — says this as an occupier and a Seattle Central student. Let's respect everyone, both those camping here and those now, so we can leave with good vibes. We stayed her a while, tried it out, and it didn't work. We can apply what we learned to next location, making it stronger. Encourages people to leave when we agree to leave. We don't want pepper spray. If the school brings the cops and pepper spray, it will be bad. Aaron – Has been here since the beginning. Not camping anymore, but is an occupier. If individuals believe it's important to make symbolic statement of why we're here, and that everyone deserves a free education, some people will likely be willing to take some pepper spray in order to stand up for their rights. ? – Need to decide as a group whether to stay or leave. If we decide to leave, we should all leave. If we decide to stay, we should all stay. If people decide to stay here, it should be their responsibility to bail themselves out of they're jailed as a result. David – Homeless shelters are closing. It's illegal to be homeless. There are many homeless here because there's nowhere to go. Really hopes we all stay. It's sad that there are condos being built, community centers being closed, loopholes for corporations and the 1%, and the homeless population is growing. Graduated from this school and respects it, but feels this is about something much deeper. This is about injustices in our community and this is our opportunity to highlight them. Alvina – Regarding defending this space: Thinks it's ridiculous idea. We have a community shelter that is being demolished in the name of expensive condos, and we have an opportunity to defend it. Let's not break in again, but stand in front of the doors. This is an opportunity to point out precisely what the flaw is. People think it's coincidental that we have the highest homeless population in the US. Even the SCCC president didn't know that 15 shelters recently closed. Point is not the space, but that there is no space. Let's make one, not take one. ? – Agrees with many of the things said tonight. When we depart, whether we choose to resist or not, we should go in strength. Watched on Saturday many people here speak to congregation of St. Mark's about possibility of going there. Repeatedly brought him close to tears. If we take our protest to a movement for change, let's take actions to allow those trying to help us find a home. ? – What is most important in this situation is the campers who haven't another place a to go. That's a good point for negotiation with Seattle Central. Likes Karssen's idea. Likes idea of choosing date that allows us to find places to go for people who have no homes. Ed – Concerned that tents in public places remain as political statement. Doesn't know how that will happen unless those living in the tents choose where to go with help and prioritization from us. That's higher priority then choosing whether to defend this space. Karssen – What Aaron said was good, needs improvement, could be combined with Bob's idea. Want to maintain infrastructure, camp is important. We could move most of the tents out, leave one in the middle, have everyone who supports us stand around it. Imagine what it would look like if the police pepper-sprayed 500 people to remove one tent. Jamie – Camps here. Getting cold. Had pneumonia. This is good opportunity to move somewhere warm indoors, or if we really want tent city, have serious conversation about how to winterize so nobody dies. Sarah – It's time to move on from here. Whatever happens at time of eviction, whether we defend or leave, it's an opportunity to make statement, whether it be that we're leaving on our own terms but we disagree with the way college dealt with us, come up with statement we all support and convey it. Hopes not to see media blitz about disorganization and confusion. Should devise concrete plan for whatever we do. Jane – We should learn something from New York: Even if we're evicted, the occupation will not go away. Should find higher resolution before we disappear. Our movement should lead to superpower that is better than Democrats or Republicans, and call it the 99 Percent Party. Just discovered Should cooperate with other organizations, non-profits, unions, churches. 99 Percent is bigger than Democrats or Republicans. Our Washington, this organization, has been working on lobbying the system. Have attorney general, meeting with King County Council, with Seattle City Council members, should bring our org to higher level. Hopes this 99 Percent Party is not far from today. Nicholas – Have sort of been here before. Not long ago, were pressed under time restrictions at Westlake Park, with lots of emotional energy and tension. Some of us were resistant to change. We're here again. How good are we at riding the wave of change? Can we take advantage of it now, leading into the weekend? In your hearts and souls, may feel resistance to change, but remember have been here before. Remember that it felt good when we marched up here. We have a chance to take it to a higher level. Let's do it. ? – During Westlake eviction, naturally happened that some people resisted. We had larger numbers, had phone numbers. Someone texted him in middle of night. He was like a fireman burning in fire, dressed, got in car, drove rapidly down there, because he had the full-on spirit then and we resisted. They took us anyway. Media were there before us because they always know ahead of time. This may happen again. We'll know the raid is coming, but not when. If we don't communicate with each other like we used to, he doubts our abilities. If we don't get it together, we'll be pepper-sprayed and taken. Aaron – Regarding 99 Percent Party and the website. The Occupy movement is not associated or affiliated with any political party. This has been approved by the New York General Assembly and every member of the Occupy movement. As for the move, we can always reach out to the other Occupy cities like we did in Portland and have 10,000 people come here like happened in Portland, to stand strong together. If we stand strong together, they cannot make us move. Nathan – Emphasises that while politics is important, this movement is about sustained change: economic and social change. Politics comes third on that list. Hopes we show the government how to provide sustainable housing, health services, nutritious meals, education, etc., based only upon contributions of our community. They've been taking those contributions for hundreds of years. Let's do it better. Let's focus on sustainability part. Lots of lessons about how this camp is unsustainable. Let's take those and prepare for next site, then show the government how it's done. ? – It's dangerous to become a political organization. Cannot be involved in partisan politics, because that's what we're trying to get around and it's destructive. David – He and faculty think this is important. Faculty are preparing teach-ins for Friday night. Thinks UW faculty will be involved as well. Ed – Will respect decision if it's made to stay here and deal with the police. The message that we shall not be moved is find, but the more important one is that we shall not be stopped and that the camp and the larger Occupy movement will survive. Continues to be concerned that we're only planning through about Saturday instead of planning a sustainable future. Talking lots about moving GA inside, fewer days per week, to draw in larger participation and sustain activity over the winter. Hopes camp survives nearby so that through the winter we each spend one night a week in camp. ? – If we have a big thing Friday night to defend camp, police will wait until Saturday or late Friday, maybe Sunday, then kick us out. As they did in Portland, will wait until larger crowd leaves so they can kick people out. Regarding political party idea: one thing that brought him to the movement is that he feel neither party is representative of the 99%. This is because political campaign financing is based on money. If you have money, can buy vote in Congress. If we can change that, he's okay with going back to traditional political system, provided we have effective campaign finance reform. Aaron – In Portland, police waited until people left to enter with overwhelming force to remove remaining occupiers. Police change tactics, etc., and it would be wise if we found way to keep our numbers up so we can keep large presence through the weekend. ? – If we can drag on a few more days, suggests that we re-occupy Westlake on 12th, the day of the port shutdown. We'll probably have lots more people joining us that day. Karssen – Is in Get Money Out of Politics Workgroup, who have 40 people participating weekly. Over next two months, will kick of campaign to amend U.S. Constitution overturning Citizen's United and ending corporate personhood. That kicks off on January 21. If you'd like to join, 3pm Sundays, 2nd level of Convention Center. Ed – Is concerned about trying to get large numbers to defend this place. Not convinced we can get 500 people for one night, to defend this place we're talking about leaving, much less to get shifts over weekend. Even if we could, police will wait until most people leave, then come kick people out. If we want to take stand, should do so with small group of people focused on education, etc., and know we can achieve that. ? – One issue in determining when this eviction will happen is that this is considered an emergency action. Could be valuable to learn if police still have legal standing to evict if they wait five days. Professor Gizmo – Still awaiting push broom from last three days so he can pick up garbage. Depending on donations from passers-by and his food stamps to buy necessities for this group and other people in need. Reason people have problem with camp is youth activity and drug activity, possibly caused and/or allowed by inner workings of this group: Medical and tactical have been seen being buddy-buddy with electricity going to weird-looking meth tent, along with known drug dealers and Juggalos. Can have other witnesses testify to this fact. Medical and Tactical are in cahoots with the meth-heads. They're not accountable, taking everything and putting it in storage. Threatened to hit him over the head with a fire extinguisher. Maria – What we need to be talking about is the eviction: how to deal with it, how to clean up, where we'll go, and how to leave campus better than we found it. Alyssa – That's part of the reason things are going to storage. Medical and Chaplains are going mobile, not leaving. Library is available online, not gone. Not taking stuff, but keeping it from the cops, who would take it and not return it. ? – Idea for when police come: Make statement. If we let them come and take everything, then instantly, as soon as they leave, but it all back, quickly, decisively, will make statement. Corey – The would come right back. It would be more of a headache than beneficial. ? – Many of us talk about leaving this place better than it was, but there's no workgroup with any plan for cleaning. We'll need huge container to dump things in. Parks picked that up at Westlake. Where will our stuff go? Corey – Based on today's meeting, thinks college doesn't care about how we leave it, they have money set aside for restoration. They'll say this cost them a certain amount — as large as they can get away with — no matter what. We have no obligation to clean up. ? – Regardless of what the school says, we should clean up respectfully. AS a movement that wants to make the world a better place, let's leave this place nice. They'll feel bad. She loves this school. Has attended more than two years, and it's made her better. Alyssa – There is a fully-funded project to do renovations here that will require them to dig up large area we were in anyway, so it doesn't matter all that much. ? – UW has school of landscape architecture. Maybe students would want to do project to landscape the area. facilitator: Temp check: does anyone feel strongly that we should not make the symbolic defense at all? Pre-proposal was to remove most of camp, leave a few, and defend with civil disobedience. Others suggest leaving of our own accord rather than invite police violence. Does anyone feel strongly that we should not make that symbolic defense? Barney – Thanks everyone who camped here. We've shone lights on problems. Proud of everyone defending Constitutional rights. David – The woman who worked with Occupy Portland, training them on non-violent civil disobedience, wants to come do workshop to show us how to do it correctly. Spoke with her about strategy, and it sounds very good. Also spoke with man named Bill about PVC piping and other ways to defend camp, wants to travel here as well. He'll return the man's call. ? – Regarding the structures made here: they're made of wood and tied with rope. That structure should not be left here, but taken down and piled up so it can be removed easily, either in our trucks or otherwise. Would look very good if we left the whole place clean. facilitator: please come back tomorrow when we'll decide what to do. Also GA at noon at Westlake tomorrow. Adjourned 20:53 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-12-02 19:15 Location: Seattle Central Community College Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: Facilitation Team Orientation: Babylonia Process mover: Jack Taking stack: Carol Campers ? – Late Friday night, he and about 15 people were arrested for occupying a warehouse at 10th and Union. They sat peacefully while police came in with riot gear and arrested them for criminal trespass. Most were released Saturday evening at 9pm, but he was not until later. He's very thankful to the Legal Workgroup, who bailed him out. ? This place feels like it's about 20 percent occupiers to 80 percent others. Most people there (motions to tents), have nothing to do with the occupation. Seeks immediate solution, as we should not be pushed out by drug users and dealers. Sanitation, information, and kitchen have all been burned out giving resources to those who do not give back and those who put the occupation at risk. We need either immediate moving plans or removal of certain tents (e.g., the "back fort"), or about 20 people to stay up at night to ensure nothing bad happens. SCCC president said he would work with us on an exit strategy. We should meet that with respect, working to keep this safe for students, and even more so, for the day care that we're working to save. Let's not leave the property worse than it was when we came. ? – Need to get everyone focused on our common interests, which should be the main priorities for rallies and other events. This would bring solidarity and reduce division. New People ? – Has done lots of community organizing. Thinks what we're missing here is a way to determine who's contributing and who's not, and way to gently move those who are not participating toward participation. Working group announcements Storage and Supply Maria, on behalf of Sonya eviction likely coming soon want to preserve all communal items storage can only take dry, communal items, no personal items what's happening soon? Why an information blackout? Alyssa: Negotiations ongoing with various community groups; hard to coordinate; nobody can announce anything that is not a finalized offer because it would be rude to those offering to help. Will make announcement as soon as we can. Medical Working Group Emily Many medics have left and refused to return. She'll be removing the tent tomorrow. We'll still have medical on site. They'll have backpacks with supplies. We've lost over $800 of medical supplies to theft. They're not leaving, just going mobile. Kitchen Working Group Maria kitchen was removed due to low level of participation from campers and others. She's saddened by this. Tactical Working Group ? WG met tonight about possible new location. They don't want to promise anything until it's completely solidified. He suggests that wherever we go, the only people allowed to use camp resources be chipping in on work needed to sustain camp. Finance Working Group ? Newly formed. Anyone else interested, please get involved. Get Money Out of Politics Karssen Someone approached him about "loan strike" idea floated in The Stranger: some time in far future, Get in touch with Karssen for contact info if you're interested Outreach Working Group Jason Extreme need for people to staff information tent at Westlake Park during the day. Discussion of Friday's Action Babylonia Is one of those who were arrested on Friday night When released, heard that people were bothered by lack of GA approval hundreds of people were there, abut only 14 stayed shouldn't need GA approval; just do it Had great conversation about decolonizing Seattle just before the raid Were there because they thought it was important to show developers that we don't like 12 million dollar development to ruin our community They want to see a shift toward this for the whole group Hudson when we occupied the warehouse, people got to work immediately lights strung, decorations made actions like this are crucial; we need more of them David was there Friday night, but left just before SWAT arrived was also inspired by the action; that building represents the gentrification of Seattle Jamie was arrested Friday night there was lack of fear when cops arrived; were sitting in circle having beautiful conversation encourages everyone who left because of fear to stand together in jail, they were together, even when she was put in isolation, they were still together because she knew her brothers and sisters were there there was a big party in jail because the inmates loved them Fred – while he appreciates the enthusiasm surrounding an action like the occupation of that building, thinks back to his studies of military history; we have a name for small groups who launch lots of small actions: losers. If we had moved on that with bigger plans and solid support, then the outcome would have been more successful. While he's sympathetic to what has been said, if it's a one-off event, it's a pebble in the pond and nobody will know the difference. If we're to take on gentrification, it will take a whole lot more work than taking a building, getting arrested, and making a small splash. ? – Has been traveling the country, and has been at 11 different occupations, New York, Oakland, and elsewhere. Is very excited to see the occupation taking concrete steps. One of the most prominent critiques he hears from people who are not directly involved is that the movement is not concrete and has no direction. Taking buildings relates to colonialism, consumerism, capitalism, racism. Is very excited about idea of planning occupations of buildings to turn them into homeless centers. Maria – Completely supports actions like that which happened Friday, but also agrees that there should be more support. Those who were there at 11pm and left before 3am should not have left, but stayed in solidarity. Should have barricaded ourselves in. Fact that a door was open is a sign of weakness in our action. ? – People who started the march purportedly just wanted to take it for a few hours. If we want to take a building and use it for some positive purpose, community center, daycare, etc., need to let people know about it, be prepared for cops coming in at most inopportune time, likely 4-7am, as has been the case at every other occupation. Do not underestimate your enemy or blindly trust anyone. Most of us did not know where the march was going. Should have been wary of committing this criminal act. Admits that many people have no place to sleep at night, so were exuberant when they saw that place. So next time, since there is likely to be a next time, let's organize better support. Please be ready to fight for our common goal, be it barricading or being arrested. ? – Must recognize that we cannot always be outright about direct actions. This is a great opportunity for us to educate ourselves preemptively about what to expect when police come, what correct procedures are, etc. Should start having GAs specifically focused on those actions. Eviction is going to happen here, and we need to start thinking about alternatives. In many other occupations, there was no followup plan, so they ceased to exist. Ed – Disagrees with Fred. Small attacks is also called guerilla warfare. It's how they won Viet Nam against us. Friday, everyone loved each other. The next morning, this was not so, because we lost. Next time, instead of "oh, there was an open door," "needed more barricades," consider that we lost as soon as the police decided to come in. When we sat in a circle and discussed, we won. ? – Was there when the first person was arrested. That door was barricaded. People were asked then if they wanted to stay and be arrested or leave. Noticed that some people said things like, "the people who want to stay are the real occupiers," and that was very uncool. People have their reasons, families, etc., and didn't want to risk spending the night in jail, but might be willing some other time. Josh – Was one of the arrestees. Description was inaccurate. People stayed with us. They did what they could to make the space as secure as they could. Those people did their best to support us. When we were lead out, those people were on the street cheering for us. To describe them as just there for a party, for their own motives, is absolutely false characterization. Felt much love for them. They had our backs and we appreciated it. ? – When watching on the roof saw lots of things that could go wrong. Saw the garage door being opened, letting the cops know numbers were dwindling. When you say you're going to be part of an occupation, then go home, it makes us feel like we're doing the same thing over and over: 300 people there, then 50 people being arrested. ? – Likes occupying buildings. Was at the warehouse. Awesome feeling inside. Need to communicate better when we do it. This morning, seven or eight people sat at St. Mark's to talk about where to move after we leave SCCC. Action Announcements Art – We're going to go take over a house tonight at in West Seattle. House has been abandoned for seven years. David – Is very serious about protecting a building from being demolished. We should plan to do this effectively ? – Many actions coming up this month: port shutdown on the 12th, and more. ? – If we get the word out that we're willing to help people whose houses are being taken, people will approach us for help. It only takes 20 respectable people in the front yard to make this happen. Proposals proposal: Require at least 80% support in order to pass proposals at GA. presenter: Hudson source: Process and rationale: received much feedback that GA has become place for conflict and confrontation, for groups to enter with a proposal and triumph over others make this a space about listening and understanding, craft solutions and make best decisions in an inclusive manner raising from simple majority to 80% would force assembly to come together and hear people's concerns any proposal that anyone cares about gets blocked every time, so in effect, they already require 80% proposals pass with 80% all the time, by convincing people that the blocker is wrong and that they should steamroll his or her opinion 50% of this small group is not likely representative; 80 is more likely P&F don't care; this is what people say they want strongest proposals are those that have passed by 60, not 80, worked on, back next night, failed again, proposers addressed concerns, passed by 70 or so, then revised more, then finally passed with lots of support discussion ? – supports; a supermajority gives … GA should not be a bureaucracy Maria – agrees, but not much participation by campers and representation from working groups; needs more of that to put faith in decisions even when made by 80 percent ? – What Maria said is valid, but … ? – What are going to do about math? Imagine the conflicts that will arise over rounding up or down. Really obvious solution is to get rid of blocks. Bush was elected by 51 percent. This is how democracy works. If we don't do that, won't be what democracy looks like, will be what peer pressure looks like. Hudson – 51 percent is not what democracy has to look like. With Bush's win, 49 percent were left behind. Ed – We want to move GA inside. We hope to have larger numbers when that happens. This is about addressing small numbers. ? – Vast majority of GAs he knows of function with 90 percent or consensus. Countless GAs around the country do it. It's appalling that Seattle now acts on majority rule. ? – Would this proposal cause blocks to cease to exist? Hudson – No, will still be blocks. Currently, block raises threshold for passage. Ed – Heard from many people that they still want the block as a way to hear strong dissent. It will be come blocking concern; listen one more time, not a power play to raise the threshold. ? – Concerned that this proposal wouldn't change the way things are passed. Already require 80 percent majority. Hudson – Right now, after we vote, proposal is considered passed if more than half the people. A block is someone who is in our way, something we have to move out of our way. If this passes, a block will not be a last stand, it will be a signal to the assembly that someone has a serious concern. Ed – 80 percent is what we're doing already. Proposes that we do this now. If someone wants to propose 90, can do that later. Karssen – 80 is a good number. There's a good reason the block existed before. Someone said something poignant about the OWS movement: Nothing sticks to it. If something doesn't go well, it doesn't reflect on the whole if it didn't go through the GA. Block tends to anger people. ? – Let's remember that 1 percent of the population make decisions for the other 99 percent. ? – It's bad to annoy someone who really cares about something by … Ed – Yes, that's why we still want to have the block. Someone can force us to listen more before passing. vote time: 20:44 passes 19 to 5 Ed – that's less than 80 percent; concerned about that block: Hudson If we're voting to raise passage to 80, should have 80 percent support vote: 27 to 7 proposal blocked Announcements Maria – When we start talking about where to go, needs to know so she'll know where the kitchen needs to be. Carol – If the worst comes and we have to break down camp, GA will happen that night across the street at Cal Anderson Park near restrooms and lights, at 7pm Adjourned – 20:59 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-11-29 19:00 Location: Seattle Central Community College Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek joined in-progress at 19:20 Audio archive: Working group announcements Emily – Doesn't support decision from kitchen even though she's part of the group, but she's not blocking because 1) she loves the group, 2) doesn't have energy to provide alternative and doesn't think she should block if not. We need to talk about this more, in a different manner. Would like her strong feelings to be heard and discussed. Get Money out of Politics Karssen called Nick Licata last week someone from his office returned call today Licata is working on instituting a state bank so we don't have to put the city's money in the Wall Street Banks Karssen said he hoped we could help, they said we'd need to pick a representative, someone elese in the WG would be good Gender Equality Caucus Ariel workshop on gender and socioeconomic justice, in SCCC atrium Thursday, Sep 1, 6 p.m. Friday, Sep 2, 2:30 p.m. Media Working Group Karssen newspaper being started – The Occupied Seattle Times get in touch if you'd like to help Action Announcements Maria just returned from Olympia many actions there, some good, some bad progressive stack was difficult in the very-white Olympia Hannah organized group at Garfield High School 300 students want to organize walk-out and march and "Occupy Your High School" movement looking to her because she's worked in high school for many years wants to help them support their teachers and education, oppose educational funding cuts has little such experience, seeks assistance, see her after meeting Cathy was here Sunday, had to leave early because was unprepared for the heavy rain wanted to get feedback about National General Council Washington, D.C., July 4, 2012 if there's not a workgroup, she'll start one email if interested Proposals proposal: adopt conflict resolution policy presenter: Hudson source: Transformative Justice Working Group discussion: do we have quorum? was well-advertised, so if people had strong objections, should have come out tonight; if people are uncomfortable voting, maybe we should vote on voting before voting this is an ongoing problem; people are hamstrung because they can't get a decision out of the GA; people know when they are, and can come if they're interested occupations have ups and downs; weather is unfavorable, people are in Olympia, this is a bad time for making decisions distribution of knowledge is a problem; the website is ineffective, workgroups are short-handed; the more people here, the better the spreading of word of the proposal; fewer people at GA means fewer will know about the proposal; only three campers at GA now, but this proposal mostly affects campers good idea, but needs some revision community accountability depends on people participating, people knowing about the process; WG will keep working to spread the word; worth passing tonight, then spread principles and process, work with it, support it, make it better regarding low camper participation at GA: wants to know what they think about this, but happy to vote about it now, find out what they think about it, then bring them at a time convenient to them in a big meeting they can run there is camper caucus; if someone will pledge to take this to their next meeting, he'll support it now (examples provide use of policy) Ginger pledges to take this to next camper caucus likes idea of getting something in motion now; let's set it in motion, then reinforce it when more people are around camper vs. non-camper doesn't mean much; he's here every day all day, lives nearby and goes home to sleep camper participation is important one possible flaw: accountability circle should be limited to campers who participate in the movement; many just sit around and party; non-participants shouldn't be in accountability circle no, anyone who feels involved in a conflict, has been harmed, or has harmed others, should come to the accountability circle oh, misread, agrees now vote time: 20:25 proposal passes 18 to 1 Misc Discussion it's hard to get things voted on; instead of fewer discussion-making GAs, we should make them all decision-making GAs we're actually talking about fewer decision-making GAs because the discussion-only ones are more fun; decisions made here don't have much weight, and aren't really all that important; talking to each other is tonight's proposal was distributed widely by e-mail ahead of time; can't help that group tonight was small not camping, just a community member who stops by as schedule allows; people speak poorly of Occupy Seattle when he's out and they see his 99 sticker; bad things get attention, GA's don't, people being rowdy at night do; structure is needed, whether anarchists like it or not; someone needs to be in charge of minutes, someone to keep track of what happens at a meeting; make people accountable; without structure, one hand can't tell what the other did intends to have various events to support people kicking drug habbits SCCC President will be participating in general assembly; was going to do it Wednesday, but we'll ask him to move it to Thursday really doesn't like Killpatrick, but thinks it's very cool that he wants to come, so let's be polite, let's make sure that he gets on stack like everyone else, and let's make sure all our radical friends are respectful as well Jack from Process and Facilitation will facilitate at our first noon GA tomorrow at Westlake Park Adjourned 20:47 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-11-27 19:15 Location: Seattle Central Community College Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek joined in-progress 19:25 Audio archive: available a day or so later New People [at least two spoke] Campers Alvina Cairo solidarity march divided and half the people left when some people started chanting anti-police slogans instead of focusing on the deaths in Cairo. If you want to do an anti-police march, please do it. Chris Camps here, works with Medical finds sharps around camp too often; please put them in sharps containers Maria various working groups' membership is dwindling many people camping here are not participating in any workgroup For there to be an Occupy Seattle, we need groups with lots of people participating Working group announcements Emily kitchen needs help cleaning. We can't serve food out of it now. There's a task list in the kitchen for those who want to help. Sustainability Brigade Working Group Carlo put up great signs on containers so we can tell garbage from recycling and compost; please observe them Media Working Group Aliana This Wednesday will be the first noon general assembly need people to join process and facilitation need tarp Demands Working Group ? considering changing name from Demands to Goals Occupy the Capitol Working Group ? special budget-cutting legislative session starts tomorrow bus leaves Monday 7:15 a.m. carpooling with Sisters Organized for Survival other days Action Announcements Ariel with Gender Equality Caucus two workshops on gender and social equality Thurs Dec 1 6pm SCCC atrium Fri Dec 2 2:30pm SCCC atrium Cathy received critical e-mail this morning from Occupy Ashville North Carolina also addressed to Occupy Des Moines [people's microphone suspended; unable to hear] Alvina hopes to continue recognizing rising death toll in Egypt Announcements of Future Proposals ? conflict resolution proposal announced yesterday will be voted on Wednesday ? – Do we have enough people to do business? temp check: yes, most think that's okay Proposals peoposal: endorse Occupy Oakland's call for West Coast port shutdown on December 12 already endorsed by four other coastal occupations first part: November 30, gather and attend planning meeting march 1pm, September 12 from Westlake to Port to attempt to shut it down concerns and dissent: ? – this is based off of last march: Whatever march happens on 12th, we should have an ordained agreement of peace. Finds the word "fuck" in previous marches to be dischordant with peace. ? – Agrees with previous comment. Messaging should be clear that this march is in solidarity with longshoremen. ? – That's off-topic. Proposal is to endorse the march. Details can be discussed later. Matt – May have heard that one union has distanced itself. That doesn't mean that all workers are opposed. He has received many calls of support. vote time: 20:05 proposal passes unanimously proposal: ? Process and Facilitation have been talking for a long time about increasing requirement for proposal passage to 80% temp check: is this a good time to propose [note: it's pouring rain and most people are without cover proposal tabled emergency announcement Alyssa from Supply traveled to LA to help set up their supply. They're being evicted. Can we get them a statement of solidarity tonight? temp check indicates lots of support Announcements Lady Gaga – reminder: bus tomorrow morning from SCCC tomorrow morning 7:15am leaving for Olympia. She's going. Shawn – Process and Facilitation is talking with lots of other people about where to have GAs if it becomes impractical to have them at SCCC plaza They seek input from others. Somewhere dry would be very nice. Ed – Process and Facilitation is also thinking about what to do if camp is moved. If you show up for a GA and see nothing but bulldozers, expect GA at Cal Anderson Park by restrooms. Karssen – ? ? – ? [rain and lack of participation in people's microphone by people in back prevented further note-taking] Adjourned 20:17 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-11-20 19:00 Location: Seattle Central Community College Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: (joined meeting in progress 19:17) Facilitation Team Facilitator: Agenda: Process mover: Taking stack: Time keeper: Campers Alvina – Noticed several several inebriated people at camp Mohawk – Continues to find evidence of violations of our good neighbor statement. Hudson – Did campers assembly happen today? Yes, happened this afternoon. Had a little neighborhood picnic, got to know each other and hashed out a few issues pertaining to camp. Working group announcements Supply and Storage Working Group Alyssa Occupy Supply, a division of Fire Dog Lake, wants to provide high-quality thermal underwear to permanent campers; see her if you'd like some Visited Occupy Olympia recently. We should decide whether to join people in Olympia or stay here. People are working on stuff for us, but the school administration wants us out, so seems likely we'll get evicted in coming weeks. In Olympia, they're building Occu-pods, which turn into military tents and house about eight people for about $300. Supply would like to build six of them. Sanitation Working Groups Mohawk Sound Transit has ground monitors in the area that they need to get to periodically. He'll call ST to find out where they are Outreach Working Group Andrew had big meeting today; almost 20 people attended need more participants next meeting: Wednesday 5pm in front of food tent Media Working Group Carson planning a workshop on doing interviews with the press for Monday or Tuesday Demands Working Group Justin please think "goals" instead of "demands" one goal is some form of universal health care will discuss a related proposal Tuesday after general assembly thinking of bringing proposal Wednesday if it's well-received Tuesday see discussion forums for ongoing discussion Internet Communications Working Group Chase have been having several national and international conference calls one of the international calls happens Sunday afternoon; are people interested in listening it? Can put it over PA. temp check: yes City Hall Plaza Nathan completed move to second floor starting newspaper usually gather around 1pm before Monday City Council meetings has SPD complaint forms wants to have fundraiser for legal fund Announcements of Future Proposals Ed, Process and Facilitation upcoming proposals Tuesday: change to requirement of 80% vote instead of 50% reduce decision-making GAs to Thursday and Sunday more open discussions and community building in General Assembly currently: four meetings per week for decisions now have camper assemblies Babylonia will make camp safety proposal see copy at Information Tent hopes to see it discussed and amended before presentation to GA Justin for Tuesday: approve open letter he wrote in light of recent crack-downs here, Middle East, and elsewhere e-mailed an abridged version to Process and Facilitation Patricia seems pretty clear, based on reports from SCCC to the news that they want to evict us Legal would like to prevent eviction suggest filing lawsuit against SCCC for temporary restraining order preventing them from taking action to shut down the camp later hearing would determine if we can get permanent injunction consider: legally, could make very good arguments for about 99% of the camp there is risk might lose some stuff, not be able to keep it through the TRO off-leash dogs some of the problems with food Who would be plaintiff? would like to file on behalf of Occupy Seattle with a few people specifically named would do it pro se (no lawyer; members who are lawyers would be representing us, but not as lawyers) should work to get everything up to compliance can we commit to being healthy and safe environment? Legal thinks that camp has made many positive steps; camp is getting better Evan, Media, Arts and Entertainment proposal: acquire indoor warehouse space where we can headquarter workgroups, do fundraisers, meet and have forums, etc. will bring more related information Tuesday Jack, Process and Facilitation proposal: define what a working group is, what their values are, what a mandate is Action Announcements Craig teaches at Seattle Central he and other teachers, in conjunction with the SCCC students Occupy group want to hold teach-in for "Is Capitalism Sustainable" ? groups meeting to discuss how to create more free trade we know this does not benefit farmers or workers here or anywhere in the world gathering noon Monday at Westlake to go to Westin and interrupt the meeting final panel: McDermott, Smith, Larson, Reichert Emma Egyptians took back Tahir Square Egyptian military have been taking leadership from US police on how to crush opposition hope to plan day of action against Doug Nielson WSFSE member, works at University of Washington his local voted a budget yesterday of $2500 to provide transportation to Olympia on November 28 for members and other people has signup sheet awaits plans from Occupy Seattle so we can work together to get people to Olympia Carol Tuesday 6pm in Learning Tent, IWW will do teach-in on general strikes, workplace occupations, solidarity, unionism Alvina writing letter of lamentation to the SCCC president, representing only herself media have portrayed this camp as homeless encampment that's great; means our outreach is working didn't mention that 15 homeless shelters closed down simultaneously to our occupation Report from Occupied House Akila, Mina visited occupied house at 23rd and Alder requested they ask GA for: more people pillows blankets hot tea liquids sleeping mats paint have cherry red, black, and antique moss plan is to fix up the house, possibly make it into community center need a very quiet generator Mohawk – House is owned by King County government, taxes paid by Bank of America, who paid $2000 in taxes last year To find: take Metro bus 8 to Garfield Hight (23rd), go to bus stop by Ezell's, continue up hill and look for house on the right with sign and sticker from Hip Hop Occupies What possible legal implications does this have? We don't know. Akila and Mina are not attorneys. Maybe we should consider using it as a homeless shelter as well as community center. Could explain that state failed and we stepped in to pick up the slack after homeless shelters shut down. response: We will use it for both. Charges of trespass, breaking and entering, are serious. When's a good time to visit without bothering people? Any time is a good time. Doubts people will be sleeping at wrong time or be bothered about being awakened. Proposals proposal: No smoking or open flames in tents or in the straw-covered area surrounding tents. restated: No smoking in tents or flammable area, no open flame in straw area or tents. additional detail: consequences of smoking in tents: First: warning. Second: banned for eight to ten hours. Third: Ban 24 hours. Fourth: ban three days, until permanent banning at seventh violation presenter: Mohawk rationale: Let's avoid Great Fire of Occupy Seattle discussion: Swan Eagle Has camped four nights: three last weekend, one this weekend. Trying to set up grandmothers' peace camp concerned about crack, methamphetamine, heroin, and violence that erupts nightly not safe here for children, not safe for many people last night, angry person came out with baseball bat; her daughter tried to break it up (rapidly left GA while yelling) facilitator: this comes up every GA; let's keep it on topic Carol – Agrees that people who smoke should do so at other end of camp. This is a danger. Has seen people die in fires. Doesn't want people to cause a fire by smoking. Everyone who smokes around the straw is not only endangering people here at our camp, but to entire movement. ? – Please respect my asthma. (communication breakdown as several people yell at each other about making assumptions about homeless people) ? – We already have rule against smoking. What's all this about seven strikes? ? – Had camp assembly earlier today for issues specific to camp. This would be a great thing to take to that meeting. We're working on something to deal with people violating our rules. ? – Smoking is an obvious danger. Real problem is dangerous/hard drugs and violence. ? – From Vancouver, BC, arrived here today. They're dealing with similar problems Have over 1000 people in 300 tents. Have fire department on site very frequently. tents must be one meter apart so they can deal with medical issues they monitor with heat sensors to recognize open flames in tents; donated machines to Occupy security ? – Doesn't think cigarettes are big problem. Candles are. It will be very difficult, involve micro-management, and be intrusive, to enforce smoking ban. Will cause division. Let's find ways to be safe without attacking people. vote: time: 20:34 proposal passes proposal: No violence in camp. presenter: Mohawk additional detail: first consequence: kicked out for night or 8-10 hours, after both sides of story heard. Second: kicked out 24-78 hours. Third: Banned permanently or required to do community service. there is a violence clause in SCCC policy, was written when there was much violence discussion: ? – Confused, because she thought we already had something like this. response: it's not enforced, this adds consequences ? – Apologizes for getting upset earlier. Thinks if we don't act on this, someone will die. Would like to be part of group that prevents violence before it occurs. David, Camp Safety – His experience shows that most violence in the camp is sparked by drug and alcohol use in camp. To stop the violence, stop the drug and alcohol use. Camp Safety needs more people in order to effectively patrol camp. Also, Camp Safety does not have authority to ask people to leave (as result of proposal from November 4). Just walked around camp and saw that it's happening right now. response: Has no drugs and alcohol proposal coming up. ? – Need to get more Camp Safety members in order to enforce and give teeth to this. Maybe we could modify so that people who day a day's or a night's worth get a food ticket, and when hot food arrives, they get some first. Can address this in a future proposal. Carson – Passing proposals doesn't solve any problems. Going to people and convincing them to stop does. Maybe people should just keep this activity in their tents. Not asking people to stop using drugs and alcohol, just to refrain from doing it here. facilitator: Only about eight people left. A vote at this time would not hold much weight. discussion: ? – Doesn't see how this would solve the problem. Can't enforce without being forceful. response: What he meant by "not physical" is "don't drag people out of their tents or be otherwise overly-aggressive" ? – When considering whether to camp, asked himself if he can bring his godson down, whether he can go to work at Leshi Elementary in the morning fully-rested. Devon – Being here is a choice. If you choose not to adhere to what others are doing … Real problem is hard drugs, not drinking. Has been here every night since the beginning. Ed – Situation has changed since this proposal was made. We now have campers assembly who are trying to address this problem from within. Suggests rolling this proposal into next meeting of Campers GA, which will happen in a few minutes. ? – There are people in camp who use cannabis for legitimate problems. If people have trouble walking, going after them for medical cannabis use might be bad. off-topic Greg – Suggests that anything "judicial" to happen happen in Cal Anderson Park, not here in camp. facilitator: Fourteen people here vote: time: 20:55 proposal passes facilitator note: majority of people in attendance did not vote Announcements ? – Letter-writing party tomorrow, 11am, SHARE office at 2nd and Stewart. Target and topic to be determined. 2nd and Stewart, 11am, SHARE office ? – SCCC forum, Tuesday 2pm, SCCC room BE-1110 ? – At conclusion of this stressful GA, reverends will give reading from agnostic gospels. Could help to calm. Adjourned 21:02 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-11-16 19:10 Location: Seattle Central Community College Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: Facilitation Team Facilitator: Agenda: Process mover: Taking stack: Time keeper: New People Louie – From New York City. Joining for second night. Ian – Has first aid certification, supports movement. Joe – Was here last night, brings a document endorsed by Anonymous last week. Please read it ans share it. Has CDs with text, HTML, and audio, and paper copies. Kellen – Do we really need to use the people's mic tonight? Liam – It was hard to hear Kellen, even though he's yelling. Dislikes dogma. ? – Need it so 157 people watching live stream cannot hear. ? – Sometimes we don't need it. Let's remember that this was first used because we didn't have power. Now we do. ? – How about individuals speakers decide when to use it and when not. ? – Is very hard of hearing. Cannot hear what we're saying without it. ? – Understands that this is not a protest but a process. Facilitator – To be inclusive, and because we don't have amplification at this moment, let's use it. Campers ? – He and Cammie went to SCCC, spoke with students, teachers, and faculty to get input. Will bring this up during workgroup session, but needs to address one thing now: Asked daycare if we're causing problems for them. We are. What can we do to improve? No smoking within 50 feet of the daycare. That's from daycare to food tent. We must enforce that now if we want to stay here. Need to have tarp on fence so they can't see us, so 4- to 6-year-olds cannot speak with us, and so children cannot reach our animals. Watch language and actions during day when around children. These are the people for whom we're occupying. ? – Public broadcasting channels have open slots at particular times. Thinks it would be good idea to get voice into media. Working group announcements Anna – Days ago, announced that new Growth WG was going to be doing community cleanup. Tomorrow, will be on SCCC plaza at noon to start cleanup of Cal Anderson Park and Broadway. ? – Questions, comments, and concerns from students and faculty We're preaching to the choir here, unlike at Westlake? Will this turn into a place for transients? Students are concerned about riots. Students afraid to come to GA; they've heard it is not safe. Many people want to see break-down of SCCC president's $20,000/week figure. One instructor Sonia Green, is involved with public radio station KBCS-FM 91.3; contact her for info What do we hope to achieve? Lots of confusion talking to different occupiers with different ideologies Lots of worry that we're very violent Are we trying to overthrow the government, and if so, what exactly does that mean? Darlene, the librarian – Occupy Seattle Newsletter has been out a couple days. See it at the information tent. Looking for people to staff the library (white tent on corner). Or contact if you want to help. Jacqueline from learning tent – Learning tent is space for people to conduct workshops, teach-ins, etc., during the day. In evenings, okay for people to sleep there, as there is plenty of space, but please don't clutter the space with belongings. Take away what you brought in. Occupy the Capitol Kristin – Occupy the Capitol. Meet Friday 5pm in SCCC atrium. Monday November 28 is the day. Transportation will be available. Media Working Group Carson Did great in the media today. Lots of pictures of police macing people aggressively. Organizing workshop for being a culture warrior on TV and radio in a couple weeks. Call him at 206-972-8446 if interested. Tactical Working Group ? Tomorrow, student campus general assembly 2-4pm, includes workers and faculty, widely promoted at Cornell West event today. March afterward, another coming from UW. CW event today was organizing in last 12 hours before event. Went well. 400 people attended. Outreach Working Group ? Coming along well. Lots of outreach with churches and student body. Need to figure out how to plug new people in. Working on some long-term strategies, including pilgrimage Meet daily at 3pm, then usually move to a cafe. Faith and Spirit Tina Alcoholics Anonymous meeting this Saturday Quaker meeting Sunday 2pm met with Jordanians in a peace delegation today; they said "Oh, no, you don't take your hope from the Arab spring, we still take our hope from America; you guys are fighting Wall Street, which is harder than fighting a dictator; what we do affects one country, what you do affects the whole world" ? Went to DEA protest today, and was only occupier there. Knows she's not the only user of cannabis, as has smoked with several people. Would love more people to get involved. Wants to start Sensible Washington group here to work toward ending cannabis prohibition. Labor Caucus Zach multiple unions intend to be at Occupy Olympia action. Filled people in on what happened with police violence yesterday. Started working with a few people from waterfront to build emergency phone response system. Next time the cops come mess with us, can get some sailors and longshoremen down here to tell them what's up. Unions might raise some funds to donate books about labor history, labor law, other working-class stuff. Intend to have some teach-ins for labor-related stuff. If you're interested in attending or leading, find him. Kitchen Emily Everyone needs to help with trash. Green for garbage, clear for recycling. We're charged per-bag, so fill them. Please re-use silverware and plates. They're disappearing. Everyone is encouraged to work in kitchen. They're getting very burned-out. Have lost many people because they're over-worked. Sanitation John has fallen into his lap reorganizing workgroup; needs assistance meeting tonight 11pm near port-a-potties spoke with multiple restaurants about potentially letting us use restrooms; most were closed when he tried only two who were willing were the corporate places across the street, Panera and Yogurtland. Please be respectful. Action Announcements Liam More about tomorrow: Everyone should be there. It's not just for students, but mixed students, faculty, and occupiers. meet 2pm in front of atrium (by cafeteria) Duff Occupy Seattle Goggle lending library started in response to ongoing police violence. He was wearing them, next to Doyli, and was unaffected by pepper spray, Bought a dozen pairs for $85. Information Tent will keep goggles. When an occupier wants to go to event, go to Info, sign name, and check out pair of goggles like you would a book from the library. Bring back when the action is over, or when you're released from jail. Don't we have funds so people don't have to suffer personal burden? Alyssa – Last Friday, voted to put signers on the bank account. Two of them already signed up, two more will be added when they can get to the bank. Bringing related proposal late this week. Mayor McGinn issued public apology to those who were maced yesterday. Liam next Tuesday, 2pm-4pm, SCCC room BE-1110, "Perspectives on the Occupy Movement" students, young occupiers, and both, will speak about occupy movement, where it's going, and what we want to do with it Kristin Why are we occupying the Capitol? Because there's a special session starting Monday 11/28. We will demand: oppose all cuts to jobs, services, and education restore services, jobs, and benefits, by taxing Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks, Amazon, and other huge corporations, along with Washington's most wealthy individuals pressure feds to end wars, redirect trillions in military spending to jobs, unemployment, and social services They must find or cut 2 million dollars. On the copping block are: services, health care, education. If you want to be involved: go to Occupy the Capitol Facebook page or e-mail Announcements of Future Proposals future proposal: Endorse two events: Rich Lang, minister who was blasted by six cops with pepper spray, is planning two events to educate faith communities about occupy. November 28, at GA time 7pm (sorry), in University District December 3, 10am, Plymouth Church seek endorsement (a.k.a., blessing Proposals proposal: adopt statement of unity: Occupy Seattle has many different politics and visions within it. This is our strength. We will not allow any in our movement to be singled out and attacked for their politics whether they be anarchist, progressive, communist, liberal, socialist, radical, etc. We welcome healthy debate among each of these groups, but debate is different than irrational attacks and fear-mongering. If people are partaking in actions which are damaging to the movement or address the safety of members, should be addressed as a separate matter. But no one will be allowed to be ostracized or demonized by people in or outside unless they're decisively against the general unity and aspirations, fascist, openly racist, sexist, homophobic, white nationalist, etc. no actions by individuals represent OS as a whole. We do, however, stand in solidarity with actions against the powers that be taken by individuals in the movement. presenter: Liam rationale: has been lots of red baiting (blaming communists) and black baiting (blaming anarchists) radicals have too quickly dismissed liberals and progressives discussion Does this ensure that we do not endorse, no matter what your political views are, non-violent means? response: No, it's not a statement of universal nonviolent principals. This movement was not founded on that, but in Egypt, where cops were driven out with spears. We should not ostracize people for not being universally nonviolent. It's also not a prescription for violent tactics. Duff – This is beautiful and necessary. Suggests adding ageism. As an elderly person, he's offended by notion that this is a movement of the young. Kristin – concerned about lack of nonviolent; entered this with idea that this was nonviolent movement. response: Exactly the kind of dismissals he tried to address in the proposal. Regarding violence between occupiers, suggests separate policy of universal nonviolence among ourselves. Alvina – Agrees, but Occupy Wall Street did not start in Egypt. When Adbusters put out the call, explicitly called for nonviolent. Would be ideal accept nonviolence as a movement. Many people who participate want not to be associated with violence toward other people. ? – Suggests that we include conservatives. Spoke with 83-year-old aunt. She's conservative. He disagrees with her on a lot, but they listen to each other. They teach each other. She agreed with decision to take money out of big banks. She could be good foot soldier spreading the message. Let's not ostracize her because she's conservative. She's also pro-choice. response: Fine with adding things like a few more descriptors like this and ageism. ? – Thinks most of the proposal is excellent but is concerned with conflict of last two parts: Says actions of group are decided at GA, but also says we support possible violent actions of those who go off on their own. Concerned that those actions will affect the rest of us. response: makes clear in proposal that there are things which directly affect the movement, that can be dealt with outside the purview of the proposal. Not an endorsement of any particular tactics, or a call for such. He's not a pacifist. Thinks when people shove bikes back at cops, refuse to leave, drove cops up Broadway, it was righteous and also violent. There is violent and libertory violence (when it's against oppressors). Carson – This addresses words, not actions. Thinks we should address nonviolence also. ? – Appreciates descriptive way to define who is not included in our movement. Have had rigorous debate and violence against each other over this issue. Regarding acts of violence: need to be more thoughtful with our words, how we define acts of violence, acts of force, or aggravating acts. Does not support acts of violence. Does not see pushing bikes back at cops as violent. Thinks it is important to use different words for different things. Thinks that we'll find common ground if we include other adjectives than violence. Matt – If someone verbally attacks him or his comrades, don't expect him to refrain from hitting that person. When someone told a woman that she was a bitch and that someone needed to get her on a leash, a fight broke out between him and that person; it was justified. Robert – Was at march yesterday, was pepper-sprayed three times in the face. Made him cry, not because of pain and hurt, but had feelings for the officer who sprayed him, because he felt he had the choice to do it. Loves the diversity in our group. Fought for his country for many years. Cried yesterday because he looked at officer while he was spraying, and asked him, "Why?" Looked at people on corners of intersection, and saw that they were crying, too. They're not here now, but have our hearts and our minds. Matt (2) – Good conversation, similar to that which went on with the student nonviolent committee in 1970s. Started by running out communists, who later ran the movement. Need united front between liberals, communists, anarchists, etc. In such, everyone can say his piece, and nobody is told to shut up in an effort to avoid alienating our base. Working with police, for instance, would alienate his community. Not doing so might alienate another. This is different from a … Doesn't want to run liberals out. When we say we don't want to be controlled by union bureaucrat, doesn't mean we don't want to work with them. ? – Supports this. We're going to find our inner struggle. Intent is not to violently overthrow the ruling class. They'll make sure they have violence against us. When that happens, we'll have to defend ourselves. That can't necessarily happen with non-violence. In many countries, they're tearing down the occupations. Such violence will come here eventually. ? – Conversation has gotten off track. Let's refocus. Last sentence bothers her. What does "powers that be" mean? Agrees with Duff that last two sentences are contradictory. Zach – Wanted to make points about violence, but we're sick of discussing, so will spare us. Regarding this being based on principles that OWS laid down, so by default we should be non-violent movement. He disagrees. Can stand in solidarity while remaining autonomous and forging own path. Doesn't mean we should not be nonviolent, just that we need not follow New York. Strongly encourages not to add conservatives to list. Has conservative family, happy to talk with them, fine for them to come show support. Will never, ever, defend conservatism as an ideology. Have lots of terms here, 99 percent, this is just about bank reform, etc. Should be honest that this is same class war that has been going on since capitalism showed up. This is war against capitalist class and conservatism. Conservatives are welcome, but let's not add it to the list. Liam – Didn't raise this to sneak in anything about violence, but because around country, communists are being blamed, and Occupy has been encouraged to drive them out. Here, the same thing is happening with anarchists. He's a communist. Means nothing more than goal of common goals and freedom. Shouldn't be driven out by that. vote time: 20:49 proposal passes proposal: Adopt proposal (provided in writing) "to Organize and Occupy in Solidarity", recognizing that our spaces are public spaces, Occupy spaces, and activist spaces, not private or individual spaces, so we give workgroups authority to make adjustments after proper notification at GA. Respect individuality and autonomy. During eminent emergencies, can take immediate action to resolve threats. WGs will not circumvent the democratic process. If they do so, shall be held accountable. amendments: in sixth paragraph, now read "when it is determined that more community discussion is needed, interested individuals are invited to join an immediate working caucus after GA has disbanded to discuss proposed work and contributed information before presenter: Josh rationale: foster a culture of activism discussion: ? – What does it mean for someone to have offended the community response: just lays groundwork for future accountability process Bob – Thinks last paragraph is divisive, feels this proposal is so important to continued existence of our camp, wherever it ends up, that we need to pass this. ? – Agrees with all of this except the last paragraph, which confuses and muddles things that are clear in the rest of the document. ? – Also thinks last paragraph should be separated. Likes it, but fears that it will lose support for the rest. response: nothing in here about barring someone from GA the accountability section holds people accountable to the GA ? – (couldn't hear) response: extenuating circumstances require the ability to react immediately, but still need to hold people accountable Liam – questions relationship between affinity groups and working groups. Groups formed based on individual views should not need to accept everything passed by GA. Student group has had problem with things being passed by GA, then people telling them they must accept it. Makes difficult response: does not address affinity groups; does not affect groups working outside the GA. For example, if someone says hello to a cop, it's outside the collective. Similarly if someone says the cop is a pig. This does not conflict with our no-police-contact policy. Does lay groundwork for individual accountability, which will be addressed in a different proposal. Fred – Thinks last paragraph and second longest paragraphs should be removed and treated separately. response: this was written by about 20 people, attempting to address problems we've had since day one. Wanted to bring it a couple days ago but could not because there was not sufficient time. ? – A health compromise would be to go forward with this to get something done, but in the future, think of modularity of process. Supports document. Thinks there needs to be appeal process. Hudson – Appreciates work Josh went to, especially going to all groups and community. Does great job of addressing autonomy and accountability. Thinks those paragraphs are crucial. Without them, there is no process of responsibility and accountability. Without them, it's just an empty statement. Reminds GA that amendments can be brought at later date, once we see how this works in practice. ? – Would like it broken up. Likes the 12 hour notice part, confused by other parts. vote: 21:16 passes (unanimously or close to it) Announcements ? – Works at West Seattle High School. Donkey basketball coming up. It's teachers vs. kids, riding donkeys. Wants people to help with poster campaign near school overnight. ? – need showers; heated water in a privacy tent can keep staph from spreading ? – Will be meeting tonight at 11 at which showers will be discussed. Also, should have marches to places like Urban Rest Stop, where can take showers, wash clothes (even those that are worn; jumpsuits provided there) ? – Urban Rest Stop will be very busy, so we'd need to march early ? – Heard that yesterday police considered using tear gas. To ensure everyone's safety, need to get people goggles and face masks. Knows from personal experience in military training that tear gas and mace hurt a lot. If you scratch, will burn more. Hopes to get volunteers and ideas to get. Thanks everyone who stood up for people who could not yesterday. Medical were understaffed. Appreciated people brining liquid antacid, milk, and water. ? – Is conflict in Liam's proposal with proposal passed October 29. ? – Remember SCCC campus GA tomorrow 2pm, march 4pm in University District Carson – During GA, was got call from someone very excited about Occupy Seattle. Said we're important nationally and eyes are on us now. If we cover shipping, he can send riot gear to defend against police. Guy is plugged into many media outlets. ? – Threats of infiltration and provocateurs is increasing. If we lose this space, in a week or a month, Tactical is developing contingency plans. ? – Occupy Dallas is under attack now. Note that there are showers at Greenlake public pool. Jack – Was at Occupy Seattle Labor Caucus meeting tonight. Discussed ways to continue to support with money, materials, and supplies. Also discussion about tomorrow's bridge action. It has been moved to University Bridge, instead of Montlake Bridge. Developing rapid response team. ? – Here from Labor. Also attended meeting at Labor Temple tonight (was the second). Had 25 unions represented at 74 people in the room. Are here tonight in solidarity. Baked banana chocolate chip espresso bread. People pepper-sprayed yesterday get first dibs. ? – After situation last night with brutal Seattle Police, believes we need to be armed to defend ourselves. Understands we heard rumor that Portland had armed themselves with Kevlar and other things stolen from National Guard. That turned out to be untrue, but it's a stupid idea, regardless. If we have one stick, they'll have two sticks and a rock. They'll make sure they can put us down. They are brutal. We should all agree to this. They overpower us. Arming ourselves is bad idea. They'll call in the National Guard. We should defend ourselves. Should get masks and goggles for everyone. Next step is riot police, who have giant sticks. To slow down pain and pressure, should get phone books, tie them around ourselves, and await further notice. Next will be water canon, then sound canon. NYPD used these, then rubber bullets. There's nothing we can do about them stepping it up a notch. Last thing is getting shot. Doesn't want to see people die. Appreciates non-violence here. Let's do our best to remain confident and calm. They can't affect our thoughts, movements, and dreams. ? – Regarding infiltration: We know we've been infiltrated, even by SCCC security. There are plain clothes security guards walking around with notepads. They're noting any problems to build case for eviction. Also, there will be crazy people who will say, let's go do something really crazy. If you don't know that person, it's likely an attempt to provoke and kill our movement. ? – We're winning this battle. Pictures of police actions are being put all over the world while we take nonviolent stance. They'll only step it up if we step it up. To get respect from general population, we must continue non-violent stance. Shawn – Saw a guy in his tent taking photographs with very nice camera. Asked about it, the man said he was worried about his safety, and walked quickly away. Doesn't care if is cop or a wingnut. First thing they'll do is try to get us accusing each other of being undercover cops. Instead of guessing who's a cop, watch behavior of others and keep our own cool. With problems with fights, a soft spot, de-escalation is important. Paranoia does not good. Good for us to stay sober and 24-hour responsible. Carson – Say someone has beer in tent, and someone does what happened to Shawn. How do we feel about locks for tents? Great idea, but doesn't want to be the one responsible for memorizing a combination or keeping a key. Just have your neighbors keep an eye on things. Zach – Just spoke with new friends about City Council resolution supporting Occupy Seattle. Saw press release from Occupy Seattle or subgroup. Saw that Occupy Seattle applauds the decision. Is offended because he's part of Occupy Seattle, and thinks the resolution is bullshit. Occupy Seattle never said anything at GA about this commendation. Carson – Was at City Council meeting. Thinks it's awesome that we're one of only four cities at which we're supported. Let's not alienate people with that language. We're at national forefront. We can get some concrete things accomplished. Knows who wrote the commendation, and will talk to the person. ? – The more people we have on our side, the better. Even people in power can make good decisions. We'll never change system we want to change without working through the people we despise. Zach – Disagrees; doesn't want to work with them at all. Doesn't see how we can use the system that is holding us back to pave the way. He says burn it down and build our own. Fred – Years ago, took some concrete, a shovel, and lots of bullshit. Years later, garden produces two tons of organic produce every summer. Took lots of bullshit. If we burn it down, will find that another generation is burning down what we've accomplished. Josh – Establishment will not do anything for us out of love, but will do so when we force them to do so. The people are more powerful than the few. Carson – We speak of some establishment that is monolithic. We should look at people as individuals that are enslaved by that system. We should work to free them from it by working with them as individuals. Police and City Council are not same. ? – Just got bill for $17,000 from city's collection agency for things he did years ago. They need to do more than issue a resolution. ? – Feels someone here — not him — needs to be bi-partisan and run for election, show local politicians what we're made of and what this movement is about. ? – Is just a humble anarchist. We're looking at 3500 years of failed government. Has no interest in reform. Looking at 3500 years of reform. Also not interested in Congress. Just read article about insider trading arrangements between Congress and Wall Street. Municipal government is just as bad. We're beyond negotiation. ? – Think about building movement. This is many people's first involvement with politics. Consider where members can come from when a revolution comes. Don't look like crazy people or people will call the cops on you when you start your revolution. ? – [FIXME: review audio for several speakers] Zach – Glad Liam brought proposal, because there's misunderstanding about anarchy. Please don't put faith in reform. Corruption is built into the system. Country was founded by white men who owned land and owned people. If you get caught up on reformism, you'll sell out like the labor movement did years ago. We must continue to be militant and revolutionary, not get caught up in appeasing politicians. ? – Great to see intelligent people having conversations. Please don't anti-twinkle. ? – Let's talk about peak oil, seven billion people on planet Earth. Lots of people would like to see 95 percent of the population killed off. Civilization has never survived egalitarianism. Gen – Regarding anarchism/anarchy: anarchism is a philosophy, anarchy is a state of being. Shawn – Adbusters is an anarchist group. Anonymous is an anarchist group. General Assembly, working groups, autonomy, are anarchy. Gen – This was started by Anti-sec, who are hacker anarchists. Regarding anti-female sentiment and male domination: we currently live in a system based primarily on white supremacy, classism, and patriarchy. Good examples of anarchies include Spain 1936, in which everyone was economically equal, had equal part in militant resistance to fascism. Chiapas, since 1994, has been extremely progressive on the feminist front. Right away, adopted womens laws in thier revolutionary laws, granting women same rights as men, undoing things in the Mexican govt. Lots of examples, but anarchism is necessarily, inherently feminist. Present society is necessarily patriarchal. To say women would be more abused in anarchist society is inaccurate theoretically and historically. Violence toward women dropped in Chioppis. Carson – People's mic forces us to address points carefully. Anti-twinkles: disliked at first, was intimidated. But taught him to think about what he says and how he says it. Taught him to talk as if everyone in the world could hear. Forces him to be less offensive when he talks. Big debate happened today was reformism vs. revolution. Has been going on a while. Has feeling that they're not actually two different debates. We can come to consensus. Has ideas about how to do it. Need some kind of forum in which to do it. Good for workshop/debate/teach-in. Heard of a teach-in last week about anarchism, had to miss it for workgroup meeting. Let's talk when he's back on Sunday. ? – Is cynical man. Came out for socialism and for cynicism. Is individual first. Five to nine months from now, the international markets will experience a series of crashes. Expect anarchy then. Doesn't believe in equality. Is a heretic for saying it. Humanity has never experienced equality. It's just an idea to him. Michael – Likes anti-twinkle. People can still hear what he's saying when he's anti-twinkled. Adjourned 22:17 Date/time: 2011-11-13 19:00 Location: Seattle Central Community College Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: Facilitation Team Facilitator: Agenda: Process mover: Taking stack: Time keeper: Campers ? – suggests we have quiet hours beginning at 1am ? – As we enter the campus we pass a beautiful sculpture. It has been disgraced by trash nearby, flyers taped on. Let's keep it clean. ? – Has concern about theft. Suggests we have night watch. ? – Has anyone seen a mother cat and two kittens. ? – We should discuss recent presidential nominees' talk of possible military invasion of Iran, we ? – Camper was barbecuing earlier. It was an open flame. We shouldn't have that here. Yesterday's Town Hall Seattle discussion ? – Was a mess, but turned out okay. Conflict related to people being unfamiliar with process. Duff – Was at THS, was involved in emergency meeting with three panelists to avoid bad situation. In the beginning, Jamie, one of our panelists, announced that we requested GA format be followed and that it was denied. Non-GA format with amplified sound and City Councilmember Nick Licata as moderator, was used with One of our occupiers jumped on stage and brilliantly hijacked the evening for Occupy Seattle. 45 minutes of GA followed. It was beautiful. Put to vote whether to continue with GA format or return to more traditional format. Lost vote, conceded, and returned to traditional format. During GA part of evening, two of the panelists who were not from Occupy Seattle, as well as the moderator himself, displayed profound ignorance of and hostility toward our GA format and Occupy Seattle itself. Great success, as we exposed hundreds of people to radical democracy of GA, then when we lost a vote, returned to traditional format. Steve – Was there last night. Thinks the way it turned out was a good statement about the process. It showed that Occupy Seattle was not going go let people talk about it, but instead that OS would be the speakers. Shows great conflict between grassroots democracy and the idea that the experts know best Jason – One very important part Duff forgot to mention was that Mr. Licata tried to squash the vote from the beginning. Said he'd allow it, but then was wishy-washy. Experts, specifically the one stage right, did not like our idea at the beginning but by the end, he was twinkling also. Mary – Many people who participated, either as audience or as panelists, were in a position of learning things. One thing we occupiers could have learned was to be better listeners to the newcomers. Vino – Felt offended on behalf of the newcomers. He didn't go to Town Hall to hear what he hears at camp every evening. He wanted to hear answers to questions asked of movement representatives. On the other hand, we showed the power of people. Everything worked itself out, and he was very pleased by the end. ? – Wanted to hear what panel had to say. Next time we have a panel, should ensure that it's in people's mic style. ? – Do we think we can negotiate with current state and federal government? Working group announcements time: 19:25 Environmental Justice Working Group Duff We have very little time to stop plan supported by all of City Council to dramatically increase lethal pollution downtown. Will result in sickness and $500 million going to Seattle Steam. discuss at 9pm at food tent tonight Hip Hop Occupies Working Group Carson Hip Hop Occupies having event on 15th. City says can only have amplified sound until 6pm. Event is scheduled for 5-10pm. Details on our blog. Money Out of Politics Working Group ? meet Sundays 3pm on second floor of Convention Center 43 people attended today discussed: arranging major demonstration, probably in Seattle, probably also in Olympia, and definitely by partners on East Coast at U.S. Supreme Court US Supreme Court will be occupied, probably January 21 this leaves us 10 weeks to plan and arrange a similar event Labor Thursday 7:30 Labor Temple, 2800 1st Ave open to everyone in a union, would like to be in union, or want to know about union planning action or 3:30-5:00 over Montlake Bridge will be wearing tie-die-colored duct tape arm bands large demonstration and occupation in Olympia on November 28 Fundraising Working Group Fred has had problems coordinating with organizers of large events if we work together we can raise more money than has been the case at previous events please, if you're organizing large events, don't get in charge at 8:30am day of the event Legal Working Group Corey regarding Henry (who, with Kaleb) were charged with theft dropped, because they were bullshit we posted bond for Henry for other charges (shaky at best) unfortunately, person whose name was on bond removed it, so he's still in jail Legal would like to bail Henry out tomorrow, need someone Facilitation and Process Working Group Ed emergency general assemblies do not exist only general assembly can schedule or move GA If you have something that cannot wait until next GA but will effect everyone, take that action but do not consider it a general assembly decision prepare to be held accountable to general assembly be ready to defend your decision, explain why it was a good one and why it could not wait If you want to call a meeting to consult with others, please do. Please be transparent and democratic. Please do not call it a general assembly. proposals: If you have one, bring it to the WG 6pm daily at SCCC. Lots of proposals are coming to them that are taking too much time, are unclear, are causing arguments. don't screen proposals and don't want that power want GA to run smoothly and effectively they request help Food Working Group Emily needs someone to coordinate volunteers for Compass Center lunch cooking M-F. Volunteers needed from 9am-1pm. Meet at camp 8am. Bus fare will be provided. everyone is welcome to be in the kitchen and help it's always appreciated, even if they're stressed out and don't acknowledge it Demands Working Group ? had meeting today, but many members were not there rescheduled for Wednesday 4:30p, 1st floor of Convention Center Internet Communications Working Group Danica need people here to put stuff on the Web Occupy the Screen Working Group Aaron newly-formed group Announcements of Future Proposals (none) Action Announcements ? – We were going to make ashtrays and put them out near the bars. We were going to do neighborhood cleanups. If one person goes out to clean up neighborhood, she's the crazy lady who cleans the neighborhood, but if we go as a group, OS will get credit ? – Needs people to go move lumber a few blocks from here now. Hudson – Will be a movie tonight at 10pm. "Take" by Naomi Klein about an occupation in Argentina. ? – Trying to plan action for Thursday night. Is aware of large action on Montlake Bridge that day. This would be later in the evening, leaving SCCC about 7pm, concluding about 9pm will go to St. Mark's Cathedral where WA legislators and their aids are gathering with mental health and substance abuse professionals to talk about budget cuts. Wants to march up there with signs. Will be around after GA to discuss, then back tomorrow to make signs. ? – Saturday, noon, Westlake: Occupy the Supercommittee. Will march to Federal Building for rally there. This is an unelected federal body tasked with making 1.5 trillion dollars in cuts to social problems. Targeting Medicare, Medicaid, public education, maternity benefits, and more. This is a national week of action. This Saturday is the mass rally. Important for us to participate, standing up against these vicious attacks on all of us. Will – broadcasts on weekly. Next week, Albert Postima and Mark Taylor Canfield will be on to talk about common law courts at Occupy sights. Occupy sites are now a North American Congress, and we should begin convening under common law. ? – Commends the upcoming protest, but questions if the corporatocracy will listen to us, or even notice. Elaine – Has been hearing a lot about homeless youth, people who are displaced and marginalized. Her homeless center is three blocks away. If kids under 26 need a place for mail, phone, food, a place to get off the street, see their outreach workers with a red wagon coming here with lunches. There are people on the hill who can help when we have someone with mental health or drug problems. Don't do it alone. ? – City Council will vote tomorrow on resolution that expresses support for OS. Language is watered down, but many things in there are in line with what we're about. Many people beyond the Occupy movement will attend tomorrow to show support for OS and other items in the resolution. Meet 1pm tomorrow on 1st floor of City Hall to prep for 2pm City Council meeting. Look for signs. Everyone is invited. Duff – Has been passionately opposed to resolution. Gives cover to people who are not our friends. Resolution has no binding clauses requiring City Council to do anything. It's a feel-good resolution. However, if this passes, it may cause the SCCC president to pause before considering trying to evict us. ? – Will post to website. Look for City Council Resolution 1124. Danica – We need a media tent. Talk to her if you want to help. Maybe funding should come from general fund or from a Kickstarter project. Proposals time: 20:03 proposal: All proposals will require at least 80% support to pass and be adopted by the GA. presenter: Hudson of Process and Facilitation They think this is the right thing to do, but are concerned that there may not be enough people proposal withdrawn. Will re-announce and present at later meeting. Announcements Calvin hears what was said about possible rain, but thinks proposal to change to 80% requirement deserves at least short discussion tonight Hudson – He and Ed from Process and Facilitation, will be here late, talking about the voting proposal. Please come talk. ? – Lost his voice demonstrating in Portland. There were many of us there. Maybe that's why there are few at GA tonight. Many were holding the line, pushing police back, and keeping things safe. Portland says they're grateful for our presences. ? – Representing only himself. He's schitzophrenic. Don't expect much from him, because he doesn't know much about much, but he's willing to help lots. ? – Tuesday at learning tent, will be teach-in at 5pm by Chris. Topic: Things like Citizen's United and other weird, kinda screwy old laws like Buckley v. Valleyo. Please attend. ? – Regarding connecting with other Occupy movements: He and friend are trying to get a vehicle to go find out what's happening ? _ Occupy Olympia WG, tomorrow, 5pm, SCCC. Teach-in Friday, 5:30pm, SSCC, topic: class divisions in United States Adjourned 20:14 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-11-11 18:55 Location: Seattle Central Community College Audio archive: Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Facilitation Team Orientation: Bob Process mover: Michael Taking stack: Shane Agenda: Shawn New People Kristen – goes to school here, lives in neighborhood, came to see what's happening Bill – used to be an interesting hippie Campers Travis – Threats and intimidation are not acceptable means of communication. Pities those who do not have the social tools to discuss things. Tools of oppression are not appropriate for use with our brothers and sisters. This is a drug- and alcohol-free space. Wants to form campers' assembly. Does not have time or energy to oversee the project, so we need to put it together as a community. Bryce – During last two days, have had two or more marches, have been visible throughout the city, making connections with labor unions and ethnic communities, veterans in and outside the camp. That's good. Let's keep it up. Participation is still to small. If you camp, please take part in as many actions as you can. Kevin – Has noticed people showing disrespect for the flag. Please understand that it doesn't represent government, but the people. ? – Came back after a few days away and found that we're having trouble controlling sanitation, pets, and flooding. Let's help ourselves and our neighbors by picking up after our animals. It sucks, but we must do it. ? – Tonight will be his last night here. Sincerely appreciates his stay. Appreciates people he's met. Thinks they have lots to bring to the table. But when he has spoken out against GA or the powers that be, things are immediately argumentative. We need direct action and to make sure we're making an impact every day. Feels like expressing his anarchist views have resulted in him being ostracized by socialists and communists. Going back to Spokane to talk to girl who broke his heart. ? – Extremely disappointed in turnout for today's march. Understands that not all of us support Veteran's Day, but feels that more people than those who marched do support it. When we take action, should do it as a group. Should not occupy couches during marches. We talk about this daily. Let's act on it. Working group announcements time: 19:09 Peace and Safety Working Group Travis does not speak for daytime peace and safety, but is active part of night watch have been doing pretty well more he hears about other occupations and problems they have, better he feels about our peace and safety team comments everyone — not just peace and safety — for job keeping camp safe and peaceful Medical Working Group Robbie noticed some concerns tonight about coldness it is cold and wet, but unless someone has medical problem, please do not hang out inside the medical tent, because it causes problems for WG volunteers inside and outside the tent. Doesn't want to baby-sit, just help with medical needs. Media Working Group Duff invites everyone to next WG meeting, 4pm tomorrow, Sat, on 3rd floor of food court, south end, away from food important meeting, as will be talking to two of three Occupy Seattle panelists scheduled to speak at Town Hall forum tomorrow concerns come from realization that panel moderator Nick Licata, as well as all City Council members, are corporate pawns further, Media have serious concerns about resolution on which City Council will vote Monday afternoon Taina tomorrow, will be free concert and rally at Westlake from 1pm to 6pm; spread the word and come shake your booty Occupy the Capitol Working Group ? beginning outreach and organizing want to get buses to take people down there Money out of Politics Working Group ? Sunday 3pm on second floor of Convention Center oppose Wall Street greed, control of self-government by money if one issue underlies all others, it's getting money out of politics some of us are older than others; apologies, as it cannot be helped; assures us that there are many people who are not sleeping overnight but completely support this movement and what we stand for many come to Money out of Politics Working Group thanks those who are shock-troops who brought this movement to life by doing what's happening here Sustainability Brigade Working Group Tabitha tomorrow at 11am, will be building guerrilla compost seven blocks away organizing a solar project for Sunday, time TBA will be having meeting Sunday 5:30pm at Cafe Vita on Pike Street please help take responsibility for recycling and garbage Supply and Sustainability Alyssa money spent from general fund so far: spent 450 on cleaning port-a-potties gave 50 to kitchen because it was earmarked for such everything else you've seen purchased comes out-of-pocket or was donated by organizations Food Working Group Maria today was first day of no-disposables went good, but not great everyone took one cup please return cups and bowls when tarp is up in front, kitchen is closed please don't lift tarp and ask for food then Tabitha Sunday 12-2pm: food justice teach in at learning tent meeting Saturday 10am volunteer orientation Sat 11am Engineering Working Group Casey just got generators up and running some don't support it, but vital for food and info tent Environmental Duff next meeting Sunday 9pm Action Announcements Shawn got a bunch of batteries today, and will try to have movie night daily at 10pm bring suggestions to him tonight: 1977 movie: "Perfumed Nightmare" Bob this Thursday, have another opportunity to be in the streets Bridge to the Future 12:30 at Martin Luther King Park on MLK Way, caravan to Montlake Bridge for 4pm event process and facilitation announcement: at last decision-making GA, Cody had proposal that wasn't voted on because we didn't have quorum (had about 23 people; have about 30 now and about seven proposals) discussion we should discuss proposals at the beginning when there are more people agrees, has trouble setting hard limit; should consider bad-weather days non-decision-making GAs; should look into renting indoor space currently, can get buddies, pack the GA, and ram something through can't coddle the people who won't make effort to walk from other there [camp; a few yards away] to here people gripe when decisions are made by small groups; can undermine what we're trying to do; suggests quorum of 50 people to prevent hijacking of decision-making process Matt – finds some of statements just made to be offensive; people at GA don't prove that they are most serious and dedicated people; people here are just happy to be here; GA is uninviting to many people; many people who don't show up are most dedicated; many people who do show up are not dedicated; many people who are not here were arrested for the movement, while many who are here did not; 30-40 people are not enough to make decisions Proposals proposal: grant one week of temporary signers on account: Braden of Legal, Peter of Tactical, Alyssa of Supply and Storage, Kirby of Internet Communications presenter: Alyssa rationale: proposal passed October 25 have only been able to spend 450 on emergency port-a-potty and emergency food run facilitate paying for essential items [FIXME: review audio; batteries died] Announcements Adjourned Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-11-10 19:35 Location: Seattle Central Community College Audio archive: Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Facilitation Team Process mover: Jack Taking stack: Carol Agenda: Arlen Campers ? – Has been camping here for about a week, going home and coming back. Some things are stressing her out and making her uncomfortable. Thinks there are lots of drug problems going on. We need to find a way to deal with them. When she finds that there are people smoking methamphetamine or crack next door to her or across the street from her, it really freaks her out. Needs to be discussed more. ? – When we have a situation, people tent to run toward the conflict to see what's happening. We're not in high school. When something happens, people should stay away from the conflict so the situation can be de-escalated properly. ? – Is in-and-out camper. Understands that repeated drug use and talking about it is tiring. It has been going on since day one. We need to resolve the problem. ? – Drug problem is being resolved internally. It's everyone's responsibility. We engage someone with compassion, understanding, and respect. If someone has a drug problem, maybe we should befriend that person and try to help with the problem. The situation last night didn't have much to do with drugs. Maybe it was escalated because some people were intoxicated, but some people were not. Maybe they were showing their egos or afraid to swallow their pride. We shouldn't be fighting each other. Fern Tree – Is recovering alcoholic. Sees lots of empty bottles around all the time and people drinking in front of us. Please keep drinking and smoking off these lands. We're asking for a cleaner heart, cleaner mind, and cleaner soul. Let's work together, not fight each other. Please have a heart for those people who are straight and sober. ? – Agrees with Fern Tree's opinion. Some people come around with alcohol, get too intoxicated, and as a result, become belligerent and angry. Please keep alcohol a couple blocks away so we don't have more drama or lose our ability to stay here. ? – Last night, there were several incidents, lots of misinformation and confusion. Most of it, though, was not that bad. We realize we're all in this together and need to be more patient. Let's not jump to conclusions. Let's be more understanding. We're all in this together. Mohawk – There will be negative things and good things. There was a problem with facilitators and a proposal he wanted to bring. Someone told him "no" straight off regarding his proposal. He thanks another person, possibly named Michael, who de-escalated the situation surrounding the flag last night. Working group announcements time: 19:55 Media Working Group Akila Please get a flyer about Saturday's event. when: Saturday, November 12, 2011, 1:00 – 6:00 p.m. where: Westlake Park what: free concert and rally in the park Parents for Occupy Seattle will be making instruments 3:00 – 6:30 p.m. Manicure and mannequin Sunday, 3pm Food Working Group Emily need cooks so we can have food Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm at Compass Center talk to her or anyone in kitchen tent will provide bus fare and make arrangements please clean up after yourself; if you see it's dirty, clean it up some are helping, but she's cleaning lots of mess Sustainability Brigade Working Group Emily what: Food WG meeting when: Friday 5:30 where: Cafe Vita what: volunteer orientation when: Friday 10am where: camp no more disposables provided starting tomorrow Peace and Safety Working Group situation last night stems from lack of understanding of OS anti-oppression and accountability principles It's fine if you do not identify the American flag as being representative of your beliefs. However, if you are going to deface the symbol of the beliefs of people here and outside, you're doing something foolish, because we cultural intolerance can get you 86'd from camp, so please respect beliefs of everyone here Logistics Working Group Doc Thanks to those who participated in today's march to Port event at Bell Street on the wharf couple skirmishes leaving Westlake; he was pushed, someone was bashed other to the ground group was small; why don't we have more participation? Lots of turmoil with many places around the nation and around the globe. Portland is getting shut down, as is Denver, because of internal turmoil. Joshua has been attending meetings with SCCC administration situation at camp is tenuous administration is building case to evict us we're working hard to counter issues they bring up, shoring up our position in camp issues: good neighbor policy dealing with peace and safety issues and developing new Camp Safety WG creating peace council work in progress blowback from tent moving on Sunday Tactical members realize that WGs need to be held accountable to the GA, so they're going to work with Matt and his proposal to hold WGs accountable, then resubmit it. planning several direct actions want to find how to get people involved in working groups Action Announcements Jackie – Is a registered nurse and cares lots about advocacy. This GA has put forth an amazing resolution to the Seattle City Council. It will be voted on next Monday (November 14, 2011) at 2pm. Has a flyer with a summary and talking points. Please attend and address specific points in the resolution. If you cannot attend, call or e-mail to tell them you care. Duff – Tonight, forming new Eco-action Working Group. considering crafting three campaigns enlisting holistic group of tactics please join tonight 9pm at Food Tent Bernie – Veterans Day parade tomorrow. Another, unrelated, march leaves Westlake at 11am tomorrow. Veterans for Peace will our march begins 4:30pm tomorrow SCCC need drummers out front leaving here from SCCC to walk to Westlake Park Jim McDermott's office called today. Might speak tomorrow if he can make it. need bullhorn Canon he mentioned is for peaceful intentions. Old Naval tradition. Hudson Glad to hear that Tactical has been discussing accountability Some from Process and Facilitation have been discussing the same thing. They'd like to work with Tactical and others. Have ideas? Talk to Hudson or Jack. Dharma Please show solidarity for Portland brothers and sisters who are being harassed and evicted from the Portland camps. We cannot allow this eviction. Let's go to Portland with Tacoma occupiers and show the Portland police and mayor that we cannot be removed. Mike from livestream holding organizing meeting when: 4pm Friday where: Westlake Park in front of Bobachine ? Was in Portland last night. They are awesome and have beautiful systems we should implement here. (e.g., engineering workgroup). Cannot speak for anyone but herself, but has concerns that events this weekend between Portland Occupiers and National Guard (mayor called in to evict by force) will include great violence. supports all actions working to get solidarity with brothers and sisters in Portland supports anyone's decision to go support them in Portland supports well-informed decisions Portland, in her opinion, is very likely to become very violent. not saying to place blame saying because Portland is attempting to defend its home while National Guard attempts to remove them from it Jack – Engineering Working Group just formed here. Find Chris if you're interested. Anna – Organizing readings of The Illiad for Veteran's Day. If interested, find her at the event. Westlake Park after 4:30 march from SCCC. Announcements of Future Proposals time: 20:24 Hudson: Process and Facilitation will propose to raise voting requirement from simple majority to 80 percent in order to pass a proposal. We will vote tomorrow. Announcements Aliana from Media has flyers. Need volunteers. ? – Process and Facilitation needs training. Have instituted idea to create trainings. After Sunday mega-meeting, meeting at Cafe Vita between 10th and 11th streets on Pike. Phil – Parks Dept or some other City agency seeks volunteer groups to pick up Lady Gaga – November 28, groups, hopefully including Occupy Seattle, will begin occupation of Capitol in Olympia, for as long as special legislative session lasts. Josha – Today, had riot police tactical protester training today, and it was awesome. Hopes to do again soon. Seth from Iraq Veterans Against the War was in Military Police, and shared his experiences suppressing crowds. Brought a dozen makeshift riot shields. Some of the trainees were trained on using these shields to defend against police violence. Squeezed three hour training into 45 minutes. Jane – Friday's (tomorrow's) foreclosure action is called off. Starting next Friday, we should all try to be there. In one day, auction had more than 200 houses. They're sold for pennies on the dollars. It's insane, making rich richer and poor poorer. Let's go there every Friday when there's an auction. All those houses are 99 percenters' houses. Let's support them. Sakina – Maybe you saw candles in sanctuary, maybe you heard about dog that died here or guy who died in Portland, or guy who was shot on edge of Occupy Oakland and died today. Because of these tragic leavings, will have service about 20 minutes after GA. Discussion facilitator: Today is not a decision-making GA, so typically we have open discussion. How about throwing out a few ideas for temperature checks, then discuss those we like? topics today's march: what happened, what should have, likes, dislikes ensuring that people stay involved; burnout, frustration, ideas not being heard, harassment action ideas keeping people involved ? – Tries to come when he can. We should be warm, inviting and friendly. Alvina – Everyone has probably been frustrated at one point. Root is related to lack of safe space to let it out. If you want to get involved, she's starting Take Care of Each Other Working Group, for group therapy of sorts, where people can talk honestly without interruption or disagreement about what pisses them off. If you need an outlet, come find her. Doesn't care if you're radical or liberal, what color your skin is our what your gender is. Emily – It's true, frustrations run high when we cannot say what we feel. We need to understand that we cannot oppress each other through violence or aggression that can make us lose a member or more. Forest – Is starting Occupy Guard group which will consist of physical direct protection of those who stay here. Will take care of those who come in with physical actions. Those who are open to using violent means to defend our community, please come see him. ? – Drove from Oak Harbor. Have teach-in tentatively scheduled for next Friday somewhere here. One on credit default swaps, banking deregulation, etc. Also hopes to plan actions and protests to pressure banks and other lending institutions. Has informational flyers. Was here October 15, was touched, and for the first time in a long time, has a bit of hope. Went home, as did about 3000 other people, and got to work. Lady Gaga – Has been through a lot because of how she looks or how she was born. ? – In gratitude and to clarify outside perception that Occupy has no message, no leader, and no purpose, she submits: This movement has a message so powerful it cannot be spun nor contained by corporate media. It is your action, how you show up with love and respect day after day. This movement has a leader that will not misrepresent you. This movement has a purpose that will not be compromised: justice. We have to reach up and pull it down. Phil – We moved GA up here from Westlake to get more participation from campers. The camp is now filled with people who can't be bothered to walk 50 feet over here to participate. There are people on the edge of GA having unrelated conversations. It's rude, it's frustrating, and he doesn't know what to do about it. ? – Old habits were to not participate. People who don't want to participate: we respect your decision. We encourage you to participate. ? – Suggests there are reasons GA attendance is low other than laziness or lack of inertia. Let's consider what GA means and what its decisions mean to each of us. If GA is to be meaningful event, we should discuss what it actually means to us and what kind of authority it has. Bryce – We divide ourselves over race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. For example, on our website, he saw proposal that sounded reasonable, that there be women's section of camp. Understands that some women feel more comfortable sleeping around other women, not being hassled by guys, etc. But he's bothered by use of phrase "a white-man agenda". Do we really think all white guys, from billionaires to people under the bridge, have secret meetings to plot their agenda? As one who is probably the only gypsy here, thinks breaking off into groups will leave him lonely and sad. Mohawk – Some people do not participate because they feel excluded. We need to hear people out even if it takes a while. Dan – One thing he liked early in the movement that he has not seen so much of lately is that when people have a conversation, it was really easy to stand in and join. To a large extent, he feels we're losing that. If you're having a conversation and someone walks by, invite them in. Marlin – Thinks the reasons that people are not staying involved are varied. One thing that occurs to him is that we've been in a diminutive process (focusing on small issues of our sustainability in camp). Anti-foreclosure actions speak to the heart of why we're here, as does protesting at financial centers. We need to act. If we act on a daily basis, with actions daily, we'll keep heat not only on system we're resisting, but also attract many more people into this growing movement. It's happening all over the planet. We're connected. We need more politically motivated actions daily. Taina – Earlier, Doc mentioned that we had march earlier, and that we did not have many people in participation. One problem is lack of organization and discussion about what our actions are going to be. Maybe we could have a rally or a march every single day at a specific time, just like we have GA every day. Josh – Have had actions every day. Problem is not enough people participate in organizing and doing those actions. Something to be said for quality over quantity. We should focus on organization. Idea: Camp needs living room. There is currently no place in middle of camp for large group of people to congregate. If we cleared some tents to make space in middle, could bring together, to watch movies or have shared difficulty avoiding GAs. Takes organization to make these ideas a reality. ? – Sometimes willpower happens in numbers. Sometimes strength happens in numbers. This is true democracy. Plant a seed. Occupy. ? – Need to deepen ourselves, be less afraid of each other, be vulnerable sometimes. He's not charismatic, and kind of afraid of people. Norm – Suggests that we have conversation among everyone everywhere we go about how to develop a culture of learning. Part of the culture of learning might be to have a special time to reflect upon actions and make decisions to modify, change, or move ahead in same direction. Nick – From Occupy Portland. Saturday night / Sunday morning, will be raided and evicted. Suggests carpooling. Phil – Feels that the camp, the occupation, is just one action. It's a big, symbolic one. It's how things started on Wall Street. But it's just one action. It's a lot of work. Wonders if it's worth that. It's not providing lots of people participating. From the outside, it just looks like a bunch of tents and some anarchist flags. It's a lot of work. ? – regarding diversity of political views here at occupation: that's great. Some people tend to talk past each other when it comes to political discussion. Adjourned 21:15 Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-11-09 19:00 Location: Seattle Central Community College Minutes taken by: Joshua Audio archive: Facilitation Team Process mover: Shon/Carol Agenda minder: Michael Stack taker: Jackson Time keeper: Speakout Workgroup Reportbacks Action Announcements Proposal Announcements Cody Find a way to implement a policy where everyone camping here does some kind of work for the community. (Friday) David We have a noise ordinance from 10pm – 6am. There's a lot of people who don't get rest at night because of drunkards and pot smokers who party all night long. Their response was “fuck you”. If you want to do that crap, there's a park right across the street. How would you like it if you were sleeping and I was smoking dope and talking loud and leaving trash in front of your tent. (Tonight, if you'd like) Shon Adopt Saint Paul principles regarding diversity of tactics. Oakland discussing whether to pass it. It's a really healthy way to foster a diversity of tactics. A way to include all of our different approaches respectfully while acknowledging that we disagree sometimes. Online, and paper copies tomorrow. (Friday) Matt Anybody who makes false allegations against someone could be subject to consequences determined by the General Assembly or some workgroup put together by the General Assembly for that. (Tomorrow [Friday]) Aliana Occupy Seattle holds a non-policy making General Assembly every Wednesday at 12pm at Westlake Park. (Tomorrow [Friday]). Proposals 8:12pm Proposal: Occupy Seattle joins the struggle of students, faculty and staff at Seattle Central Community College and other colleges and universities to defend public education and all other social services against the vicious attacks coming from Olympia and Washington, DC, The fight to defend education and social services is our fight. We say no to tuition hikes, budget cuts, and layoffs. We say cancel student debt. Quality education is a right, not a privilege. It Should be free. Unite to defeat budget cuts and demand instead full funding for education and all other social services. Amended Proposal: Occupy Seattle joins the struggle of students, faculty and staff at Seattle Central Community College and other colleges and universities to defend public education and all other social services against the vicious attacks coming from Olympia and Washington, DC, The fight to defend education and social services is our fight. We say no to tuition hikes, budget cuts, and layoffs. We say cancel student debt. Quality education is a right, not a privilege. It should be free. Unite to defeat budget cuts and fight for instead full funding for education and all other social services. Vote 8:33pm Passes unanimously. Proposal: Occupy Seattle joins the struggle of students, faculty, and staff against the attacks on public education and social services by building for and carrying out these three actions: Rally and protest here at SCCC on 11/15. We're calling it “Defend education for 99%”. Occupy the Supercommittee. This is a week of action that's been called nationally against the mass attacks coming from this unelected Supercommittee. $1.5 trillion targeted public education, Medicare, Medicaid, and all other social services. A mass rally is called for Saturday 11/19. We build for that and also a weekday action in which Occupy Seattle will occupy the Federal building and shut it down. In Olympia on the 28th, a bunch of groups are building for a mass action that was announced here by Sisters Organizing for Survival that we should join this effort. We should vote to join this also, to go down to Olympia and occupy the Capitol. Vote: 8:38pm Passes unanimously. Proposal: Whereas our constitutional rights, especially the right of free speech and the right of peaceable assembly is critical to this movement, the Legal workgroup seeks authority from the GA to do two things: 1) Legal asks for authority to approach and retain a law firm to represent Occupy Seattle free of charge for the purposes of considering a lawsuit to enforce our constitutional rights. Legal would only consider law firms that have the resources and a reputation for fighting for constitutional rights which in legal's opinion would do justice to Occupy Seattle's principles of anti-oppression, equality, and fairness. One such firm we would approach would be Davis Wright Tremaine, the firm most identified with fighting against governmental limits on first amendment rights including the cases of Berger vs Seattle and Nicklesville, both of which Davis Wright Tremaine won. 2) Legal seeks authority for another thing. Though authority over decisions to begin or end a lawsuit and all other major decisions would remain with GA, Legal asks for the authority to make day to day strategic decisions. Of course, Legal would provide weekly written and oral reports on all litigation activity. Vote 8:57pm Passes 44-2 2 blocks Friendly amendment (accepted): Legal will provide a legal workshop. Block vote: 9:15pm Uphold block: 2 Oppose block: well over 8 Proposal passes after block. Proposal: I'm with Hip Hop Occupies. We have an event on the 18th. We need to ask the GA to allow us to put in it Occupy Seattle's press schedule. Vote: 9:18pm Passes unanimously. Proposal: On that day, Nov 18th we cancel GA or reschedule GA for a time earlier than 4:30pm, because we plan on marching from here to Westlake and then having a rally as late as possible at Westlake. Amended Proposal: On Nov 18th, GA is rescheduled for 2pm. Vote: 9:23pm Passes unanimously. Proposal: This proposal is titled Localization, Accessibility, and Transparency of Workgroups Currently applies to Demands, Get Money out of Politics, Education and Workshops, Food, Fundraising, Internet Communications, Legal, Media, Medical, Morale, Outreach, Welcome, Peace and Safety, Sanitation, Tactical, Information, and Accountability. All of these workgroups and the daily Intergroups meeting must hold meetings either on site at SCCC or within a three block radius. All of these workgroups must provide information on their regular meeting times to be posted on the website calendar which is also to be posted on the whiteboard at Information by those working at information. In the case that any of these workgroups change their meeting time and location, a 24 hour advance notice is required. (Currently, Supply and Storage is not included in this proposal because of everything Supply and Storage said earlier [they don't hold meetings]). Friendly Amendment (agreed): Include Process and Facilitation. Point of Process: Not a quorum. Not enough people or workgroups represented for a proposal of this breadth. Vote on quorum: 9:29pm No quorum: 22 Quorum: 4 Announcements GA adjourned 9:37pm Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-11-08 19:43 Location: Seattle Central Community College Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: Facilitation Team Process mover: Jake Agenda: Tom Taking stack: Danica Time keeper: Shawn Campers ? – Cops have started patrolling our camp. If you see a cop, yell "six-up". When you hear "six-up", repeat it, so others Lady Gaga Tired of drama and fights, inside and outside of camp, day and night. Wants it to stop. Some people using labels, boxes, terms, on bodies and equipment, and telling people how to be or what gender to be. This is part of the system we're fighting against. We should respect people's own determination, living, and labeling of their own bodies and parts. Mohawk We are all Peace and Safety, and should receive de-escalation training. Cops arrested one of our brothers last night. Legal did not help. No one jumped in. He called some people out on how to behave last night, and they used his legal name. He reminds us that he prefers to go by Mohawk, to preserve his safety. He has been preparing three proposals but fears arguments. He and other people are considering leaving if we don't put something in place to deal with violence, drugs, and alcohol use. Aaron/Ace Doesn't understand why people brings things from the outside to camp when they don't work outside of camp. Supports the "six-up" cop announcement, and suggests we block them from entry to center of camp. It's nerve-wracking when they enter. Reminds us not to talk to police about problems, health issues, or anything related to camp, because they'll turn it against us. "Smilers in your face stab in you your back." Don't forget what they did during WTO. One way to deal with many of the things that are going on inside and outside of the camp is to learn respect and understanding for the next person. We're pre-judging people. Just because one finds someone dirty, crazy, or insane, does not mean such is so. Grow community and understanding, erase fear, by talking to people around you. ? – We're working through problems. Things will get better. Alvina – Spoke with other occupiers last night about permaculture and community development in camp. Considered doing things on Sundays like dancing, music, painting, and basic trading skills in our brand new, immaculate society. Contact her at 907-209-5213 if interested. ? – Police started walking through camp immediately after tents were numbered and rearranged without consensus. ? – Meeting with SCCC administration (president, heads of security and facilities, teachers) happens weekly, Tuesdays at 11am, room 4180. They're getting tense. Would be good to have more participation. ? – Police presence should make it click in people's minds just how bothered people are becoming with us. Understands yelling "six-up" when cops come around so things that should not be here can be hidden. We're on shaky ground; let's just keep those things out in the first place. Meegan – Camped here first four nights. Has gotten chaotic here. Loves us. Hates cigarette butts. Loves cigarette smokers. Hates the butts. Please pick them up and put them where they belong. Working group announcements time: 20:05 Medical Working Group Chris Seattle Fire Department's Fire Marshall has praised us for new ability to move around tents, and for our medical group keeping things under control. Spirti and Entertainment Working Group Michael meeting tomorrow 10am in sanctuary 3pm, Rich Lang, Christian minister and political activist will lead discussion on biblical foundation and resistance against the empire Thursday after 6pm meditation, will be something called "Conspiring: Audible Breathing together in Song". Join if that sounds interesting. Peace and Safety Working Group Mohawk Last night was great. It was inspiring. When cops come through, please be quiet because when sleeping people are awakened, they're agitated, and this starts fights. Just keep quiet and get them out of the area ASAP. Legal Working Group Duff (not on Legal, but working with lots of them) regarding proposal that had large support but he withdrew as a result of Legal input Legal supports proposal to be made as a result of new revolutionary reality that when one person is in jail we're all in jail When working with Occupation Seattle people arrested during an OS event, Legal WG shall not discriminate between those charged with non-violent crimes and those charged with violent crimes. The GA can further direct Legal on a case-by-case basis. Money out of Politics Working Group Sundays 3pm Convention Center second floor Re-occopy Westlake Working Group Jason tomorrow 3pm, first meeting at Westlake, and every day thereafter at 3pm not about de-occupying SCCC people with ideas for helping are encouraged to join need to figure out how to reclaim Westlake Sustainability Brigade Working Group Tabitha we have new garbage bags; get them at the kitchen garbage: green bag with "Garbage" lettering recycling: clear with "Recycling" lettering These are pre-paid. If you break a bag, we've already paid for it. Please don't break them. Please fill them completely. New drop site is behind Math and Science building on Harvard, between John and Olive. Look for concrete alcove with other garbage. Best to get all our garbage over there by 7pm. Let's gather at 4pm to move it. WG is having guirillia compost workshop Wednesday 5pm. Will go about seven blocks off-site from there. Will take care of our own compost for free. meeting Friday 5:30 – 6:30pm, Cafe Vita at 1005 Pike street will discuss five generator bikes built by Ballard High School students are being donated another passive solar project coming soon for lights, phone/laptop chargers, etc. Tactical Working Group Zach Reminder: WG now meets SCCC 3pm and 9pm by marquis on corner of Broadway and Pine less bureaucracy, more action Occupy Black Friday (Nov 25) meet Westlake at noon part of state-wide day of action against Wal-Mart if interested in helping carpool (no Wal-Mart in Seattle, but in Renton), please call 206-512-9770 Thursday, Nov 10 Assisting and standing alongside local labor activists If want to help, come to Westlake 4pm considering marching from SCCC At 5pm, marching from Westlake to Bell Harbor Convention Center Seattle Chamber giving award to Port of Seattle while ignoring that good jobs in decline and many port workers living in poverty while CEO makes $400,000 per year please, please, attend. Unions have been donating generously, giving us food, medical supplies, port-a-potties, and more. Teachers union got us in to SCCC. Least we can do is show up and eat their food. Alvina – side note: Let's also let the CEO know he's running the largest port in the US for international sex trafficking and he's making too much money off that. They will provide bus fare for people to return to camp after marching down Food Working Group Emily In three days, no longer offering anything disposable please find your own reusable items will provide some reusable items will provide dishwashing station The Compass Center will give us lunch Monday – Friday providing food, kitchen, and delivery we need four people every day between 9am and 1pm to help cook food need to be extremely reliable – must show up when we say we will talk to Emily after GA if you can help we'll provide bus fare to get downtown and back Need to have community discussion about cooking on site. We want to do so, or at least to boil water. SCCC adminstration says no. Legally they cannot. It's more of a permitting issue through the City. Have to decide whether to do it anyway or to focus on bigger issues, get permit if needed. She'd like to fire up the grill right now, but doesn't want to put everyone in jeopardy as this might invite police. Please help her initiate this conversation. Facilitation and Process Working Group Shawn Tonight, we started with 11 proposals. After conversations all day, pared that down to just one. Many proposals aren't focused enough, aren't something we can do, haven't had enough conversation with potential blockers. Sometimes it's already been decided. New procedure First: announce that you have proposal. Will receive checklist. Second: call someone from P/F. Will have conversation if advisor thinks it's ready, will put it on the agenda if not, come to P/F meeting next day to discuss Heard concern that meeting facilitators are mostly white, and mostly male need more facilitators. Encourage minorities of all sorts and marginalized groups. Camp Community Building Working Group Cody devised new WG name to match announcement he's making during working group announcements announces open discussion circle tonight 10pm to talk, and mostly to listen Action Announcements time: 20:33 facilitator: reminder: don't need approval Alvina – planning flash mob dance party inside Bank of America at 509 Olive Way. is a huge branch of B of A; plenty of room for speakers and people willing to risk arrest ? – Thurday 4:30pm, at 41st & 15th: UW School of Social Work will meet with faculty and students to make signs for deliver to us go there if you have requests ? – Today we received generous donation from and Bill: gigantic sign (freeway banner) and materials to build more through process of brainstorming and consensus, devised sign that is now behind sanctuary facing Broadway sign reads "We the: []corporations []people;" tomorrow 7:30am: will carry sign to Yesler I-5 overpass hold during rush hour 8-10am Lady Gaga – Occupy Olympia (occupy Capitol as long as it takes, as long as special session continues) to happen November 28 One organization assisting is 5000-member union of caregivers, whose funding is being cut Free transportation is being arranged meeting Wednesday around 5pm at Learning Tent Alliana tomorrow 5:30 – 9pm: dance party at Westlake Park DJ Hendrick music: hip-hop, trance, techno speakers and visuals Friday teach-in on how to organize events at Westlake attending: Bob from Northwest Sound and Stage Fred from Gundraising Gabe from Legal you, if you're interested in interesting ? has had difficulty reaching people from Arts and Entertainment please contact her at 303-842-7306 ? – Thursday, augmenting overpass outreach, will place words "99%" on I-5 overpass at Montlake Terrace needs two helpers to tear strips of fabric into small pieces, tie hundreds of knots will attach to chain link enclosing pedestrian bridge see him after GA Mary when: November 17, one week from this Thursday where: St. Mark's Cathedral what: King County Mental Health and Chemical Dependency are having legislative forum Please be there. Many legislators and legislative aids will be there to hear why we need to re-fund mental health and addiction services. Will discuss after GA. She'll be back this weekend to make signs and play MLK speeches. John next week, will start SCCC student outreach in classes and clubs will leave signup sheet at Info Tent Mohawk de-escalation training Sunday and Thursday 7pm See info at Info Tent Someone was arrested during de-escalation last night don't let this scare you off, because every situation you de-escalate makes college Bernie Friday 4:30pm SCCC, parade: Occupy Seattle honoring veterans march invite veterans, friends, relatives, children in wagons attendance estimated 20 – 400 contacted Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans, veteran homeless shelter up the street, a couple politicians Stephanie every Thursday, hopes to hold Art Thursdays in collaboration with other artists youth-oriented arts organizers are involved this Thurs, hope to get 99 knitters and crocheters between 1pm and 4pm to knit 99 squares which will be connected into quilt, given to Duwamish Long House hopes to discuss book The Revolution Starts at Home here Cody when: November 15, 9pm what: discussion on elements corrupting this movement; internal strife and how to move forward, avoiding isolation through listening where: meet at Learning Tent, then move elsewhere Alliana two reps from Occupy Portland are hanging out with us all week; please speak with them they had lots of suggestions on what we should be doing Announcements of Future Proposals time: 20:56 Julie C. – 1) November 18 Rise and Decolonize event: Media said needs GA proposal to get on OS schedule cancel November 18 GA rationale: allow people to march instead Courtney – In extreme and unique situations when someone seeks Legal assistance for something directly related to OS but not during OS direct action and a quorum is brought to Legal WG, Legal will examine on case-by-case basis and have authority to vote up or down. rationale: last night, our brother de-escalated a situation off-site eliminate need for emergency GA Liam proposal: endorse statement of unity to be presented later rationale OWS, OS, and global movement emergency are changing the world Occupy movement has great diversity of political beliefs are in process of mutual exploration communists, anarchists, and other radicals have been attacked throughout US history, and to the extent possible, purged nationally, Glen Beck has attacked communists The Stranger has blamed anarchists for almost all radical actions and divisiveness liberals and progressives are quickly dismissed by fellow radicals when have never engaged in radical ideas, without opportunity to develop deeper conclusions must acknowledge that every person is acting based on personal belief about how best to reorganize will not stand for these attacks, external or internal Patricia proposal: give Legal WG the following authority: to approach and retain a law firm to represent Occupy Seattle free of charge for considering lawsuit enforcing our Constitutional rights would only consider those who have resources and reputation for fighting for Constitutional rights, who would, in Legal's opinion, do justice ot our one to consider: Davis Wright Tremain reputation for fighting for First Amendment rights Berger v. seattle (nickelsvile case) to make day-to-day strategy decisions of litigation authority to begin or end suit and other issues would remain with GA weekly written and oral reports to be provided to GA rationale: our constitutional rights esp free speech and peaceable assembly are critical to this movement Mohawk – proposal: two code of conduct proposals to hold ourselves accountable ? – One person stand in middle by others stand outside. rationale: will establish relationship between one person and the people Michael, Process and Facilitation proposal: All GAs will be at 7pm proposal: Require 80 percent support for passing all GA proposals Proposals proposal: For direct action, Tactical WG will serve as hub for communication, scheduling, and inter-team communication, Occupy Seattle participation, and if desired, assistance restated: For direct action, Tactical WG will serve as hub for communication, scheduling, inter-team and Occupy Seattle participation, and if desired, assistance presenter: Zach source: Tactical Working Group rationale: now have home base, so Tactical are considering future direct actions recent actions have been poorly communicated scheduling conflict have arisen need to better coordinate our actions already serve, in accordance with mission statement, as inter-team communication facilitators vote time: 21:19 proposal passes proposal: If anyone circumvents democracy, [something about autonomy] affecting the whole group, he or she will be suspeded from workgroups for a month. 2nd offense: suspended from OS for a week, WGs for 30 days. 3rd: suspended from OS indefinitely presenter: Matt rationale: democracy is key. If we don't uphold it, if direct action results in police harassment, this is not those people directly what is circumventing democracy? when make decision affecting every person example: moving tents without GA approval discussion: Fred: Too vague. Has no idea what is meant, and if he did, almost everything he does as fundraiser affects the whole group. Can't run back to GA every time there's a potential donor. With tents, big philosophical discussion was not needed. Fire Marshall came next day. When they came to New York, looked around to see fire violations, and hundreds of police behind blocked people from moving, and confiscated many things. response: Knows that people knew about that a week in advance. Should have brought it to GA. Feels very weird about telling anyone he or she is unwelcome here. Shawn – Good situations to address. Disagrees that nobody was hurt. His was moved, had trouble finding it, was moved from all his friends, and found eviction notice on it. Supports. ? – Agrees that we need to do something about this. But these people are part of the 99 percent also. ? – Was confused about section saying direct actions that individuals choose to take autonomously don't have affect on camp if police come as result. For example: police came as result of bank action, but they're really coming because they choose to, and it's not directly affecting people ? – Has concerns: Penalties are a little stiff. Doesn't fully understand grounds for expulsion. Is good idea to address individuals that have a negative impact. Let's approach the person and have a discussion. ? – Assumes that we'll use for baseline propositions that were passed by GA. But those are vague. Just this week, people went to City Hall to comment on City Council resolution. But GA has earlier passed resolution saying anyone talking to media or City on behalf of OS must first receive approval from GA. But they went as individuals who are part of OS. Very gray area. None received approval from GA to go. Rule like this could have unfortunate consequences for others. In ancient Greece, witch hunts began when they were at most democratic. Patricia – Proposal cuts off ability of individuals to come before GA and admit they made mistake. Doesn't make it okay, doesn't mean shouldn't be discussion or even consequences. Hard and fast rule tears down community, doesn't allow for apologizes. Legal and others are working on adjudicative body that would help resolve similar situation in safe environment where all can be heard. How would we enforce this? Someone claims circumvention then what? Arguments and madness? [laptop battery died; was unable to complete taking minutes] proposal failed with clear majority of voters in opposition Announcements Adjourned GENERAL ASSEMBLY 11/7 Location: Seattle Central Community College Zach – Timekeeper, Agenda Shon – Process Mover Lady Gaga – Stack Danica – Minutes Taker Bryce: I've been camping out here for most of the nights since we moved here. I'm noticing a trend that's a little bit troubling. I was at the rallies on Saturday and I noticed there were only like ten people from the campsite, there were other people there, from unions, or supporters, but not very many of us that are right here. Mohawk: I didn't camp here last night, but I've been here the last couple days. I have noticed there's been violence and drug and alcohol use. I've been observing and working on 3 proposals to pass so that the violence will end. We need to work together to stop this violence. I have heard that you are depending on Peace and Safety members, we are all Peace and Safety. Speaker: It has come to attention there are members of this camp who purposely sabotaged the vote. I call upon the heavens and earth to be a witness against this utter disrespect of my freedom to introduce a proposal that should not have been sabotaged by people claiming that we are a community. Now I feel I have no part in this community. Martin: I was down at City Hall today on behalf of the camp. I would have expected to see more of you. I spoke to the council members with the two minutes I was given, I mentioned the direct action incidents and in detail about how our medics were assaulted by the police in the process of doing their jobs. I suggest you go to a city council meeting and address your views in the public forum. Spending is being appropriated in a very obscure way. I expect to get a resolution in terms of how transparent this process is. I invite accountability, legal, and finance to describe the processes. Speaker: Last night there were a couple incidents that were concerning. Two people were physically assaulted with a weapon and we need some sort of proposal to be made that disallows that type of behavior. That's all. Mohawk: I'm replying to what he has said. I am working on that and I'll talk to people and keep modifying the proposal until it satisfies everyone. Speaker: All campers get together and make this proposal expedited that would be gratefully appreciated by everybody. WORKING GROUP REPORTBACKS: Legal (Patricia): 1) One of our occupiers, Joey Vaugn, has a court date, it's going to be Wednesday the 9th at 8:30am at Superior Court. Show up to show your support. His charge is assault, I believe it's a 3rd degree assault. 2) Legal meets on Sundays at noon at the Convention Center. If you'd like to come, you can. We also want to explain how we do proposals, legal votes on proposals on Sundays. That vote is whether we as a group want to bring it to the GA. We can't do sign off as joint proposals until Sundays when we vote on it as a Legal WG. A&E (Ariana): Dance party at Westlake on Wednesday. It's important to stay visible, so we're hoping we can gather you together here, beforehand, and march to Westlake. It's also important for Outreach or any of us to take advantage of the fact that we're bringing in people. We're also having Amanda Palmer, Saturday at 5pm. We have open spots beforehand. Sign up! Media ( Ivan): This Wednesday, there will be a web-i-nar, ideas on how to overturn Citizens United. Meet at See's Candies, tomorrow at 4pm if you have ideas on what action we can take on the 2 year anniversary of Citizens United! (Mark) Participants from OS spoke out at the City COuncil meeting to endorse movement to withdraw city money from corporate banks, which was a demand the GA endorsed. the president of the council was overturned by the rest of the council against us from speaking. 14 to speak today, they all made great statements. What you need to know is this coming Monday at 2pm, they will be brining up the resolution. today was just voting it to put the agenda. Nick Licata, who is sponsoring the resolution, and Michael Brian, withdrew all of his money from Wells Fargo, are hoping that people from OS can be there to pack the room. That's Monday at 2pm, and from what I understand, they will be voting on the resolution, it has a great chance of passing. Seattle City Hall. 4th and Columbia. Sustainability (Tabitha): Garbage pick-up is now between Olive and John, between Math & Science Building. Albert installed a solar house back in the corner, ask questions, check it out. Also, I just heard a school built 5 bike generators and wants to donate them. On Wednesday, we're having a guerilla compost work-shop. We'll build our own compost around Capitol Hill. We'll be meeting at 5pm and we can get our work on. Tomorrow, the Sustainability meeting is at Bauhaus at 4:30pm. Sanitation (Andrew): I want everyone to give a thunderous round of applause to John and Alyssa and everyone else who got our port-a-potties emptied. From now on, during the day, we are keeping them locked and we are asking everyone to use bathrooms on-site. QFC's bathroom is open until 9pm. Cal Anderson has a bathroom open until 10pm, not as nice, works pretty well. Faith and Spirit: Tomorrow, Rick Carlin, who sometimes leads Meditation, will offer at 6:30pm, a one hour workshop, called "The Heart of Non-Violence", here at the Holy Tent. Info (Timber): You may leave personal belongings at Info under your own liability. We are not responsible for your gear. Peace and Safety (Mohawk): I wasn't here last night, but I heard Peace and Safety handled some incidents improperly. I don't know what happened, accountability should happen and I'll look into it. the incidents are not the issue, if you have a problem with Peace and Safety, then handle the issues yourself, by getting de-escalation training. Tactical (Zach): Tactical is moving our meetings to SCCC at 3pm and 9pm. At 4pm, on Thursday, there is a direct action at the Port of the Seattle. Occupy Seattle should come assist local labor activists at the Port of Seattle. ICT (Danica): Need more people. E-mail Storage and Supply: We used 450 of your dollars to clean Port-a-Potties. Temperature Check on this expenditure. Truth Awareness (Salvador): To get the truth to the people and co-ordinate with other movements to progress toward change. PROPOSAL ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1) Occupy Seattle joins the struggle of students, faculty, and staff at Seattle Central Community College and other colleges, and universities, to defend public education, and all other social services against vicious attacks from Olympia and Washington D.C. Demand full funding for education and all other social services. 2) 3 actions: 1) Next Tuesday at SCCC a rally of students, faculty, staff and OS. 2) Occupy the SuperCommittee. This is the unelected body which is carrying out attacks on medicaid and social services. Block access to the federal building. 3) A lot of groups mobilizing for protest at Capitol Building. We propose that Occupy Seattle and other Occupy movements in the NW go to Olympia, go to the Capitol building and occupy it. 3) Tomorrow, I'll bring proposal about people circumventing democracy. Anybody that circumvents democracy in a way that directly affects everybody, not to negate autonomy, if they do this, they should be barred from all working groups for a month the first time and then barred from the camp for a week and then 30 days bar from working group the second time and then barred fully from the Occupation permanently for a third time. 4) Mohawk: 1) My proposal is to keep people from smoking in the tents and the flammable straw area, along with consequences. 2) Consequences that Peace and Safety can enforce. 3) No drugs and alcohol in the camp. 5) Duff: When working with Occupy Seattle, people arrested during a OS event, the Legal Working Group shall not discriminate between those charged with non-violent and violent crimes, the GA can further direct the Legal WG on a case-by-case basis. When one of us is in jail, all of us are in jail. 6) Cody: All Working Group meetings happen either on-site at Seattle Central Community College, or within 2 blocks of SCCC. There will be further details about the accountability or requirements for visibility and advance notification of work group meetings. 7) Zach: For large direct actions, Tactical will serve as a hub for communication, scheduling, and OS participation, and if desired, assistance. We are not going to be decision makers in any way, shape, or form, regarding actions. 8) No more hoarders bringing unusable stuff into the camp. Discussion: Accountability & Safety 1) Mark from Media – concern – There was a meeting at Westlake where a suggestion came up for people to bring up documentation to Legal Working Group (concern because of subpoenas). Legal assured us that those documents would be safe but there was dissension. And yet at the same meeting, there were discussions about individual cases and incidents that happened at camp, some involving outsiders, if there's such a thing. Our GA is livestreamed as individuals, we need to remember that anyone can see this livestream either while it's happening or later. That's a concern. It would be good if we had an internal mechanism for working with those situations. I'm under the impression there's work being done. 2) With the exception of direct actions, I feel that everything should be brought to GA. The only reason direct actions should not be brought to GA is that 1) autonomy with affinity groups 2) police can watch livestream to stop direct actions. As far as internal strife, and people circumventing democracy, should definitely be brought to GA for the sake of true democracy. 3) Can there be an amendment to this proposal that we use identifying features that are respectful to culture and race to identify the people that we are immediately discussing and then we can move on from meeting to meeting using terms that are relative? 4) I have a potential solution. Instead of taking care of conflict and accountability at GA, have a separate gathering for internal accountability that is not on livestream or video. 5) The GAs do not need to be secret in any way. Direct Actions that we may plan are legal, non-violent and peaceful in the spirit of the OWS movement. Occupy Seattle General Assembly Date/time: 2011-11-06 18:50 Location: Westlake Park Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: Facilitation Team Orientation: Braidon Process mover: Hudson Taking stack: Alberto Agenda: Michael Campers ? suggested to two staff members that we should do some role playing exercises respect is earned not given we're developing a bad reputation in the neighborhood we've forgotten what we're here for when the bars close ? happy to hear reaffirmation that GA is for making decisions that affect the entire collective hopes that in the future, decisions that affect the entire collective, like rearranging camp, are passed through GA instead of decided upon by a small group of people who seem to think their need for things to be tidy and safe according to their own ideas is more important than collective decision making. Was upset this morning about this whole thing, which she only heard about as an announcement last night. Knows many other people are upset as well. ? Woke up this morning to small group of people saying everyone should get up and move their tents. Justification was that it was an emergency. Last time he heard this, it was people saying we needed to move to City Hall. Such emergencies being declared makes him distrust people. Matt Regarding tents: It's not okay to subvert democracy. Regarding drug use: Putting together a program to meet people where they are. The drug problem is not an individual's problem, it's what happens when a community fails. Also inviting Narcotics Anonymous to come, not to preach but just to be here for people. Zach – Wonders why people who have not been long have blankets and tents while some who have been here since the beginning do not. ? – Agrees with Matt. Thinks we should invite NA. Cleaning up our messes is a great idea. Also, adults need to watch out for younger people here. ? – Knows there was much frustration with tent moving today. Might have been easier to bring to GA. Let's not make it like moving them was not necessary for fire safety. She had difficult time maneuvering around camp. The move was necessary, but might have been easier to bring to GA first. Does not believe there was some sort of power motive to control the camp by doing so. ? – Shares frustration with the way the decision was made. He would have agreed to do it, but opposes ignoring of the process by which we made decisions. Woke up today feeling hopeful and feels more congruity out of people by whom he's surrounded today than he did yesterday. ? – Energy and mood of tent has improved since we embraced no alcohol and drug policy. This means people can continue to do whatever they want but not risk the reputation of the 99 and the college. Let's feel free to occupy Westlake. Let's have lunch down there. We're preaching to the choir up here. Everybody agrees with us here, but not so down there. Alyssa – Understands desire for autonomy, but is confused about drug and alcohol policy since there are people smoking pot at GA. People are upset about processes regarding tents, when in fact we have no way to enforce anything, including rules that are needed to keep us here. ? – Suggestion: Assign four hours cleaning duty to people caught smoking. "If you're going to smoke on the property, you're going to clean off the property." Is homeless, but from this neighborhood. Is in recovery. Lost her kids, her man, then her mind. She's coming back. She has friends she doesn't want to leave behind. Don't judge people. Some people have not had the things we take for granted. This is the closest thing she's had to a home in seven months. Has seven friends trying to kick heroin. Can't keep it up. Wants to help with NA. Zach/Tactical – He made announcement last night about moving tents. Was not here today, so can't address what happened. Apologizes, says it was grossly inappropriate for just making that announcement. Apologizes for any inconvenience today's actions caused. Didn't mean any harm, and is sure others involved did not either. Neighbor Jen – Lives nearby. Happy we're here. Happy to hear about cleaning up the neighborhood. Most of the mess is not OS's fault, but if we help clean it, the neighborhood will love us. When we decide on a way to do cleanups, announce it to the neighborhood, the Chamber of Commerce, and maybe the Capitol Hill Seattle blog, because everyone will be pleased as punch. Reiterates that cigarette butts are not biodegradable. Matt – Many people have medical marijuana. Consider that when trying to scrutinize people. Anywhere they're allowed to smoke, they're allowed to use their medication. Ginger Did much of the tent reorganizing this morning. Many people who are upset may be directing their anger directly at her. Her actions were purely to help make this site safe. Wanted to protect us from the threat of the fire marshal inspect us and have the police sweep us out. Agrees that whole process should have been communicated more and community should have been involved more. Was not involved in organizing process, simply saw it would be difficult and painful for many people. Attempted to do it in as respectful a way as possible. Woman was here looking for her lost 16 year old daughter. Daughter became drug addict since leaving. Called police intending to have them sweep our camp looking for girl. Police did not do this because they believed the story — true — that the girl left camp. Had they come in and found the camp in the condition it was this morning, they would have tripped every five feet. Would have immediately been extremely difficult and compromising position for us. Understands if people are indignant about belief that there was urgency. But if we have underage kids here who police may be looking for, we're in very difficult situation. Has been looking for group to start for a long time. Wants to find a way to fit in here. With her drug use, has repeatedly dumpster dove in this neighborhood. Has probably has a few messy sessions, and would like to help with cleaning. ? – Thanks Matt for reminding us that some people have medical marijuana status. Asks that people smoke it elsewhere. ? – Agrees regarding medical marijuana. It's used for medical purposes. If people have authorization, should not have to worry. But do to influx of people who smoke but do not have card, everyone has a problem. People are allergic. People abuse it. Understands that it should be available for recreational use. If you choose to smoke on school grounds, you may be taught that there are consequences for your actions. Working group announcements time: 19:29 Jordan from Occupy Portland is here to do groundwork and outreach and help out if you have statements, letters, words of encouragement to send to Occupy Portland, please see her needs three cold volunteers who would like to get away for the night, wash some clothes, and warm up. Ride will be here around 9pm. Medical Working Group Babylonia, on behalf of WG have basic hygiene supplies (e.g., tooth brushes, deodorant, cough drops) email collecting names of people who want basic first aid and street medic training stop by medical tent to leave contact info tweet health and wellness info @OccupyHealthy Media Working Group Carson Gathering footage, stories, etc., for The Stranger deadline is tomorrow have footage of police brutality or stories to share, find him tonight Faith and Spirit Group Takina first meeting tonight in front of tent after GA come join if you'd like to be part of WG tomorrow 11am: 40-50 chaplains coming to visit want to know what's going on where to bring food and clothes 1pm reiki practitioner, 2pm vahi guy offering prayers and heart discussion on creating culture of education schedule is on the board, and on Occupy Sanctuary Web page Learning Working Group ? Learning tent is open for any workshops. See calendar inside to reserve. Offer learning resources to the rest of the groups Contact info at tent Need help from ICT to set up online resources Kitchen Working Group Emily need people to clean up after themselves hard to feed while also cleaning up after everyone if you spill sugar or coffee, wipe down, throw stuff in the compost can always help with dishes need steady volunteers to fill water at Cal Anderson Park if you wonder why there's no water, you can go refill for us need more resources to create hot water until we set up cooking facility on site have decided to close kitchen during GA gives them time to prepare food, organize, clean, and encourages GA attendance ? made contact with Compass Center, who delivered hot meal last week, but we only had one volunteer (him) if we want hot meals M-F between 12:30-1pm, delivered, prepared, supplied, by the Compass Center, need people to step up to volunteer. They're doing us a great courtesy. Hip Hop Occupies Working Group Forest Getting many requests to dance and sing for different workgroups are not minstrels are action-oriented working group Permaculture Working Group Albert constructing passive solar greenhouse nearby will soon have winter food production, water catchment, sand filter treatment, and stacking functions in demonstration project Sanitation Working Group Andrew port-a-potties getting full blocking off those that are full to get through night, please use alternative restrooms if over 21, please visit a bar if under, Bauhaus Coffee open until 2:30 please stop throwing trash in port-a-potties; beer can takes up as much space as a couple good sized turds please don't write graffiti in them; he's the only one who reads it Sustainability Brigade Working Group Tabitha Take a good look around at our garbage cans. They're full. get to know where we take garbage by 7pm for our pickup please help take garbage to designated location we're out of the bags we must put things in for pickup; getting more tomorrow pickup spot changing from base of stairs to Harvard to concrete cove by Math and Sciences building please clean up after yourselves 5pm Wednesday will have guerrilla composting workshop off-site. Meet by steps, will walk over from there. in five days, we'll no longer offer disposable dishes and utensils please come up with your own will be offering some; adopt and personalize Tactical Working Group Forest friend owns Neighbors, the club at the far end of the alley. If we have bags of trash, take to far end of alley, largest dumpster Peace and Safety Working Group Forest Camp Safety met last night to talk about heroine and non-marijuana drug use and how to deal with it while protecting our community. Suggests group discussion about how passive our response should be. discussion will happen immediately after GA Demands Working Group Justin demand we passed last week is kind of worked into the City Council resolution that is to be introduced at City Council meeting tomorrow 2pm at City Hall supporting OS, looking at City finances, moving money to local banks, prevent cuts of social projects and education, start looking into how elections are financed, something about cops Facilitation and Process Working Group Ed changing time: starting tomorrow, one hour before General Assembly that's the time to bring proposals and announcements of proposals starting tonight, when people are proposing, after discussion can: have a vote withdraw (possibly bring back another night) withdraw proposal for five minutes to go talk with people who have expressed strong disagreement, then bring it back Action Announcements Jen the neighbor noticed that Occupy Wall Street had a newspaper, so she made one for Occupy Seattle copies are taped up around camp and at the information tent please send suggestions, respectful feedback, and story leads to Bernie – Seeks bands to play November 11, Veterans Day US Govt, Senate and House, are discussing ways to cut veterans benefits have been 4487 deaths in Iraq, 33,163 wounded 1300+ killed in Agh, 15k injured, 2066 Am and Afg civilians Hilary – sisters organized for survival hope to form Occupy the Capitol Work Group did good job with banks, now time to attack legislators On November 28, WA Legislature will begin special session in which they plan to slash 2 billion dollars more from our social safety net (health care, education, social services) need to storm the Capitol and to occupy it, beginning 28th, continuing as long as possible if interested in participating, meet after GA ? – Would like as many people as interested to occupy Westlake Park starting tomorrow. Could use help with food, making signs. Suggests working in three-hour shifts. Let's not forget visibility and send clear message that this movement is not a partisan movement (Socialist, Communist, Democrat, Republican) but about truth. Wants to make signs to make it clear we're not jobless. Only jeers he's heard are from people on the street who say, "go get a job" Bob Reinforces that the plan was to use SCCC as base camp, get nourishment here, then march down to Westlake daily as a group in the streets. Thursday 5:30p Pier 66 – will be big banquet for port officials Working Washington and other groups will be holding their own banquet in the street, along with some other entertaining and fun things. Please don't miss it. Please be a part of it. Anna planning action for Veterans Day. Will read The Illiad. Takes ten hours to read. Seeks volunteers to read on Veterans Day. if interested, meet her after GA Announcements of Future Proposals Shawn proposal: will probably bring it Tuesday or Wednesday now that we have Camp Safety, there is much talk of revision Good Neighbor Statement so will be more clear what we hold each other accountable to here at SCCC Ed proposal: all decisions instead of passing by simple majority will require 80 percent majority presenter: Ed from Process and Facilitation rationale: streamline proposal: if previous proposal passes, nature of block will change from veto to blocking concern that simply asks for reconsideration and revote proposal: start all GAs at 7pm, then work hard to finish by 9pm 6:30 is too early, 7:30 too late regular time that is better for everyone Babylonia proposal to help organize our camp regarding enforcement or lack thereof, Nickelsville have an elected arbitration committee; security takes issues there visited Nickelsville yesterday to learn how they organize their camp Andrew proposal: put numbers on on tents rationale: organize in more sustainable way. Understands this is autonomous movement. Organization is critical. pretend we're a new colony. Week one was about growth. We grew. Now we're in week two, which is a delicate process. It's about sustainability and self-organization. We need to organize in a manageable way. Keep in mind that we're under a microscope. Kilpatrick did not say that our actions are legal, just that they're not illegal. Second Pres has the opportunity to kick us out, he will. Was reported in newspaper last week that drugs, other than pot, were in camp. Also that there was violence. This gives the politician a bad reputation. Let's not slip up. Will introduce Tuesday. Number could be on inside. Robbie, Medical and other WGs proposal: conduct poll and issue statement about how we're growing will introduce Friday wants to show world how we've changed, that the movement includes many young people Proposals proposal: General Assembly will direct Legal Working Group not to discriminate between alleged non-violent crimes and alleged violent crimes when working for the legal defense of an Occupy Seattle person charged with a crime. restated: General Assembly will direct Legal Working Group not to discriminate between alleged non-violent crimes and alleged violent crimes when working for the legal defense of an Occupy Seattle person charged with a crime. The GA may choose to give specific direction to the Legal WG on a case-by-case basis. restated: General Assembly will direct Legal Working Group not to discriminate between alleged non-violent crimes and alleged violent crimes when arranging for defense of an Occupy Seattle person charged with a crime during Occupy Seattle events. The GA reserves the right to give specific directions on a case-by-case basis to the Legal WG. presenter: Duff rationale: Consulted with Legal and Process and Facilitation. Reworded based on this. Crucial because there is false dichotomy between alleged violent and non-violent crimes with which OS people may be charged by Seattle police. Reality is that when doing actions in the street, Seattle Police will routinely falsify arrest reports, making non-crimes into crimes. These will make alleged non-violent crimes into alleged violent crimes. Must take in revolutionary new reality that came to be because of our brave brothers and sisters at Chase Bank and at Sheraton on November 2, 2011. Non-violent and violent does not describe the conditions on the ground that we encountered with the cops. One of our members was charged with a violent crime that came out of interactions with police on Wednesday. This alleged violent crime caused Legal WG to be hampered temporarily in its defense of the person who was charged. Alleged violent crime was assault of police officer new reality came into being Wednesday, that he hopes is regular reality, if one of us can be charged with assaulting a cop, 100 of us could be charged with such. No fine line between violent and non-violent crime. This is counter-revolutionary concept that divides our group when one of us is in jail, all of us are in jail, regardless of the alleged crime with which our member may be charged, falsely or correctly, by Seattle Police discussion ? – should support people accused of violent crimes, for very practical reasons. Most likely violent crime they'll be accused of is assault of police officer. Whenever police beat someone up, they accuse that person of assault as defensive maneuver. It's naive to believe someone accused of violent crime is guilty of it. Much more likely that police are lying. ? – For those of us who have been arrested for any reason for the movement, should be supported. Many ways to support the cause, both non-violently and sometimes violently. We should support people regardless. Corey, Legal WG – Understands the proposers intentions are good, but proposal is short-sighted. Puts horse before the card. Knows that the police lie. Has read hundreds of reports where they lie and contradict themselves in the report. At same time, are ethical considerations by which attorneys much abide in order to continue to be attorneys. If they find they cannot ethically represent someone, cannot withdraw because they'll be disbarred. Already know that 30 or so pro-bono attorneys will not be part of this if this proposal passes. That means you will no long have attorneys, and this proposal won't matter. Legal right now is working on a proposal so that we can ensure that we'll be able to quickly determine if the police officer is lying and we can give someone representation so that we can help everyone who is part of this movement. If this passes, lawyers cannot continue to be part. response: Understands and respects. Is puzzled why this proposal which is neutral about nature of crime would cause attorneys any problems. Proposal says Legal WG shall not discriminate between violent and nonviolent crimes. Does not say we must defend all people accused of violent crimes, or all those accused of non-violent crimes. Has worked with many attorneys over the years and doesn't see whey this would be offensive or threaten credentials of any attorney. Attorneys cannot withdraw from a case except in very specific circumstances. They won't want to get stuck in some cases and cannot risk being disbarred. ? – Many things are considered violent. Smashing a window is very different than harming another person. Giving all the B.S., supports this proposal. Patricia – So long as the discretion still exists to make a determination on whether or not to defend someone, proposal is okay as stop-gap measure until Legal puts forth proposal for adjudicative team that can better make these decisions. Very important to her that everyone understands what Duff is saying, which she understands to mean that we don't automatically defend every person for any crimes. That would be impossible. Recognizes that people are sometimes accused of violent crimes who should not be. Okay with this as long as it's temporary. ? – This is a slam-dunk. It's a response to Legal's hesitation to defend Henry. Should vote ASAP. If Legal has concerns, should make another proposal soon. Forest – Regarding lawyers: Those who feel it is unethical to support this movement should not be with us. There are other lawyers with better ethics. Daniel – If the standard Legal is stating were so, then how did the Green River Killer get adequate defense. Look at record as William Kunsler. Support this movement even if a few of us end up in a control unit. Only relying on legal system to keep out of jail. Matt – If you vote this down, understand that in the majority of times, people of color will be accused with assault of an officer. To the lawyers who find it unethical to defend those people: you're bordering on racism and unethical practices. Thought principle was innocent until proven guilty. ? – Questions Corey's concern: Said lawyer could be disbarred. Does someone in jail need be assigned a lawyer in order to be bailed out. vote time: 20:48 majority favor blocks Akila – Does tax representation before IRS. Has option to tell clients upon further review of facts of their case is no longer to represent them. However, attorneys do not have that privilege. Puts pro-bono lawyer volunteers in jeopardy. Cannot ask people work for free then to lose their license. This is poor proposal. Legal WG is working on proposal to let people to continue working for free for movement and continue to eat. Need or have other attorneys to work with us. Great. But those currently representing those who have been arrested will not have representation in the matter. discussion Nowhere in the proposal does it state that any pro-bono lawyers must take on any case. Would assume they'll be offered choice to represent someone whether crime is violent or not. Doesn't understand why block is valid. Block is invalid. Said a whole bunch of nothing, most of which he disagrees with. Didn't say anything about the foundational principles of why we're here. Not only is block invalid, supposed facts about losing licenses is completely invalid. Lawyers are there to accuse people accused of crimes, both violent and non-violent. This is a slam-dunk. Let's not get upset because some people have bureaucratic problems. proposer: Does not direct people to defend something they don't want to defend. Provides guidance; doesn't tie hands. Agrees that we need to back everyone. But when we have problems with definite answers. The other day we had proof of someone's actions, and we're being asked to back no matter what. Agrees, not guilty until proven elsewhere. Legal team is here every day. We talk to them about our issues. Need their support. Won't get it from public defenders. proposer: After intense discussions with Legal, Legal have committed to have aforementioned new procedures by Tuesday. Intent is to help Legal arrange timely representation. Henry stayed in jail 24hours extra when he should have been sprung with everyone else. Need to acknowledge new revolutionary reality. One goal is to unite camp and those who might be arrested, raising revolutionary consciousness of us all. Well on our way to doing that. withdrawn Deferring to Legal for two days. Will reintroduce Tuesday reflecting information Legal provides. proposal: Amend no-contact with police policy "The community through P and S reserve the right to contact SPD in situations that pose imminent risk to any and all Occupy Seattle participants, with P/S being recognized as individuals that provide some degree of security that any decision to call SPD will be determined by P/S members on duty. Though recognizing individual rights, P/S will act as mediators in managing said amendment, recognizing that security is a community job. When determining whether SPD should be contacted, 1) all intercommunity options should be exhausted. That such incidents that XXX that may warrant calling SPD, kidnapping, and any other incidents that pose serious risk to Occupy Seattle participants, said amendment will be XXX. Actions will be determined by community vote. It is affirmed that community does not recognize SPD as legitimate law enforcement agency, yet if situations arise that risk safety of OS participant, it is said to amend the no contact with police policy. Individuals participating in OS, right to call police when physical safety is at immediate risk or in danger of such . Should only do so if Camp Safety and general community are unable to resolve said situation or are unable to hear cries for assistance. 2) If police are notified caller should make known that police are on their way so people who would prefer to avoid contact can take action 3) Affirm all parts of no-contact policy restated in one sentence: If someone on this camp or people who come off the street and become part of the movement find themselves in imminent danger to which the community cannot properly respond, authorities in place now should be at that person's disposal to mitigate death, trauma, and fear. presenter: Andrew and Harvey rationale: November 5, around 5pm, a community meeting convened and recognized that safety and the physical well-being of all who recognize the occupy movement is our number one priority. Inter-community action should be our only resort. Peace and Safety should have all tools a their disposal to avoid danger Meat and bones is that any individual in immediate physical risk can notify SPD. discussion: Opposes. We as community should be able to defend our neighbors. We must step it up for those who are unable to defend themselves. Police should never need to be called. Police contact is never good. Thinks proposal was long-winded way to say, "this proposal sucks; vote no" This is not about personal feelings. Shares deep reservations about contacting police. Will be at Mayor's office tomorrow to talk about this. proposer: This is about liability. If someone is being raped, someone at camp should not allow personal feelings about police to prevent stopping it. What precedent are we setting for the future of this movement? Are we to have no laws? Would like to find a way to make everyone in camp feel like they're part of Peace and Safety, addressing violent actions as they arrive. If someone commits serious violent crime in this camp, wants that person to be put through our current rule. If someone attacks someone here, we currently do not have any way of addressing that within our community. We have no cohesive social contract. Doesn't necessarily support this proposal, but asks that we figure out how to address this. What do we do if someone commits serious violent crime in our camp. We need to know what to do in that situation. Disagrees with Harvey and the proposal. Please respect him. He stood up to cops, yelling at them for over an hour. Respect the man and respect the process. The people who want cops to stay away and those who want cops to come here are two sides of same crime. One wants to bring tyranny in, others to grow it internally. Some want thugs to come in, others want thugs walking around all the time. Tyranny of state vs. tyranny of individual. Safety of everyone here is most important thing. Is it legal to tell someone he can't call the cops? Is this America still? His understanding of existing policy: Not an absolute policy. Its words ended with "to the extent possible". One primary concern is that we're conditioned to rely on the state, with people like cops taking care of us. More important to learn to deal with our own stuff instead of continuing to rely on racists. This proposal sets us back a month, as does surrounding discussion. Asks how this affects language in statement passed weeks ago, Camp Safety passed days ago. There's no acknowledgement of that. proposer: This does not build in anything, but affirms accountability statement, good neighbor policy, and duty of Peace and Safety people. Does not set back any previously passed resolutions, but puts in language consequences if situations result in bodily injury to a person. If someone comes to camp and steals $5000 of equipment, that's grand larceny. Who wants to lose that over a person's feelings about the police? They are in place now. Say someone comes and does $10,000 in damage… But what does this add to previous resolutions? Only consensus is distaste for police. Has deep reservations. If someone is stabbing him, please call the police. proposer: doesn't say we co-depend on police, just provides avenue the Peace and Safety and community as a whole cannot handle without endangering people in the community. If his safety is in jeopardy and wants to call SPD he will. vote: time: 21:51 clear minority support, proposal fails Announcements ? – Tomorrow at 7pm, will be DJ and movie projected inside. If you're cold, go inside or dance. ? – When participated in Chase shutdown, witnessed one of most radical protesters, never sees, never sees here. Got under paddy wagon, and was stretched when van moved away with police holding. Yelled, licked his wounds, and went crazy like a Viking. This crazy man must have been immune to handcuffs. Only people of color and those who are not much of a threat to the police were man-handled. ? – SCCC Day Care is slated to be cut. Sounds like they're engaged in same struggle as us. Thinks we should take that on. Bernie – Friday march to support veterans may change to get better exposure and more veterans. Please call your relatives, email veteran friends, let them know about Friday. ? – From this week on, she and other community artists will start having Thursday art-making programs for young people (or kids of all ages), to help amplify our message. This Thursday, hope to get 99 knitters and crocheters to come make 99 9" squares, which they'll put together and give the blanket to someone who really needs it. Bring supplies if you have them. ? – Has idea to help save friend's small business bicycle shop at 2nd and Stewart because of big condo development. Forest – Joint activity discussion postponed until tomorrow's GA. ? – Can go to St. James Cathedral during day to relax in peace and pray. Sees animals around. Please take care of them before taking care of themselves. Consider getting umbrellas in anticipation of rain. Shawn – When someone purports to speak for group, such as Legal tonight, consider checking with others. Also, we still do not screen proposals. Michael – Hillary from Sisters Organized for Survival Occupy Olympia meeting will be tomorrow 5pm at Learning Tent Adjourned 22:01 Occupy Seattle General Assembly 1/01/2011 Date/time: 2011-11-01 19:35 Location: Westlake Park Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek Audio archive: Facilitation Team Process mover: Shawn Agenda: Jesse Taking stack: Joshua Time keeper: Evonne Campers David – Has been lots of partying that breaks the agreement between us and Seattle Central. That could cause us to lose our camp quickly. Devon – Usually keeps track of what happens at camp at night. Has usually been good, but have been a few petty and childish conflicts. Has otherwise been a great experience. Elvina – Being at the occupation is sometimes tiresome, but can't think of a better way to spend her time, money, and energy Alisha – Day one of the new location (Seattle Central): Was told she'd be provided with tent and warm blankets. That didn't happen. Instead, she slept on cold ground. Asked for help from people nearby. They didn't help. Woke up at 4:30 a.m., in the rain, and received help from Medical. Seeks ride to Occupy Los Angeles, halfway there, or maybe to Wall Street in New York. Needs to reach Wall Street by November 23. Taylor – Visiting Seattle from Montana. Appreciates that everyone has been very kind to him. Nicole – Has been saddened by seeing fellow campers consider securing a campsite a huge victory. The work has barely begun. Need to encourage fellow campers that this will be a long, hard, battle, and that we cannot relax, because that's what our adversaries expect us to do. We should encourage campers to come to Westlake Park as long as that's where our GA is held. Albert – Has been here since day one. Spent lots of time at Federal Building, more at Westlake Park. Last weekend, moving to SCCC was beautiful. Since then, has come to Westlake. Today, he was the only one here. Seems odd. Devon – Will have to be compassionate to get people who do not want to work much to find passion for and put effort into this movement. Elvina – Agrees that it is concerning to see loss of motivation. Portland, LA, Honolulu (which just started), all do spontaneous marches, continually building morale, without GA consent, independently. If we want something done, instead of bringing it up at the GA, just do it. Suggests everyone marching to Westlake tomorrow. If nobody is here, the City one. Doesn't want to feel that we spent so much time arguing, sleeping in the cold, for nothing. Need to re-take this place. Working group announcements time: 19:55 Direct Action Working Group Jennifer – discussed daily marches 5pm, to Westlake Park, through financial district, with signs, noisemakers Peace and Safety Working Group David Have three deescalation trainings scheduled at Seattle Central: Friday 4pm Sunday 1pm Tuesday 7-9pm by someone with 20 years of experience Is essential for P&S members to attend these trainings 10pm meeting tonight at SCCC at tent across from Information Have immediate, important concerns drinking and other things happening known to the college we'll lose our space if we don't turn it around rapidly no alcohol or other drugs allowed on the property P&S need help had to apologize to students and faculty about this Tactical Working Group Zach At today's meeting, began discussion of issues of civility (or lack thereof) at GA. Are working toward suggestions, possibly proposal, to sort out these problems. Inter-team communication role: Encouraging more people to attend nightly 9pm meeting (SCCC, in grass by monsters) to discuss rolls, responsibilities of working groups. Started last night, went well. Don't need to be on working group to attend. Legal Working Group Corey If have questions about legality or potential consequences of activities or potential activities, Legal are here to answer them. Sanitation Working Group Committee Jackson Things going well at SCCC. Many people cleaning up after themselves and others. We produce lots of waste, but have no set place to put it. Please use alternatives to port-a-potties. They fill fast and are expensive to empty. Seeking volunteers. Information Working Group Timber Need volunteers. Only have 2-3 people all week long. We know as much as he does, more if we have space-age mobile phones. Please help. Money in Politics Working Group Craig New WG Meet Sundays 3pm, in front of See's Candies at Westlake Park Will probably meet there, then move to first floor of Convention Center We have U.S. Congress for sale. The 1% have been buying Congress. Effects every issue: tuition cost, environment, jobs, labor rights Must change it. Will change it. Discussing strategies for serious, authentic, change Finance Working Group Ted WG doesn't really exist yet Needs people who have access to bank account and funds being raised to come together to make a plan, then bring it to the GA. Maria from kitchen requests Internet Communications Working Group Danica Need more volunteers contact or talk to Danica Announcements of Future Proposals none Proposals time: 20:11 proposal: Occupy Seattle is a non-violent protest. We will not engage in violence unless in defense of ourselves or others. Unsolicited or un-instigated acts of violence are not what we stand for, because our mission is strong enough and our words are strong enough to stand on their own. Create a two-strike policy. First violation would result in request to leave for the night. Second to leave permanently. restated: 1) Occupy Seattle is a non-violent movement. We will only engage in violence if in self-defense or defense of others. Then, it is violence, not intelligence. Multiple courts have ruled that words of hatred, words associated with bigotry or racism are violent in themselves. This proposal is not about whether we should allow people who focus a movement or people around an idea of bigotry or racism. restated: We are a non-violent movement. We intend to create a conflict resolution board that will lead to another proposal. For the time being, if anyone is the aggressor of a violent action, they will be remove with minimal force for the rest of the day to maintain safety, until the GA decides. restated: Occupy Seattle will be officially a non-violent movement. We don't tolerate people who are violent toward others, whether members or non-members. If someone is violent, he or she will be removed from the camp and allowed to discuss the situation later. And right now to propose a resolution in the future about a conflict resolution. intends for it to be used when a member is violent toward another presenter: Corey discussion Allana – Punitive justice doesn't work. Doesn't acknowledge messiness of movement. When we react by defending ourselves, we're merely products of that system. Role of Peace and Safety and Legal, and the whole community, is to engage survivors. ? – If doesn't change nature of movement, no need to debate this. Any action can be construed as non-violent. Doesn't want tribunal to decide where on violent to non-violent someone's action lies. Mitch – Opposes because it would give P&S more laws to arbitrarily enforce based on their mood swings. Last night, P&S guy picked fight, took it out, got beaten, then came back and claimed assault. Bob – Is conflicted about the proposal. Needs another amendment, one that Patricia will soon raise. Concerned that when there are no procedures in place, we're allowing behavior such as sexual predation, thievery, and violence, to run amok, affecting safety of camp and movement at large. ? – Requests clarification. What is violence? What is self defense or defense of others? How to enforce? requester: SD is protecting yourself against violence of others. Defending other is same but violence toward someone else. Wants us to unify behind non-violent message. He can't be here if it's not a non-violent movement. Elvina – Tolerance for violence is unfair and inhumane. Doesn't envision society in which someone can harass her, demean her, get physical with her, and be slapped on the wrist or admonished. Wants society in which she can feel safe. Fact is that rape victims, PTSD, say they cannot be here because people insist on being violent. Father was violent. Rapists were violent. Everyone around her seems to be violent. If this movement shows no regard for this suffering, she wants no part of it. ? – Cannot stop violence. It's a violent world. There are wolves and rapists, people who will hit each other. All we can do is try to exclude that kind of behavior. We have no way to make regulations or police it without it turning into "this". Patricia – Concern with two strikes rule is that it will turn into he said, she said, and there's no real process, both sides won't get heard. Tonight, we're not ready to create a dispute resolution system. Suggests putting forth a stop-gap measure until we establish dispute resolution process. requester: XXX continue asking the potential aggressor to leave for the night and welcome back later to sort things out ? – Two suggestions 1) change "non-violence" to "direct physical aggression". Captures more of what most of us consider violence. Non-violence can be interpreted many ways. 2) Instead of two strikes and you're out, how about two strikes and a few counseling sessions instead. requester: intent is important point of process: hearing that we need more discussion; suggests creating working group, discussing outside point of process: we adopted statement of non-violence at last GA at federal building vote time: 20:44 6 counters average: 41 favor, 27 oppose blocks: This proposal is evidence that most of our minds are operating in binary, colonial way. Blocking is not endorsing violence. Must aspire for nonviolence. Should empower everyone to employ all tactics necessary to ensure that rapists, oppressors, and everyone in between feel unwelcome to hurt people. Violates fundamental principles by alienating survivors. Is slippery slope to authoritarian movement, and is not transparent. Threatening to leave movement is manipulative tactic. Everyone has freedom to come and go as he or she pleases. One fundamental principle is equality. Concerned that enforcement of this proposal could not be done equally. People will use biases and prejudices they don't even know they have. discussion: Nicole – Heard about the block to discourage rapists and other aggressors from being part of the group. What about the encouragement of families to be part of this group. Brings daughter to GA, but would never bring her to camp. What about fundamental principle to include 99%. Doesn't know what to think about two strikes, but feels that to grow movement, need a statement about being nonviolent. Alyssa – Addressing point of threatening to walk: It's not about pressuring us; it's about ethics required by legal profession. Danica – We're not a police force. Proposal violates principle of autonomy. Doesn't want oppression in camp. But there have been violent actions, still undefined by proposal, doesn't think it's okay for people to be excluded ? – People who really care about camp safety should spend nights and days at the camp in stead of passing legislation. Don't create another 10 commandments. ? – Is no way to stop or prevent violence. Question is who is being violent, to whom it's directed, and how. If intend to stop one person's violence, generally will do it violently. If we call ourselves nonviolent, meaningless. Nonviolence is not lack of violence. Pacifism is refusal to act on violence. He does not identify with term nonviolence or pacifism. Doesn't think he's the only one. Violates core principles because it is alienating to many members of the 99%. Blocking this does not make the camp any less safe for families or for anyone else. Following through with this proposal would make camp less safe because would make people less willing to act to stop violence. vote: time: 21:07 uphold block: 42; overturn block: 19 block stands; proposal fails proposal: Tomorrow Thursday, or Friday, General Assembly moves from Westlake Park to Seattle Central Community College restated: We will have all general assemblies at Seattle Central Community College, starting with this Friday's. presenter: ? rationale: since we moved to SCCC, numbers have dwindled most places, GA is held at occupation discussion: ? – We were discussing keeping GA and voting down at Westlake, then take things from discussion twice weekly to cover and summarize basic points discussed during GA so people who did not have chance to attend don't have excuse of not knowing what's going on. This will allow to know what's going on and to come down here to vote and talk about it. ? – Friendly amendment: move weekdays to SCCC, have weekend GAs here. This would facilitate outreach in the neighborhood. accepted rejected (tourists here on weekend) ? – Friendly amendment: Move on Friday. (Proposal was not specific.) accepted ? – Two groups are forming: Hang out at SCCC, work at Westlake. Should push people to be involved. ? – Originally, was said we'd keep things at Westlake after move to SCCC. If we hold onto Westlake by coming here for GAs, create weird body of people who come out for GA. Don't want to be beaurocratic managers. We're at SCCC now. Let's take this change into consideration. ? – Note that if meeting runs late — particularly 7:30 GAs — would violate our good neighbor agreement. Albert – Earlier agreement, when we discussed move to SCCC, was to keep presence at Westlake. Today, he spoke to people who had never been to OS. They asked what's going on. If he had not been here, they wouldn't have learned this. Suggests that if we move GA, we have constant presence here for outreach. Sus – Thinks we need to have meetings at SCCC nightly that are for the issues of the camp. Camp assemblies, not general assemblies. Assemblies that make policies for the camp. Assemblies that address the problems with the camp. Believes they can create good proposals to bring to a GA twice weekly. We could have GA two or three times weekly at Westlake. Issues of the camp cannot dominate everything of Occupy Seattle. ? – One person said if we keep meetings here it will encourage people to come down and be involved. One issue is that people cannot or feel that they cannot come down if they have belongings set up there. They don't want to leave them for police, security, or others. Regarding the split being people hanging out vs. working. It is abundantly clear that people are working, and they are part of the movement. ? – Supports moving all GAs to SCCC. Thinks risk of overriding voices as expressed is inverse of potential. We would send stronger message by occupying a bank or take the streets regardless of where we camp. ? – Favors. If becomes problematic due to problems with school, could move across street to Cal Anderson Park. ? – We previously passed proposal that during daytime, we'd march from SCCC to Westlake Park, have GAs here, then march back with banners and posters to camp site. ? – Favors. On weekends, there's only one decision making GA: Sunday. Last Sunday, attendance was small. What about previous concern that a move of the GA, conflicting with our statement to SCCC administration, would be problematic? vote: time: 21:40 favor: 30, oppose: 5 block fundamental principle violated: We decided through long, contentious process that we'd continue Occupy Seattle with public presence here at Westlake Park, in solidarity with Wall Street, remaining in the public eye. Only agreed to the move with keeping GAs here. Feels that the process to which we agreed has been co-opted. discussion Was under the impression that all votes, proposals, other things we decide on, are non-binding. Given current circumstances, doesn't see why we can't change where we have GA. Have tarps and tents at SCCC; good for upcoming raining. People have been free to come down here for last three days. Block did not address OS's fundamental, core, principles. vote: time: 21:47 block overturned; proposal passes proposal: We endorse plan in works for Occupy Black Friday presenter: Joanna rationale: Event will happen regardless. Need endorsement of GA to make publicity, get on radio, etc., as an Occupy Seattle event On day after Thanksgiving, people go shopping to make themselves happy. This is an invitation to forgo the shopping frenzy and participate in creativity and joyous things that cannot be bought or sold. [note: not announced publicly, but will be state-wide Wal-Mart protest that day as well] vote time: 21:52 proposal passes unanimously proposal: Before every meeting, we will read the following equality statement: FIXME: insert statement rationale: hopes we're all coming here as equals; thinks this represents core of why we're here presenter: Ted point of process: wasn't on the Web others weren't either discussion: ? – agrees generally, but has some problems with some of the semantics; can't rubber-stamp statement as-is response: willing to remove offensive part Phil – supports sentiment, but it took five minutes to read without people's microphone. Reading before GA is not right action. ? – supports sentiment, but suggests boiling down to ten points or so Shawn – Could take even more than 10 minutes. Potential problems with politics of one person delivering statement. Should make wording available for all to see. response: don't read it with people's microphone that introduces another problem Brad – Be careful. We have big group with diverse opinions. Likes sentiment — not offending each other. Need to discuss when we're offending or overstepping boundaries. To make blanket statements about how we are to behave interferes with people's free speech. proposal withdrawn Emergency Announcement Zach, Tactical fellow Tacical just informed him that one of the fascists came back, removed shirt to expose swastika. People are watching now. Tonight's Tactical meeting cancelled. Announcements Shakina, the chai lady. Has probably served you tea if you've been anywhere at Occupy Seattle before 8am. She and husband are sufi ministers in an organization that recognizes that all religions lead to the same divine unfolding. New group is forming as ally to OS. After consulting with a few team leaders from OS, an interfaith group of clergy are beginning organizing faith community to fully support the occupy movement. Including a half-dozen religions and seek to include more. Hope to set up ongoing presence as Occcupy Chaplains. Acquiring and will soon erect tent at SCCC. Purpose is to be present. Will train clergy who wish to prepare themselves. Will offer service noon tomorrow at Plymouth Church, 6th & Union, music, poetry, more, in solidarity with strike in Oakland, violence against elsewhere, 3000 arrests, and first death at Occupy sight (Poet, dead of natural causes at Occupy Oakland). Will explore peace that moves us to civil disobedience. In addition, more events ongoing, such as church potlucks, invitations to come talk, faith groups visiting Occupy site together. Next steps: ministers starting classes. Anticipate other activities will emerge. Bring congregations into dialoge with police, move congregations financial assets out of banks, open churches as resource centers. and on Facebook. John – check out Alisha Fisher's website if interested in her project to create a costume based on all the occupations for presentation in New York ? – Public Citizen is democratic group since 1970's. Having webinar about Citizen's United November 9. Hopes we can participate somehow. Shawn – Encourages those watching livestream to participate in person if they can. Maybe get e-mails of working groups and send them ideas. Adjourned 22:14

Pending and Past GA Proposals



Jan 25th:


In line with the fundamental principles of the movement, and in solidarity with Occupations across the country it is proposed that we move from a majority takes all voting system (regardless of percentage) to a consensus system.


Process and facilitation will require two to three weeks to make the necessary preparations.  There are several consensus models to choose from, with possibilities of blending multiple approaches.  The GA directs Process to listen and take from the conversation leading up to a cote on this proposal for direction and encourages all GA members to participate in Process meetings as time allows.


We cannot allow the dysfunction and divisiveness of the broken system we come from to entrench itself in our movement, therefor we affirm our commitment to self-representation, personal autonomy, and solidarity as we free ourselves from the tyranny of majority and move to consensus decision making for proposals in General Assembly. -proposed by Alyssa, 1/15/12





1. General Assemblies are at 6:30pm on Weekdays. Work Group Meeting Times are up to Individual Work Groups.
2. Rotation of Facilitators and Training for those Facilitators
3. Hold Orientation 15 Minutes before General Assembly.
4. Notify Public of Meeting Times Through On-line Calendar.
5. Facilitators Never Present or Advocate Opinions.

1. Occupy Seattle stays at Westlake during the Native Alliance Rally, then marches between 5 and 6:30 pm.
2. The Legal and Finance Work Group Should Bring Specific Proposals to the GA concerning a local credit union account, a transparent, on-line account, and the issue of being tax-deductible.
3. All Working Groups Should Have a Representational Color and a Legend So People Know Who to Talk To.

1. Tactical Should be the Liaison Between Occupy Seattle, the Parks Department, the City Government, and the Police.
2. The Inter-Team Work Group Meeting will Meet Every Night after GA to have GA orders disseminated between Working Groups. It will be made up of 2 Reps from every Working Group and they should be changed as much as possible to retrain Transparency.
3. Tactical Should Function as a Liaison between the Working Groups.
4. Each Work Group should have a Mission Statement Prepared by Tomorrow.
5. Reserve Porta Potties for Overnight Campers and Lock Them During the Day. If People are in Desperate Need There are Lock Combos at the Medic Tent. We will keep this Situation until Funds are Raised and There is a Better Solution.

1. Let’s Sleep in Shifts for Rain Protection.
2. Don’t Call the Police on Each Other, We Should Solve our Own Problems Instead.
3. No Arrestable Direct Action that Threatens Occupy Seattle as a Whole can be Undertaken Without GA approval.
4. Change the GA time for 10/10 to be 5:45pm in order to Accommodate Events, such as the Candlelight Vigil at 7pm.
5. The Internet Communications Work Group Would Like to Put Notification on the Occupy Seattle Website Notifying Everyone of a Student Walk-out on Wednesday and the Saturday Global Protest.

1. Modify Block Policy. When a Block is Enacted and it is not Overturned, the Proposal is Tabled. Then a Coalition will be formed to Discuss and Revise the Proposal, then it will be brought back to the next General Assembly.
2. Minutes from the Website Along with Notes from the Global Occupy Movement Should be Made Available at the Info Table Daily.
3. Temporarily Grant the Tactical Working Group the Authority to Disburse Funds From Petty Cash Overnight.
4. The Student Walk-out is Scheduled for Wednesday Afternoon. We Should Pursue Permit for Sound System and Equipment.
5. Occupy Seattle stands in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street’s Declaration of Grievances and Will Continue to Identify Local Grievances.

1. This Proposal is Only Applicable to Those who Want to Move to City Hall for Night-time Occupation. We Demand that Mayor McGinn meet with Nominated Representatives of Occupy Seattle in order to Discuss Long-Term Goals. List of Practical Demands 1) Four Large Tents for Medical, Kitchen, Supplies and Info 2) 24-hour Parking at City Hall: one space for Supplies 3) 24-hour occupancy Shelters for the Health and Safety of Protestors 4) 24-hour access to 1st Floor of City Hall for access to restrooms, meetings, etc. 4) Written Statement from Mayor McGinn regarding the right to indefinitely occupy the City Hall site.

1. To Stay Here at Westlake Indefinitely.
2. We have a Mass Re-Occupation of Westlake, with Tents, Starting Saturday Night.

1. Occupying Westlake and City Hall are Two Options and as a Movement We Can Support Both.

1. 10/15 GA be Shortened to Work Group Reportbacks only.
2. Create a Steering Committee Made Up of the People of This Movement Who are Responsible for the Agenda of the GA and Relieve Facilitators of this Duty.

1. Move GA to 7:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
2. Outreach Working Group will Start to Design Materials.
3. Adopt Principles of Anti-Oppression and Accountability Based on Those from Occupy Boston.

1. On Saturday, October 22, 2011, Have a Day of Solidarity, in Conjunction with National Day beginning with People’s Movement Rally at Noon, and the March Against Police Brutality at 2pm.

1. Occupy Seattle will be a Cop Free Zone to the Best of Our Ability.

1. This Saturday, Proposals will be Suspended and Replaced with Open-Ended Discussion about Actions and Ideas to Move Message of Occupy Seattle Forward.
2. Allow Media Committee to Talk to Police for Reporting Purposes.
3. The People of Color Caucus produced a document extending solidarity to Indigenous People Locally, Nationally, and Globally. Occupy Seattle Supports this Statement.

1. Have a Facilitated Assembly During the Day for General Discussion of Topics for Which Minutes will be Kept.
2. Open a Club Account –Not a Business Account—at BECU tomorrow using a Federal Tax ID, Corey Registered for Occupy Seattle today (unincorporated political association for banking purposes only).

1. Begin a Mass Occupation at SCCC on Saturday, with Tents, to Prepare for it All Week, and to Keep Occupying SCCC until we vote to do otherwise.
2. We have an Action at Chase Bank this Saturday at Noon, before they close.
3. All Proposals will Be Brought to Facilitated Discussion a Minimum of One Day Prior to Vote.
4. There Will Be Four Decision-Making GAs per Week, on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Other GAs, held Nightly or as Desired, will be for Discussion, Refinement, and Debate of Proposals, Amongst Other Things.

1. Put our Money in BECU.Checks Require 2 Signers.No debit or ATM card. Finance does Books Weekly, and Reports Back to GA. More than $1000 requires GA Approval. Finance Committee has at Least 3 People. Signers Approved by GA. Four Positions Kept Filled.

1. Provide Full Support of Planning and Actions for November 5, that Bank Transfer Day Temporary Working Group is Working On.

1. Adopt Occupy Seattle SCCC Good Neighbor Statement (for more info check GA minutes 10/28)
2. We call on the City of Seattle to Withdraw Funds held in Financial Institutions that received Tax Payer Funded Bailouts in the Aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. We also call of the City of Seattle to transfer these Funds to State and Local Banks.

1. We will have all General Assemblies at Seattle Central Community College, starting on Friday.
2. We endorse Plans in the Works for Occupy Black Friday.

1. (amended proposal): Camp Safety team be established as mandated security, trained and identified as members of this team. Membership is voluntary. No one will be permitted to be functioning member of team prior to proper training and member training for term of membership. The GA can recall this team at any point. Security is everyone's responsibility and we're free to organize in affinity groups to keep each other safe.

1. For direct action, Tactical WG will serve as hub for communication, scheduling, inter-team and Occupy Seattle participation, and if desired, assistance.

1. Occupy Seattle joins the struggle of students, faculty and staff at Seattle Central Community College and other colleges and universities to defend public education and all other social services against the vicious attacks coming from Olympia and Washington, DC, The fight to defend education and social services is our fight. We say no to tuition hikes, budget cuts, and layoffs. We say cancel student debt. Quality education is a right, not a privilege. It should be free. Unite to defeat budget cuts and fight for instead full funding for education and all other social services.

2. Occupy Seattle joins the struggle of students, faculty, and staff against the attacks on public education and social services by building for and carrying out these three actions:

a) Rally and protest here at SCCC on 11/15. We're calling it “Defend education for 99%”.
b) Occupy the Supercommittee. This is a week of action that's been called nationally against the mass attacks coming from this unelected Supercommittee. $1.5 trillion targeted public education, Medicare, Medicaid, and all other social services. A mass rally is called for Saturday 11/19. We build for that and also a weekday action in which Occupy Seattle will occupy the Federal building and shut it down.
c) In Olympia on the 28th, a bunch of groups are building for a mass action that was announced here by Sisters Organizing for Survival that we should join this effort. We should vote to join this also, to go down to Olympia and occupy the Capitol.

3. Whereas our constitutional rights, especially the right of free speech and the right of peaceable assembly is critical to this movement, the Legal workgroup seeks authority from the GA to do two things:

a) Legal asks for authority to approach and retain a law firm to represent Occupy Seattle free of charge for the purposes of considering a lawsuit to enforce our constitutional rights. Legal would only consider law firms that have the resources and a reputation for fighting for constitutional rights which in legal's opinion would do justice to Occupy Seattle's principles of anti-oppression, equality, and fairness. One such firm we would approach would be Davis Wright Tremaine, the firm most identified with fighting against governmental limits on first amendment rights including the cases of Berger vs Seattle and Nicklesville, both of which Davis Wright Tremaine won.
b) Legal seeks authority for another thing. Though authority over decisions to begin or end a lawsuit and all other major decisions would remain with GA, Legal asks for the authority to make day to day strategic decisions. Of course, Legal would provide weekly written and oral reports on all litigation activity.
c) (amended proposal) Legal will provide a workshop.

4. a) Put Hip Hop Occupies' event, 'Rise and Decolonize' on Occupy Seattle's press schedule

b) (amended proposal) On November 18th, GA is rescheduled for 2pm

1. Liam: Occupy Seattle has many different politics and visions within it. This is our strength. We will not allow any in our movement to be singled out and attacked for their politics whether they be anarchist, progressive, communist, liberal, socialist, radical, etc. We welcome healthy debate among and between each of these groups, but debate is very different from irrational attacks and fear-mongering. We will defend each other and our movement.

If people are partaking in actions which are damaging to the movement or risk the safety of its members unnecessarily, this should be dealt with as a separate matter, outside the purview of this statement of principle. But no one will be allowed to ostracize or demonize our fellow occupiers for their world views or goals. Unless that be a world view or goal which is decisively against the general unity and aspirations of the movement, such as: fascists, the openly racist, sexist, or homophobic, white-nationalist populists, ageist, ableist, etc. No action, except those passed by the General Assembly, represent Occupy Seattle as a whole. We do, however, stand in solidarity with actions taken against the powers that be by any group or individual within this movement.

2. Josh: Proposal to Organize and Occupy in Solidarity

We officially establish and re-affirm that this occupied space at SCCC, and all future occupied spaces in Seattle are: public spaces, Occupy Seattle spaces, and activist spaces. These spaces are not individual or private spaces. Given the following logistical and strategic concerns for how we can operate effectively as a community and as a political action, including: our collective need for more adequate infrastructure, problems with black mold, bed bug infestation, threats to security, the placement of pallets, bigger tents with heat and lighting, the installation of electrical infrastructure, rubbish in walk ways, police raids, placement of honey buckets, wind blocks, continuing expansion, and other developing issues and concerns.

We therefore give working groups the right to make adjustments to infrastructure and perform their respective work so long as it is announced before the General Assembly (GA) in a respectful way.
Twelve hours notice shall be given to the community, in the form of a GA announcement, regarding large-scale restructuring of camp or emergency actions which affect everyone. Such announcements will also be posted on the announcement board at the Info tent, and it is the responsibility of our community (including working group members) to spread information about urgent working group actions by word of mouth, to those not able to attend a particular GA.
In the course of all work by any working group, every effort should be made to respect individual property and autonomy.

Regarding Process and Facilitation: When such GA announcements are made, a temperature check will be done to determine whether the working group should proceed with their work, or if the project affects the community too broadly to proceed without discussion. When it is determined that more community discussion is needed, interested individuals are invited to join an immediate working caucus after GA has disbanded to discuss the proposed work and contribute information or consultation as needed. The results of this caucus will be a proposal that must be brought before the following GA for democratic consensus or rejection. However, given the urgent nature of some of these announcement/proposals, the GA must receive the working group proposal on the following day regardless of it being a regular scheduled voting day. Every effort will be made by working groups not to overburden the GA with unnecessary restructuring announcements. Routine work should not be announced at the GA.
In the event that a working group has information or reasonable belief that there is an imminent emergency which threatens the stability of our movement (such as an impending police raid), we give working groups the ability to take immediate action as needed to resolve the threat.

Regarding the need for accountability to our democratic process and to our community: Individual autonomy should be respected so long as it does not endanger the democratically derived authority and greater efforts of Occupy Seattle. It is recognized that unity, and maintaining the integrity of our democratic process, are core values of Occupy Seattle. When individuals within our community engage in behavior that appears to threaten our democratic process, action must be taken to help people change or end such behavior. Disputes and conflicts are to be addressed by individuals through a conflict resolution process. In cases where a person is seen to have offended the entire community, then a community conflict resolution process will happen, to be detailed in a later proposal, or by later amendment of this proposal. As an absolute last option, after all other efforts at conflict resolution have been exhausted, individuals who are seen as circumventing the General Assembly’s process should be barred from organizing within GA working groups for a period of a week after the first offense, then barred from the Occupy Seattle activities at large for a period of a month after the second offense, and barred from Occupy Seattle for a year after the third offense. Charges of circumventing the GA’s process shall be brought before the GA for adjudication until some point in time when another process of conflict resolution is formed or this proposal is amended.

1. Mohawk: No smoking in tents or flammable area, no open flame in straw area or tents. Additional detail: first consequence: kicked out for night or 8-10 hours, after both sides of story heard. Second: kicked out 24-78 hours. Third: Banned permanently or required to do community service.

1. Solidarity with Occupy Oakland. Port Shutdown.

1. Resignation of John Diaz: In consideration of the Seattle Police Department’s systematic use of excess force on the citizens of Seattle, its violent and unnecessary repression of nonviolent protesters and its disproportionate targeting of the most disenfranchised members of society, whether they be people of color or simply people without houses, Occupy Seattle hereby calls for the resignation of John Diaz, Chief of the Seattle Police Department and the prosecution of all officers found to be repeatedly engaged in misconduct.

2. Finances:

a: All money in the Occupy Seattle general fund be spent using the 80% consensus of the occupiers who choose to vote during a weekly meeting scheduled and made public on the site at least 1 week in advance. (ex: inter-work group meeting)

b:  That all money be accounted for and publicly accessible and copies of all receipts be made. The current balance, (original and copies) of the receipts, money spent and donations be publicly accessible, both in hard copy and digitally.  The current balance be put on a tab on the Occupy Seattle website and the money subtracted and added each week be accounted for on the website and updated in this tab on a weekly basis.
 c: Money donated to specific projects, work groups, or affinity groups belongs to those groups.  Funds raised for specific causes, by work groups, or affinity groups may only be spent for purposes authorized by those groups unless otherwise specified by the donors at the time of collection.  This includes monies raised via we-pay.  This respects the intent of donors and the work done by these groups to secure funding for their projects

3. Proposal to support the EGT Grain Ship arrival Action: We join Longview in calling out to all occupies, from New York City down to Florida, all the way through to the West Coast, to join us in solidarity.



1. Have a Community Tent for Storage of Items.

1. Create a Sustainability Work Group to Guide the Actions and Implement the Ideas for a Sustainable Occupy Seattle.
2. Let’s Call Everybody Volunteers, not Representatives, Co-ordinators, or Anything Else.

1. When Tents are Erected Tomorrow, We Do Not Enter Them.

1. Fundraising Committee and other Appropriate Working Groups be Authorized to Organize a Mass Potluck Sometime in the Next Two Weeks.

1. This Saturday, After the Two Demonstrations, We March to SCCC to Set up New Base Camp, and Maintain a Daytime Presence at Westlake through GA, Work Groups, Direct Action, etc.
2. We Will Not Call the Cops On One Another in this Movement.

1. In solidarity with Indigenous People Around the World, Occupy Seattle will Change Its Name to Decolonize/Occupy Seattle.

1. Have a Mass, Indefinite Occupation of SCCC, with Tents, and Prepare for it All Week.

1. Adopt Occupy Seattle Good Neighbor Guidelines

1. Occupy Seattle will be officially a non-violent movement. We don't tolerate people who are violent toward others, whether members or non-members. If someone is violent, he or she will be removed from the camp and allowed to discuss the situation later. And right now to propose a resolution in the future about a conflict resolution.

If you would like to discuss the information presented in these documents, please start a thread in the Forum.






Demonstrators claim victory against Jamie Dimon and Chase Bank

direct action at chase bank
Image: Bank Occupiers at a Chase Branch in Capitol Hill

On Wednesday November 2nd, 2011, Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase came to Seattle. And independent participants of Occupy Seattle gave him a warm welcome.

Starting at 2pm, 3 men and 2 women occupied the Chase Bank branch in Capitol Hill on Broadway and E. Thomas. Along with about 70 demonstrators outside, they shut down the branch for over two hours.

Then at 6pm, over 300 demonstrators marched on the Sheraton Hotel where Mr. Dimon was speaking. They raised a loud voice in unison against Chase’s corporate greed and then hundreds proceeded to lock arm and block the entrances to to the Sheraton letting the 1% know that they can no longer proceed with business as usual in Seattle. Demonstrators believe they prevented Mr. Dimon from leaving for at least three hours.

Under Dimon’s leadership, JP Morgan Chase has kicked thousands of families out of their homes by predatory lending and foreclosures. They’ve laid off thousands of Washingtonians after their hostile takeover of Washington Mutual. They’ve perpetuate the monopoly the 1% have on our political system.

Enough is enough. No more business as usual.

“Live your desires. Join us. This world is ours – all of ours – and don’t let them tell you anything different. We will build it together.” – From the Statement of the Bank Occupiers of November 2, 2011.*

*Transcription coming soon.

chr15 is an independent observer and does not speak for Occupy Seattle as a whole.

Proposals for November 2nd’s General Assembly

First Proposal: To endorse this equality statement as Occupy Seattle and to encourage it be read before every General Assembly.

Equality Statement

Our solidarity is based on the principle that occupiers are equal and deserve mutual respect at all levels. Any behavior that creates conflict prevents us from working together to strengthen our movement.

In this movement, mutual respect, cooperation and understanding are our goals. We should neither condone nor tolerate behavior that undermines the dignity or self-esteem of any individual or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

Discriminatory speech or conduct which is racist, sexist, transphobic or homophobic hurts and thereby divides us. So too, does discrimination on the basis of ability, age, class, religion and ethnic origin.

Sometimes discrimination takes the form of harassment. Harassment means using real or perceived power to abuse, devalue or humiliate. Harassment should not be treated as a joke. The uneasiness and resentment that it creates are not feelings that help us grow as a movement.

Discrimination and harassment focus on characteristics that make us different; and they reduce our capacity to work together on shared concerns.

Our movement must reflect our commitment to equality. We must be mindful that all sisters and brothers deserve dignity, equality and respect.

General Assembly notes 11/01

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-11-01 19:35
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Process mover: Shawn
  • Agenda: Jesse
  • Taking stack: Joshua
  • Time keeper: Evonne


  • David – Has been lots of partying that breaks the agreement between us and Seattle Central. That could cause us to lose our camp quickly.
  • Devon – Usually keeps track of what happens at camp at night. Has usually been good, but have been a few petty and childish conflicts. Has otherwise been a great experience.
  • Elvina – Being at the occupation is sometimes tiresome, but can't think of a better way to spend her time, money, and energy
  • Alisha – Day one of the new location (Seattle Central): Was told she'd be provided with tent and warm blankets. That didn't happen. Instead, she slept on cold ground. Asked for help from people nearby. They didn't help. Woke up at 4:30 a.m., in the rain, and received help from Medical. Seeks ride to Occupy Los Angeles, halfway there, or maybe to Wall Street in New York. Needs to reach Wall Street by November 23.
  • Taylor – Visiting Seattle from Montana. Appreciates that everyone has been very kind to him.
  • Nicole – Has been saddened by seeing fellow campers consider securing a campsite a huge victory. The work has barely begun. Need to encourage fellow campers that this will be a long, hard, battle, and that we cannot relax, because that's what our adversaries expect us to do. We should encourage campers to come to Westlake Park as long as that's where our GA is held.
  • Albert – Has been here since day one. Spent lots of time at Federal Building, more at Westlake Park. Last weekend, moving to SCCC was beautiful. Since then, has come to Westlake. Today, he was the only one here. Seems odd.
  • Devon – Will have to be compassionate to get people who do not want to work much to find passion for and put effort into this movement.
  • Elvina – Agrees that it is concerning to see loss of motivation. Portland, LA, Honolulu (which just started), all do spontaneous marches, continually building morale, without GA consent, independently. If we want something done, instead of bringing it up at the GA, just do it. Suggests everyone marching to Westlake tomorrow. If nobody is here, the City one. Doesn't want to feel that we spent so much time arguing, sleeping in the cold, for nothing. Need to re-take this place.

Working group announcements

time: 19:55

Direct Action Working Group

  • Jennifer – discussed daily marches 5pm, to Westlake Park, through financial district, with signs, noisemakers

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • David
    • Have three deescalation trainings scheduled at Seattle Central:
      • Friday 4pm
      • Sunday 1pm
      • Tuesday 7-9pm by someone with 20 years of experience
    • Is essential for P&S members to attend these trainings
    • 10pm meeting tonight at SCCC at tent across from Information
    • Have immediate, important concerns
      • drinking and other things happening
        • known to the college
        • we'll lose our space if we don't turn it around rapidly
        • no alcohol or other drugs allowed on the property
          • P&S need help
        • had to apologize to students and faculty about this

Tactical Working Group

  • Zach
    • At today's meeting, began discussion of issues of civility (or lack thereof) at GA. Are working toward suggestions, possibly proposal, to sort out these problems.
    • Inter-team communication role: Encouraging more people to attend nightly 9pm meeting (SCCC, in grass by monsters) to discuss rolls, responsibilities of working groups. Started last night, went well. Don't need to be on working group to attend.

Legal Working Group

  • Corey
    • If have questions about legality or potential consequences of activities or potential activities, Legal are here to answer them.

Sanitation Working Group Committee

  • Jackson
    • Things going well at SCCC. Many people cleaning up after themselves and others.
    • We produce lots of waste, but have no set place to put it.
    • Please use alternatives to port-a-potties. They fill fast and are expensive to empty.
    • Seeking volunteers.

Information Working Group

  • Timber
    • Need volunteers. Only have 2-3 people all week long.
    • We know as much as he does, more if we have space-age mobile phones. Please help.

Money in Politics Working Group

  • Craig
    • New WG
    • Meet Sundays 3pm, in front of See's Candies at Westlake Park
      • Will probably meet there, then move to first floor of Convention Center
    • We have U.S. Congress for sale. The 1% have been buying Congress.
      • Effects every issue: tuition cost, environment, jobs, labor rights
      • Must change it. Will change it.
      • Discussing strategies for serious, authentic, change

Finance Working Group

  • Ted
    • WG doesn't really exist yet
    • Needs people who have access to bank account and funds being raised to come together to make a plan, then bring it to the GA.
    • Maria from kitchen requests

Internet Communications Working Group

  • Danica
    • Need more volunteers
      • contact or talk to Danica

Announcements of Future Proposals

  • none


  • time: 20:11
  • proposal: Occupy Seattle is a non-violent protest. We will not engage in violence unless in defense of ourselves or others. Unsolicited or un-instigated acts of violence are not what we stand for, because our mission is strong enough and our words are strong enough to stand on their own. Create a two-strike policy. First violation would result in request to leave for the night. Second to leave permanently.
    • restated: 1) Occupy Seattle is a non-violent movement. We will only engage in violence if in self-defense or defense of others. Then, it is violence, not intelligence. Multiple courts have ruled that words of hatred, words associated with bigotry or racism are violent in themselves. This proposal is not about whether we should allow people who focus a movement or people around an idea of bigotry or racism.
    • restated: We are a non-violent movement. We intend to create a conflict resolution board that will lead to another proposal. For the time being, if anyone is the aggressor of a violent action, they will be remove with minimal force for the rest of the day to maintain safety, until the GA decides.
    • restated: Occupy Seattle will be officially a non-violent movement. We don't tolerate people who are violent toward others, whether members or non-members. If someone is violent, he or she will be removed from the camp and allowed to discuss the situation later. And right now to propose a resolution in the future about a conflict resolution.
    • intends for it to be used when a member is violent toward another
    • presenter: Corey
    • discussion
      • Allana – Punitive justice doesn't work. Doesn't acknowledge messiness of movement. When we react by defending ourselves, we're merely products of that system. Role of Peace and Safety and Legal, and the whole community, is to engage survivors.
      • ? – If doesn't change nature of movement, no need to debate this. Any action can be construed as non-violent. Doesn't want tribunal to decide where on violent to non-violent someone's action lies.
      • Mitch – Opposes because it would give P&S more laws to arbitrarily enforce based on their mood swings. Last night, P&S guy picked fight, took it out, got beaten, then came back and claimed assault.
      • Bob – Is conflicted about the proposal. Needs another amendment, one that Patricia will soon raise. Concerned that when there are no procedures in place, we're allowing behavior such as sexual predation, thievery, and violence, to run amok, affecting safety of camp and movement at large.
      • ? – Requests clarification. What is violence? What is self defense or defense of others? How to enforce?
        • requester: SD is protecting yourself against violence of others. Defending other is same but violence toward someone else. Wants us to unify behind non-violent message. He can't be here if it's not a non-violent movement.
      • Elvina – Tolerance for violence is unfair and inhumane. Doesn't envision society in which someone can harass her, demean her, get physical with her, and be slapped on the wrist or admonished. Wants society in which she can feel safe. Fact is that rape victims, PTSD, say they cannot be here because people insist on being violent. Father was violent. Rapists were violent. Everyone around her seems to be violent. If this movement shows no regard for this suffering, she wants no part of it.
      • ? – Cannot stop violence. It's a violent world. There are wolves and rapists, people who will hit each other. All we can do is try to exclude that kind of behavior. We have no way to make regulations or police it without it turning into "this".
      • Patricia – Concern with two strikes rule is that it will turn into he said, she said, and there's no real process, both sides won't get heard. Tonight, we're not ready to create a dispute resolution system. Suggests putting forth a stop-gap measure until we establish dispute resolution process.
        • requester: XXX continue asking the potential aggressor to leave for the night and welcome back later to sort things out
      • ? – Two suggestions 1) change "non-violence" to "direct physical aggression". Captures more of what most of us consider violence. Non-violence can be interpreted many ways. 2) Instead of two strikes and you're out, how about two strikes and a few counseling sessions instead.
        • requester: intent is important
      • point of process: hearing that we need more discussion; suggests creating working group, discussing outside
      • point of process: we adopted statement of non-violence at last GA at federal building
    • vote
      • time: 20:44
      • 6 counters average: 41 favor, 27 oppose
      • blocks:
        • This proposal is evidence that most of our minds are operating in binary, colonial way. Blocking is not endorsing violence. Must aspire for nonviolence. Should empower everyone to employ all tactics necessary to ensure that rapists, oppressors, and everyone in between feel unwelcome to hurt people. Violates fundamental principles by alienating survivors. Is slippery slope to authoritarian movement, and is not transparent. Threatening to leave movement is manipulative tactic. Everyone has freedom to come and go as he or she pleases.
        • One fundamental principle is equality. Concerned that enforcement of this proposal could not be done equally. People will use biases and prejudices they don't even know they have.
        • discussion:
          • Nicole – Heard about the block to discourage rapists and other aggressors from being part of the group. What about the encouragement of families to be part of this group. Brings daughter to GA, but would never bring her to camp. What about fundamental principle to include 99%. Doesn't know what to think about two strikes, but feels that to grow movement, need a statement about being nonviolent.
          • Alyssa – Addressing point of threatening to walk: It's not about pressuring us; it's about ethics required by legal profession.
          • Danica – We're not a police force. Proposal violates principle of autonomy. Doesn't want oppression in camp. But there have been violent actions, still undefined by proposal, doesn't think it's okay for people to be excluded
          • ? – People who really care about camp safety should spend nights and days at the camp in stead of passing legislation. Don't create another 10 commandments.
          • ? – Is no way to stop or prevent violence. Question is who is being violent, to whom it's directed, and how. If intend to stop one person's violence, generally will do it violently. If we call ourselves nonviolent, meaningless. Nonviolence is not lack of violence. Pacifism is refusal to act on violence. He does not identify with term nonviolence or pacifism. Doesn't think he's the only one. Violates core principles because it is alienating to many members of the 99%. Blocking this does not make the camp any less safe for families or for anyone else. Following through with this proposal would make camp less safe because would make people less willing to act to stop violence.
        • vote:
          • time: 21:07
          • uphold block: 42; overturn block: 19
          • block stands; proposal fails
  • proposal: Tomorrow Thursday, or Friday, General Assembly moves from Westlake Park to Seattle Central Community College
    • restated: We will have all general assemblies at Seattle Central Community College, starting with this Friday's.
    • presenter: ?
    • rationale:
      • since we moved to SCCC, numbers have dwindled
      • most places, GA is held at occupation
    • discussion:
      • ? – We were discussing keeping GA and voting down at Westlake, then take things from discussion twice weekly to cover and summarize basic points discussed during GA so people who did not have chance to attend don't have excuse of not knowing what's going on. This will allow to know what's going on and to come down here to vote and talk about it.
      • ? – Friendly amendment: move weekdays to SCCC, have weekend GAs here. This would facilitate outreach in the neighborhood.
        • accepted
        • rejected (tourists here on weekend)
      • ? – Friendly amendment: Move on Friday. (Proposal was not specific.)
        • accepted
      • ? – Two groups are forming: Hang out at SCCC, work at Westlake. Should push people to be involved.
      • ? – Originally, was said we'd keep things at Westlake after move to SCCC. If we hold onto Westlake by coming here for GAs, create weird body of people who come out for GA. Don't want to be beaurocratic managers. We're at SCCC now. Let's take this change into consideration.
      • ? – Note that if meeting runs late — particularly 7:30 GAs — would violate our good neighbor agreement.
      • Albert – Earlier agreement, when we discussed move to SCCC, was to keep presence at Westlake. Today, he spoke to people who had never been to OS. They asked what's going on. If he had not been here, they wouldn't have learned this. Suggests that if we move GA, we have constant presence here for outreach.
      • Sus – Thinks we need to have meetings at SCCC nightly that are for the issues of the camp. Camp assemblies, not general assemblies. Assemblies that make policies for the camp. Assemblies that address the problems with the camp. Believes they can create good proposals to bring to a GA twice weekly. We could have GA two or three times weekly at Westlake. Issues of the camp cannot dominate everything of Occupy Seattle.
      • ? – One person said if we keep meetings here it will encourage people to come down and be involved. One issue is that people cannot or feel that they cannot come down if they have belongings set up there. They don't want to leave them for police, security, or others. Regarding the split being people hanging out vs. working. It is abundantly clear that people are working, and they are part of the movement.
      • ? – Supports moving all GAs to SCCC. Thinks risk of overriding voices as expressed is inverse of potential. We would send stronger message by occupying a bank or take the streets regardless of where we camp.
      • ? – Favors. If becomes problematic due to problems with school, could move across street to Cal Anderson Park.
      • ? – We previously passed proposal that during daytime, we'd march from SCCC to Westlake Park, have GAs here, then march back with banners and posters to camp site.
      • ? – Favors. On weekends, there's only one decision making GA: Sunday. Last Sunday, attendance was small. What about previous concern that a move of the GA, conflicting with our statement to SCCC administration, would be problematic?
      • vote:
        • time: 21:40
        • favor: 30, oppose: 5
        • block
          • fundamental principle violated: We decided through long, contentious process that we'd continue Occupy Seattle with public presence here at Westlake Park, in solidarity with Wall Street, remaining in the public eye. Only agreed to the move with keeping GAs here. Feels that the process to which we agreed has been co-opted.
          • discussion
            • Was under the impression that all votes, proposals, other things we decide on, are non-binding. Given current circumstances, doesn't see why we can't change where we have GA.
            • Have tarps and tents at SCCC; good for upcoming raining.
            • People have been free to come down here for last three days.
            • Block did not address OS's fundamental, core, principles.
          • vote:
            • time: 21:47
            • block overturned; proposal passes
  • proposal: We endorse plan in works for Occupy Black Friday
    • presenter: Joanna
    • rationale:
      • Event will happen regardless. Need endorsement of GA to make publicity, get on radio, etc., as an Occupy Seattle event
      • On day after Thanksgiving, people go shopping to make themselves happy. This is an invitation to forgo the shopping frenzy and participate in creativity and joyous things that cannot be bought or sold.
      • [note: not announced publicly, but will be state-wide Wal-Mart protest that day as well]
    • vote
      • time: 21:52
      • proposal passes unanimously
  • proposal: Before every meeting, we will read the following equality statement: FIXME: insert statement
    • rationale: hopes we're all coming here as equals; thinks this represents core of why we're here
    • presenter: Ted
    • point of process: wasn't on the Web
      • others weren't either
    • discussion:
      • ? – agrees generally, but has some problems with some of the semantics; can't rubber-stamp statement as-is
        • response: willing to remove offensive part
      • Phil – supports sentiment, but it took five minutes to read without people's microphone. Reading before GA is not right action.
      • ? – supports sentiment, but suggests boiling down to ten points or so
      • Shawn – Could take even more than 10 minutes. Potential problems with politics of one person delivering statement. Should make wording available for all to see.
        • response: don't read it with people's microphone
          • that introduces another problem
      • Brad – Be careful. We have big group with diverse opinions. Likes sentiment — not offending each other. Need to discuss when we're offending or overstepping boundaries. To make blanket statements about how we are to behave interferes with people's free speech.
    • proposal withdrawn

Emergency Announcement

  • Zach, Tactical
    • fellow Tacical just informed him that one of the fascists came back, removed shirt to expose swastika. People are watching now. Tonight's Tactical meeting cancelled.


  • Shakina, the chai lady. Has probably served you tea if you've been anywhere at Occupy Seattle before 8am. She and husband are sufi ministers in an organization that recognizes that all religions lead to the same divine unfolding. New group is forming as ally to OS. After consulting with a few team leaders from OS, an interfaith group of clergy are beginning organizing faith community to fully support the occupy movement. Including a half-dozen religions and seek to include more. Hope to set up ongoing presence as Occcupy Chaplains. Acquiring and will soon erect tent at SCCC. Purpose is to be present. Will train clergy who wish to prepare themselves. Will offer service noon tomorrow at Plymouth Church, 6th & Union, music, poetry, more, in solidarity with strike in Oakland, violence against elsewhere, 3000 arrests, and first death at Occupy sight (Poet, dead of natural causes at Occupy Oakland). Will explore peace that moves us to civil disobedience. In addition, more events ongoing, such as church potlucks, invitations to come talk, faith groups visiting Occupy site together. Next steps: ministers starting classes. Anticipate other activities will emerge. Bring congregations into dialoge with police, move congregations financial assets out of banks, open churches as resource centers. and on Facebook.
  • John – check out Alisha Fisher's website if interested in her project to create a costume based on all the occupations for presentation in New York
  • ? – Public Citizen is democratic group since 1970's. Having webinar about Citizen's United November 9. Hopes we can participate somehow.
  • Shawn – Encourages those watching livestream to participate in person if they can. Maybe get e-mails of working groups and send them ideas.

Adjourned 22:14

General Assembly notes 10/31

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-31 18:35
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Danica
  • Taking stack: Jack


  • Tabitha
    • At Seattle Central
      • We've established a washing station. Please bring reusable silverware, bowls, cups for your own use and reuse.
      • Kitchen has been reoriented
      • Need to help fellow occupiers understand our good neighbor statement. Please familiarize yourself with it and remind others about it.
  • Elvina
    • Fellow Red Cross canvassers were physically and emotionally harassed during the Occupy Seattle march on October 26, seemingly because people thought they were government-affiliated.
    • Red Cross started in Sweden. They are neutral. Don't harass them.
  • Potential camper
    • area is not wheelchair-accessible
    • wheelchair-bound friend set up tent on far side of camp, putting her at increased danger of police harassment
    • people feel excluded
  • ?
    • heard campers at SCCC talking about building a wheelchair ramp yesterday. Hasn't happened. Unknown if that's due to regulations or sloth.
  • ?
    • Education group has started education tent. What's that about?
      • Will set up huge tent 8pm Wednesday with books and other great stuff.
      • Need art supplies, paper, sturdy table, lamps and lanterns. Ask friends and businesses to donate. Donate.

Working group announcements

  • time: 18:48

Arts and Entertainment Working Group

  • ?
    • drafting mission statement
    • meet in front of See's Candies 3pm Sunday
  • Eric
    • meeting 4pm at a coffee shop nearby

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • Tabitha
    • working on getting more straw for SCCC grounds
    • Businesses are getting rid of straw now. Ask if you can have it.
    • Garbage/recycling/compost is sorted nightly at 9pm. Please read the signs and put things in the appropriate receptacle.
    • As of tomorrow, we'll have garbage and recycling service. Still working on compost.
    • Working on worm composting bins this week. Hopefully have workshop later at SCCC.

Sanitation Committee

  • Jackson
    • got two new porta-potties today
    • always need more volunteers

Labor Caucus

  • Steve
    • meeting 6pm Wednesday, Labor Temple, 2800 1st Ave,
      • If in union, would like to be, or know someone who is, please come.

Tactical Working Group

  • Maria
    • Nazis are not welcome
    • reorganizing Peace and Safety, Tactical, and other groups to prevent
      • meeting today 9pm at SCCC to devise proposal to bring to GA
    • group will be securing our safety at SCCC perimeter until we find model of peace and safety
    • reaching out to churches and homeless shelter to use their space
    • SCCC teachers union will soon issue statement that if SCCC president kicks us out, they will strike.

Internet Communications Working Group

  • Rhianon
    • Forrest from ICT leaving soon to attend national/international conference call of occupiers worldwide
    • announcing formation of national/international workgroup
    • meeting tomorrow morning 11am at Seattle Coffee Works at Pike Place Market
  • Danica
    • need more people

Fundraising Working Group

  • Fred
    • Porta-potties were paid for personally by SCCC teachers union president
      • We don't know how long she or the union will keep on paying
      • Emptying them is expensive
    • We're spending lots of money, but people are not taking fundraising seriously
    • If you're in a meeting where plans are being made and nobody suggests talking to Fred about fundraising, bring it up
    • This Saturday morning, needs someone who lives near Lake Forest Park to attend weekly peace vigil there
      • Need to sell signs to those people, but Fred cannot be there

Media Working Group

  • Aliana
    • Now has ability to update events on website
    • If you have event for the calendar, email
      • Is this instead of e-mailing ICT?
        • We both have ability to update calendar.

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Lifeguard
    • Saturday night, at about midnight, police came through campsite for second time, and there was no problem. Shortly after, was approached by camper he knows and trusts, and received a disturbing report about an outside individual in his tent doing disgusting things and rifling possessions of the tent owner. When stranger was searched, was found to have several bags of white powder. When camper went to report the problem, got into argument with someone known as "Top Hat". When Lifeguard tried to report to rest of Peace and Safety, was intercepted by Top Hat. Top Hat was unreasonable and argumentative. Ended conversation to finish P&S business.
    • While talking to other members of P&S, two men entered camp. One man had Seig Heil tattoos on his face. These were not people wearing skinhead costumes. They were attacked violently by occupiers. Did not see or hear that skinheads attacked us. Members of P&S and others who joined to peacefully expel skinheads were physically attacked by other occupiers. Was very concerned that things could get out of control, that people could be gravely injured or killed — no exaggeration.
    • After expelling the skinheads, one of whom will have a scar for the rest of his life to remember this adventure by, returned to camp to find several occupiers fighting each other. As that wound down during an awesome, lengthy, peaceful, discussion, Top Hat continued to cause problems. In his view, Top Hat provoked many problems and refused to leave when asked to leave nicely more than three times.
    • Finally, at about 5am, when a very drunk individual, not part of our movement threatened to stab someone from our movement, Peace and Safety and several others gently confronted him. He did not like that, and he left.
    • Regrets that he is withdrawing from Occupy Seattle until there is clear statement on our policy on violence.
  • David, new Peace and Safety member
    • Has been talking to other people at P&S. Seems they need to do some restructuring. Plans to make that happen.
    • P&S should be trained on de-escalation techniques.

Legal Working Group

  • Corey
    • From Morale Working Group: Akila wants everyone to know they're meeting after GA in front of Sephora
    • Met as team this weekend, want to know who others feel about Legal having clear and open workgroup meetings.
    • Will make proposal announcement regarding violence issue.


  • Mia
    • Planning multicultural potluck picnic on November 20, Sunday before Thanksgiving.
      • Anyone who wants to help plan, please join next two Sundays 3pm at Westlake Park.

Anti-fascist Working Group

  • Zander
    • fascist, in this context, includes Nazis, homophobic fundamentalism, sexism, and general oppression
    • Role will be:
      • set watch for perimeter of encampment
      • force fascists out with minimum force necessary for conflict de-escalation. Not harm on camp, but to expel them with our safety and self-defense in mind
      • alert encampment of police presence and/or approach
      • remind campers of non-engagement policy with SPD
      • schedule training by trained people who are trained in martial arts and conflict deescalation so this is not a specialized skill
    • WG will not:
      • mediate conflicts between campers.
      • enforce on campers
      • police us
      • fetishize violence
      • want violence

Morale Working Group

  • Akila
    • have lots of exciting projects to implement, but need more people


  • ? – City Hall permit is expiring tomorrow
    • If you're worried about this, should talk to Patricia
  • Aliana – Chase CEO Jamie Dimon will be speaking this Wednesday evening at Sheraton
  • ? – Bank Transfer Day is this Saturday
  • ? – Needs 30-40 people who want to sign up with credit unions to join our march. Rally at 11am, speakers until march at noon.
  • ? – Several people will go dressed as bankers to close accounts
  • ? – Two actions Wednesday. First is 2pm, march starting at SCCC, to action at major bank. Then march will leave Westlake Park at 6pm. Please arrive at 4-5pm to make signs and other preparations.
  • ? – UW students walking out Wednesday 12pm for rally at Red Square, then marching to SCCC to join bank march.
  • ? – students in Olympia are planning November 28 action targeting budget cuts
  • livestreamer – cable TV show "Our Forum" will be at Westlake Park tomorrow 1pm
    • Aliana: This is Christian-based media group. Reached out to Media group about intention to be here. Believes they are nice people.
    • clarification: His last name is Christian. The channel itself is not Christian.

Announcements of Future Proposals

  • Corey – proposal regarding violence toward members and non-members
  • ? from Get Money Out of Politics Working Group – Take people to Olympia on November 28 to put pressure on special legislative session to tax the wealthy instead of shutting down schools and ending basic health care
  • Elvina – Stop anti-winkles while people are speaking.
  • facilitation note: If you have proposal to announce, please bring it to P&F at 6pm. IF you cannot be there at 6, get in at least a day before.
  • ? – He along with other students will bring proposal about accessibility and demands centering on people with disabilities and how they are affected by capitalism.


  • ? – Is there a process for disagreeing with a WG without joining it?
    • At some places, GA has nothing to say about what WGs do unless it affects or speaks for the whole. Hopefully if WGs have mission statements, can get called out if wandering from mission statement or if it affects the whole. With things that obviously affect the whole, good for us to have clear mandate XXX.
    • In general, working groups are people doing stuff, so generally, answer is no.
  • ? – The block has been a point of contention. It's hard to define the fundamental principles of why we're here. Thinks block should happen when acts of civil disobedience are at issue. CD fails when there's not enough support. Link this to the block somehow.
  • ? – Would be good to have some way to judge block not on its merit. People abuse the block just because they don't like how the vote turned out. Please quit whining and have self-discipline to stop misusing blocks.
  • ? – Despite the degree to which people dislike overcoming 4/5 supermajority, this is good.
  • ? – 4/5 block ends up XXX principle of majority rule. The supermajority rule in WA State legislature is the way Republicans keep us from taxing the wealthy.
  • ? – Every time there's a block, it's just because someone is upset about vote. Process has been handle improperly. When block happens, supermajority is framed as upholding proposal, but should be focused on the block.
  • ? – People who have said that block is to strengthen voice of minority against majority are correct. Sometimes the majority can trample a minority. However, most successful and constructive blocks he's seen have led to refinement of proposals so they address and encompass the voice of the minority whose voice was not heard in the proposal formation. Would like to hear suggestions for better facilitating that. For example, first time good neighbor statement was proposed, was blocked. Long conversation resulted in proposal that even the proposer preferred. Doesn't always work that way.
  • Andrew – Is not here every day. His wife is not here every day. Acknowledges that he's not as familiar with the block process we're dealing with on day-to-day basis. However, that said, it seems as if part of the problem may be a lack of unity about why we're here.
  • Carol – When we are discussing proposal, some of us believe we have very strong reasons to oppose proposal as it stands. Those who feel that way can say so when they get to speak ("I have a very strong feeling against this proposal.") Need not block, just get in line and attempt to persuade like everyone else. Can have good discussion like we did with good neighbor statement. Changed that by raising hands and making strong suggestions. Likes to block Bank of America, not her community.
  • Shawn – We've done two different things with blocks. First, voted to either uphold or overturn the block. Then switched to this supermarjority thing. First approach made it clear that we're considering different principles than the proposal itself. This seemed non-intuitive and confused people. So we switched to the supermajority approach, but now we're still talking about the proposal instead of the deeper principles.
  • Corey – When he blocked proposal to move to SCCC, had two reasons: 1) could be argument that it violated our basic principles, but wasn't very committed to this. 2) Felt decision to move camps should have required supermajority. He abstained from voting.
  • ? – Maybe instead of asking if we uphold the block, ask if there's a need for more discussion.
  • ? – Numbers here are limited. A vote can go one way or another based on who is here tonight. Livestream should not just be watching. Need to find a way for them to participate.
  • ? – We're focusing on the symptoms instead of the disease. Let's address who proposals come to the table. By the time one comes to the table, should already have supermajority.
  • ? – How we determine whether to support block should be flexible. Constraints of beaurocracy are what got us here in the first place. For example, Corey's SCCC move block was admittedly faulty. The block of good neighbor policy kind of worked out.
  • ? – When we're going back and forth about proposals and how they relate to our fundamental principles, particularly certain principles, should cite the principle at issue.
  • ? – Partially in response to previous comment and also in response to broader block issue: There is no formal set of principles. Rather, lots of people are angry because the world is being XXX and we're part of that. Part of the block issue is that we're humans, and it's sloppy. Those who have deep concerns about the block should go back to GA weeks ago XXX
  • Carol – Some people think of their vote being yes if they agree 100%. Alternative system she learned many years ago is to vote yes if you agree at least 60-70%. Expected 9/10 vote, allowing to go with proposal even if not 100% in everyone's heart.
  • ? – Strongly believes that we should discuss the proposals when they are announced [rather than day of vote]. This would assure that everyone who spoke got to provide their input, and working group could refine proposal before bringing to vote.
  • Hudson – Intrigued by Carol's idea. Dislikes win/lose angry votes where people come in determined to out-argue and out-mass the opposition. Everyone, even people who win, leave hurt and angry. What Carol is talking about with other ideas about consensus, intriguing but scary. Might lead to new way of working together instead of against each other.
  • Mark – In a winner-take-all system, one side is forgotten. It's a system of oppression. Whitman called it the tyranny of majority. U.S. Constitution protects against this. Consensus is about the Espirit de Corp. No one wants to be shut out or dismissed. Consensus making should allow everyone to have a voice and be heard. If people think they're being heard, will go along with what the majority think in order to keep solidarity. So if in consensus, we can allow people to speak their mind even if the group decides to do something different, that's good. In past consensus-making he's done: if you block, have chance to explain why. If really feel like it violates your core personal values, have right not to participate and other people should respect that. We can continue somehow in some form so people don't feel shut out.
  • Fred – All over the world, traditional indigenous cultures did not have concept of human rights. Not because they liked oppression; just didn't need those rights. Western culture brought this with tribes. Everyone belonged to a tribe and new his place. New they and tribe would take care of each other. In this group, have some people doing lots of work and some not doing any at all. Because we cling to rights, we say first thing you get when you come here is rights. Never addressed responsibilities. Thinks there is no such thing as a right without a responsibility.
    • Our current process is basically simple majority vote. People have insisted that anything else is anti-democratic. Tonight, hasn't heard a word in favor of simple majority. Wonders if anyone would miss it if we stopped using it. Alternatives to simple majority is to require supermajority to pass (80, 90, 100%). Consensus is another option: Keep at it until there's consensus. We're using simple majority by default.
  • ? – Super majority is nice, but we need to move forward even when we disagree. What would stop banks or mayor from sending one person down here to veto things we want to do since we're based on absolute consensus. Like if one person with heart in right place but stubborn holds things up. Simple majority not best, but thinks block should allow someone to make case case passionately and force re-vote, but not require supermajority.
  • Tabitha – This conversation is important to our evolution. Need to decolonize our minds. Likes idea of consensus mixed with percentages within your own personal being. Not about agreement, but if something is good for everyone. Sometimes it takes lots of time to hear everyone's concern, but each is valid and helps us make better policy.
  • ? – Because of infiltration, pure consensus is dangerous. Favors some form of supermajority after attempting to reach consensus. 51 percent allows ten people who feel really strongly but couldn't be there to vote to miss out, resulting in large margin of error.
  • ? – Conversation is focused on supermajority. Consensus is unrealistic if we define it as 100 percent. If you have a proposal, better be clear that most people agree with it. Should talk to people and have large support before vote. People should know what they're voting on. Suggests supermajority (80%?) for all votes. Suggests requiring quorum (50-100 people).
  • ? – Feels as if we're all talking around a much bigger problem, which probably lies with lack of general idea of core principles. Block makes sense if there's agreement on core principles. Maybe that's the conversation we should have.
  • ? – Thinks it would be better if we got everyone from occupation to be at general assembly, producing better vote. Has mixed feelings about people occupying Westlake Park, City Hall Plaza, SCCC.
  • Shawn – Can turn these things upside down so they'll make more sense. GA could be to bring people in. Use lack of participation as way to diagnose that problem. Cannot decide on fundamental principles because we XXX. When argument was made that legality was core principle, GA didn't buy it. Later, when someone proposed that reclaiming public space was core principle, was popular.
  • ? – Agrees that we need more people on decision-making days. Regarding having support before bringing to GA: This takes away from point of GA, which is discussion. This is why we separated voting from non-voting days. People on livestream should be here on voting days, being physical part of this movement. One of the fundamentals of the movement is that this (watching on Internet) does not constitute personal interaction.
  • ? – Respects the people who stay overnight and occupy. When she's at home in bed, feels people who occupy should have their voices heard. Also thinks people who live far away, are unhealthy, don't speak English well, somehow need to be given the proper way to participate. Is a bit insensitive to say everyone can be here.
  • ? – Regarding quorum requirement: Does that mean people voting or people here? People could withdraw votes to disrupt process. Regarding laying out clear agenda about why we're here: Feels there is tactical advantage to refrain from doing so. Similarly, should not have list of demands. If there's clear identification of why we're here, we'd lose what's so special about being here. Wants more than he can put in a list. Doing so would be too narrow, exclude people, and allow others to squash us.
  • Fred – Other speaker used word "should" a lot. How to get from "should" to "do" was not addressed. Other person wants people to do lots of work. He's been working on fundraising since early in the morning. If he has to run around gaining support, will allow less time for collecting money for pumping toilets.
  • ? – Before doing something, asks GA for temperature check. If Fred has proposals but no time to prepare them, ask for help. He offers it to Fred and others.
  • Mark – Is cold. We need to deal with this issue. Would love to be inside warm conference room where lots of people could join without weather exposure. Really need indoor facility.
  • Carol – City Hall has capacity of 285 on first floor.
  • ? – Regarding list of demands or principles, finds that they can be both strength and weakness. We're all here because things are messed up. Our clear message is that we're pissed off, the world is not working, and we're trying to change it. Without a clear list of things that need change, and without concrete solutions in hand, how can we expect anything to have. It's well and good to be down here yelling — it's exciting — but without something to direct that yelling toward, with an end-game and a few things we want to change, where will we go?
  • ? – Regarding decision-making, has been in meetings where 15 people discuss whether to authorize 15 dollar purchase. Likely waste of energy. It's unclear what decisions should be made in our GAs. $25 could be controversial to us if, for instance, someone spent it at a non-union shop. Grappling with what should be discussed heavily [in GA] and what could be done in smaller groups.
  • Elvina – Has large house near SCCC. Could use it when it's very cold.
  • ? – Does not have large house or job, but has library card and knows many librarians.
  • Tabitha – Shouldn't be hasty about why we're here or to make statements about such. What we're doing is important and valid. This is out of the box, and it's the first time for many people to be outside the box. This is radical.


  • time: 20:34
  • Corey, Legal – Assembling corporate blacklist so we can suggest what businesses people should avoid.
    • suggests coming to Labor Caucus Wednesday 6pm Labor Temple. These people do that all the time and would have good input.
  • Elvina – Due to rising and falling tensions, is starting listening/group-therapy work group. If you like to bitch and gripe and complain but haven't been listened to, get in touch. Also, will have discussion with anti-fascist movement with concerns she has about specific people.
  • ? – Likes to keep things simple, so is buying stickers, getting them out, and
    • had 25,000 made by union print shop for $800 (3 cents apiece). Gave half of them to someone. Doesn't know where they are. Maybe distributed, maybe in car trunk. Kept half. Raised $700, has 4000 stickers left. Got over $200 during half-day with one role of stickers that cost $35. Many go for free. Wants people to have stickers, but since cost has not been authorized, is reluctant to give them away. Please let everyone know that we give these away, but please get money from people who have it and want to give it. She's gotten $20 for five stickers, given away 100 for free.
  • Mark – Lives near where John T. Williams was killed. No flowers there. Put a sticker there, and it's still there. Has idea about calling Karen Strickland (president of Seattle American Federation of Teachers, who were there all night). Couldn't college give them key to conference room so we can have GA there? He'll contact Logistics about that. They seem to be adamant about supporting us. Asked them, "You don't think they'd gas teachers do you?" Answer: "We're willing to find out."
  • Shawn – One of the proposals for tomorrow is to move GA to SCCC. Please be here for that vote.

Adjourned 20:43

General Assembly notes 10/30

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-30 18:40
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Hudson and Christina
  • Agenda: Michael
  • Taking stack: Arlin


  • facilitators suggest beginning with whole-group discussion of last night's turmoil at Seattle Central
  • Matt
    • Josh noticed two neo-Nazis come up to the camp, ask about local bars, and ask if they could hang out at camp
    • one had Sieg Heil tattoo
    • Josh told them where bars are and that they could not hang out
    • got word out about their visit
    • people with security and anti-fascism expertise, including several anarchists who have recently researched how to deal with Nazis
    • Nazis returned, were identified
      • started doing hail-Hitler salutes
    • guy in a top hat allegedly
    • saw campers attempt to escort them off while chanting "Nazis out"
    • saw members of Peace and Safety — Circus and Cameron — start to lay hands on those who were attempting to escort Nazis out
    • others began to lay hands on them and remind them to remain non-violent
    • Nazis eventually pushed out by the crowd
    • In his opinion, all of this could have been resolved easily if those escorting them out had been left alone
      • peace and safety overstepped their mandate, used violence against other campers
      • circus admitted that he was drunk while in his P&S role
      • very emotional speak-out afterward
      • some said that Nazis target us due to ethnic diversity, revolutionary status
  • ?
    • More info about what he saw, none of which contradicts what Matt said
    • Man in top hat intervened by saying, "They have a right to be here," and "They are part of the 99 percent."
      • He was told that they were definitely Nazis and that he should step out of the way
        • he did not comply, caused lots of trouble
        • he heavily misrepresented what happened
    • His friend, visiting Occupy Seattle last night with news from Oakland
      • she was involved in confronting Nazis
      • she was violently attacked by about five people, tackled to ground
        • doesn't know who did this or if they're members of P&S
        • thinks these people should not be part of OS longer
        • demented if use violence to defend fascists and call yourself a pacifist
    • In ensuing discussion, were many OS people who insisted on defending the rights of the Nazis.
      • This is despicable.
    • Has heard, did not witness, that the Nazis were attacked, and this happened at the boundary of the camp, not within it.
    • There was an individual who called the police on anti-fascists in the camp, in direct violation of the agreement of this GA
      • That was despicable, this person has no place in OS
  • Sharla
    • both Cameron and Circus have acknowledged their actions were inappropriate
      • have stepped down from that role, no longer part of P&S
      • were intoxicated
        • this was violation of
  • ?
    • Woman confronted Nazis. Guy called her a bitch for trying to confront them, tried to hit her.
      • When confronted later, said Nazis have social liberties, too.
      • denied trying to hit her
      • said should not have called her a bitch, though she was being one
      • Thinks he should be asked to leave.
  • ?
    • from long experience in this kind of activity, going back to 1960s, seems to him that one danger to us is agents provocateur
      • people trying to destroy this movement
      • may work for police or corporate interests; hard to tell the difference
      • don't let them provoke you
  • Maria
    • What she saw was horrific.
    • To see violence against each other and a guy feeling entitled to hit a woman is intolerable
    • Provocateurs will come back. They'll know what we're talking about. Might be here now.
    • Need to figure out who we can trust to be on peace and safety.
      • trust them for accountability
      • doesn't feel safe with people who were on Peace and Safety
  • Matt
    • Told that person who called police was Giovanni
      • response: Was right behind Giovanni, and a cop car parked in the turning lane, because he saw them walking fast northbound,
      • stopped, explained to cop what was happening
      • in two minutes, by time they reached Denny and Broadway, were 5-10 squad cars, questioned Giovanni and two people with them
    • We voted not to speak to the cops. Giovanni's actions violated our principles
      • you may not agree with them, but they were voted on democratically
  • ?
    • Shouldn't jump to conclusion that there are agents provocateurs
    • snitch in our midst is big deal, don't use this phrase lightly
    • these were Nazis
  • ?
    • Was there last night. Watched everything that happened very closely
    • was injured slightly by member of peace and safety when he inserted himself in attempts to force out Nazis
    • can't do anything about agents provocateur, but should work on how we treat each other
  • ?
    • In regard to provocateurs
    • facilitators are not peace and safety, and escalated the situation
  • ?
    • Believes that we need to have a mentality of tolerance.
    • People are human and make mistakes
    • Part of this may have been failing of the entire group to properly inculcate people into the movement and understand how they should behave
    • If people recognize mistake, deserve retribution
    • White supremacy, harassment, etc., have not place in the movement
      • cannot defend people who behave that way
  • ?
    • re: talking to cops: Policy does not apply when people are in physical danger
    • calling cops on people smoking weed in tents is different than approaching a brawl and letting the police know what's going on
    • was there, next to them, when brawl broke out
    • broke out when people started yelling obscenities at the Nazis, challenging them, getting in their faces
    • need better peace and safety
    • broke into mob in 30 seconds because people saw potentially-dangerous people and started acting violent toward them
    • doesn't like Nazis, doesn't think he should yell at them at 2am
    • If he sees people fighting with Nazis, he will tell the cops
    • Is concerned with physical safety of his friends and family* ?
      • re: talking to cops: Policy does not apply when people are in physical danger
      • calling cops on people smoking weed in tents is different than approaching a brawl and letting the police know what's going on
      • was there, next to them, when brawl broke out
      • broke out when people started yelling obscenities at the Nazis, challenging them, getting in their faces
      • need better peace and safety
      • broke into mob in 30 seconds because people saw potentially-dangerous people and started acting violent toward them
      • doesn't like Nazis, doesn't think he should yell at them at 2am
      • If he sees people fighting with Nazis, he will tell the cops
        • Is concerned with physical safety of his friends and family
  • ?
    • one big challenge with peace and safety is GA has never approved mechanism for dealing with elements trying to cause trouble
    • this led to dissolving of common sense last night
    • suggests GA, Tactical, Peace and Safety get together and make joint proposal about how to deal with conflicting elements that turn violent
  • ?
    • person is innocent until proved guilty
      • if proved guilty, then penalty is enforced
      • in this case, people should not be excluded permanently from the site
        • should be able to explain what they did
    • people can make mistakes
      • if they are sorry for their mistakes and we are convinced that they will not repeat the mistakes, they should be allowed to rejoin us
  • ?
    • When she heard commotion, turned and saw people swinging at the neo-Nazis
    • Thinks it's very important that above all else we protect the movement.
    • Understands about not calling police, but if situation can escalate, must protect the movement and not disrespect that which we're trying to accomplish
  • ?
    • Was there. Did not run toward commotion.
    • Some people here got caught up in the commotion.
    • Problem is that SCCC has no alcohol, no drugs policy
    • Group has failed to pass good neighbor policy. Just have statement. It's not enforceable.
    • We've been so busy talking about whether to talk to police have failed to pass good neighbor policy.
    • Suggests that instead of getting emotions worked up about what was observed, we do what was needed to do before we moved to SCCC: pass good neighbor policy
    • tonight 9:30 is meeting tonight with faculty to welcome us
      • opportunity to take time to think about good neighbor policy
  • Shawn
    • Our unskilled facilitation style helped escalate an already-disastrous situation
      • yelling over people who were yelling increased panic
    • Many of the anti-fascist activists have much experience in de-escalation tactics and continuum of force (containing violence with minimum of force)
    • suggests peace and safety work in training with anti-fascist activists
  • ? – Giovanni went to police, singled him out. Because of Giovanni, he and another were detained, illegally searched, threatened with arrest, and banned from Capitol Hill for the night
  • facilitator: temperature check: continue discussion?
    • yes
  • ? – is misunderstanding about 99 percent vs. 1 percent
    • those of us in the movement serve the 99 percent
    • cannot include some people, such as those who truly cannot take part due to mental disability ? Chris – This may have happened at other occupations in the country. If not, it may.
    • Should take our lessons and share them with others, reach out to find if others have dealt with these issues
    • Suggests we put together something like open letter to the movement on defending our space from neo-Nazis and other assholes
  • ? – Many campers not here. Suggests moving GA to the occupation.
    • Has happened elsewhere. These people are trying to insert themselves because the left is so inclusive.
  • ? – When it comes to white supremacists like neo-Nazis, did a good thing by pushing them out. Have been other places, like Wall Street, but we were first to push them out.
    • calling police in situation when we're removing Nazis is not acceptable
    • exception to rule was if you yourself are in imminent danger
  • ? – Requests clarity on proposal passed by GA on communicating with the police.
  • ? – Believes that in all respects, we should be respectful and not resort to swearing at people or being disrespectful at any point.
  • ? – How many people have members of immediate and extended family who died fighting actual Nazis
    • Uncle saw Gestapo murder his father because they were part of German underground in Italy
    • does not thing cooperating with police is a good idea
    • was right next to Nazis when people starting yelling, cursing, fighting
      • was a mess
      • need to find a better way to deal with this
    • finding the person to call police in a witch hunt is not the way to go
    • we're scared, upset, and had violence in moment of triumph
    • remember that even in tense moments, cohesion and understanding among us is important
  • ? – Anti-fascist Working Group will meet tonight at 10pm by SCCC statue
    • Due to police role in upholding white supremacy, we're not interested in talking to police, who trust police, who think they're workers, too
  • Sharla
    • In response to last night's events, have two meetings set up
      • training in de-escalation
      • Friday 4pm SCCC
      • Sunday 1pm SCCC
    • We all need to de-escalate. That didn't happen last night.

Working group announcements

  • time: 19:50

November 2 Working Group

  • Chris
    • organizing two big activities Wednesday:
      • March on major bank where there will be an action that will start at 2pm at Seattle Central
      • Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, will be speaking at Sheraton. Will march, picket. Will be awesome.
        • 6pm from Westlake Park. Get here early to help make signs.
      • Seattle Central speak-out at 1pm, leading in to the march on major bank

Labor Caucus

  • Dan
    • Meeting Wednesday 6pm, will try to move to 7pm to accommodate Dimon action

Tactical Working Group

  • Zach
    • Porta-potties at SCCC are full
      • locked, because it costs $280 for Sunday cleaning, only $80 tomorrow
    • seeking to start new group to be better prepared for situation like last night's
    • they organize inter-working group meetings
    • meet 5pm at Convention Center on first floor

Process and Facilitation Working Group

  • Ed
    • compiling document about how we have these conversations
    • need more input
    • some people bothered that we vote, have blocks, don't vote, use consensus, etc.
    • propose that opening topic for Monday's GA is now to decide things: voting, consensus, ?

Media Working Group

  • ?
    • drafting open letter to SCCC President
    • will meet tomorrow

Get Money out of Politics Working Group

  • ?
    • first meeting was today
    • meet 3pm Sundays near See's Candy

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Norm
    • Today, arranged two trainings for de-escalation
      • Tuesday afternoon
      • Sunday afternoon
      • see calendar for details

Action Announcements

  • time: 19:59
  • Mia – multicultural potluck picnic Sunday November 20

Future Proposal Announcements

  • ? – Will propose move GA to SCCC as soon as possible
    • rationale: numbers dwindling
  • ? – Will propose policy similar to no police policy, Occupy Seattle remain fascist-free zone
  • ? – Will propose we start every meeting with abbreviated equality statement (shortened version of our accountability statement)
  • ? – Will propose that proposals be published on the website before brought to GA
    • that's underway; ICT is to put prominent link on site to page with upcoming proposals
  • ? – Will propose that Occupy Seattle respect a diversity of tactics, a diversity of ways in which people utilize to keep themselves safe, including right to self defense


  • facilitator: Small GA attendance. Whether to vote will be up to GA and proposer.
  • Mark:
    • concerned that there is small group of people, no livestream. Suspects that proposal will not be controversial. Wants it to be symbolic act of unity and solidarity. Concerned that there is insufficient attendance.
    • proposal: Change name of this park in our literature and when we refer to it with media, as John T. Williams Park
    • rationale: other parks around the nation have been renamed after victims of police violence
    • temperature check: appropriate to vote on this now?
      • no
    • proposal tabled at proposer's request


  • facilitators: we'll talk about possible move of GA after tonight's GA
  • Tabitha – Missed discussion of last night's events. She was awakened. Was slender woman wearing gray who threw bottle at someone. Hit Tabitha's eye. Hit someone else. Had never seen this woman before. Nothing happened to her. Many witnesses. Doesn't know where she is.
  • Mark – Part of the difficulty with getting enough people to vote is that the past two voting GA's have been dominated by emergencies. Hopes our next GAs will focus on moving forward. Tired of being distracted by police, white supremacists, etc. Went out with friends last night. Bars in Pike-Pine were all spilling out drunk people. Returned to camp and found peace. After incident, was hysteria, emotional outbursts, inability to calm down. Need to stay centered.
  • ? – Cannot stay for post-GA discussions. Main reason for low attendance may be that it's not at the occupation. Observes that the process can be cumbersome for new people. Doesn't know all the gestures. Understands need. Sometimes new people come and want to speak, find it difficult to speak.
  • Shawn
    • Regarding provocateurs: usually counterproductive to snitch-jacket someone. However, it's always effective to point out and make transparent disruptive behavior. As we get strong calling-out of behavior, doesn't matter why someone is doing it.
    • has been very hard to work through many proposals and differences related to privilege. We should be proud, because these are issues that have already splinted many — maybe majority — of occupations in the nation. Deepest social issues in our nation, and we're doing great job of finding common ground across them.
  • Christina – May become victims of our process if we can't get enough people to vote on moving GA.
  • ? – Ask not what your occupation can do for you, ask what you can do for your occupation. People up there should be down here. Feels bad for them. Need to get together and get strong. Too many people take passive role in society. Need to change that, talk to people. Ask people why they're not here, let them know we needed them.
  • Ed – Tuesday night, we will vote on where GA will be. People who care should be here if they can.
  • ? – Participation in this movement is not necessarily being at the GA but sleeping at Westlake or SCCC. That's what the real action is. We're occupying Seattle.
  • ? – Regarding people not coming down from SCCC: Many of them are concerned that our encampment will be lost if we don't have enough people up there.
  • ? – Someone said, "If someone wants to vote and be part, should come to GA." Should make a push to get them here. He'll be at them. Thinks they're important. Should make attempt to get everyone from SCCC here for that vote.
  • ? – Agrees that the occupation is crucial. GA needs to beware that the occupation is occurring. At Tuesday's vote here at Westlake, regardless of numbers, need to take binding vote on whether to move GA to SCCC. We are an occupation, not just another protest. What makes us strong, different, hopeful, revolutionary, is the occupation.
  • Tabitha – Can talk about this all day, but we're the minority. Everybody is up there. Kitchen is the heart of this movement. We're not near it. People in the kitchen working tirelessly.
  • ? – The GA does not speak for movement. It speaks for those who want it to speak for them. Does not speak for him and lots of people who feel similarly.
  • ? – It's not just the kitchen at SCCC, but food, and we meet at dinner time. Need to think about people's stomachs and health.
  • Mark
    • Many people are paying attention to what happens here but are not represented. Many may not think we speak for them, but are interested in what we do, so let's remember that even if there are only five people at GA, those people need to reach out and make it bigger.
    • When we're here for whatever reason, would be good to have banners by road. Are asking now if we left Westlake because they want to drive by and support.
    • When leaves, would like to leave with others.
  • Ed
    • Can we convene some kind of meeting at SCCC to ask opinion of those up there? Do they want GA down here?
    • Does anyone want to continue holding GAs here?
    • Might be possible to develop consensus if everyone wants to move before Tuesday. If we ask everyone up there and down here, and majority want to do it, we don't have to shackle ourselves by chains of our process.
  • Christina – If we announce tomorrow that we're holding GA at SCCC? Is that enough?
  • ? – When we move up, after breaking, can we march carrying those pumpkins, saying Occupy Seattle?
  • Shawn – Was one of the people advising that we have this meeting and next Tuesday's in this cold, miserable place. If you have friends at City Hall, might want to let them know about this. Advised because several people there would be very concerned if GA moved without their say. But they're not here.
  • ? – Doesn't see anyone here who is connected with SCCC. When we talked about the move, we said we'd continue having GA here. Should check in to find out if it would look bad to SCCC administration after such short period of time.
  • ? – Said earlier that we could just move it up there. Thinks that if we decide to move it up there, decision should be made here.
  • Christina – Wonders if we could pause this GA, go up to SCCC, engage people tonight.

Adjourned 20:36

“Welcome” Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan CHASE, to Seattle this Wednesday!

On Wednesday, November 2, 2011,, Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase will be visiting Seattle. Chase collected billions in bailouts while giving millions in bonuses to executives like Dimon, laying off thousands of Washingtonians, and forcing families out of their homes with predatory lending.

Let’s show him that what Seattle really thinks of banksters like him!

We’ll be taking on Dimon with some awesome events:

1pm: Meet at Seattle Central Community College – 1 hour speak out.
2pm: March and action at a major bank.
4:30pm: Meet at Westlake Park to make signs and other preparations for march
6pm: March from Westlake Park to the Sheraton where Mr. Dimon will be speaking.

Occupy Seattle believes that Chase bank and Jamie Dimon are complicit in the collapse of the US economy and the ongoing economic injustice in our nation today.

The list of injustices is long. Here is a short sample:

  • While the majority of Americans saw their incomes decrease in 2010, Dimon received a 1,500 percent increase in compensation to $20.8 million.
  • Dimon believes that foreclosure is a form of magnanimous “debt relief” that leaves the former homeowners “better off” than they were before. As he said in May 2011, “…Giving debt relief to people that really need it, that’s what foreclosure is.”
  • In 2011, Chase agreed to pay $153.6 million to settle US Securities and Exchange Commission fraud charges.
  • In March of 2010, Chase agreed to pay $75 million in fines and forfeit $647 million in fees to settle federal regulators’ charges that it made unlawful payments to friends of public officials to win municipal bond business.
  • In October 2010, executives at Chase confessed to signing tens of thousands of foreclosure documents without reading them.
  • In 2009, Chase reported a profit of $11.7 billion, more than twice its profit for 2008, the year the bank received a federal taxpayer bailout of $94.7 billion.
  • Adding insult to injury, Chase admitted in January of this year to overcharged more than 4,000 active-duty military personnel on their home loans.

The action is also in solidarity with the planned General Strike in Oakland. Let’s make November 2nd one to remember! Please RSVP and invite all your friends to this Facebook event:


new to seattle but excited to work in the occupy movement

Grand Opening! The Learning Tent at Occupy Seattle’s SCCC Camp!

On Wednesday, November 2nd, at 8pm, the Learning Tent @ Occupy Seattle will be officially opening its tent flaps.

Join us to break-in the space!

With the Tent Grand Opening, we are launching a book and supply drive to stock the learning tent! Please bring books, art supplies, paper, writing utensils, lamps and lanterns, a study table, waterproof crates, and other office supplies down to Occupy (at SCCC) this Wednesday, or in the following few days, so that we can build a fully functional learning space.

Dreams for the learning tent are big. The space will operate as a library and classroom, as well as a study and artistic area. We will have a class proposal wall, for anyone and everyone to propose and offer classes, as well as a running schedule of workshops being offered.

Please contact occupyseattleed at for offers of support and general inquiries!

Occupy Seattle & American Federation of Teachers Give Night School New Meaning

Starting at 9pm tonight, instructors from across Seattle Community College campuses will begin teaching classes in support of Occupy Seattle. Classes will be held on the Plaza at Seattle Central Community College in Seattle and include such subjects as “Why We Support Occupy”, “Legislative Lobbying”, “The Art of the Protest Sign” and “Filming to Document Human Rights Violations”. Classes will continue throughout the night.

Karen Strickland, Seattle President of the American Federation of Teachers said in an open letter to Paul Kilpatrick, President of Seattle Central Community College that “…the board is in support of SCCC accommodating the request of Occupy Seattle for a number of reasons. The students and employees of the SCCD are the 99% and are suffering because of the economic inequity that characterizes our society and which has dramatically worsened since the 1970’s.” Now they have taken their support one step further by sharing their expertise with the Occupy Seattle community.

Formed on October 1, 2011 in support of and inspired by movements on Wall Street and around the world, Occupy Seattle is dedicated to addressing and dismantling the economic injustices so deeply entrenched in a system that has failed so many. We are a leaderless movement comprised of people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.

General Assembly notes 10/29

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-29 18:40
  • Location: Westlake Park, under awning, in Bank of America doorway
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Jacob
  • Taking stack: Carol
  • Time keeper: Hudson
  • Agenda: Michael


  • none

Working group announcements

  • none

Action announcements

  • speak-out at Seattle Central happening now
    • it's on the livestream
    • it's awesome
  • November 5 is Bank Transfer Day
    • email for more information

Proposal announcements

  • Neal will bring proposal related to Occupy Black Friday day of action


  • none on Saturdays

Emergency proposal

  • proposal: acquire brains
    • restated: give Process and Facilitation our brains to eat
    • presenter: Hudson
    • source: Process and Facilitation
    • rationale: have risen from the dead
    • vote
      • time: 18:48
      • 4 for, 5 against. Proposal fails


  • Phil – Night of 1000 Jack-O-Lanterns tomorrow
    • carve pumpkins 2pm at Westlake
    • light them around 6
    • we're getting 100 pumpkins from some farm out near Snoqualmie right now

Adjourned 18:51

Occupy Seattle SCCC Good Neighbor Statement

Occupy Seattle (OS) supports all those that are struggling to make public education accessible for students and workers of all ages and backgrounds.

Many of us involved with OS are students from SCCC and other institutions of higher education. OS stands in solidarity with students and staff on campus and people who struggle against the policies that make education inaccessible–through tuition hikes, cuts to staff, and hikes in transportation fees. We stand in solidarity with those amongst us who have been shut out of campuses because of tuition hikes and those who have lost their jobs or suffered worse working conditions because of budget cuts.

OS will be respectful of the learning environment of the campus, this involves being peaceful and respectful while in route to the restrooms during school hours and respectful treatment of the facilities in the building.

OS will refrain from tagging or the defacement of land or structures at SCCC.

OS also respects the work of the custodial staff and request that all people associated with OS, agrees to clean up after ourselves so as not to overload the custodial staff. The porta-potties available at the site or offsite will also serve to not overload existing indoor facilities.

OS supports the FARMERS MARKET and wants to make our occupation supportive of their use of SCCC space.

Camping on the plaza should cease on Sunday during Farmers Market and breakdown hours will be 6:30am-5pm on those days.

OS supports good relations with our neighbors, supports a healthy learning environment, as well as the healthy need for OS campers to sleep.

In order to fulfill our commitment to being good neighbors as well as to allow other occupiers the sleep they need, OS will limit excessive noisemaking (i.e. drumming/music/loud behavior) to the following hours:
Mon-Thurs : 5pm-9pm
Fri 5pm-11pm
Sat 10am-11pm
Sun 10am-9pm

Drugs/alcohol/smoking policy:

OS wants to create an environment that is conducive for people of all ages, all disabilities as well as people of all different backgrounds.

OS is aware of SCCC’s policy of no drugs or alcohol on campus and we will do our best to inform new occupiers of this

We will also inform new occupiers that at SCCC, smoking is limited to designated areas (which will be marked in at least two areas at the perimeter of OS SCCC encampment)

OS asks all individuals associated with OS to support the mission of the occupation and be responsible both for themselves as well as for the people around them

Behaviors should be accountable to the safety and well being of all occupiers.

OS will display signage and provide handouts at the info booth in order to show awareness and respect for our good neighbor guidelines

GA minutes 10/28

Date/time: 2011-10-28
Location: Westlake Park
Minutes taken by: Chris from Food WG
Audio archive: No audio or livestream present

Facilitation Team

• Process mover: Christina
• Taking stack: Jackson
• Agenda:
• Time keeper:
• Orientation:


(Not recorded, please see below)

Working Group Announcements

Working group announcements was in process when I begun taking minutes so they are truncated.

• Working group reports can go on 1 hr or more, but would like to limit to 30 min.
• Working groups bring reports to us at 6pm.
• Suggest we start this on Tuesday to announce this over and over.

Legal WG

• Alex
• Sun 10am food court @ Westlake Center, we are having a legal meeting for a Q/A session.

Tactical WG

• Cameron
• Working on logistics of march and encampment at SCCC

Sustainability Brigade WG

• Tabitha
• Color coding trash cans for visual assistance
• Contact us on the website under Working Groups tab and Sustainability Brigade
• Please reuse utensils and plates or bring your own to save our environment

Get The Money Out of Politics WG

• Craig
• Meeting Sun 3pm in front of See’s Candies
• Get the word out
• Meeting each week Sunday 3pm

Action announcements

• No action announcements presented today.

Proposal Announcements

• Kevin
• Homeless vet and pissed off at what happened in Oakland, our friends want to know how to support you guys. What do we do? We did too many tours in Afghanistan and Iraq
• I have several friends who are being foreclosed on. I think it would be good to support them at their homes. It’s a thought.


Proposal to move some proposals to Sunday because of low numbers.

One proposal is being voted on because it was tabled last night under the expectation that it would be discussed and voted on tonight.

Proposal: Proposal name has been changed to Occupy Seattle SCCC Good Neighbor Statement

“Occupy Seattle SCCC Good Neighbor Statement

Occupy Seattle supports all those that are struggling to make public education accessible for students and workers of all ages and backgrounds.
Many of us involved with OS are students from SCCC and other institutions of higher education. OS stands in solidarity with students and staff on campus and people who struggle against the policies that make education inaccessible–through tuition hikes, cuts to staff, and hikes in transportation fees. We stand in solidarity with those amongst us who have been shut out of campuses because of tuition hikes and those who have lost their jobs or suffered worse working conditions because of budget cuts.

OS will be respectful of the learning environment of the campus.

-This involves being peaceful and respectful while in route to the restrooms during school hours and respectful treatment of the facilities in the building.

-OS will refrain from tagging or the defacement of land or structures at SCCC

-OS also respects the work of the custodial staff and request that all people associated with OS, agrees to clean up after ourselves so as not to overload the custodial staff. The porta-potties available at the site or offsite will also serve to not overload existing indoor facilities.

OS supports the FARMERS MARKET and wants to make our occupation supportive of their use of SCCC space.

-Camping on the plaza should cease on Sunday during Farmers Market and breakdown hours will be 6:30am-5pm on those days.

OS supports good relations with our neighbors, supports a healthy learning environment, as well as the healthy need for OS campers to sleep.

-In order to fulfill our commitment to being good neighbors as well as to allow other occupiers the sleep they need, OS will limit excessive noisemaking (i.e. drumming/music/loud behavior) to the following hours:
Mon-Thurs : 5pm-9pm
Fri 5pm-11pm
Sat 10am-11pm
Sun 10am-9pm

Drugs/alcohol/smoking policy

OS wants to create an environment that is conducive for people of all ages, all disabilities as well as people of all different backgrounds.

-OS is aware of SCCC’s policy of no drugs or alcohol on campus and we will do our best to inform new occupiers of this

-We will also inform new occupiers that at SCCC, smoking is limited to designated areas (which will be marked in at least two areas at the perimeter of OS SCCC encampment)

-OS asks all individuals associated with OS to support the mission of the occupation and be responsible both for themselves as well as for the people around them

Behaviors should be accountable to the safety and well being of all occupiers.

-OS will display signage and provide handouts at the info booth in order to show awareness and respect for our good neighbor guidelines”

Proposal Discussion

• ? – Q: Can you please restate about breaking down and hours involved in it?
A: This is respect to the Farmers Market on the Plaza, Sun 6:30a – 5:30p we should respect and support the local businesses.
• ? – Q: We should remain flexible about our guidelines at our own camp.
A: SCCC students also helped draft this, Tactical WG, and other individuals were involved in this.
• Paul – I like this proposal and think it’s a good idea. It gets to the heart of showing the rest of Seattle the character of our personal makeup, showing the world we are concerned citizens that can go the distance and show up when it counts. Oh and one more thing, Wu tang!
• ? – Q: This proposal is crucial and this movement depends on this proposal. We need to maintain a good relationship with the school so that we can maintain our occupation there. I will personally not be doing any drugs there. Drugs would hamper our ability to stay there
A: Real quick. This is the firstt proposal that has passed for individuals to figure this out as individuals.
• ? – The last farmers market is Dec 18.
• ? – I want to have a place with a cafeteria, education center, and all the good stuff. We can do this at SCCC. This is the first step to show what we are and what we stand for.

Vote: Unanimous! No no votes or blocks! Full support and lots of cheering.

Change of mind, now moving on to the three proposals since there is a minute taker.

Demands Proposal

• Justin
• “We call on the City of Seattle to withdraw funds held in financial institutions that received tax payer funded bailouts in in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. We also call of the City of Seattle to transfer these funds to state and local banks.”
• Stack opened for discussion
• ? – Q: Curious, why is this being brought to the GA for approval when we do not need large scale demands to the GA. Some people may block a single demand for the whole group.
A: We acknowledged these concerns and is a valid concern. If we don’t make demands for ourselves, someone else will do it like the Democrats. Not trying to offend, but it happened to the Tea Party.
• ? – Q: What specific banks we’re you thinking of?
A: Wells Fargo, but covering our bases.
• ? – Q: I was wondering the banks we would move the money into.
A: Can’t make suggestions because of RICO act, we could all go to jail, so we can’t name them. We can just say which banks not to bank with.
• ? – Q: This proposal does not include our proposals that people have proposed but are not here.
A: This is the first demand proposed and the most well thought out. It is also time sensitive. Council is voting on to reconsider their finances.
• ? – Q: I support this proposal. I worry about hegemonic demands for the whole group. We are of this history so take it seriously.
• ? – Q: What would you rather see than this proposal?
A: I did not want to open this can of worms and am in proposal of this demand.
• ? – Q: What if the city doesn’t listen to us? It is up to us individuals to do direct actions if they do not listen to us.
A: We have two models we are looking into. A model that would be through working groups or just through individuals.
• ? – Q: Clarification. I didn’t hear if this is one or many demands? What if the city council just says, “OK”.
A: That is OK and that doesn’t mean our Occupation is done.
A: This is not our only demand or the most important one, but something for us to decide. We facilitate this process but not to detriment of others demands. This came up because it is strategic and Nov 5th Bank Transfer Day is coming up. This is a living document and each of us have many ways of expressing ourselves. This demand seems to make sense right now. Not shutting anybody else or anything else out.
• ? – Q: The word demand does not appear in this, but is worded like a demand.
• Cory
• Q: Someone was concerned about if the City did nothing about this demand. Well this vote is on Nov 8. City elections are on Nov 30. If we do not get results, we can push to change the city council.
• Vote: Proposal passes with full consensus of the GA.

Proposal: Rename Westlake Park to John T Williams Park. In solidarity with those in Oakland that renamed their park Scott Olsen Park.

• ? – I have decided to postpone my proposal until Sunday and relocation to SCCC. Hoping to recruit more participants to the GA. Has far reaching changes to our group. Proposal still on website.

General Announcements

• ? – I have been passing out fliers for Halloween Party at SCCC
• ? – The CEO of Chase Bank will be here on Wed. Anybody that has been organizing the march, we already have a bank occupation. I propose we have a meeting for a shared day of action. (they had a meeting)
• ? – If you are on a WG please bring me your Mission Statement or where I can find it already. So that new people can easily get involved.
• ? – Does anyone know how/why the Intergroups Meeting get rescheduled today, some people showed up at 3pm then some showed up at 5 pm.


We are concluded with the GA. If anyone wants to have general discussion, do so now. Congrats on the most concise GA I have ever been too!

A Memo from SCCC President Dr. Killpatrick Regarding Occupy Seattle

The following was sent at 4:14 pm today, October 28th, to the Seattle Central Community College Campus Community regarding Occupy Seattle and our intention to camp on the SCCC campus. Under Washington code the occupation is legally allowed on campus! Read the full memo below:

Seattle Central Community College Memorandum

TO: Campus Community

FROM: Paul T. Killpatrick, President

DATE: October 28, 2011

SUBJECT: Occupy Seattle Update

I would like to update you on the intentions of Occupy Seattle to have an encampment at Seattle Central Community College for their lawful freedom of speech activities.

Over the past few days, I have been in discussions with legal counsel, representatives from the community, city and state, and also with members of Occupy Seattle. In my discussions with legal counsel, we learned of ambiguity in Washington Administrative Code (WAC) as it applies to college property.

My primary concern remains the safety and security of our students, faculty, staff and surrounding Capitol Hill community.

Yesterday, I met with representatives from Occupy Seattle. They declared that regardless of college policies and college concerns, they intend to continue their action. While I remain concerned about a host of possible adverse impacts (personal safety, financial impact, etc.), the WAC, as it is currently written, allows this occupation to take place.

Occupy Seattle has assured me that they will not interfere with the mission of Seattle Central Community College, which is: “To promote educational excellence in a multicultural urban environment, and provide opportunities for academic achievement, workplace preparation, and service to the community.” They also offered a number of other assurances, including: providing porta-potties, garbage and recycling containers, protect college property from damage (graffiti, grounds damage, acts of vandalism, etc.,), self-policing their group, and not interfering or disrupting authorized events such as the Broadway Farmers Market or performances at Broadway Performance Hall. They also assure me that their activities will not interfere with the college’s ability to offer a safe learning environment for students, faculty and staff. I expect Occupy Seattle to honor these assurances.

Occupy Seattle’s intention is to begin their encampment on the South Plaza lawn beginning this Saturday, October 29. They informed us that they plan to continue their activities at Westlake during the day and camp at Seattle Central at night.

We will be monitoring the situation closely and will continue to keep the college community informed.

General Assembly notes 10/27

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-27 19:45
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Process mover: Jack
  • Taking stack: Lady Gaga, Carol
  • Agenda: Patricia
  • Time keeper: Joshua
  • Orientation: Ramone


  • ? – Has been here seven nights. Wants us to remember that the homeless are here, live in this park, are part of this park. Please respect the trees, the fountain, the ground, the homeless.
  • ? – Was here first 16 days and 16 nights. We have problems and worries. Keep morale up by playing soccer, playing chess, dancing.
  • ? – It's getting cold at night. There are a few hard-core campers who could use warmer sleeping bags and waterproof gear.
  • ? – Is a Metro bus driver and a labor activist. The postal workers are under attack. Obama's jobs bill will eliminate 120,000 postal jobs. Check with her group, Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, for more information.

Working group announcements

  • time: 19:58

Outreach Working Group

  • Bill and Andy
    • Spent the day on Capitol Hill visiting local businesses, gauging support, listening to concerns
      • Got almost 20 signatures in support of Occupy Seattle
      • Spoke with head of Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce
      • Concerns of businesses:
        • Sunday Broadway Farmers Market
          • They set up at 7:00 a.m.
          • These are our friends. If they ask you to move something, please do it.
          • Let's have some people there to help setup and unload trucks.
        • Also Sunday, will be kids activity near our occupation. Please be respectful.
        • Art installation — little monsters — right near our camp. Please be very, very, careful with them. Artists are trusting us to protect them.
      • Halloween weekend, may be antagonistic drunk people on Capitol Hill. Please try to stay out of it.
      • Be conscious of noise.
    • CNN approached them at WG meeting today. Reporter will be here Saturday. Look for the giant camera.
  • Matt
    • Media are making big deal about potential conflict with Broadway Sunday Farmers Market
    • They'll be on paved area of plaza from 7am until 4pm and don't use grassy area
      • Suggests just putting tents on grass
    • Tea's biggest concern is parking for offload at 7am
      • they'll have no-parking signs
      • please tell people not to park in front of college
    • would be good gesture to help them unload trucks

Demands Working Group

  • Justin and Peter
    • will bring proposal tomorrow
      • Call on City of Seattle to remove funds from banks that received bailout and move them to state and local banks.
    • meeting Friday 4pm in front of See's Candy, or alternatively, 3rd floor of Westlake Mall

Morale Working Group

  • Akila
    • new project: Raffle for Righteousness
      • will reward people weekly
      • to nominate people, write name on paper, put it in the big pumpkin tomorrow before GA is over
      • must be present to win

Legal Working Group

  • Gabriel
    • Everything is good, generally.
    • Last night, Kawan Baxter was arrested for sitting in the park.
      • Act had him dragged to police and booked.
      • However, City Prosecutor chose not to press charges.
      • No guarantees for any of you if you are arrested.

Tactical Working Group

  • Zach
    • Saturday events
      • 3pm – Civil disobedience training
      • 5pm – March to Seattle Central Community College
    • have worked out ideas for events on the ground as various situations arise
    • meet daily, 3pm at Westlake food court, sometimes 9pm at Seattle's Best Coffee

Bank Transfer Day Temporary Working Group

  • Zach
    • will have proposal later tonight
    • if you're interested, email
    • Meet daily 3:30, first floor of Convention Center

Medical Working Group

  • Robin
    • smoking, using incense, or personal fragrance
      • your choice
      • limits the ability of other people to participate in general assembly
    • will be two teach-ins on psychological first-aid and activist self care
      • Saturday 10am
      • Sunday 3pm, location TBA
    • If seeking medical assistance, find them near food tent
    • Seek assistance with graphical, digital layout and offset printing of psych first aid & activist self care pocket guide

Hip Hop Occupies Working Group

  • Daniel
    • November 18, national day, "Rise and decolonize"
    • 3pm rally
    • 4pm walkout in honor of Declaration of Decolonization the GA approved
    • seek help with event promotion

Parents for Occupy Seattle Working Group

  • Bridgette
    • have Facebook page, Parents for Occupy Seattle
    • expresses support on behalf of parents and children involved with this movement
    • would like to involve themselves to full extent possible
    • would like stronger communications with other workgroups
    • if planning action or event they could support in some way, please contact
    • email
    • will be with us this weekend
    • will meet this week to discuss outreach

Media Working Group

  • Mark
    • November 2 (next Wednesday), CEO of Chase Bank will be at Sheraton Hotel
    • there is no group working on march or picket
    • would be a good time to confront people who control Wall Street
    • would like to present proposal in future to rename Westlake Park to John T. Williams Park

Theatrical Working Group

  • Shane
    • Occupy the Musical
      • on schedule
      • will have it ready by next Friday
    • asked to assimilate group into Arts and Entertainment
      • won't do so
      • wants to talk to someone in that group

Fundraising Working Group

  • Fred
    • looking for a good woman who's looking for love, or a good man who's looking for love
    • if you help him with fundraising, he'll provide the love
    • needs help Saturday doing three jobs

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • Tabitha
    • 5:30pm tomorrow: Big meeting in front of Romax to plan Saturday move
    • will have lots of straw for Saturday to avoid mud
    • please re-use cups, bowls, utensils, and bring your own
    • 9pm nightly, Sanitation and Sustainability sort garbage/recycling/compost

Announcements of future proposals

  • ? – Will propose that we host 24-hour petition signing station at Westlake.
    • facilitator: can probably do that yourself, but suggest talking to Process and Facilitation


  • proposal: Hold rally, march, and other fun activities on November 5, Bank Transfer Day. Need support and minimal funds for flyers, amplification, and other supplies. Also asking if you've had account with Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, bring statements and cards so they can be shredded.
    • restated: Provide full support of planning and actions for November 5 that Bank Transfer Day Temporary Working Group are working on
    • presenter: Andy, Jacob, and Zach of November 5 Bank Transfer Day Temporary Working Group
    • detail:
      • They're locating speakers to talk about finance and economic collapse, and about credit unions being part of the solution.
      • will march to various credit unions to sign up as members
        • drop off small groups of 10 or so to sign up while others continue on to other CUs
      • then march will become funeral procession for the big banks; will be music and other fun activities
      • need 30-40 people to volunteer to sign up
        • email
    • discussion
      • Will we let the CUs know ahead of time that we're doing this so they're not overwhelmed?
        • Yes. Have already spoken with people from BECU and others, who have offered to extend their hours and fully staff locations for us.
      • How will this affect big banks in the long run? Will bankrupt them? How will this affect the economy as a whole?
        • Don't know, but many CUs say they've had lots of signups.
        • Since Bank of America announced $5 fee, have lost 19,000 customers, and BECU have gained 13,000 members.
      • What day?
        • November 5. National day.
      • Fundraising committee will not be here on November 5. Please take care of excellent fundraising opportunities yourselves.
      • What is the procedure for burying a bunch of shredded plastic. Uneasy about creating a land fill.
        • Action is as follows: Shred all material, put in small coffins, walk them around the city behind New Orleans style funeral marching bands, drop at banks, nail them shut, put up signs with facts about the banks, and walk away.
      • There are people behind the tills (tellers). Worries about them. How to let them know this is not about them — not personal — but about other people.
        • All of our actions, facts, actions, are directed against the institutions. We're avoiding facts about things like job cuts for that reason.
        • First person spoken to at BECU at 2nd and Pine used to work at Chase. It was his first week there. He loved the idea.
      • Closed her account today, spoke to tellers, and they love this idea.
      • CEO of JP Morgan Chase is James Diamond. He made 20.8 million dollars last year. Very easy to draw a distinction between him and the people he takes advantage of.
      • Her credit union is Salal, used to be called Group Health Credit Union. Talking with them about having a presence on November 5. What time to ask them to be here?
        • Rally at 11. March around 12:30. Come whenever they'd like (early to set up table, etc.). Will need permit for table.
      • Hopes that we're not portraying credit unions as the end solution. Supports the day, has friend who was rejected for loan on his home mortgage. Need to raise demand for low interest for everyone.
        • That's important, but for now: Big banks are pretty fucked up, and credit unions are lots better.
    • vote
      • time: 20:46
      • proposal passes
  • proposal: Adopt Occupy Seattle Good Neighbor policy: [TODO: insert here]
    • presenter: Tabitha and Andrew
    • details
      • modeled on Occupy Wall Street's policy
        • tailored a bit to our needs
      • on Tuesday
    • discussion
      • Will smoke rule include incense? Some people are allergic to it.
        • Good point? What about ceremonial sage and tobacco, too?
      • Designated smoking areas yet?
        • Not at SCCC. Will do that soon after arrival.
      • Post sign for campers?
        • yes
      • Phil, drug policy activist
        • drug portion of this policy needs revision
        • alcohol is a drug
        • nicotine is a drug
        • caffeine is a drug
        • cannabis is legal for medicinal use in this state
        • peyote is used in religious ceremonies
        • need to say what a drug is if we're to prohibit them
      • ? – people have chemical dependencies; say be discrete, not don't do it
        • response: understands; this is symptom of disease society; tell people to go elsewhere
      • ? – drum regulation should close earlier than 9pm
      • ? – card-carrying medical marijuana patient who endorses this policy; we'll be under microscope; if drugs are involved, we won't have a voice
      • ? – suggests that we have collectively-defined smoke-free area
        • response: At Westlake, maybe designate outside of Bank of America and wherever cops hang out
      • ? – Have medical tent and surrounding area smoke free. People wondering around during day will break the discretion rules. If you see someone smoking a bowl, invite them into your tent.
      • ? – Many other occupations have similar policies and strictly enforce them. Not saying you can't do it, just don't do it in the occupation.
      • ? – Says we cannot enter building.
        • response: No, says only if accompanied by student/faculty/staff. At meeting with president today, expressed concern.
    • amendment proposed: prohibit burning incense
      • denied: could be religious reasons
    • amendment proposed: call it guidelines instead of policy, allowing for flexibility. Policy connotes hierarchy and authoritarianism. Guidelines allow for more personal, eye-to-eye interpretations.
      • accepted: "Occupy Seattle Good Neighbor Guidelines"
    • vote
      • time: 21:30
      • count: 34/32/36 yes, 17/17/15 no
      • blocks
        • This proposal violates the spirit if Occupy Seattle. Specifically, because Occupy Seattle is about reclaiming public space. SCCC is a public college. Is a student there and knows lots of people who have been shut out due to tuition hikes. Should say everyone has access to the community college.
        • To expand, it is our legal right to access that public space. They're targeting Occupy. The part about alcohol targets marginalized people who have been putting lots of effort into this movement. Discretion should be stressed. Zero-tolerance pushes totalitarianism and classism.
        • The Spirit of this goes to the heart. Needs to be more discussion of something of this magnitude.
        • discussion:
          • ? – Was at meeting with SCCC president. Regardless, also spoke with staff on the ground. Custodial workers were very concerned that they would be overburdened by thousands of people using the toilet. Part of this is to tell them that we will not overburden them. We'll be using the facilities regardless. We'll use the classrooms. Restrooms will be used. But need to stand with custodians and security guards, tell them that we'll take care of ourselves.
          • ? – One of the statements was about legality of entering buildings. Wonders if we've heard from legal. Also, regarding drugs and alcohol. Agrees about targeting. But this is a school. People are there to learn. Unsure if we can reconcile without being totally respectful of what blocker said.
          • ? – Time is of the essence, but we should iron out the details and bring this back tomorrow. Why not just say we support custodians and will not overburden the restrooms? Why try to pass such stringent regulations? It's dividing us.
          • blocker: Can't we just clean up after ourselves?
          • ? – As long as it's a public building and we enter as citizens, we have every legal right to be there.
          • ? – Liked this, but had to go away to deal with potential arrest of a man who was urinating in the Bank of America doorway (de-escalated and got the guy to walk away).
          • proposer: Spoke with legal, found that it's public, but privately-held. Non-students must leave if asked to do so.
          • ? – Tabitha from Sustainability has worked on this for weeks in conjunction with Tactical. Don't want to restrict people or their addictions, just want to sustain the movement.
        • vote
          • 21:56
          • 16 support block, 33 oppose, so block holds, proposal fails


  • Brian Fnord with Eshem Working Group
    • trying to get Occupy Sesame Street going
      • inside joke that grew into more
      • try to get studio tour for children
      • opens dialogue with Seattle Center
        • maybe director will let us set up something there later
    • if you see people arguing on our Facebook pages/groups, try to mediate
  • Arturo
    • 2:30 – 5:30pm tomorrow: Party in support of people renewing their pledges to civil service
  • Chris
    • Need to organize event for when Jamie Diamond, president of JP Morgan Chase, visits next Wednesday
      • meet him after GA in front of See's
  • ?
    • Doctors and nurses at Harborview all support us
    • Friend wants to bring his truck with free coffee
  • Peter
    • Oakland passed 96% with 1600 people for general strike next Wednesday
    • Tomorrow after our GA, will discuss possibility of Seattle general strike
  • Jacob, Process and Facilitation
    • That block vote was confusing
    • Process is an ongoing process
    • P&F wants feedback. Please provide it so we can make this work better.
  • Paul
    • organizes with Seattle Solidarity Network
    • tomorrow, will picket supporting tenant screwed by Low Income Housing Institute
    • 4:45pm tomorrow 9th & Pine
  • Sara
    • friends at Sound on the Sound will do benefit for Occupy Seattle and OS library
    • Friday, November 4, Columbia City Theater, 9pm, $10
      • tribute to Phil Oaks
      • powerful protest songs
      • book drive
  • Scott
    • reminds everyone that Saturday at noon will be Chase Bank sit-in and Robin Hood Tax global march
    • working with Jesse to coordinate
  • ? – Friday mornings at 9:30, bank foreclosure auction action, 4th and Jefferson
  • Phil – carving pumpkins Sunday 2pm, light them 6pm, bring kids, friends, family, knives, but not 3" carving knives

Adjourned 22:08

American Federation of Teachers Supports Occupy Seattle’s Move

Important news .. We are not alone ..

There are important sources of support for Occupy Seattle that are willing to speak up. Let the American Federation of Teachers know we appreciate their support.

A letter in support of SCCC occupation Karen Strickland, American Federation of Teachers, Seattle President to Paul Killpatrick, SCCC President.

” ….. the board is in support of SCCC accommodating the request of Occupy Seattle for a number of reasons. The students and employees of the SCCD are the 99% and are suffering because of the economic inequity that characterizes our society and which has dramatically worsened since the 1970’s. … Finally, this is a terrific learning opportunity on many levels. ”

Now if we can get them to camp with us.

for the full article and a copy of the full text of the letter:

Plans for Saturday’s Occupation of Seattle Central Community College

At the General Assembly on October 24, 2011, Occupy Seattle decided to begin a mass occupation at Seattle Central Community College on Saturday, October 29. We’re really excited about this Occupy Seattle expansion! Join us! Don’t miss out!

October 29th Schedule:
5pm: March from Westlake to SCCC
6:30pm: SCCC Speak-Out
8pm: Halloween Party Begins!
8:30pm: Tent-Raising

Bring your Tent and a Pumpkin! Come in Costume!
Rumor has it there will be prizes…(there will be no prizes).

Occupy Seattle will only succeed if you show up! And camp out! Occupy Together!



*Occupy Seattle Anti-Oppression and Accountability Principles:

*Declaration of Decolonize/Occupy Seattle:

There will probably be multiple invitations for this event, but it’s all the same thing. Don’t get confused.

Occupy Seattle Still Looking for More Sites to Expand Occupation

While we are excited for the upcoming expansion of our occupation to include Seattle Central Community College, we realize this is just a small part of the expansion we will need as we continue to grow. Our Tactical Working Group is considering further expansions to other sites and has come up with a list of priorities to consider when evaluating the suitability of new locations.

We are requesting location recommendations from all occupiers! We are especially interested in offers of private spaces from sympathetic organizations like churches, unions, and community organizations. The terms for staying at such locations are certainly negotiable and any interested parties should contact the Tactical Working Group at or by phone at: 630-947-5708.

List of Priorities:

Legal Defensibility (“Arrest Friendly”)
Source of Water
24hr Access/Use of Tents or Sleeping Space
Shelter from the Weather
Public Gathering Space(s)
Public Transit Nearby
Ideal Camping or Sleeping Space (+100)
Waste Management Space or Facilities
Proximity to Westlake
Community Support
Vehicle Access
Tactical Exit Points
2000 sq ft for Storage/Supply
Proximity to Infrastructure (Printers/Library)
Proximity to Corporate Targets
Accessibility for People who are Disabled
Internet Access

General Assembly notes 10/25

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-25 19:45
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Process mover: Hudson
  • Taking stack: Aliana
  • Time keeper: Jamie
  • Agenda: Lady Gaga

Special announcement about Oakland

  • Hudson
    • Occupy Oakland
    • This morning, 500 police in riot gear came into camp firing tear gas and rubber bullets.
    • 80 arrests
    • Thousands of people are in the streets now.

Open letter to Occupy Seattle

  • Ginger
    • She jumped in two weeks ago, was working with Food Working Group
    • Why are we all here?
      • She's here to create a more compassionate world.
    • Telling the powers that be that things are fouled up and they are fired.
    • General assembly and working groups are a seed for our future
    • not waiting for government officials; simply doing it
    • be compassionate with yourself, those around you, the police, the mayor
      • compassion is not weakness
    • Don't sacrifice your life for this movement.
    • No one person should hold Occupy Seattle on their shoulders. If people do, we should relieve them.


  • ? – starting a welcome group and wants to make sure everyone is appreciated, is thanked for being here, and can state their opinions freely
  • ? – thanks for being here
  • ? – Has been here 18 days. Was not here last night. Getting our asses kicked by the police. To learn about civil disobedience, meet at top of stage after GA. October 13 was only a small taste of what we're capable of. If you want to get arrested, he'll get arrested with you and find legal defense for both.
  • ? – Things also went awry in Chicago.
  • ? – We have very big weekend coming up. Reminds everyone of the long-term and the legacy of what the movement will have, which is community and the future of human civilization. That's what we're working toward this weekend: laying a corner stone, building a solid structure. This week, all of us should do outreach, bring people together.
  • ? – Has four businesses in this area that are willing to donate all the cardboard we need for the weekend. Red Lion Hotel: Friday 3:30. Red Fin Motel: every day 3:30. Theater department Sunday 5pm. Getting big white cloth and inviting people to join.
  • Timothy – This Friday 5:30pm, bring a clean bowl, a clean spoon, and a sense of humor, and you'll have a great time.
  • Circus – Has been away, has been at Occupy Portland. No problems with cops, big park to camp in, but big, different, problems. Saw some things that would be great to incorporate into a camp, saw some things that would be very frightening if he was part of the camp. Will make suggestions in next few days. We can take the good and improve on their challenges.
  • ? – Trying to collect witnesses from the anti-police brutality march on Saturday. Was one of them. Was charged with third-degree assault of a police officer.
  • Shawn – This is a political party. Everyone wants to have fun. Timothy said a great thing. Used to live in Portland. Ginger, who read the letter, is really onto something. Without numbers, we'll die. Need to keep numbers up. But a mob kills political power. We can do both the politics and the party. If we don't, we suck. Let's talk about it later.
  • ? – Believes in free speech, but we need to think about how we're being perceived. When we do interviews in front of where people are demonstrating, their are children and elderly people there. Need to think about the people around us because they hear everything we do.
  • Tabitha – Arrested last Thursday. Pursuing case against police. If you have video or photos, get in touch.
  • Ian – Livestream often gets video of arrests, archives most of it. Get in touch with date and time.

Working group announcements

  • time: 20:10

Legal Working Group

  • Patricia
    • upcoming court appearance
      • who: Brock, Marcia, and Dakota
      • when: Friday, October 28, at 2:00 p.m.
      • where: King County Courthouse
      • please be respectful
    • Has placed public records request for here in Westlake as well as Freeway Park for past five years
      • Reviewing these to consider long-term strategy

Tactical Working Group

  • Cameron
    • reviewing tactical and logistical issues surrounding move to SCCC and long-term sustainability of the movement
    • meet 3pm at Westlake Center food court, 9pm in front of Seattle's Best Coffee south

Outreach Working Group

  • Andy
    • have lots of ideas for outreach in larger Seattle community
    • meet 4pm and after GA in front of Sephora
    • received supportive letter from Puget Sound Alliance of Retired People
  • Joshua
    • will be on SCCC campus tomorrow from 8:30am until afternoon
    • call him 206-913-3423 if you can volunteer
  • ?
    • will have table on first floor, main hallway, for rest of week
    • drop-in volunteers encouraged

Sanitation Committee

  • Andrew
    • square looks good
    • needs
      • volunteer for daytime who can give square a good spot-clean
      • non-lethal rat traps
      • pallets (not ideas for acquisition, but to bring them)
      • new location will require restrooms in evening

Supply and Storage

  • Alyssa
    • still has our money, will make proposal
    • has warm clothes

Information Working Group

  • Norm
    • requests that when people organize an event, tell Info when it is and where it is
      • today there was a teach-in, and people asked where it was, but he could not answer them because he did not know

Media Working Group

  • Alliana
    • today, media committee issued press release announcing our move to SCCC Saturday 5pm

Process and Facilitation Working Group

  • Michael
    • tomorrow's GA time coincides with dance party
    • WG considered how to make this democratic
    • doesn't think it will work if we can't hear or are too busy dancing
    • no GA tomorrow, decision-making GA on Thursday

Livestream Working Group

  • Ian
    • a week ago, one of our viewers, frustrated with the no-umbrellas-in-park rule, sent us 50 umbrella hats
      • wear one, scribble things on it, and have a semi-permanent structure on your head

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Circus
    • WG still understaffed
    • as we spread out, will have greater need
    • when you need P&S, look first to yourself

Upcoming Actions

  • Eric at Salino Mexicano Grill at Westlake Center food court wants to promote his business by giving discounts to Occupy Seattle. Say that John sent you.
  • home foreclosure auctions
    • only one place that the auctions can happen: outside on front steps of King County Courthouse
    • meet 9:30am Friday in front of Pioneer Building near Mario's Pizza, then march to steps to protest and disrupt
    • had handful of people last week
  • Let's make revolution hip. Have finest organization in the world. Have Facebook. Want to have fun, to talk. Let's make it about us.
    • Need to separate into two groups:
      • people who show up for kicks, to talk about whatever and eat, just like at a bar
        • they'll get us the cameras
        • without that, we'll have no leverage
      • ? (cut short)
  • Meeting tomorrow 7pm at Uptown Espresso to mobilize resistance to police brutality
    • Thanks to everyone who participated in last Saturday's march against police brutality
    • Three people have been murdered since Saturday
      • One of them a Marine. Was found with bullet wound and gun on him.
    • In Oakland now, people are being maced and brutalized
      • they're not backing down
  • Thurs, 7pm, at Revolution Books in Pioneer Square, having discussion on Occupy Wall Street movement to get perspective on bigger thing we're part of and how to make revolution.
  • Protest outside Social Security Administration at 6th and Blanchard, thurs 11:30-1:30, protesting cuts coming to Social Security Administration.
    • Cuts will make it more difficult for people to get benefits they earned.

Proposal notifications

  • time: 20:35
  • passed proposal that all proposals would be announced one day early, so now is time to announce upcoming proposals
  • Zach, Tactical and Bank Transfer Day Temporary Working Group
    • formed temporary working group to schedule outreach, speakers, rally, march, and other fun activities in conjunction with larger, national Bank Transfer Day on November 5
    • meeting after GA by hot dog stand to schedule further meetings
  • ? – For SCCC move, need to provide transportation to accommodate the disabled
  • Tabitha – Will propose good neighbor policy similar to New York's.
  • ? – Will propose Friday party at Westlake to honor everyone here, particularly Americorps volunteers who will be in town Friday to renew their pledges.
  • ? – Get together with everyone you know and ask them how they want to play with us. People will bring cameras, politicians will be in back.
  • facilitator: remember, these should be notifications of formal proposals planned for presentation at future meetings
  • ? – Friend is a self-employed marketing person. He'll find out if he can donate her services to the group.


  • Alyssa
    • proposal: Put our money in the BECU bank account we opened yesterday. Checks written on that account should require two signatures Legal and Supply. No debit card, instead writing checks to cash at counter. Have weekly receipt cycle, with weekly reports to GA. Amounts over 1000 to require GA approval.
    • restated: Money put in BECU. Checks require two signers. No debit or ATM card. Finance does books weekly, and report back to GA. More than $1000 requires GA approval. Finance committee has at least three people. Signers approved by GA. Four positions kept filled.
    • rationale:
    • discussion:
      • How many people would be authorized to sign a check?
        • Would be two, requiring both of them.
      • Proposes amendment: Authorized signers to be approved by GA.
        • amendment accepted
      • Corey – Opened account Monday. Max count of authorized signers is four. Credit union will only allow people with good credit, no outstanding collections.
      • Alyssa – Supply and Legal need more people.
      • Proposes amendment: Max withdrawal without GA be $500 instead of $1000
        • consider current need as result of SCCC
          • truckload of hay bales
          • at least 80 tents
          • at least four camp stoves
        • amendment denied
      • Jacob – Current system is a lockbox. Not good. Vulnerable. Let's do this now as an improvement, refine later as needed.
      • Corey – Is now principle of the account. Needs name and address removed, so we need to replace, and figure out what address to use.
      • ? – Banks are open five business days.
        • BECU is open on Saturday, so we have six days. Will keep the lock box for Sunday.
      • ? – Having two signatures is standard legal procedure for accounts like ours or people dealing with estates. This is a way of having two witnesses to the same check.
      • ? – Has anyone volunteered for signatory positions?
        • Legal and supply have been checking to find, in confidence, who can pass credit check. Most of us are broke.
      • ? – $1000 is too high a cap. Trusts everyone but doesn't know how we'll ensure money well-used.
    • vote
      • time: 21:02
        • clear majority
        • proposal passes


  • ? – Regarding Salina Mexicana, if you don't like the deal you get when you say John set you and you're with the occupation, he'll work with you
  • Tabitha – Sometimes after GA, emotions run high, so from now on after GA, she'll have a group afterward for anyone and everyone to come and release any emotions without discussion. Calling themselves Babble On. "As the towers fall, we shall babble on" Meet by towers unless there are too many cops there.
  • ? – We should show solidarity for Oakland
    • Unsure how to rally large number and raise visibility
  • Lady Gaga – Thanks for the solidarity, love, and support Occupy Seattle gives her and the rest of the LGBTQI community by moving to SCCC.
  • Phil – Night of 1000 Jack-O-Lanterns Sunday. Come down 2pm, light them at dusk. Bring friends, kids, pumpkins, knives.
  • Sanitation crew will go to SCCC to scout for restrooms.
  • Ian – It's not just Oakland tonight. Livestream viewers report raids in Atlanta, Baltimore,
  • ? – Raids are making national news. People in Seattle will be looking for ways to express outrage. Suggests we make emergency response, maybe tomorrow night, where we call everybody and say, "It's right to occupy," Get the word out everywhere.
  • ? – Reminder: After GA, there will be civil disobedience training on stage to protect us against raids at SCCC.
  • Elvina – Our numbers are small tonight. Why? She went on Facebook and saw at least eight people resigning due to internal conflict. It is crucial for us to stop bickering, stop bringing up things that have been voted out or in. At the end of the day, color and sexuality aside, we're here because we've been oppressed. Cannot micro-manage if we're not doing anything. Need to call our friends now. Movement is falling apart. Can't even decide where to go. How will we set an example? How to tell Bank of America we're serious? Cops and mayor have embarrassed us, but they're not our only targets. Need to perform outreach and keep things fresh. There is no news media here because nobody is here. Get friends to show. Bring people who resigned back.
    • some have been excluded when trying to say things and use stuff. Has left a couple times, saying he wouldn't come back, but did.
  • ? – Have opportunity with raids that happened. Our numbers dwindled after raid. Wants occupations to become stronger. New camp will allow us to start again with lots of positivity.
  • ? – They took our umbrellas away, but didn't say anything about hats. Is a box of umbrella hats. Take them and share.
  • ? – Need a big spiral hug right now.

Adjourned 21:19

Declaration of Decolonize/Occupy Seattle

*The General Assembly passed this statement on Oct 20th.

**However, the name “Decolonize/Occupy” was not passed. Majority (63/40) of the GA insisted on keeping the name “Occupy Seattle.”


AFFIRMATION of Decolonization of Seattle with Northwest Indigenous Peoples

WHEREAS, those participating in “Decolonize/Occupy Seattle” acknowledge that the United States of America is a colonial country, and that we are invaders and squatters upon stolen indigenous land that has already been occupied for centuries, Seattle being the ancestral land of the Duwamish and Suquamish people; and

WHEREAS, indigenous people of this land have continued to resist the violent conquest, oppression, exploitation and victimization by the invaders and colonizers since they first arrived on this continent; and as a result have endured a great amount of trans-generational trauma and woundedness; and that their experience strengthens this movement to expose those on-going inhumane crimes; and

WHEREAS, after centuries of disregard for the welfare of future generations, and the repeated disrespect and exploitation of the Earth, we find ourselves on a violated and polluted planet, lacking the Indigenous people’s wisdom and knowledge to live in balance, harmony and at peace with the community of Life; and

WHEREAS, the term “occupation” has been used by imperialists to colonize indigenous lands

WHEREAS, the term “occupation” has also been reclaimed by militant workers of color from Latin America (Oaxaca, Buenos Aires, South Korea, China among other places) to describe their occupation of factories, schools and neighborhoods, to strike back against the oppressive forces led by racism and capitalism. It is in this context that we use the term “occupy”

WHEREAS the borders of the United States of America are a colonial construct based upon the violent destruction of indigenous land across the continent and therefore illegitimate in our eyes

WHEREAS this land is currently occupied by descendants of slaves kidnapped from the African continent, as well as economic refugees forcibly displaced by the forces of capitalism and imperialism around the world, therefore

AFFIRMED, that we prioritize the involvement of indigenous sovereign people in the redesigning and rebuilding of a new way of living on their ancestral land in the context that there is one mother of us all, our earth mother; and

As a Decolonization Statement to the national “Occupy” movement and to indigenous members who have been excluded by the colonialist language used to name this movement, it is declared that phrase “Occupy Seattle” is reframed to the inclusive cross-cultural term “Decolonize/Occupy Seattle” to affirm the guidance and participation of indigenous peoples; and to affirm the history of militant labor struggles associated with the term “occupy”

Awakening to compassion and extending an open hand of friendship and partnership, we hereby invite indigenous members of the Pacific Northwest and all displaced peoples to collaborate with us in this event remembering and reawakening to our original identity as humane beings – that is now initiated on this continent and worldwide simultaneously.

We intend to facilitate the process of healing and reconciliation and implore Indigenous Peoples to share their knowledge and wisdom of stewardship of the earth, water, fire and air to inspire and guide us restore to pure democracy rather than representative democracy as design failure in governing for collective survival; and to initiate a new era of cooperation and peace that is cross-cultural, intergenerational, inclusive and universal in practical application upon Mother Earth with the original indigenous inhabitants of this land.

Press release regarding SCCC move

Occupy Seattle Set to Open Another Front

October 25, 2010

The Occupy Seattle movement plans to add the campus of Seattle Central Community College to the campsites for the protests.
At the General Assembly last night, more than 80 percent of attendees voted to march to the Central District campus and establish a beachhead there for the decentralized movement.
A statement posted on the official website said, “SCCC will be a site for overnight camping as well as a base for supplies and logistics.” The post also made clear that this did not mean protesters are abandoning their presence at Westlake Park, where the movement has sparred with city officials over their continued presence since the first of the month, when groups of protesters joined the nationwide movement. The occupation of SCCC is scheduled to begin on Saturday , oct.29, with a march from downtown to the campus.
“We have not been formally invited to SCCC, and there are indications that the SCCC administration will not welcome us there,” said the official announcement, “however we are confident that we have tremendous support from both students and faculty to counterbalance this.”
The march will commence at 5 p.m. from Westlake Park and proceed to the SCCC campus where there will be a rally and tents will be erected for protesters to stay in overnight.
Occupations have sprung up in hundreds of US cities and in more than 80 countries around the world since people in New York City responded to a call from Adbusters magazine to “occupy Wall St.”, the international financial center in lower Manhattan.
Although the protest movement, which is deliberately without formal leaders or spokespeople, has been criticized in the mass media for not having a set of demands to press, it has hit a visceral nerve with large segments of the population. The movement has generally coalesced around a critique of the present political and economic situation. Their slogan, “We are the 99 percent!” refers to the fact that fewer than a half-million people control more than 40 percent of the nation’s wealth, while the bottom 80 percent of the population are left with just 12 percent and middle class families feel increasingly under the gun.
Thank you,
Media Committee |

Occupy Seattle will Establish Base Camp at SCCC

After obtaining a 4/5ths super majority, the 10/24 General Assembly passed a proposal to establish base camp for Occupy Seattle at Seattle Central Community College. This does not mean that we will no longer be present at Westlake park, merely that SCCC will be a site for overnight camping as well as a base for supplies and logistics.

We have not been formally invited to SCCC, and there are indications that the SCCC administration will not welcome us there, however we are confident that we have tremendous support from both students and faculty to counterbalance this.

The occupation of SCCC is scheduled to start Saturday 10/29, and we are planning multiple events. Stay tuned!

And please check our calendar for a full schedule!

General Assembly notes 10/24

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-24 18:43
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Process mover: Allana
  • Taking stack: Kristin and Michael
  • Time keeper: Gabriel
  • Agenda keeper: Carol

Guest Speaker

  • Jesse from Occupy Wall Street
    • When you are confronted by the media or police, be mindful that you are a representative of each of your brothers and sisters. Have their best intentions in the back of your mind. Some feel righteous anger because they’ve been wronged. But the way we win is through peace. Powers that oppose us expect violence. They are only prepared for violence, and have no clue how to deal with a peaceful occupation. They call this a class war. You and I know we’re losing this war. We need to fight back with peace in our hearts and love and compassion. Advice: Act with peace in your heart and police your own so police have no reason to be involved. If you see violence, sexism, etc., be an objector. If you see something wrong, step forward, arms out. If people violate our principles, they should not be allowed to participate. This is a peaceful occupation of a public space. This is our space, and we’re taking it back — peacefully. Please share with everyone, at work, and place of worship, place of commerce, place of power, that this is a peaceful occupation by the people, representing the people whether they’re in New York, Boston, Wisconsin, or Seattle. We come to you in peace. We come to you in love. We invite you to join us.

Camper Check-in

  • Maria
    • Has done food and stuff since day one. Has noticed that when she tries to have food for other occupiers over night, things turned up missing or were blatantly stolen in front of her face. Needs more security, more eyes. Please help.
    • Needs more eyes on things. Is sick and tired of watching Parks Dept taking piles of donations away before people can use them. So, of you plan on staying over, please utilize every donation you can so she doesn’t have to explain to Parks staff that piles of things are hers.
  • Lana
    • Would like a space to talk to other campers that is a little quieter than GA. If you’re staying over night and want to compare notes, let’s talk. Seattle’s best after GA.
  • Danny
    • Was camping here for five days last week. Contracted bronchitus, had to take two-day vacation. Fortunately, is still here. Will remain here until Occupy Seattle and Occupy Wall Street have their demands met. Join us. Understands if you can’t make it all the time, but at least show up once, in the name of solidarity. The cough drops are awesome.
  • ?
    • Has been cold. Was not here last night because he saw that it was 38 degrees last night. Bundle up or you’ll get hypothermia.
  • ?
    • Thanks everyone for coming. Hopes everyone goes back to homes and communities and does as much outreach as possible.
  • ?
    • Some of her friends were here, drove three hours. Were kicked by someone here. Was completely uncalled for and doesn’t want to see it again.

Working group announcements

  • time: 19:08

Tactical Working Group

  • Zach
    • WG has been working hard on short- and long-term options for expansion of occupation. Will bring proposal regarding best short-term options to Wednesday’s GA.
      • Please join them if you have ideas to contribute
      • Meet 3pm, 9pm, and Westlake food court

Demands Working Group

  • Emily
    • WG is working on proposal for demands. Justin spoke briefly about it last night.
    • Demand: City of Seattle take our money out of big banks.
    • meeting tomorrow 4pm by See’s Candy

Sanitation Committee

  • Andrew
    • Everyone doing well. Square is very clean. Clean enough to eat off of. Don’t do that.

Animal Rights and Environmentalism Working Group

    • As industries profit off exploitation of all beings, human and non-human, and the destruction of our environment
    • AR&E WG works to expose those hidden practices and offer solutions that benefit all beings and the Earth in which we all live in.
    • Meet weekly, Mondays at 5:30 near See’s Candies.
    • find contact info on website under Demands tab
      • email

Learning and Self-education Work Group

  • Jasmine
    • meeting Weds 8pm at Turf
    • want to have a way to easily communicate what teach-ins are going on, so if you plan to teach one, go to Information booth and leave a note
    • This Saturday will be day of visioning. They’ll send notices as widely as possible, will have people bring three-part drawings: What’s wrong with society, what they think could come out of occupation, and what their vision is. Then at 3pm, will go sit by pictures and start talking to people next to us, really listen, not be afraid of difficult stories, stories of oppression, discrimination, and other difficult topics.
    • email

Storage Committee

  • Alyssa
    • still has our money, please vote to to put them in the bank account
      • nearly $1000
    • will be cold tonight, so giving cold weather supplies to medical
    • phone doesn’t ring enough. If you need supplies, call. Don’t have time to run all over City Hall and Westlake.
      • 206-892-8136, 206-501-5715
    • needs
      • hand warmers
      • blankets
      • hot meals
    • thank you to Aerospace Machinist Union Lodge 571 for donation TODO: check number

Outreach Working Group

  • Andy
    • yesterday, did program at Ballard Farmers Market
      • people wanted to come down here, but want a reason, want events and things going on, not just meetings
    • meet every day at 4pm and after GA in front of Sephora
    • getting money into the bank would be good; have been paying individually for flyers
    • if you have events, get them on the calendar to give people a reason to come

Arts and Entertainment Working Group

  • Ariana
    • have events planned
      • Wednesday: have two well-known DJ’s spinning here from 6-9pm
      • if direct action is to occur, please have it while people are here. Is important to capture interest of those who wouldn’t otherwise be interested.
    • On 15th at big march, dressed up as Lady Liberty in chains. Image was on front page of Sunday paper.
    • first official meeting was today at 4pm
    • have group on Facebook, will announce events on forum

Media Working Group

  • Aliana
    • Have mission statement. It’s on the website. Encourages other WGs to have mission statement. Helps Media understand the cohesiveness of the movement.
    • Meet daily 4pm in front of See’s Candies (this includes weekends)
    • If you have an event that needs to be advertised, Media will do it for you. See her or any WG member. They wear green armbands.
    • Email address is listed on the website. Can send message about your event to that address.

Fundraising Working Group

  • Fred
    • has check for $1000, not made out to Occupy Seattle because the person who wrote it trusts him, wrote it to him.
    • Lots of people want to give money but don’t trust him so much. Need bank account so they can write checks so we can have money to help move campaign forward.
    • other needs:
      • Have benefit coming up, planning more. If familiar with organizing, publicizing musical concerts, or would like to be familiar with it, get in touch.
      • people to help sell signs
        • spoke with people at Labor Temple today. Unions are interested. Need to build contacts and make sales.

Process and Facilitation Working Group

  • Shawn
    • Have noticed, as everyone likely has, that the block is a little bit glitchy, as is the proposal process. Are working on it. Not easiest thing
    • Meet daily, 4:30pm under Romax sign
    • email
    • will likely bring proposals tonight
      • limit number of decision-making GAs to four per week starting next week
      • proposals must be announced 24 hours in advance of GA presentation

Legal Working Group

  • Alex
    • Nobody has been arrested lately, so not worrying about defense now.
    • Next Sunday, location TBA, will meet to discuss legal offense.

Hip Hop Occupies Working Group

  • Arless
    • Have over 21 partners nationally (organizations and other occupations)
    • To get on the email list,
    • website

White Anti-Racist Caucus

  • Allana
    • called on to do education about language of occupation as relates to indigenous communities
    • caucus held daily 5:30pm to have conversation

Logistics Working Group

  • Doc
    • insurgencies run today (you know who you are) will never know his staff because they are sworn to secrecy
    • needs:
      • disposable mobile phones
      • people willing to be arrested


  • Andrew
    • November 5 is coming up: Bank Divestment Day.
      • Should start planning now
      • He put something on the calendar for tomorrow night to start talking
        • response: Tactical is working on that.
        • response: Outreach is working on that. 4pm daily and after GA
  • Art Mitchell and Joey
    • Need help with collecting evidence and testimonies from Saturday’s arrests
    • If you were there, meet by fountain

Morale Working Group

  • Danny
    • duty is to keep spirits up
    • need activities and participants to help keep morale up
      • is convinced that this movement will succeed
      • your positive energy will help make it real
      • don’t need to be a member of Morale to help cheer us up


  • time: 19:41
  • proposal: Begin a mass occupation at Seattle Central Community College on Saturday with tents, to prepare for it all week, and to keep occupying SCCC until we vote to do otherwise.

    • presenter: Matt and Jordan
    • background: Last night, passed by overwhelming majority, then was blocked. Will explain what happened, how has been adjusted. Will vote on the rest if the main proposal passes.

      • Safety cannot be guaranteed by the law anywhere.
        • If authorities want us out, will try to get us out. It’s an occupation. Taking back public space through struggle.
      • Will be easier to defend ourselves if we can win broad public support.
      • Pressuring the Mayor is very difficult, and not working well.
      • At SCCC, with huge base of support, can put massive pressure on campus president. Flyering and campaigning is ongoing.
      • Commuter students will be more likely to participate if they can camp out on campus.
      • President has already claimed we’ll disrupt education. We know occupation is an educational experience.
      • SCCC is even more visible than Westlake.
      • Westlake dies nightly, empowering police. On Broadway, will always be visible, and will draw support from the community.
      • Many students of color and working class students will have an opportunity to join, as will LGBTQI community.
      • Not giving up on downtown. Not a retreat. GA’s still here unless voted otherwise.
      • Stop wasting time rebuilding every night, and go on the offensive.
    • sketch of action plan: Proposed schedule: 5pm march Saturday from here to Central. 6:30pm speak-out without proposals at Central. Halloween party starting at 8pm. Tent raising ceremony 8:30.
    • How to carry it out:
      • Create Occupy Seattle Central Community College committee to meet daily for everyone who wants to move. Workgroups can join and collaborate. Medical, Legal, Peace and Safety may feel overwhelmed, so propose they hold trainings later this week. Media and Internet teams would announce this tonight, call for volunteers later this week. Are not leaders, not trying to take over. Work groups are not leaders, either. If we want this occupation to last, vote for this and take lead yourselves to make this happen. Learned at Westlake.
    • discussion:
      • Sarah – Has been student at UW and eastern. If you do not have student ID and step foot on campus, can be arrested for trespassing.
        • area occupying is regarded as public space; plaza area on south end
      • Sarah – if the president of the school decides to make an example of us, could be arrested.
      • ? – If we all worry about every little thing we could get arrested for, would not have an occupation. Thinks everyone here opposes 23% tuition hikes, shutting down daycare center at SCCC, and is tired from being here all night.
      • ? – Are suggesting that entire local movement move from City Hall Plaza and from Westlake Park to move to SCCC? Part of argument being made is contingent upon massive faculty and student body support. What proof and reassurance have they that support exists?
        • First part: not part of this proposal tonight. Could be decided after we decide on this. Second part: Is student there, others are here as well. Walk-outs that happened involved largest contingent from SCCC.
      • ? – Noticed that over the past week, only thing keeping us together is a meeting. Wants community that doesn’t center on a meeting.
      • ? – Was concern raised about actual proof that we have active support at Seattle Central. As faculty member and someone who has attended since very first GA, will address. True, no written promise from students, faculty, and staff. SCCC has long, radical history of having supported radical movements. Only reason we have not yet conducted massive outreach at SCCC, is wants GA to approve. Have several students ready to hit the ground and conduct outreach at SCCC.
      • ? – Agrees that we need to do something because we’re getting murderized here. What happens if this idea of moving to place where we’re not getting murderized, we go to SCCC and face same opposition? What will happen if we get creamed there like we’re getting creamed here. No guarantee from president that he’ll support us there. We’re cold and hungry.
        • There’s no guarantee. Might face opposition. This is an occupation. It’s illegal. That’s the nature of it.
      • ? – Mentioned having discussions with Tactical and other working groups. Can we hear from Tactical and proposers about content of discussions.
        • Calling for formation of open committee. Have put word out. Wants to work with other groups.
      • ? – Best defense is to mobilize. Proved this two Saturdays ago when with our mass occupation, police had to back down. SCCC would give us large base from which to mobilize. This Saturday is decisive. Should leverage large number of people.
      • Duff – From October 1, our first Saturday here at Westlake, has been arguing passionately to stay here. Changed mind. Now supports proposal to move to SCCC. We no longer have an occupation here. Salutes those who are still camping here, but do not have enough overnighters for this occupation. Chances of occupation are greater at SCCC than here. We are occupation, illegal, guerrilla warriors. Meld into city at SCCC.
      • ? – This is hasty. We have not allowed workgroups to weigh in. People here have illogical emotional attachment to going to SCCC. Is not wed to any proposal, but wed to XXX
        • No other location has safety that buffer that is entire community we can tap into, that is not in banks, downtown shopping center. We’ll go up there and join with the people. Not hasty. If Tactical didn’t get it, haven’t been listening. All a work group is is a group that does stuff. Instead of saying this is emotional, Tactical should explain why this doesn’t meet their criteria.
      • Liam – Was one of the people who initiated walkout at SCCC. Had 300 students. Had support of teachers, students, staff. Have plans to get signatures every day this week from students, workers, teachers on campus to show support. Already have editorial in New City Collegiate. Meeting with president and student council to make case for why this is good. Will be unstoppable if we go where there’s large support. Our weakest time is during the day when students are there to support us.
      • ? – It is grass. That many people on grass will screw up the grass. Question for faculty member: Said several people ready to work with us. Please define “several”.
        • Did not say that several faculty members are ready. Said what Liam clarified about SCCC students, that they’re ready to carry this out. Re grass: plaza like this, and can use tarps and palates to protect grass.
      • ? – Student debt crisis is next mortgage crisis. Logical step is to move toward student involvement. Dream has always been alive for those of us who are students.
      • ? – Young people are always looking for a purpose. This is a great purpose, and young people are already there. We can always move if it doesn’t work out. Let’s check it out, and if it sucks, we’ll pick somewhere else.
      • ? – We should be clear, as others have said, that there are no guarantees. However, this is an extremely well-discussed, well though out, detailed plan. Idea that this is emotional or not well-planned seems to be coming from Tactical, with whom he met. Seems that they don’t have a plant, but long checklist, discussion, and lack of tactics. We have tactics. We know this will work. Need students, faculty, staff, surrounding community. Let’s have a great Halloween party.
      • ? – Stands here as rep of overnight community. Before this was in opposition to going go Central. Now supports it.
    • vote
      • time 20:22
        • blocks (2)
          • Corey, Legal – Likes lots about idea of moving. This goes against fundamental principles of this protest. As we speak in this park, we have a legal right to be here. Multiple federal courts have upheld that right against the same laws City is trying to enforce against us being here. If we move to SCCC, no matter what has been said, it is not a location we have legal right to set foot upon. Without invitation, it’s illegal. Would become an unlawful protest. Here, we are lawful protest. One of the fundamental principles of Occupy Seattle is taking part in lawful and peaceful protest. Have legal right to be here. Can continue to fight that battle. Can win that battle. Legal precedent supports this. No legal right to be on SCCC property, which is reserved for students. It’s not an open space at which we have right to speak or protest. Looking at severe consequences.
          • discussion:
            • ? – We don’t have principles, so doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If it’s legal, why are cops arresting us?
              • They’re doing it unconstitutionally. This is a public space to which we have a right. We do not have that at SCCC.
            • ? – It may be legal during the day, but is not at night. Overnight, people endure constant harassment from police regardless of Constitution.
              • Understands concerns. We have legal recourse to those police actions. Will not have legal recourse at SCCC. Has been here every night after 10pm, knows what the cops are doing.
            • ? – Block is to be used in violation of core principles against core principles of Occupy Wall Street. Brining up practical issues, not principles. Duty of work groups is to work these out before bringing to general assembly.
              • Has already explained that XXX
            • ? – Occupy Wall Street is an illegal occupation.
            • ? – Legal recourse could take years.
          • vote
            • time: 20:38
            • 108 for, 26 oppose
            • Block overridden, proposal passes
  • proposal: Action at Chase Bank noon Saturday, before they close.

    • presenter: Dan, who helped create Occupy Seattle Labor Caucus
    • rationale:
      • Want to draw more people to Occupy Seattle. Focusing on banks will do this.
      • Don’t intend to have mass arrests, but to draw media attention.
      • want action to provide mass and material support for Occupy Seattle
      • Union leadership wants to see GA approval of this action.
      • If this works, could lead to long and fruitful relationship with unions.
    • discussion:
      • Will send link to website. Banks borrowed our money, did not pay interest back, not loaning money back to us, but buying American T-bonds and earning money on the money we gave them.
      • Our money is not ours, it’s loaned to us by Federal Reserve bank.
    • vote
      • time 20:53
      • proposal passes unanimously
  • proposal: Proposals must be publicly announced the day before they’re brought to vote, in a facilitated assembly, maybe lunch assembly, maybe evening assembly

    • restated: all proposals will be brought to facilitated discussion minimum of one day prior to vote
    • presenter: Shawn
    • source:
    • rationale:
      • Trying to force consensus is XXX. Hopefully this will open up time for other stuff.
      • Proposals are a bad time to bring emergency things.
    • discussion:
      • ? – What about emergency proposals?
        • If we allowed, we’d have 12 emergency proposals each day. If this makes you uncomfortable, come talk to us.
      • ? – We should think three times before we speak. Often people do not. Can think three times about what to say in a 24-hour period.
      • ? – Why go somewhere we’re not welcome?
        • We already voted on that.
      • ? – Loves this. Would like to see proposals posted for 24 hours so we don’t have to hear them through the grapevine.
        • Additional proposal will be brought that will stipulate this.
      • ? – Need exact language prior day, or just general idea?
        • Will soon have method to help people polish their proposals during that period.
    • vote
      • 21:02
      • proposal passes
  • proposal: There will be four decision-making GAs per week, on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Other GAs, held nightly or as desired will be for discussion, refinement, and debate of proposals, among other things.

    • presenter: Jacob
    • source: Process and Facilitation
    • rationale:
      • Discussion GAs are important. Want to make space for that.
      • Ties in with proposals being made day in advance.
    • discussion:
      • Would it be possible to make exception for emergency proposals on discussion night?
        • Have discussed some process to do that. Problem is defining emergency. May be important to some but not to others.
      • Wants to encourage inclusivity. Likes this. Has anyone spoken to religious groups about voting on Sundays?
        • No. Part of the decision of days was to strike balance of availability. Some can’t come on weekdays, others can’t be here on weekends.
      • Would proposals need to be made on certain nights?
        • No. Will now have facilitated discussion GAs during the day.
    • vote:
      • time: 21:12
      • proposal passes


  • Liam
    • Have plan for SCCC organizing.
    • Join at atrium any day this week from 8:50am to 2pm to collect petition signatures.
    • 3:30pm, every day, anyone who wants to work with their club, come meet.
  • ?
    • is student at SCCC
    • teachers frequently provide opportunities to talk about Occupy Seattle
  • ?
    • Twice people Have people from occupation twice who got on bus, handed out fake bus passes, and encouraged people to ride for free. To participate, keep ear out for “mob a bus”.
  • ?
    • UW student, organizing teach-ins
    • have suggestions for professors, send them to SJWissmer at
  • ?
    • Has been gone a few days, loves all of us. Will figure way to get wicked prizes for Halloween costume contests.
  • ?
    • Sanitation needs another volunteer now.
  • ?
    • No proposal failed tonight. Good job.
  • ?
    • Thanks for good GA which did not lead him to walk away in frustration.
  • ?
    • Another bank action — this one an occupation — is in the works for next week.
      • meet after GA to discuss
  • Shawn
    • For productive further discussion: We don’t know what our fundamental principles are. Finding them through debate and blocks.
    • Regarding emergency proposals: GA’s are great for deciding policy, but not good place to decide at last minute about actions. Need to think a lot about how we read the policy and the proposals we’ve already brought, an proposals we’re going to bring, so when we have emergency, can act on what we’ve already decided when we have time for deliberation.
  • Doc
    • Have contingency groups going to banks with these people. Needs help.
  • ?
    • Had second proposal for SCCC, but facilitators suggested did not need to propose, could just go with it. But in interest of consensus building, will read times again. Any known time conflicts?
      • 5:00pm – march from Westlake park to SCCC
      • 6:30pm – speakout at central (like GA without decisions)
      • 8:00pm – Halloween party
      • 8:30pm – tent raising
    • in other cities are sometimes calling non-voting GAs general gatherings
  • Ross Grimshaw
    • is grad student at University of Washington
    • helping organize Chase bank action
      • needs support of undergrads at UW and other schools
  • poster and handbill for mass occupation and Halloween party will be posted to Faceobok and website tonight

Adjourned 21:29

Food and Kitchen

General contact and off-site cooking: or

Including Information from Previous FOOD Working group

General Group Contact & Coordination of Resources

On-site Kitchen
Emily: 206.930.2160


The camp is at Seattle Central Community College, on Capitol Hill, 1701 Broadway near the corner of E. Pine St.

Food is welcome at any time, but there are some nights of the week when we have cooks or groups signed up to make dinner. Right now (Dec 7), we need folks to cook:
– DINNER all nights, or;
– LUNCH on Saturday or Sunday.
Please contact Sonya Rodgers by email: or by phone: 206.501.5715 to sign up.

We try to feed about 100 people each evening, but you do not have to fill that whole need. If you make a double recipe of something hearty, that will feed 20-25, which is a big contribution. Hot foods with protein and carbohydrates are most appreciated. Vegetarian and meat dishes are welcome. Some possible offerings: chili, soup with grains, rice with beans, pasta with sauce. We also have some supplies available, and fresh produce donated from farmer’s markets in need of cooks. Contact Sonya for more info and to arrange pickup.

To drop off food, you will find it most convenient to drive south on Broadway and pull up in front of the camp, just before (north of) the corner of Pine. You can’t miss the camp, and we are currently serving food from a table on the main walkway that runs through the campus plaza. NOTE: You will need to turn southbound onto Broadway three or four blocks north of the college. The intersections of Broadway with E. Olive Way, E. John St., and E. Denny Way all work.

There is often a parking space in front of the main entrance to camp, but even if not, you can pull over in front of the line of parked cars, turn on your flashers, and ask someone at the camp to help you offload your food. We recommend staying around for about a half hour and taking your pot(s) home. If you leave your equipment, please label it with your name and phone number.

If you have questions or would like more information, please e-mail or

General Assembly notes 10/23

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-23 18:35
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Ian
  • Time keeper: Jamie
  • Taking stack: Val
  • Agenda: Chase
  • Orientation: Nicholas


  • Kristen
    • Had a good time last night. At Westlake Park, couple people, as a non-violent protest, set their sleeping bags near the police. Many people joined by placing their sleeping bags out. She left at 5am, and the cops had not done anything about this. Doesn't know the reason (weekend, press?), but was awesome. We talked, debated, then slept.
  • ?
    • Those of us who try to stay here every night can't sleep. Can't lay down, can't sleep on a blanket or put one under us.
  • ?
    • Consistent pattern: After about 2:30, police allow blankets and laying on the ground.
  • ?
    • Was one of the people sleeping with blankets in front of police. Was fun. Please join tonight.
  • ?
    • Loves sleeping outside.
  • ?
    • Thanks those who are metaphorically keeping the fire burning, camping down here under increasingly-difficult circumstances (declining weather, declining number of people staying). Has stayed overnight, can't do it all the time, appreciates those who are here.
  • Kellen
    • Concern among people with whom he's mingled: Seems there are dividing factions. Not necessarily opposing, but dividing. Is a contingency of people who view the occupation of Seattle as being an intentional community for the purpose of building consensus among individuals and as a group with the vision of building a movement for justice. Other faction seems to be those who have in mind to simply reform our current structures. He doesn't see these as oppositional viewpoints, but this is causing conflict. Hopes we can understand each other and where we're coming from.
  • Chris
    • Wonders if there are plans in motion to get permits to continue camping at Westlake Park. Any acts in motion to relieve stress from police so some of us can get some sleep.
      • We've been engaging in direct action opposing the police harassment. Has proven effective to use lights shining in the eyes of police officers as they do to us. They often turn off their lights after persistent light warfare.
  • Ellie
    • Read on Seattle City Council website that a motion will be voted on Monday, October 31, in support of Occupy Seattle. We have an excellent chance of winning that vote. If McGinn wants a second term, he needs to support us. We're wasting lots of energy fighting the cops. We need a home like Portland's so we can build our movement, come together as a community.
    • Denny Park might be good home for us. Envisions as an interim measure, being like Nickelsville (very sustainable, safe, intentional, positive). Denny Park could be good.
  • Linda
    • This is an occupation. Do we really need permits? She doesn't think so.
  • ?
    • Westlake is excellent front line. Excellent visibility. Great forward operating base. Terrible command post. Cannot sustain command post here. Does not want to open another debate in what has been a very positive start to GA.
    • Let's keep Westlake as front line, forward operating base. Let's find another place for command post.
    • Good general does not throw all resources to the front line, but holds some in reserve. We should do this, and we should do it before La Nina winter comes and makes it miserable for us. Weather will be bigger enemy than police and permits. Those days are only days away.
  • ?
    • There is possibility of office/conference center at 3rd Ave and Union, at Seattle Sustainability Campaign.
    • Suggests finding when City Council vote happens so we can be there to support.
  • Doc
    • Really loves seeing us here.
    • Insurgency that we launched has no arrests, great coverage.
    • If can risk arrest and have fun, please see him.
    • Still needs folks who can be disposable for peaceful disobedience.
  • ?
    • Rode down on bike, locked to garbage can by police van. Now it's gone.
  • Jonathon
    • Energy is real. Many young people don't believe our numbers will grow large enough to make a difference.  Awareness is necessary for change.
  • Loree
    • Hasn't camped here but her spirit is here. Supports us and agrees that we need to establish a base. Need to be here because this is what we're fighting against. Need to stay peaceful and know that we don't need physical bodies to be here. Millions of people support us. Remember this when times get rough.

Working group announcements

  • time: 19:05

Internet Communications Working Group

  • Stian
    • We have a calendar ( We do not filter events, does not have to be an official Occupy Seattle event. Is for direct actions, work groups, and other events in the spirit of our movement. Instructions can be found on the calendar page.
    • E-mail address:
      • Contact if you'd like them to do something or volunteer. To expedite, Include as much detail as possible.

Tactical Working Group

  • Peter
    • Joint statement from: Process and Facilitation, Food, Outreach, ICT, Tactical, Peace and Safety, Medical, Legal
    • Occupants of Westlake and the working groups which provide support to Westlake have continuously expressed desire for additional and stable base camp. Around 15 locations are being seriously scrutinized for their tactical and logistical advantages. To best prepare ourselves for this transition and maintain the advantage of surprise, we are not at this time announcing the names of these locations. Instead, we will share the list of tactical priorities against which these locations will be judged. Wednesday, we will provide an important update on how the proposal and possible establishment of this base camp will proceed. Stress that this is meant to be short-term and interim solution while gathering strength for next long-term steps.
    • Requests:
      • two reps from each working group attend 5pm inter-team meetings held daily this week
      • feedback on priorities:
        • legal implications of the site
        • 24-hour access to and display of tents at the site
        • water access
        • defensibility
        • shelter from the elements
        • public gathering space
        • nearby public transportation
        • ideal space for camping and facilities for waste management
      • patience while they determine which locations can actually support our supply, medical, and other logistical necessities
    • as soon as possible, within days, an actionable solution will be brought for proposal
    • encourage to go to second floor Westlake Mall food court where tactical meets if would like to discuss and share other site priorities
    • discussion
      • Was not a joint statement
        • Yes, it was
          • please join people after GA for further clarification

Livestream Working Group

  • Jake
    • Got the Mayor to commit to interview with livestreamers
      • will be next week, exact date TBA
      • to submit questions for the Mayor, give to Ian after GA by tomorrow
      • discussion
        • Will Media provide questions?
          • response from Ian: He'll select them, as he will conduct interview, but won't attempt to censor

Process and Facilitation Working Group

  • Ed
    • proposals for streamlining GA to come this week: (announcing early to facilitate development and revision)
      • all proposals announced one day in advance so they can be discussed, revised prior to announcement at GA
      • general assemblies nightly, but decisions made only on four of them, leaving three for open-ended discussions like we had last night
        • decision nights Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, others: no proposals, no decisions
        • come talk to them 4:30pm by Romax

Money out of Politics Working Group

  • Chris
    • new working group, will meet Sundays at 3pm by See's Candies
    • Had discussion about getting money out of politics

Demands Working Group

  • Justin
    • working on first possible demand
      • City of Seattle holds lots of money in multiple banks, particularly Wells Fargo. Considering proposal demanding that City Council withdraw or at least really consider getting out of Wells Fargo.
        • Will be discussing for a while.
    • find Demands group, usually meet 4pm daily (every weekday and some weekends), in front of See's Candies or third floor of Westlake Mall (little nook on the side, explore to find)

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Cameron
    • Working on recruitment of members. Need more.
      • Need enough people to have two people here to represent P&S at all times.
      • Need people at City Hall Plaza, too, to deal with theft, etc.
    • Meet by Peace Tree, third south of Pine Street
    • Yesterday's march was peaceful
      • Was it? Police beating with bikes?
        • March divided
          • Group that broke off: Peace and Safety members were there to get them back with the rest of the crowd, slowly, peacefully, one-by-one.

Occupy Halloween Working Group

  • Jake
    • Next weekend, Saturday, will kick off Occupy Halloween.
      • encourages us, our families, particularly with kids, to come down wearing our message
        • bankster, corporate zombie, Captain Credit Untion
      • noon until 10pm
      • costume contests hourly, chances to talk about costumes and why here
      • bring punch pie, pumpkin soup
      • every creative idea does not need approval; just do it

Sanitation Committee

  • ?
    • good news: square looks great
    • bad news: for immediate future, porta-potties not feasible. Very expensive. Way more than a box you poop in should be.
    • need volunteers to research sustainable, homemade, do-it-yourself, porta-potties
      • meet by dumpsters after GA

Politics Working Group

  • Andrew
    • started WG yesterday, but didn't hang around for people to join
    • please read news, find scandals and interesting stuff
    • meet after GA
    • Bank of America is lining up for another bailout; may be taking trillion if they take a dive. November 5 is take your money out of banks event country-wide. Let's put two and two together.

Medical Working Group

  • ?
    • Had teach-in on psychological first aid and activist self-care
    • download your own at or
    • encourage radical self-reliance
    • happy to help, happier when you help yourself
    • If you use incense, make cigarette smoke, or wear personal scent products, be aware that this prevents others from participating in GA and other activities. Please do elsewhere.
    • tweeting health, safety, and wellness @occupyhealthy


  • Elvina
    • Wore tent as costume. Some cops laughed, others were angered. Was creative act of civil disobedience.
    • Will go tomorrow in costume to Bank Of America to interview bankers.
      • Would like to simultaneously have people wrap the entrance of Bank of America in crime scene tape
        • needs help with this
      • please meet next to Peace Tree after GA to discuss annoying Bank of America


  • time: 19:33
  • proposal: Resolved: Before this assembly, we are Occupy Seattle. No change to this name shall happen except by a unanimous vote of a scheduled meeting of the general assembly.
    • restated: (same)
    • presenter: Chris
    • discussion
      • ? – Thinks that this proposal goes against the principals of the GA because it concerns future and already-made proposals. Proposals like this should be blocked because it is probably referring to the People of Color's proposal to rename. It's a passive-aggressive move. Bring it up in context of those proposals.
      • ? – This proposal is unnecessary because block can cause requirement of 4/5 supermajority. Requiring unanimity is not necessary. Voted to keep name, but doesn't like this proposal.
        • response: still feels that we are Occupy Seattle
      • ? – Idea that we could pass something by simple majority that would require a unanimous decision of something later on is completely undemocratic. Sorry, bad idea.
      • ? – We are movement building. This means there is potential for name to change, not just here but nationally. Movements always change names. Cannot predict the future.
      • ? – This is a way to dampen dissent. This is the way the Republicans try to deal with Democrats in Congress. This is completely undemocratic. Would prefer we not use this as a way to talk about same issue again.
      • ? – When Occupy Seattle started and name was chosen, it was by small group of people for sake of convenience. Was not general consensus of people of Seattle.
        • response: However, it's the right name. We are Occupy Seattle.
      • ? – Name "Occupy Seattle" leaves the purpose for people gathering here broad and general. By changing the name we then label the people who come here as part of something other than what they came here for. By leaving it Occupy Seattle, make it clear to others that this is a place we chose to occupy so we can form our own groups and tackle problems.
        • response: change would cause problems with media, Internet, etc.
      • point of order: we're voting on whether to change conditions required to change name, not on changing name
      • ? – Agrees not with the proposal, but with the spirit of it. Was here for previous discussion. Lots of mean things said on both sides. Fracturing movement in other cities. Seeks proposal some other night for dealing with painful, contentious issues in GA.
      • point of process: proposer should use people's microphone
      • point of process: facilitator asked for supporting comments, aren't any, we're calling for vote
    • vote
      • time: 19:57
        • clear majority opposed; proposal fails
  • proposal: mass move to SCCC this weekend, with preparation all week
    • restated: begin mass occupation, indefinitely, at Seattle Central Community College on Saturday night, with tents, and prepare for it this week
    • restated: begin mass, indefinite, occupation at Seattle Central Community college on Saturday night, with tents, and prepare for it all week.
    • restated: (same)
    • rationale: Know that some groups are preparing alternatives, but if we really want to move this Saturday when we have mass support, need to start the process tonight. Courage of people holding Westlake Park is appreciated. Simply having heart is not enough. Simply having smart tactics against the police is not enough. Need to wage broader political battle to gain support to put pressure on authority figures who are sending cops to try to destroy our movement. Will be easier to pressure President of Seattle Central than to pressure the Mayor. Battle we may be able to win for the reasons:
      • already know that President of SCCC does not support us
        • this is because he supports interests of the 1%
      • however, already have mass base among faculty, students, staff
      • student walkout last week had largest from SCCC
      • many students support this movement; to keep it alive we should support them
      • not proposing to abandon Westlake; GA is still here unless we decide otherwise later
        • need to focus on direct action against financial institutions downtown
        • need home base from which to launch those
      • word already going out from clubs on campus, online publications, print publications
    • discussion
      • Nicole – Tactical is doing lots of work investigating all the things we need. If we go there without the support of SCCC President, where will we cook, use restroom? Still cold in grass at Seattle Central. Would like to wait for Tactical report before moving from one temporary place to another. Can we try not to plan multiple events on same night (e.g., big move when there's a big party that night)
        • proposer: clarification: President does not support, but have faculty support
      • Justin from Demands – would split us, change from movement people identify with to a mob. Would lose people, preclude political victory.
      • ? – 10th day here, at least 15 hours a day here, but doesn't sleep here. Wants to do stuff, not wait around. Wants child care, things Portland has. If this has most support, really wants to do it.
        • proposer: Appreciates work Tactical is doing. Saw some of their research. Criteria are good. SCCC meets may of them.
          • visibility, immediate logistical support, people nearby (residential areas nearby), people watching at night, so if cops try to do something, there is more visibility than here. Still close to downtown. Can use building * need to focus on direct action against financial institutions downtown
      • ? – Likes Capitol Hill, but knows people there are generally down with what we're doing. People coming home from work won't detour through Capitol Hill.
        • proposer: flash mobs, outreach
      • Lady Gaga – Member of LGBTQI community. Lots of support on Capitol Hill.
      • ? – as stated earlier, Westlake is a good front line. Need operating base. SCCC has history of movements. Black Panthers and Oriental Student Unions have occupied SCCC in past.
      • ? – Does not support SCCC for long-term (grass, mud, bad drainage, small, bad part of town). But is great idea to occupy for Halloween. Best part of town for Halloween.
      • ? – Dislikes for multiple reasons: 1) President not on board. Trading one place we're unwelcome for another where we're unwelcome. 2) Have group evaluating 15 places we could move. SCCC is on that list. If it turns out to be optimal, is worthy of consideration. But if we move too early, could shoot ourselves in the foot. 3) Heard police are already looking around SCCC. Not as secure as might think.
        • There's continuous support there.
      • ? – Supports for multiple reasons: 1) Boost in numbers, 2) Youth culture of Capitol Hill will bolster and support us. 3) Numbers of people of color will be boosted.
      • ? – For movement to continue need to move. Wants to hear from Tactical. Excited about moving. Notes that most important thing about movement is not where spend night but how we spend our activities. Need place we can organize, pull our money out of credit unions, etc.
      • Seattle Central is closer to Westlake than you might think. Keep it in mind. People there are moving around at all hours. Not so at Westlake. Safer there overnight when police try to evict. Downtown is harder to defend than Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill is more residential. But it's still commercial area, not as much so as Westlake, but still banks and big businesses there.
      • ? – From Legal: If we make move to occupy both SCCC and Westlake, Legal does not have resources to support two locations of unwanted occupations, just one.
        • proposer: Not about dividing forces, about joining forces up there. About moving base camp, not where GA is.
      • ? – Favors. Urgent because: Showed two Saturdays ago that we can successfully occupy Westlake in face of police harassment, but requires hundreds of people. Don't have hundreds here during week. Numbers are dwindling. If we don't take action soon, likely that occupation will be broken up. SCCC provides numerous tactical advantages. More defendable, easier to get larger turnout. Need time to mobilize there. Saturday is the best day to make a move, because we're likely to have mass turnout on Saturday, could then march to SCCC. It's vital for GA to rapidly decide so word can get out and students and staff can start building active base.
      • ? – It's raining now. Reality is that weather is not on our side. Weather getting worse. Police harassment getting worse. Nationally, police are cracking down fiercely, particularly on expansions to new locations. We need to expand immediately — this Saturday — to build huge occupation at SCCC. Understands ongoing WG discussions. All of us here have great tactical minds, have been discussing it every day at Westlake. Is absolutely essential that as democratic body we not be paralyzed by decision until midweek for something we should start tonight. so we can have feet on the ground tomorrow at SCCC.
    • vote
      • time: 20:32
        • majority favors, proposal passes
      • blocks (2)
        • ? – Not blocking the fundamental principle of occupation, is blocking the proposal partially because of issues on CH due to noise and alcohol prevention. Would need to stop at a certain time to respect the neighbors.
        • ? – Concerned with lack of actionable plan. Main problem with proposal is that without Food, Tactical, Medical, or other work groups talked to to figure out logistics, this plan, even with good intentions, can burn and die. Let's table until tomorrow.
          • point of process: This does not raise issues of core principles.
            • Lacks actionable plan. Without such, is not complete plan.
          • point of process: note that of numerous GA's, blockers are male socialized folks and facilitators stick to point of process when dissent is expressed, but rarely otherwise.
          • point of process: should vote on block, not on proposal again
        • discussion
          • Regarding second block: Main concern is that we haven't given this time, and Tactics has not discussed. Was with Tactics today. They spent five hours discussing it. Can't say what they decided, but has spent 80 hours over last week working to make this occupation successful at SCCC. Nothing is guaranteed. Was just at City Hall last night; it's a nightmare; that's guaranteed. We must take risks.
          • Values opinion of those voting against. This idea has most support so far. If you think we need to move, even if you have questions about viability of location, if you put faith in workgroups, we'll need 4/5 support to stop standing in the rain.
          • Wisdom of general assembly will be followed, and work groups should follow lead of general assembly. If we decide to move to SCCC Saturday, WG's can start now to come up with actionable plan. GA should rule. People should rule.
          • If we were to vote to move to Oregon and told the workgroups tomorrow, they'd have problems. Wants us to move so we can stop discussing this, but wants plan first.
          • Perspective: Winter is coming. Opposition thinks that will end our occupation. Reminds us that in 1999 we were tear-gased and shot with rubber bullets for trying to occupy places in Seattle, but Central de La Rossa, Day star Center, and Central Area Motivation Center were abandoned buildings that people occupied. Wherever we go, if we occupy, this is civil disobedience. Will be pressured, will be harassed. Get used to it. Stay together long enough so that this will become national movement so that cities can act in unison. Imagine cities across the nation marching to Bank of America at the same time.
        • vote
          • time: 21:00
          • 89 for, 24 against. Blocked. Proposal fails.
            • In order to pass block, needed 4/5 majority, which is 80%. Rounding up, had 79%.
            • Had five independent counts. Proposers are invited to resubmit tomorrow.
  • proposal: Without a definite time for the move, relocate to Cal Anderson Park
    • rationale: This location offers many of the advantages of the previous motion (move to SCCC), plus one: With private institution such as SCCC, these places are not democratic. Ultimately, there is only one vote that counts: that of the institution's president. SCCC president is not on board. Would be easy for president to declare us trespassers and evict us. At Cal Anderson Park, would be in public space, without annoying detail of being evicted by university president.
    • discussion
      • ? – If you vote no, spend the night here. While you're voting and proposing, he's freezing his ass off, and wants to sleep in a tent.
      • ? – Proposer raised concern that SCCC president is not on our side. This is political movement. Establishment of city, country, or any college, will not be on our side, but that's not our goal. We're an occupation, not a camping group. Clear tactical advantage of SCCC over Cal Anderson is that we have support of students, faculty, and staff. Cal Anderson Park is potential location for overflow or joined with SCCC.
        • There is no president of the park so we can not be so co-opted as with where we need support of president.
      • ? – Correct, no president of park. But is mayor, same mayor who sent police to us. He'll send them to Cal Anderson. Have no illusions about the president of SCCC, is getting pressure from students, faculty. This is related to the proposal because case was built in relation to last proposal more than in relation to Westlake.
      • ? – Impetus for mayor's actions here are different than they would be on Capitol Hill. We do not have the support of this neighborhood. They hate us here. That's why they are calling City Hall and demanding that the Mayor get rid of us. Capitol Hill likes us. We will not experience same conditions there as here.
      • Vince – Feels that there is much speculation about how mayor thinks. We'd be trading one park for anther and creating a mud field. Has proposer investigated possibility of permits?
        • response: No. We need to coordinate this properly rather than rushing willy-nilly anywhere. Wants time to prepare our move. Would like eventual destination to be Cal Anderson Park.
      • ? – Is student at SCCC. Is one of 99%. Students there fighting tuition hikes, cuts in transportation. Will we support students or leave to go to Cal Anderson.
      • point of process – Previous speaker introduced herself as time keeper. One of the hardest parts about being part of facilitation team is withholding from participation during the GA.
        • she was replaced, didn't know she'd be excluded from participation
      • Is it so difficult for students at SCCC to cross Broadway to Cal Anderson? Is distance so great that they cannot manage to land at the park? Thinks not.
      • Cal Anderson Park is a water main for Capitol Hill [note: it's a covered reservoir]. City is unlikely to allow camping there under any circumstances.
      • Katelyn – Permit or no permit is not the issue. We don't need a permit. Reasons we blocked and reason didn't pass move to SCCC were not changed or addressed by proposing we move to Cal Anderson.
        • proposer: Devised proposal before learning of proposal to move to SCCC. Some of language matches because previous proposal was fresh in his mind.
      • point of process – Concerned that we are so few as not to be representative. Suggests proposer table proposal.
        • proposer: Will table. Suggests we exhaust remainder of alloted time to discussion, then table.
      • ? – Two weeks ago, considered Cal Anderson Park, and thinks it's a bitchin' idea. Does some things we don't want, though. Solidifies us in people's minds as white movement, not for people of color.
        • proposer: There, would be closer to Central District, with large diversity. It's within walking distance of Cal Anderson Park. Westlake Park is not.
      • ? – Last week, his grandfather offered his house for sleepy, sick, or tired people who have been here a long time. If you're in that condition, please go with him to grandfather's house.
      • ? – City has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars upgrading facilities there. This presents problems.
        • proposer: Amongst those facilities are restrooms that are pleasant and rather pleasant
          • proposer: There, would be closer to Central District, with large diversity. It's within walking distance of Cal Anderson Park. Westlake Park is not.
      • ? – Last week, his grandfather offered his house for sleepy, sick, or tired people who have been here a long time. If you're in that condition, please go with him to grandfather's house.
      • ? – City has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars upgrading facilities there. This presents problems.
        • proposer: Amongst those facilities are restrooms that are permanent and rather pleasant. More restrooms are available by taking the sidewalk to a nearby bar. Mall at Westlake closes at 10pm. Porta-potties are gone. Facilities at Cal Anderson park are argument for moving there.
      • ? – Buy Nothing Day (day after Thanksgiving) as well as Christmas is coming soon. Keep this in mind.
      • ? – Constitutionally, we do not need a permit to assemble in public and express our views. When someone makes proposal and brings up issue of permit, we should tackle this. Mayor's political position, not understand Constitutional law, is unacceptable. Considering proposal to recall elected officials to be removed from office for not respecting Constitutional law.
        • proposer: Washington is not California. Not legal to recall elected officials in this state yet. May need ballot issue.
        • proposer: He didn't bring up permit. It's not in his proposal, precisely because this is an occupation. SCCC is private property. Owner has right to toss us. Not so in public place. No right of public assembly on private property.
      • ? – Has not slept at Westlake, but last she checked, occupying is not about sleeping. As a group, should get smart about occupying and make other plans for sleeping as needed. Talking about moving to anywhere has little to do with an occupation. Let's organize, share burden of occupying space, and focus on finding solutions to problems facing our nation instead of just facing problems of sleeping at Westlake.
        • proposer: Most visible sign of this movement are the tents. Call it a trademark. Can argue the philosophy of whether we should be sleeping in those tents. Central gist of this protest is sleeping in those tents.
      • Alvina – Regarding tents: Can get around this by wearing our tents as costumes. Need more fun.
    • proposal tabled


  • Doc
    • Last insurgence was unsuccessful. Needs video. Needs communications. Please help.
  • Mark
    • Circulating petition that Mayor respect our First Amendment right to assemble and to protect ourselves while doing so.
      • See "Hands off Seattle Protesters"
      • Demands that Mayor call off the cops and allow us to peacefully assemble here or elsewhere.
  • Cee
    • On second day here.
    • This is beautiful. Everyone gets chance to speak, and this is rare.
    • Has asthma, getting a cold.
    • People are smoking. They have a right to do so, but she has right to breathe and is having difficulty doing so because smoke drifts in.
    • Wants to be here long enough for the vote so she'll know where we're going.
    • She's here for the long haul.
    • Wants to know who's doing workshops. Willing to co-teach.
    • Has had civil disobedience training in past, but is rusty and needs to update skills.
    • Was WTO organizer. Attended Evergreen. They shut it down. Can do it again.
  • ?
    • Saturday's protest (October 29) is vital. Is national day of action. Let's take full advantage of that to get mass turnout this weekend at noon. Suggests this go up urgently on website and Facebook page. Let's build support and get thousands here.
  • ?
    • People at City Hall Plaza request support, particularly between 10pm and 3am. If able to wander down to City Hall Plaza, they'd love to see you. Have restrooms and hot water.
  • ? with IBAW
    • IBAW has campaign in support of victims of sexual trauma and PTSD, to empower them to refuse re-deployment and to receive quality care.
  • ?
    • Local AFL-CIO has endorsed petition, sending out to affiliates for signatures
    • No matter where we are, Mayor can sick cops on us.
  • ?
    • Lots of good discussion and conflict at GA. Difficult to have them at this venue. Talking to people about doing day of visioning Saturday so we can discuss different visions of what this can be. Idea: send out communications to solicit submissions of papers with ideas, paper them all over Westlake, then come down and sit by them and talk to people. Meet by hot dog stand after GA.
  • ?
    • If our movement is successful, everyone here will have needs. Please bring demands that are important to you.

Adjourned 21:49

Sunday Afternoon Occupy Public Policy – Getting Money Out of Politics Meeting Notes 10/23/11

Occupy Seattle
Issue Meeting: Get the Money Out of Politics
10/23/2011 5pm – 630pm

Notes on concerns and comments of attendees. I apologize for any misrepresentations or mispellings of names etc, due to note taking errors during our discussion.

Organizer: Chris

Number of attendees: about 25

Intro: Chris took a stack list of those wishing to present ideas or concerns to the assembled group about getting the money out of politics. The speaker comments are summarized here:

Pearl: concerned about high price of access to our representatives – such as 5000/plate dinners and the like. (general discussion ensued of general agreement and concern about how to fixthis)

Sam: following up on Pearl’s comments, indicated that even though current system isn’t exactly quid per quo (money for legislation) yet – at best now there is a perception of corruption of our representatives due to the vast amounts of money needed for campaigns. Something like 20-70% of representative time is spent raising campaign funds. Very concerned about need for clear, full and detailed transparency on who specifically is funding all media material for campaigns.

Jonathan: Agrees on need for full disclosure on who is funding political ads. Wants end or reversal of Citizen’s United ruling by SCoTUS. Wants to eliminate creation of corporations that are too big to fail. Wants to separate insurance and banking industries/services. Shared the fact that Nov 5 is a ‘Move Your Money Day’

Kee: Not interested in a specific plans of action, more interested in coming up with demands/goals such as full disclosure of campaign/ad funding, and overturn of citizens united.

Val: concerned about power of supreme court of the united states (SCOTUS). Wants term limits, campaign finance reforms and overturn of citizens united. Thinks we need new political party or affinity group that can truly represent us, we need to think about big changes to the system in order effect real change in the country.

Abraham: very interested in creating a state or nationally owned bank, such as they have in North Dakota.

Also wants to offer idea that we are all to blame for the problems in our political system, we need to educate ourselves and take action to regain our democracy and address our true needs. Wants to remind us to think globally when it comes to corporate influence in government – this is a world-wide problem.

Kim: intereseted in ideas of Lawrence Lessig – specifically related to getting money out of politics. Wants all private money out of politics. Believes that the constitution allows for citizens to call for a constitutional convention to propose an amendment which addresses the problem of private money in politics. Believes that we can work on this from the ground up – do not need to convince our current representatives. Believes that we can constrain this convention call in such a way that will allow new representatives, so that we avoid the current corrupted system of representatives.

Breanne: Believes no private money should be required for campaigns. Frustrated with current system, and negative political ads etc, believes that it is one of the main reasons that there is low voter turn out for elections. Wants to have campaigns or elections focus on issues and what
decisions a candidate would make, rather than personal information on candidates.

John: Wants to eliminate legal concept of corporate personhood. Wants to nationalize FIRE (finance , insurance, real estate industries). Would like to require all users of public airwaves to donate airtime for campaigns. Wants to reform the stock and bond markets. Wants publically financed campaigns. Wants to eliminate no-bid government contracts.

Steve: Wants to overturn citizens united decision. Shared fact that 3/4 or more of US citizens nationally felt this was a bad decision. Interested in AZ and other state public matching election funding laws (recently struck down as unconstitutional by SCOTUS). Also interested in state banks. There is a upcoming presentation on the state bank concept

This Wed 10/26/11 7:00pm at Kane Hall on UW campus

Dorothy: Just came from training session on how to decrease corporate influence. Wants to share information about national action on this subject. for January 21 2012. House parties are
being organized for planning actions, especially Nov 9, when guest speaker will be Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Andrew: Concerned about citizens united decision. Shared example of funding to candidates on
school board election in North Carolina that resulted in election of board members who want to re-segregate schools (end busing etc.). We all need to educate ourselves and not be shy about sharing what we find out about local candidates and their funding sources. Wants to get the money out of politics. Interested in what role congress can play in regulating the actions of the supreme court.

Ann: Shared desire to make local public radio less focused on amount of money candidates are raising and more on the issues, and what candidates stand for. Suggests we should contact our local stations and ask them to change their focus.

Craig: Want to remind folks that end result of our efforts will likely be new or reformed laaws. Need to garner support and help from people, media. Would like to see us engage in actions that make our anger and frustration more visible to the populace. Offers example of ‘Target: Seattle’ action in fight against nuclear arms race. Got media interested in covering because of visual impact of expressed dangers. Would like to see a week long event in seattle focused on corporate influence , mock trial or mock constitutional convention that helped educate citizens
and gain media coverage. Craig is involved with Wash Public Campaigns

Jim: Concerned about Citizens UNited decision. If can’t get overturned, then wants to make corporations responsible for all actions as persons, not just get rights of personhood. Wants to see corporations held accountable for actions hurting people and communities.

Tom: Brought up idea that we can affect corporations and possibly make them accountable by
using heir weak point of neding a state charter to operate in each state. Might be able to revoke their charter if they do not address issues that we have.

All: agreed to start working group, and meet Sundays at 3pm until further notice.

PS: Thanks for taking notes, Kim :)

Activist Self-care

Our Medical working group held a teach-in today on Activist self care and psychological first aid.

A pocket guide with a slew of great information was created for this and can be printed for those interested. More information can be found at

City Hall still open for camping! Permit has not been revoked.

Clarification on the state of City Hall:

Our permit has not been revoked! The group of generous volunteers that have been staffing City Hall voted tonight that they were no longer going to perform the staffing functions there due to lack of support as well as theft and other problems.

This group does not have the authority to say that City Hall is closed for camping completely and did not have General Assembly approval. We have volunteers who are on-site tonight that are keeping City Hall open and people can still camp there.

General Assembly notes 10/22

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-22 18:40
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Jacob
  • Taking stack: Vince and Babylonia
  • Orientation: Daniel

Working group announcements

time: 18:52

Steering Committee

  • Russ
    • was there from 5:30 until a bit after 6:00, nobody brought agenda items
    • facilitator note: we voted a few days ago not to have proposals, constrain GA mostly to discussion

Outreach Working Group

  • Salvador
    • idea: go to South Center to tell people what's going on here

Media Working Group

  • Aliana
    • Are eyes and ears of the movement
    • Have many people on WG, need more
    • Particularly need ground support

Fundraising Working Group

  • Fred
    • We have signs
      • First batch was expensive, but profits will generate profits and drive prices down
      • Need to sell them to ourselves and others

Logistics Working Group

  • Doc
    • still doesn't have working phone
    • march went well
    • If you can risk arrest, Logistics can use you. Please help.

Accountability Working Group

  • Hudson
    • Meeting tomorrow 4:30 outside of Sephora
      • to develop procedures for holding ourselves accountable to the community
      • come if you're interested in conflict de-escalation, anti-oppression, etc.

Hip Hop Occupies Working Group

  • Daniel
    • Non-profits have an industrial complex in this country
    • Some people on executive boards make six-figure salaries, are treated like politicians by the fat cats
      • beware of potential for them to co-opt our movement
    • People living on the street have learned techniques for staying healthy. Talk to them

Tactical Working Group

  • Zach
    • For their safety, WG no longer wearing arm bands
    • Continue to work on intergroup communication
    • Have schedule to ensure someone is always here
    • Mega-meeting tomorrow noon-4pm
    • Mass-mobilization workshop tomorrow 4pm
    • Planning action for November 5 National Day of Divestment
      • Keeping quiet to avoid screwing it up
      • Needs to talk to media and outreach in next week
    • State workers union donated $500

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • ?
    • Need donations of metal spoons so we can re-use them and limit our waste
    • Please try to re-use disposable utensils, bowls, cups
    • Hoping to get bicycle generator
    • Meeting 5:30 tomorrow by Romax to talk about sustainability

People of Color Caucus

  • Alana
    • Stands in solidarity with People of Color Caucus
    • White people like her stole this land 200 years ago
      • Should be humble
      • Now is time to heal
    • If you're ready to de-colonize, un-occupy, and collectively heal, help spread awareness

Night of 1000 Actions

  • Joanna
    • idea: on Black Friday, day after Thanksgiving, do something in the middle of the day to peacefully and creatively interrupt the shopping frenzy, followed by big celebration demonstrating joy we can experience for free.
    • contact: joanna_8689 –AT–
    • meeting Monday afternoon at 5:30 by hot dog stand
    • discussion:
      • Suggests focus on the holiday and its significance to this country
      • Likes idea of pattern interrupt on a day like that, but suggests we keep it really positive and fun for the shoppers, so we spread goodwill and not ill-will.
        • response: Possibility: coordinate flash mobs to go into big stores, not locally owned businesses, and have some song and dance to wake people up to idea that shopping doesn't make them happy.
      • Remember that not all local businesses are good businesses.
        • response: Would like help compiling list and showing why big businesses should not be supported
  • Braden and Patricia
    • idea: Make an origami tent for every home that has been foreclosed upon during the Great Recession. Takes about two minutes each to build them
    • Meet tomorrow 11:00 by Romax sign
    • Since 2008, millions of homes have been foreclosed upon. SPD will not allow us to sleep in tents here. Need to find way to communicate ideas of this movement to people all around us.
    • discussion:
      • How to do sustainably
        • They're made of newsprint, can be recycled
      • How to deal with wind?
        • Will attach with thread.
  • Alex
    • idea: PVC arm cuffs when there's a line of resistance.
    • contact: SeeSpikeRun –AT–
    • discussion
      • What are these?
        • PVC pipe, chain inside, people hold, requires Jaws of Life and lots of time to remove them
      • Are people connected?
        • Optional
  • Josh

    • idea: Occupy foreclosure auctions every week until there is a moratorium on foreclosures and banks are forced to do what's right.
    • Meet at 600 1st Ave (1st & Yesler) Fridays at 9:30am
    • jbwatler –AT–
  • ?

    • idea: Halloween party for kids at Westlake Park on 29th
  • Katia
    • idea: Publishing zine with stories
    • contact: –AT–
    • publishes
  • ?
    • idea: everyone read Sun Su's Art of War
  • ?
    • idea: "Operation smoke" Whenever you take your smoke break, do it at Chase and Bank of America. You'll find friends there. Open the doors for them.
  • Liam
    • idea: Bank occupations. Go in, occupy, refuse to go. This is, obviously, civil disobedience, and illegal. This can pull us together.
    • discussion
      • get in touch with the PVC pipe guy
        • response: was thinking the same thing when cuff idea was proposed
  • Elvina
    • idea: Someone make her Disney princess tent into a mobile structure she can wear
    • idea: Surround banks with crime scene tape and conduct citizens arrests. Do this often.
  • Andrew
    • idea: start politics working group to identify targets of direct actions (will not get involved with them)
      • contact: bartkusa –AT–
      • needs nerds who are sitting at home reading the Internet, pissed-off grannies, etc., to help collect information and bring it back
      • people pushing hard
      • discussion
        • Please make available on the Web
        • Suggest looking at options for foreclosed houses?
          • No, others seem to be on top of that.
    • idea: Study other movements that have succeeded. (e.g. General Strike in Seattle)
      • will hold a class to learn, not just teach, Tuesday evening around 6pm
      • discussion
        • remember we started Labor Cuacus last week. Contact ZachPattin –AT–
  • Babylonia
    • idea: Organize a march on Wall Street (in Belltown). Dress up on most corporate looking clothes, carry signs citing statistics about corporations exploiting workers and the envirionment. Ex: "I'm a Hershey's CEO and I get my beans from children in XXX"
      • meeting tomorrow 6pm in front of Nordstrom, 206-504-0145
      • discussion
        • What should signs look like?
          • cardboard and a stick
        • Let's be as inclusive as possible.
        • Use care to verify claims on signs. Do not slander.
  • Jason
    • idea: E-mail congressional representatives and tell them to nationalize the Federal Reserve system
      • not many people on these streets care about what we're doing
  • Dino
    • idea: Everybody bring more people to our events. Call everyone you know, and you'll be surprised at the response.
  • ?
    • idea: Occu-pie picnic tomorrow afternoon. She and friends are baking pies. Bake some and join.
  • ?
    • idea: Organize outreach campaign supporting SJM 8007-211-12, which would strip corporations of personhood.
    • contact: VinceInch –AT–
  • ?
    • idea: do something for November 2 visit by CEO of Chase at Sheraton
    • discussion
      • everyone in Seattle with bank accounts at big banks should close those
      • BECU welcomes this and wants to give those people accounts right away
      • bring debit cards back here and shred them
      • take those and place them on doorsteps of banks
  • ?
    • idea: celebrate holidays here
  • ?
    • idea: go to street side, ask people to honk in support
      • discussion
        • We're good neighbors and don't encouraging honking after 10pm
  • Gabriel Imecca
    • idea: engage organized labor movement in this country
  • ?
    • idea: Send ambassadors around the city to tell people what we're about.


  • time: 20:09
  • City Hall has kicked camp to the curb. Legal told our people to come back here. Seeking vehicles for transportation.
    • that's incorrect
  • City Hall volunteers do not want to staff the facility at City Hall any longer due to lack of support from crowd who stays at Westlake.
    • Volunteers feel that homeless people coming and going from the shelter there, who are not associated with our movement, are causing them hassle, stealing things
    • Police say they won't help, we need to deal with this ourselves
  • Need volunteers to take care of things for the evening so we can discuss tomorrow at GA.

Adjourned 20:38

Inter-workgroup meeting minutes 10/21

Inter Work Group Meeting Notes 10/21/2011
Roll Call:
Legal: Patricia, Alex, Gabriel
Tactical: Jeff, Cameron, Jesse, Bob, Peter
Internet Communications Team: Nicholas, Forest, Stian, Chase
Medical: Regina
Supply & Storage: Alyssa
Media: Aliana, Marissa
Outreach: Alex
Information: Brendan
Process & Facilitation: Carole, Anita
Peace & Safety: Cameron
Arts & Entertainment: Neil, Julie, Eric
Community & Labor: Rhiannon
Kitchen: Ginger
Demands: Linda
Sanitation: Andrew
Morale: Mina
NSCC: Vicki
Seattle Street Medics: Nicole

ICT: Social Media needs point of contacts. Working on establishing process for access to Google Calendar. Send info/ items to ~ Have clear headers for e-mails…

Instituting lunch time discussion groups. Saturday night will be discussion night in the GA without any proposals. There is a lack of clarity regarding general principles.
Arts & Ent.:
Struggling with Police throwing materials away, Art hard to maintain. Entertainment going well. Highway banner has been donated. Having a hard time finding off-site volunteers. Neil has a van to use if necessary! Arts will meet Monday @ 4pm by Info.
Purpose and Mission is to observe, report and paint in positive light! Please communicate directly with Aliana regarding EVERYTHING!!!! Computer and video camera have been donated. Idea is to keep at City Hall with live streaming. Needs work on security with compliance at City Hall.
Peace & Safety:
Having a hard time meeting since they meet after GA which has been a little out of hand. Since decision not to deal with Police, they have to take on responsibility of authority. Need conflict resolution training- can work with Accountability. Developed new offensive tactic to deal with police; silent observation from arms length distance!!! Has been very effective, they move away! Ideas to develop a cop watch group and mobile smoking screen unit to field the police at GA!
Community & Labor:
Brief reports on labor caucus meeting and direct action strategy meeting. There is a huge amount of support available from labor and community organizations, need to co-ordinate. Need reliable contacts form each workgroup to pass on to labor for support. Keep ICT and self, apprised of up-to date needs. Working on organizational outreach to build density. Please inform if certain trainings are necessary. Is it necessary to pass a solidarity resolution to cut down on divisive proposals? (Tactical is addressing this issue)
Class on Sunday 3-4 pm, at City Hall; Activist self-care and psych evaluation on the streets. Med coverage is spotty. There is a pool of 70 volunteers with varying levels of expertise, most of whom work. Need more on the ground support. There will be continual classes every other week for street medics (think combat style med). Next Friday, 10/28/2011 is Regina’s last day for a month.  Peter??!!
10 watercoolers (sorry guys,this means?) IAM 751 donated PA system,we have a projection screen. Communication needs to be tighter between the groups. Supply has two safes with all the money. No keys! Legal has the keys! E-mail is; . 10 drivers now, asked for (??) box, but that isn’t in the permit. We now have a portable 10 gallon water heater at Westlake~ hot to 155 degrees. Need Marine batteries to run this, as does ICT.
Has an e-mail list of 50 volunteers, they are growing, had a health inspection this week. Putting out a call for more organization/ commercial kitchens to prepare food to comply with health dept. Needs help from Outreach on this. Maybe restaurants could hang a banner saying they support OS and people could then pay the restaurant to prepare and deliver food to OS??!! Needs inventory with supply, supply is doing inventory. Wants to start a “food justice” conversation, working with organic farmers. Needs a functional online calendar. ICT is on it.
Burn Phone # is 206 403 8741. There is a money situation!! Legal wants to divest themselves of the money. Doing research to find fiscal sponsors or other options for housing the cash. [BECU has made an offer of 25 dollars for every customer we send them] Some cities are doing fiscal sponsors, or 501C3 status. All donations right now go to Alyssa with supply. Fundraising needs more than Fred, we need a more robust and rounded fundraising and fiscal team. All money frozen until an agreed upon system is in place. No requests for $ granted right now. Requests/ queries go to Alyssa; Legal wants to organize an action against foreclosure.
Putting on two events: Sunday, Ballard Farmers Market, and Monday @ 2pm Meet n Greet at Fuel Coffee, Cap Hill. Do we have a list of endorsements we can show? Please get endorsement info to Alex; or If you are doing outreach yourself, please send a report on what you did, what worked and what did not! Need printing resources and business cards.
HELP KEEP US INFORMED!!!! On anything and everything! If we are informed, we can inform!
Wants to raise positivity and facilitate and mediate. Morale will be identified by gold stars. Mina is point person; 206 250 9752,
All groups need burn phones, including City Hall. Establish a schedule for workgroups. Take 24 hours before presenting a proposal. Suggested official policy for GA is to announce proposal one day before and it must be on the website by nine am the day it is to be officially proposed. We need to think these things through people! Only Wednesday and Sunday should be policy decision/ voting days. (Cut down on over-legislation). Tactical and Media to sidebar. All workgroups should make daily announcements.
How do we deal with underaccountability? IE, people running around and declaring themselves camp marshal, etc..

Inter workgroup meeting minutes 10/22

Minutes from 10/22/11
Opening messages Peter hands off facilitator to Jacob-
Alyssa: (Food) talkied with inet on the ERP package, good for
info/inventory/donations Unions interested in helping with materiel
within week 1.5 weeks.
Emily (food) Sonya (Supply) Ginger (Food) Jake (Facilitation) Vince
(Facilitation) Jacob (Facilitation/demands) Chase (internet/comm)
Kirby (Outreach) Anita (Accountability) Carol (process) Nicholas (inet)
Jason (inet) Forrest (inet) Stian (inet) Steve (inet/comm) Babylonia
FOOD: (Emily) needing more personnel ^
coordination/planning/coherence need direct line from Tactical (new
phone line?) need more GA voice/Legal coordination re:
foodhandling/permits ^ more legal defense Public Appeal?
Ginger: Need more help offsite mgmt. needs more personnel!
PROCESS/FACILITATION: (Jacob) Streamline proposal process in
progress for smoother GA debate Mtg re this noon-4pm lobby of
Pacific Place. Livestream needs power, Paypal funded 2nd L/S spotty
makes 24/7 coverage unlikely.
Sonya: Bicycle powered generators ala Oakland Occupy?
Stian: Marine batteries (deep-cycle) coming theft an issue minus
Jake: Car batteries (12V) for laptops/mobile devices?
Jacob: Projector for GA mtgs? (battery life????)
Chase: Projector but no screen avail.
Babylonia: Suggests programming group. ^ coordination for all
Forrest: Need to review first.
Jacob: Peer review with other Occupy mov’ts!
Emily: 2nd’s Jacob
Confirmed L/S interview with Mayor next week. Time TBD
Stian: Send email to O/S ICT with Calendar Event for distrib online for
official calendar.
Carol: Meeting time/WG bloat ^ need to streamline ^ efficiency
Posting of past minutes from prior WG’s ^ info spreading.
Kirby: Concern for diffusion of message-too many non-Occupy causes
Jake: Advocate to them to form WG’s of their own causes.
Nicholas: 2nd’s cause bloat, offers advice from NYC Occupy.
Ginger: Suggests coordination with sub-committees.
Peter: Too much process not enough planning.
Anita: Suggests infrastructure groups.
Jason: Suggests Agenda group that brings to action issues raised
previously, with time-sensitivity!!
Jake: Agrees, suggests to resume for later discussion.
Ginger: Need for soothing of egos
Jake: 2nd’s Ginger’s suggestion
Ginger: Hierarchy of meeting time uploads?
Peter: Need for intergroup group, Takes too much from Tactical
Anita: GA concern for disruptive participants at mtgs.
Peter: Concern for accountability of Accountability WG
Forrest: Domain bought by Andy Walters who
developed it. Handed it off to others. F. joined ICT 3 weeks ago. Andy
vanished. needed him for backups Andy AWOL. Andy showed up finally
handed up backups and logins/2X hot backup, alternate hostings. But
Andy balked. Forrest asked for 2nd adminship with registrar and Andy
agreed Andy indifferent to further help. Andy relented with
suggestion of mirroring of the site. Andy unavail for comment since
3pm yesterday. Grabbed donated to for
group control/stewardship. Ran similar assessment of other nat’l
occupy web presences. Need more personnel per funding.
Reports momentum building/tech development. Too many people
jumping in but little solid participation. Need for calendars/mailing
Kirby: need good page design for an example for Occupy sites
nationwide. Secure base layer/easy front access/data
Forrest: Appeals from other IT needs of other Occupies/ also need for
a tech-worker labor advocacy group.
Peter: Suggestions from Tactical-need more authoritative power.
Suggests voting power to 3X weekly attendees to legitimize
Anita: backsliding in electoral process.
Peter: Suggests subcommittees of WG’s projects
Ginger: need more help running groups
Connected with Food Justice Project
Anita: Suggests broadened powers for Process group.
Chase: discounted reading material for next 3 weeks.

After action report- Friday’s foreclosure action

An after action report from yesterday’s foreclosure auction :) via Karen Pooley…
Friday’s Action:
We gathered at the pergola @ 1st & Yesler. We then marched from this point past the front of the COURTHOUSE, to the Admin Building courtyard, where the trustees conduct some of the foreclosures in King County.

The “officials” were waiting for us, they had the area “caution-taped” off, and allowed only those that were bidding on properties into the taped off area—-IS THIS LEGAL??? We could sue the city to determine.

The city had SEVERAL security guards positioned for our protest. When several of us “challenged” the “roped off” area by infiltrating, that was when they called for the Sheriff for back-up.

We protested and chanted for about an hour. We successfully reduced the auction to a very small area in the courtyard. We told them we would be back. Please join us for this weekly march next Friday @ 9:30 am.

About 50 people joined in the protest, OCCUPY, WE NEED MORE PARTICIPATION! We should have had every single occupier there. I will now be working with “boots-on-the-ground” to accomplish getting the word out.

General Assembly notes 10/21

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-21 18:35
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive: (available following day)

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Michael, then Jake
  • Time keeper: Mike
  • Taking stack: Angie
  • Agenda: Russ


  • Shane
    • spent the night (kind of; left at 6:30 a.m.)
    • at about 2:30 – 3:15 the police turned off their lights
      • about 10pm nightly, they turn on lights to keep us awake
      • Reason? Maybe we won, maybe they got tired.
    • Other camper asked him to relay:
      • We have limited supplies
      • Getting outside donations, but depending mostly on generosity of the many
      • Some people are unclear about supply tent policies
        • Would be good for supply people to make it more clear what supplies are there for.
        • Some have opinion that they're kept there for an elite.
  • Rob
    • Returned this afternoon from Occupy Olympia
    • They're on fifth day
    • Happy to be back
  • Scott
    • Check
  • ? (wants to remain anonymous)
    • Here on behalf of humanity
    • Heard that Occupy Wall Street wants us to embrace some new world order
    • We're here to fight against totalitarian entity hell-bent on enslaving humanity
  • Danny
    • Lost his voice last night
    • Fourth night sleeping outside in cold without a blanket on the pavement
    • Has pneumonia, is very weak, feels sick
    • Is staying.
  • ?
    • Spent night in jail
    • Happy to do so because she was not afraid, and was able to clog up the system
    • Staying tonight, invites others to join
  • ?
    • Forming a non-movement caucus to discuss what an occupation is and how we can build a movement
  • ?
    • Just got out of the hospital for pneumonia and bronchitis
    • All need to stick together
  • ?
    • Originally came here with no idea what this was
    • Though some ideas seem extreme, agrees with general message, supports what's happening here
  • ?
    • Can we get funds for projects (e.g., outreach with fliers)
      • response: Outreach are working on flyers; will present for approval
  • Monica
    • First time here, but has been following on Internet
    • Brought food, blankets, socks, gloves, water, and encouragement

Working group announcements

  • time: 19:00

Steering Committee

  • Russ
    • came up with agenda; if you're not on it and wanted to be, understand that we have a very full agenda

Outreach Working Group

  • Andy
    • Sunday: Ballard Farmers Market
    • cafe meet and greet Fuel Coffee
    • need info re: connection between money and political system
      • send to

Legal Working Group

  • Braydon
    • Have two options with regard to getting a bank account
      • Create Occupy Seattle entity
        • many sub-options here
      • Associate with existing organization
        • Occupy Wall Street did this
    • Legal is researching these options, will confer with lawyers, come back with proposal in three or four days

Tactical Working Group

  • Peter
    • Tactical, Outreach, Legal, Supply and others have rigorously explored and researched alternate locations to expand our occupancy
      • include privately-owned public locations, city-owned, and privately-owned community organizations
      • Please go speak to them if you have input

Morale Working Group

  • Mina
    • starting new group
    • dedicated to raising positivity and making people happy
    • will organize fun activities, work with other groups such as Information and Outreach
    • meet Saturday around noon outside of See's Candy
      • needs people with lots of energy and positivity who are dedicated
      • wearing stars

Supply and Storage

  • Alyssa
    • still has our money
    • have hot water in Westlake: 155 degrees
      • need marine batteries
        • ICT needs them also

Medical Working Group

  • Alyssa
    • workshops on Saturday and Sunday to keep us happy and healthy; see website for schedule

Media Working Group

  • Mark
    • Was reporter before he joined the occupation
    • May lose his job
      • Producer for NPR has already been fired for that reason
    • So far, occupation in Seattle has been very effective, non-violent, movement for change
    • Have had struggles with Mayor and Police Department, but should keep in mind that in the larger picture, small struggles within our group and with the authorities are small potatoes compared to suffering of other people on the planet.
      • We're here for people everywhere who are suffering everywhere
    • We've successfully occupied Westlake Park
    • Need to build numbers to build and be powerful

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • ?
    • Decision a few nights ago to cut off all police involvement has changed the game
    • Encourages people to respect decision. Please don't talk to cops, yell at them, work with them. Any is danger to our safety.
      • Puts large responsibility on Peace and Safety
      • Needs people to stay here or at City Hall Plaza for hours
    • Meeting tonight at Peace Tree (third tree from Pine Street)
    • Last night's meeting was cancelled.

People of Color Caucus

  • Maria
    • Not extremists, not here to separate the movement
    • This Saturday, rally at noon, march and rally at 2pm
    • Don't blame people at third and Pike for problems
    • Need to figure out how to include all communities


  • Nathan
    • heads Peace and Security at City Hall Plaza
    • Don't have work groups there because leaders here don't want duplicate groups
    • Lots of people
    • Seeks contact from Work group leaders 206-876-0067,


  • Michal Dare
    • from City Hall Plaza
    • Now sleeping there
    • had become primary facilitator there
    • If you want good nights sleep with restrooms, running water, dozens of electrical outlets, police-free environment, place to leave your stuff and find it when you return, and no bongos, join him, then come back here.

Internet Communications Working Group

  • Stian
    • Have had a few problems with main website because main webmaster is hard to reach
    • Have set up support site at
      • Does not mean we're getting rid of
    • Until things are set up:
      • If you have calendar event, send to
        • In the subject, put "calendar item"
        • In body:
          • Event title
          • Location
          • Exact date and time
          • Details
    • Also working on mailing lists and email addresses
      • e.g.,
      • Once we get this rolling, let us know and they'll help consolidate

Theatrical Working Group

  • Adam
    • 10pm tonight is first presentation, as soon as cop lights come on
    • also have 18×20" canvas board for hand puppets
    • have king size white sheet for full body improvisation
    • Anyone who wants to perform or watch, please do

Sanitation Working Group

  • Andrew
    • When you make a sign with paint, please wait for it to dry and keep it out of the rain
    • If you write on the ground, use chalk
    • Anyone thinking about or investigating places to relocate, please keep sanitation in mind
    • In Oakland, they picked a park with existing rat problem
    • Needs volunteers badly

Process and Facilitation Working Group

  • Jacob
    • Considering reducing the number of decision-making GA's, working on proposals
      • please provide input
    • Reminder: we voted last night to suspend proposals at tomorrow's GA to accommodate discussion: "Night of 1000 Actions"
    • can reach at
      • all documents are at
    • Meet daily, 4:30pm near Romax on east side of park

Food Working Group

  • Ginger
    • working on things to make food better
    • visited by Health Dept, who had good suggestions about serving us better
      • want to comply
        • in the interest of avoiding making people sick
    • needs help finding community and commercial licensed kitchens
      • don't suggest them, organize them
    • email
    • see for more information
    • needs people to help with logistics
    • Wants to start campaign for restaurants who want to put up banners that say they support Occupy Seattle
      • could receive donations, then feed us on-site
    • Also wants help with outreach, organizing flash picnics
      • You and friends make lots of food, come down here, get to know people you haven't previously met

Arts and Entertainment Working Group

  • Organizing Occupy Halloween
    • hello corporate zombies, blood sucking bankers, sweatshop stiffs
    • Halloween weekend, Saturday from noon until 10pm
      • family-friendly costume extravaganza
      • costume competitions from noon until 6pm for children of all ages
    • Need food and musical acts

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • ?
    • if you have reusable cup, utensils, bowls, please bring
    • please reuse disposable items
    • nightly at 9pm, sort garbage, recycling, compost
    • would like to have bicycle generator


  • Jess from We are Change Seattle
    • concerning police brutality march tomorrow
      • have reason to believe good possibility that there will be agents inserted, intending to make violence and sideline
    • He and friend will document the march to ensure no violence is committed by agents who are not part of the protest
    • Keep eyes peeled for anything out-of-the-ordinary
    • Will not be silenced by those who attempt to make protest violent

Logistics Working Group

  • Doc
    • We're really tired because we've been working so hard
    • Needs help during the march tomorrow
    • We are setting global precedent
    • Needs help in Logistics because they will help keep march peaceful
    • Have contingency plans
      • When violent act starts, peaceful people will sit down, point, and say, "we're not a part of that; we're a peaceful group"
    • If you liked the march last Saturday, please help him soon

Outreach Working Group

  • Jamie
    • Today was free t-shirt day
    • have cool stencil
    • Bring shirts to Outreach at 4pm


  • Aliana
    • November 2: CEO of Chase will be speaking at Sheraton
    • will relay information tomorrow and every day after
    • should have presence that day at Sheraton


  • proposal: Have a facilitated assembly during the day for general discussion of topics for which minutes will be kept.
    • presenter: Jacob
    • source: Process and Facilitation
    • rationale: There are many people who wish to participate but cannot attend general assembly. They would like their voices heard. We would like to give them a space. When you walk by Westlake on days other than Saturday, we'd like people to see this going on, and wonder, "What is this? How can we be part?"
    • vote
      • time: 19:48
      • proposal passes
  • proposal: Open a club account — not a business account — at BECU tomorrow using federal tax ID Corey registered for Occupy Seattle today (unincorporated political association for banking purposes only).
    • restated: Open a club account with BECU as an unincorporated political association.
    • presenter: Corey
    • source: Corey
    • rationale: Will allow us to keep track of our money. Would have no bearing on our status as a legal entity. Registration for tax ID has not bearing on our future ability to incorporate as any other type of organization.
    • discussion:
      • Who will manage?
        • Corey: Not him, since he proposed it.
      • Since we decided not to work with police, what will happen if someone becomes signatory to the account and steals from us?
        • presenter: Think very hard about whom to nominate as signatories.
      • This is a much bigger conversation than we can have in one night. Despite the urgency to open an account. There are more creative ways to sustain the movement for the next week then to rush a decision that would have huge consequences on the whole Occupy Seattle movement. Finances are typically divisive. Spent a week at Occupy New York. Knows intimately how they're dealing with these issues, and it's difficult. Owe it to ourselves to have the integrity for due process.
        • presenter: Proposal would not require immediate relocation of our funds. Would not require immediate choice of who has access to the account, only put in place GA's approval of opening the account. Would allow us to establish Paypal account and accept funds, and to deposit checks in an emergency.
          • Still need process to figure out how to use them.
            • presenter: Would not be used until processes are voted on.
      • Is there a way to have the account only accessible when multiple people are at the bank? Like the "blow up the world" button?
        • presenter: Don't know. Good idea. Supports it.
        • If you're banking at BECU, can only take out money in person at Tukwilla or Everett. Other places, can only do it with ATM Card. BECU down the street does not have cash on hand.
      • Check references of people. Consider other credit unions.
        • presenter: Chose them because they've given us $25 for every person who divested their account and opened with them.
      • Money is power. Unaccounted-for money has caused many of the advertising concerns that plague our political system. We need to have those processes in place before we begin accepting donations from Paypal.
        • presenter: Will only be able to accept Paypal donations about three to four business days after the account opens. Can have our system in place before that's ready.
      • Is a tax auditor at Dept of Revenue, has BA in accounting. We need separation of duties. Person who does bookkeeping cannot have signing authority. Person who makes deposits will not be bookkeeper. Separate it so nobody can steal money. Need someone to audit the accounts monthly to ensure books jibe with bank accounts. That person should not be the bookkeeper. Is willing to audit the books if people want him to.
        • presenter: Auditor should audit weekly to keep tighter reigns.
      • Stian: Has been here since day one. We've had this discussion before. It doesn't go anywhere because we keep tabling it. We need to move forward. Let's not table it again.
      • Russ: We have a system in place for people to get involved. Legal has taken on Finance. If you're concerned, join.
        • presenter: Legal has not taken on finance, it keeps coming to us because we have no process. Let's do something soon to avoid questions of where the money is.
      • Before we have Paypal account, should think about Mastercard and Visa, whether we should do business with them. Should have discussion about whom to bank with.
        • presenter: Most people here do business with big businesses (mobile phone, credit card, etc.) Although we may be supporting a big business like Paypal, it helps us more to use them than it helps them to have us.
      • Jacob: Need to understand what the current system is like. It's a few people and a lock box. This is more concerning than a credit union. It sounds like we have at least one person who is willing to start financial workgroup to provide oversight and assuage our concerns.
      • Are we going to get physical copies of an auditor's report? How will he know what's going on with donated money?
        • presenter: Suggests auditor hand out physical reports, though printing too much paper is a concern. Suggests daily update on current balance of account.
      • Suggestion: In response to signatures and since withdrawals can only happen two places. Each person could "own" one digit of the PIN.
      • Braydon at Legal: Warns everyone who would be signatory that they could have personal liability for any lawsuit filed against the protest.
    • vote
      • time: 20:18
      • block
        • This is a can of worms that cannot be voted on in a general assembly like this. It is counter to the process of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Appropriate process is to form a Finance Working Group. They can meet quickly and bring proposal to the GA. Should be considered for more than a moment. Trajectory: Four days. It is reasonable to do this. Need to respect the process that is world-wide and not being reflected authentically here in Seattle. This is something everyone needs to feel good about, because what we represent is a new way to feel good about commerce, and we can do that.
        • discussion:
          • Issue that we have not thought this through might be misrepresented by only attending this conversation. Issue that we have not had process is misrepresented. How they do it in New York is irrelevant. We have proposal that was brought forward by a person. If we had a WG, it would come to us from a different person. It's well-thought, well-argued. Let's move.
          • We are non-hierarchical, and are in no way bound by what people in New York do.
          • Alyssa, Supply: Man who spoke earlier is more right than he knows. Has been in many of those discussions because Supply needs to buy stuff. Has been lots of discuss in Legal and Fundraising. Need to do something now. Can change it later.
          • From New York. Has friends at Ducatti Park. Doesn't care what they do there. This is ad-hoc. If it doesn't work, we can change it. If someone steals the money, I feel bad for them and the ditch they find themselves in.
        • vote
          • time: 20:28
          • count: 106 fore, 1 against
          • block overturned, proposal passes
  • proposal: Write a musical with trust that Theatrical will be true to the movement. They will take testimony from all groups, request artistic license to be drafter in next two weeks, edited the week thereafter, then performed by collective.
    • proposer: Shane
    • source: Theatrical
    • vote:
      • time: 20:33
  • proposal: Repeal the cop-free zone proposal that was passed on October 19.
    • rationale: states no police interaction, will be cop-free zone to best of our abilities. As man of color, favors sentiment. If police presence is deal breaker, then invites new, more specific proposal. Language can be easily heard as anti-cop. When someone hears that we do not talk to cops and we are cop-free-zone, will hear "anti-cop". If we're viewed as anti-cop, will not get support, but will lose it. Need more numbers. People are cold and tired. Need more people. Language is too vague, is dangerous. When you see a school teacher talking to a cop during. Encourages proposer to re-submit proposal with more specific language that will not be dangerously interpreted to go against principles of movement.
    • point of process: Proposal was made, much came from proposer, need to hear from general population. Respect the stack.
    • discussion:
      • Aliana, Media: Been here since day one. Upon passage of proposal, entire media committee struggled to understand the wording. Spent all day yesterday and last night trying to put a positive spin on that decision that was approved by supermajority. Believes as an individual that the proposal passed by supermajority and should not be voted on. Media WG came up with positive spin on wording, so if they're asked, they have several great responses.
      • Maria, member of PoC Caucus: It would be detrimental to re-vote on something that took us hours. Should move forward with finding way to achieve accountability internally. Police have harassed us, taken away her supplies, harassed her. Should not re-vote on issues supermajority has decided on.
      • Agrees with Maria's sentiment, but we don't have procedure for that. We've allowed people to make proposals that contradict previous ones.
      • Proposal the proposer read simply stated that to the best of our ability we would make Occupy Seattle a cop-free zone. Other statements about not talking to the cops came from proposer as being part of discussion. The proposer made point that to expand our numbers, we need to reverse the supermajority decision. If we are to expand our numbers and our cultural significance, we must embrace the interests of people of color
      • Police department here is still under investigation by the federal government. For those of you who are into the law and order thing, consider that we're awaiting a verdict.
      • Many people of color are not represented all across the country because they are institutionalized in jail. Tomorrow, we're marching against police brutality. Before the day we do this, we're going to repeal the no-police zone? People of color, still underrepresented in this movement, will not come if you're shaking hands with someone wearing a badge. In San Diego, PoC people walked out. He's in communication with them.
      • Russ: Apologizes for speaking out of turn earlier. Every person here, by his estimation, represents between 10 and 60 people. Some of them are online. They communicate with him and other people in the working groups. What they're hearing: why pass proposal we can't enforce? We are independent. Why have policy telling us what we can and cannot do? Makes us look like fools. With due to respect to people of color, who have real issues with persons of authority, please come up with proposal that is not dividing the group.
      • Supports the proposal from the PoC Caucus. Supports autonomy. Thinks proposal was to come up with basic underlying structures for our behavior. That's as yet undefined. Feels fear from people coming out as attempts to control. Should instead try to understand each other and respect each other's autonomy.
      • Thinks that we should consider the other proposal that passed with majority, under anti-oppression and accountability that says we won't call cops unless we're in imminent danger. Instead of revoking the previous proposal, let's have a group XXX
      • Not a moderate, but in this case, is. Has been here a couple weekends. Not an anarchist, not a socialist. Wants to keep in solidarity with everyone: grandparents, parents, people of colors, while people who have been here since the 1600s. Likes cops. They don't make him afraid. In the interest of safety, best way to interact with them is, "Yes, officer," "No, officer," or "I would like to speak with a lawyer before I talk to you." This is not radical or socialist. It is in the Constitution. A cop-free zone is a bad messaging issue.
      • Not interested in alienating the same police force who have kicked and beaten people here. More interested in addressing all the bad things police have done to people. If there's a grandmother in Lake Forest Park, but only if those kids will settle down, I don't care bout here.
      • Since coming here, has learned much from anarchist friends, learned to respect the idea of autonomy. Proposal bothered him because it read like legislation. Troubled by question of where to go from here. We don't have a judicial system. Don't have police. Favors this proposal, at least until we come up with better wording.
      • Hearing this argument day in and day out is annoying. Stands in complete solidarity with the People of Color Caucus. People need to open their minds. Some people have been able to say, "yes officer, no officer, I want to talk to my lawyer," but he has not. The people are not the badge. Stand against the badge. When they tear the badge off, he'll stand with them. Until then, doesn't want to hear this discussion any more. Wants to hear discussion about community. Cannot build that here when we have GA's with people coming in randomly, not living in the communal group, not learning from the group they've been so separated from.
    • vote
      • time: 21:10
      • motion fails


  • time: 21:13
  • Alvina: The war in Iraq will be ending in December. President Obama said all troops will be pulling out. Doesn't know specifics, but looks good.
  • Maria: Tomorrow is day of solidarity. Many people will be joining us. Hip Hop Occupies will join us from 12:00 – 12:30
  • Erin: Has been on livestream a lot. Are people there who are very vested in this movement. Have begun how to build unity, particularly after last night's GA. One idea is to have a potluck, people bring something they're proud of.
  • Tomorrow, someone from Occupy Portland will be here from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m., wants to talk with us, share ideas. Joanna is coordinating.
  • If anyone would like to meet after GA to discus how to establish system of checks and balances and keep an eye on our bank account, join him after GA.
  • Reminder: Need people to join Peace and Safety. Meet at Peace Tree after GA.
  • Police were created to enslave people who were trying to escape slavery.
  • Idea: This square is called Westlake. Westlake is a mall. Let's rename our park like they did in New York.
  • Just heard that war in Iraq is ending. We still have troops in Afghanistan; numbers have tripled since Obama took office. Is part of Iraq Veterans against the War. Please sign their pledge tomorrow.
  • Occupy Portland supports what is happening here, thanks us.
  • Was standing at south end of park when a proposal came up about how to interact with police. Coincidentally, fellow dressed a lot like him, but looked newer started mumbling to himself about the police. Walked over to talk to him, and when approached, pushed over and shouted racist slurs. Other people came, then the guy ran right into a group of police who heroically saved the day. Clear provocation, but we were not disrupted. The Stranger published letter today. People were passing things about negative attitude toward the police. Idea is that we're being manipulated. Tell everybody on livestream, everybody on the chat, on the forums, to get down here and check it out. Is this manipulation, or direct democracy? If they want to be heard, we're waiting for them.
  • Latest polls by corporate pollsters show majority of Americans support this movement. Support approaching 70%. Tea Party has 60% support for major demands. Within last 48 hours, Bank of America and Chase, who control 70 billion in investments have moved all those accounts into bank accounts supported by the FDIC. If they go bankrupt, the American taxpayers will be completely wiped out, because the FDIC only insures up to $250,000 per account. This is the way they shift their private bankruptcy to the public. Protester here last night filed complaint with police for selective enforcement of rules in the park. During the summer, hundreds of people lay out blankets in the park.
  • Lots of weekend warriors here. Please stay here overnight. Woman who wasn't doing anything wrong was carried off and nobody was there to record it.
  • Selective enforcement happened today, too. At 11:30, Sierra Club gave presentation, a good one. President of Sierra Club was given award recently. Parks Dept rep walked to MC, who had bullhorn, and asked if there was a permit. There was not. Parks said, okay, this time.
  • Exploitation is when a few deny the majority the right to be human.
  • We'll have discussion about whether to move. Consider that Seattle Central Community College is just eight blocks up the street. Last night, a woman was arrested here for sitting on a sleeping pad. We shouldn't stand for this. We need a buffer from police and city. College campus would be good, and SCCC is the best one for us. Lots of support there. Could spend this week building larger base of support. Idea is to have rally on Friday of students, faculty, and staff, then have tent raising ceremony, declare their campus occupied. We'll go up there to support, then Saturday, we take our tents up there and join them, have a speakout and a celebration. Build this movement with a safe location, and make this political again, instead of just basic survival. Occupy banks, corporate offices, union busting businesses. Carry out direct actions all over town. Scare city establishment. Send message to Wall Street.
  • Tonight around 6pm, watched someone get arrested for using chalk on the ground. Most ridiculous thing he's seen. Has seen police and city use increasingly stupid tactics over past few weeks. Through all that time, all the bad weather, we're still here, and he's proud of it. Congratulations to all of us.
  • If we have base camp at SCCC, would have to be at lawn and grassy area. Brick area is devoted to Sunday Farmers Market.

Adjourned 21:30


Current Contact:


Current Contact:
Phone:(206) 250-9752

Occupy Seattle: Legal Information

If you have been arrested:

1) Go to the Municipal Court website and choose ‘Online Services.’
2) Click on “Defendant” on the Menu bar on the left, and see if they have a court date scheduled. 3) The service also shows charges, events and obligations (e.g., bail) in the court case.

Here is a link directly to that page:

Animal Rights & Environmentalism

Current Contact:

For discussion forums online:

General Assembly notes 10/20

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-20 19:30
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Hudson
  • Taking stack: Michael
  • Time keeper: Jake
  • Orientation: Elvina
  • Agenda: Jacob


  • ?
    • 13th day here, spends quite a few nights
    • last night was particularly challenging, as not many people stayed
    • seems that Westlake Park is not a place we can occupy for sleeping long term
    • hopes to have a place we can have library, cafeteria, proper medical tent, can function as model society, and use Westlake as civic area during the day
  • ?
    • has been here 2.5 weeks
    • has been difficult at night
    • after 10:00pm the police go around, kick children, kick adults, and harass us
    • need people to be here after 10
    • don't need to go elsewhere
    • if we stay here, will show them that the masses stand against us
    • this is our land, our country
    • won't give in to tyranny
  • ?
    • rah, rah, rah, Westlake!
    • In Thursday's USA Today, headline reads, "Wall Street protest boil down to loss of opportunity, stagnant wages for middle class, economists say"
      • Thought, is it that simple?
      • Please think deeply about this
      • What has caused us to gather together?
      • Do we lack economic opportunity or something part of human experience?
      • Political climate or shift in collective consciousness?
      • Ready for new paradigm?
  • ?
    • Was very cold last night.
    • Tried to protect face with bandanna, but police officer kept trying to wake him up while he was fully awake, protecting himself from the cold.
    • Saturday's anti-police brutality protest:
      • anarchists are planning to smash-and-grab
      • please pay attention
      • let's be prepared to retreat if anything goes wrong
  • ?
    • Wants this movement to succeed, to reach this new paradigm some people speak of.
    • If you want something to change, must visualize what it will look like and start acting as if it's already true.
    • If we fight among ourselves, fight first symbol of authority we see, are missing the point.
    • Only love can defeat fear and anger
    • Cannot fight fear and anger with bigger fear and anger. Someone will alway shave bigger gun.
  • ?
    • Thinks we need to address hoarding greed at City Hall.
    • Brought a soda, was denied a cup.
    • People there accused Westlake of stealing food.
    • Friend was denied cookie though there are three large bags. They said it's only for volunteers.
    • If we cannot stop greed and hoarding among ourselves, how can we convince the 1% that they should.
  • Scott
    • Was asked to bring 18 years of management experience to City Hall to keep our permit.
    • Were threatening to revoke it Sunday night.
    • City Hall group did not call GA, Phil from ICT did.
    • Apologizes to those who think people there were trying to take control.
  • ?
    • Has been part of this movement since day one, coming in and out, sacrificing ability to work.
    • Finds it disturbing that people are willing to sacrifice our health and well being in the name of Westlake Park.
    • For a week straight, there were hypothermia cases nightly. People were getting things stolen. People were getting scabies.
    • This is important, but if we're all martyrs, who will carry on?
    • We can occupy multiple spaces.
    • Doesn't want to sacrifice for people who can't see the big picture.
    • This is Occupy Seattle. We can occupy every park.
  • David
    • Just came from Occupy Tacoma, across the corner from his office.
      • Small but strong group.
      • They send their love, say if anything they can do, call.
      • They're concerned about possible splintering here. If need help, call them.
  • ?
    • Has been here for 2.5 weeks. Has not slept here last two nights.
    • This park and these petty arguments that are lacking long-term logistical sense has been mentally draining.
    • At night, battling the police officers about warmth and closing eyes is driving him nuts.
    • Logistically speaking, this place is important during the day.
    • At night, and as a whole, what's really important is building a community, laying a cornerstone for future of humanity and our children.
    • Suggests we stop arguing about Westlake Park or City Hall. Neither will end up being central base for the movement.
  • Circus
    • Ryan Paulowski's ID card located.
  • Doc
    • Let us not forget that we are setting a precedent all over the world, together. Look what happened to Greece 36 hours ago. Trenton NJ, Athens Georgia.
  • Cameron
    • Has been here for two nights.
    • We're at war with the police, and we're at war with City Hall.
    • They want us out of here; that's all they want. To give it to them is defeat.
    • Should hold Westlake.
    • People have difficulty getting to SCCC, people don't understand it.
  • ?
    • Has been here past two weeks.
    • Was not here last two nights because she was sick.
    • In order to stay here, must be able to sleep.
    • Doesn't think SCCC is the solution, but can't stay here if we can't sleep.
  • ?
    • Stayed here one night.
    • No possibility of sleeping here.
    • Sleeping is not same as occupying.
    • When he stayed here, cops outnumbered us. They took food.
    • Agrees that we need facility where people can maintain their health.
    • Should have rotating groups willing to give cops hell all night.
  • ?
    • Stayed here a few nights.
      • Were only a few people here.
      • Cops winning, but people are strong.
      • Last night several people shared people from cops' lights.
    • Next Saturday will be big push with more tents.
    • If they take 150 tents, they better make 150 arrests.
  • ?
    • Just one more day. Day after, we're taking over.

Working group announcements

Supply and Storage

  • Alyssa
    • Many people are very concerned about where the money is.
      • It's in a safe.
        • Legal has the key.
    • Since we don't have a bank account, but many people got arrested, so we're banking with the bank of King County Jail. When people go to court, we'll get the money back.
    • Tomorrow, Legal will address GA about options regarding acquisition of tax ID.
      • So checks written to Occupy Seattle can be cashed.
      • Has check for $500 nobody can use until we decide how to get a tax ID.

Direct Action Working Group

  • Sallah
    • group of people met to take direct action
    • Based on New YOur
    • Occupy buses.
      • Test drove. Occupied, then handed out cards that look like ORCA cards, but say, NOPE.
    • Meeting 4:30pm Friday, near hot dog stand at north end of park

Fundraising Working Group

  • ?
    • Need help of vampire hunters — need wooden stakes.
    • In next few days, will have 100 yard signs that need stakes.
    • If we buy from store, costs money and kills trees.
    • If you are vampire hunter and like to save trees, get with it. If you're a vampire, steal the stakes.

Internet Communications Working Group

  • Andrew
    • Have been asking for help, and got it.
    • Got a bunch of people to email applications to help with website.
      • Can only help from home.
    • Still need more help.
    • Need people here to help determine how to communicate better.
    • Need people on-site to update Twitter, Facebook, etc.
    • If you're here and want to help, email

Legal Working Group

  • Patricia
    • Introducing new legal volunteer Braydon
    • Even though there are not many Legal Team members on-site, receiving many lawyers who want to help support the cause and be part of long-term legal strategy.

Outreach Working Group

  • Derrick
    • Working on:
      • Neighborhood outreach program
        • Starting by hitting farmers markets to tell people what we're about
          • First will be Sunday at Ballard Farmers Market
      • Cafe meet and greet
    • Join daily at 4pm and after GA
    • Contact via email to

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Cameron
    • Knowingly or unknowingly, proposals passed last night about our relationship with the police becoming nonexistent put an enormous weight on P&S.
    • Need more members. Are about three dedicated members now.
    • Meeting directly following GA at Peace Tree (third tree from Pine Street)

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • Joey
    • Many wonderful things we can do to exemplify sustainability
      • Bring own cups, utensils, and water bottles
      • Help with maintenance of washing stations
      • Donate bicycle power setup
    • email
  • Anastasia
    • is local organizer with Sierra Club
    • Sierra Club:
      • Is nation's largest and oldest grassroots environmental organization
      • Represent 1.5 million members nationwide, 25,000 in Washington
      • Has announced support of Occupy movement
    • Press event tomorrow
    • Next week, Sierra Club will help out and lead teach-ins about environmental and organizing skills

Tactical Working Group

  • Zach
    • WG is working on plans for November 5 National Day of Divestment
    • facilitating inter-team communication
    • Meets daily at 3pm and 9pm in front of Seattle's Best Coffee
    • Sunday from 12-4pm, meeting at Pacific Place to discuss process
    • Earlier announcement by someone who said he had authority of legal and tactical between two tents.
      • Not concerned with what he's doing, but neither Tactical or Legal has authorized that.

Animal Rights and Environmentalism Working Group

  • Betty
    • newly-started group
      • represents the 99% of earthlings that do not ever have a voice or a choice
    • Meet Saturday by See's Candy store at 1:30pm
      • will have table with information
      • will educate people about what corporations hide from everyone
    • Not only about what we eat but choices that we make when we buy things.

Sanitation Committee

  • Andrew
    • WG is two people
    • Loves seeing people spontaneously pick up brooms and start sweeping. You're all deputized.
      • Please bring them back to other side of information tent.
    • Needs volunteers.
    • Don't have to be here all week, maybe just take a day or two.
    • Needs one volunteer for very important issue:
      • Be here tomorrow to help get porta-potties
      • Andrew and Connor cannot help
      • Afternoon – "general afternoon" is as specific as we have
    • One member of Sanitation Crew left to form group Mobile Occupy
      • Has been traveling multiple Occupations in Pacific Northwest
      • will bring volunteers from Portland
    • To Seattle Police Department: the sleep deprivation is very effective

Logistics Working Group

  • Doc
    • Unknown fact that Logistics is here, because he's the only member
    • The reason we can't reach him is that his bag was stolen during the Monday arrest.
    • Please buy him a mobile phone and spaghetti.

Accountability Working Group

  • ?
    • Meeting tomorrow at 3:30pm at north end of park to formulate community accountability process to hold each other accountable for violations of the principles of our movement.
      • We voted for these on Sunday. See the website.
      • Others came from GA decisions over past few weeks.

Demands Working Group

  • Emily
    • Yesterday, said that during and after GA, will be collecting local demands
    • Will be happening again today. Please go let them know what we want.

Hip Hop Occupies Working Group

  • Daniel
    • Five elements to hip-hop
      • MCing
      • DJing
      • beat boxing
      • B-boying
      • graffiti
    • send artists
    • meet after general assembly at hot dog stand
    • WG has experience promoting

Theatrical Working Group

  • Shane
    • Seek to gather people and perform, to entertain
    • Seeks contact from Arts and Entertainment Working Group

Steering Committee

  • Russ
    • there are lots of questions about how things work
    • doesn't always run smoothly, but they try
    • 5:30pm each day, meet by Romax on east side of park


  • proposal: Saturday, proposals and voting suspended, replaced with open-ended discussion: Topic ideas and actions to move message of Occupy Seattle forward
    • presenter: ?
    • restated: Saturday night GA: replace proposal section with open-ended discussion of actions and ideas to bring forth the message of Occupy Seattle.
    • source: P&F
    • rationale: Are mindful that some people only able to attend on Saturday. Hope it will not be free of decisions, because ideas will fly and many will decide to do things. Out of this will come proposals for other nights.
    • vote
      • time: 20:50
  • proposal: Allow Media Committee to talk to police for reporting purposes
    • restated: Livestream reporters can talk to police for reporting purposes only, not to give them information, to help them, or anything like that, just to get them on record.
    • presenter: Ian, livestream reporter
    • rationale: We passed proposal that we shouldn't talk to police. Wants to abide by proposals we pass. Wants to get police on record for some of the things they do. Not so they can get buddy-buddy. Not giving them information; getting information from them. 5000 people watched them arrest Liam the other night.
    • discussion
      • Concern: What stops other groups from making same proposal (tactical, food, etc. Can all make excuses to talk to them.) Actions speak louder than words. Police are trained to give statements to justify their actions. People are watching, and can discern when things are f'd up.
      • Yesterday under awning, was filing a kerfluffel. Cop asked her to move out from under awning. Instinct was to ask her to repeat it, and to capture it on film. Wonders if that was in compliance with group decision.
      • Likes the idea of catching cops on film saying stupid things. Doesn't trust common sense of everyone who may find themselves on the media committee to do that in a way she likes. Thinks it's really important to film the police.
      • proposer: Everyone on livestream is working for us. Will only talk to police when it's duty to do so.
      • In a free society, freedom of the press is the most precious commodity. Livestream people are our free press. Cannot believe assembly is considering censoring our press. At times of war (not that we're at "war"), the press move through the battlefield and talks to both sides. You can turn on a TV and watch in Afghanistan every day. Don't censor our press.
      • Part time occupier, livestream reporter. Has child. Waits tables for the 1%. Many people he's speaking with are taken aback with the way we're treating the police. There is a group of occupiers who want to be here. Will talk to cops no matter what. Wants them to join us.
      • Has mixed feelings about talking to the police. Trying to overcome his fear of them. If something happens, don't need to shame them, but show the world.
      • Doesn't trust police until they break rank. Media and anyone else has right to talk to them. Gathering evidence is helpful. Should not go further than that.
    • vote
      • time: 21;09
      • strong majority
      • proposal passes
    • proposal: pass
  • proposal: adopt statement affirming decolonization of Seattle with indigenous people (read long statement via bullhorn)
    • restated: People of Color Caucus produced a document extending solidarity to indigenous people locally, nationally, and globally. Occupy Seattle supports this statement.
    • presenter: Christie
    • met with People of Color Caucus
      • having conversation about decolonization, how to make movement more inclusive to all groups
      • in solidarity with Boston and other cities, have drafted declaration of solidarity with indigenous people
    • clarifying question
      • statement included name change; is that separate?
        • yes
    • discussion
      • Allowing a group to divide us by race is bad.
      • This doesn't divide us; it unites us.
      • We are on native land. They lived here first. We need to honor that. We get to live here at a higher status. Need to make a statement to the community that is native that we want and need them here, and that we understand.
      • Matt: Fully supports proposal. There would be no one percent without colonialism. 1% got their money by stealing native land and spending it in ways that oppress us all. This proposal does not divide us; the U.S. border divides us from the rest of the 99% and from the rest of the working class. White people are a minority of the 99%, and we need to recognize that. This proposal is a step in that direction.
      • Grandmother was from Okanogen. Five tribes were there. They were divided by the border. Unsure of whether this proclamation includes her.
      • Is from global south. Maybe not included, but stands in solidarity.
      • Also is indigenous group – Bahamas
      • Language included seems to be religious. Unclear if we document says we respect or agree with the religion.
        • response: Document does not affiliate with any specific religion.
      • Phil: If this is draft, bring back a final and let's vote.
    • vote:
      • time: 21:44
        • solid majority
        • motion passes
  • proposal: change name from Occupy Seattle to something decided by temperature check
    • restated: In solidarity with indigenous people around the world, Occupy Seattle will change name to "Decolonize / Occupy Seattle"
    • source: People of Color Caucus
    • presenter: Christie
    • discussion:
      • The only way he'd vote for this is so that he could go and start and Occupy Seattle brand new. The people who feel that strongly about this might as well start their own group. Has been solidarity with Occupy Wall Street movement. Within it there has been many smaller, congruent movements. Didn't change the name for them, so why start now?
      • Very concerned. We don't have every single occupant here. We cannot, because we agreed, represent them because they cannot be here for whatever reason. If we're to change name, should consider at a time when people can be here.
        • response from proposer: Reason PoC Caucus thinks name needs to be added is that when people say Occupy Seattle, they think, "It already is occupied." This would let people around the world know this movement includes them.
      • White Eagle: Does not support this. Honors effort that went into it. Takes us off course, dilutes us. Big message is important. Don't need to be this sensitive.
      • Does not appreciate people telling her she doesn't belong here. Helped build the occupation. Nobody has right to tell her to get out. United States thrives on imperialism that oppresses 99% of the world. If you're serious about this movement, need to let people in Iraq, Afghanistan, parts of Africa know we do not stand with colonization of U.S. Government. Best way to do so is implementing this name change.
      • Apologizes for emotional outburst. The PoC of San Diego got up and walked out in solidarity during a GA about this same discussion. No one knows if they've rejoined the GA. People here, including he, make comments without thinking three times. This is a highly-emotional topic, especially in this area where gentrification is very, very, rampant.
      • Recognizes that word "occupy" has serious negative connotations among many people here and abroad. He stands in solidarity with those people and their struggles, but doesn't feel that changing our name is the best way to further that cause.
      • Has spent lots of time on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. It's the poorest county in the United States of America. Most people, even the homeless in this encampment, cannot fathom the conditions in which people of Pine Ridge live. Is unbelievably sympathetic with Native American causes. Is part Jewish, and resents being called a white supremacist by someone trying to pose emotion as unity. We're all here because we're all marginalized. He works in a cubicle for the 1%. If his bosses knew he was here, speaking and being engaged. He resent being marginalized by people who think that because he work in a cubical all day, he has great life. Our name makes that clear.
      • Don't frame this as division of the movement. Suggests we set precedent with the forward movement in other cities.
      • We shouldn't do something just because other cities are doing it. Sympathizes with first nations but wants to understand if once we decolonize, will we still be working under patriarchal system? How does changing the race part solve the sex part that oppresses 50 percent of our community.
      • Need to take this one step at a time. Agrees with comment about sexism. With Occupation movement across the county, has been lots of bad politics. Have groups such as Neo-Nazis of America endorsing us. Must show by adding this name that we're being progressive and that it's bigger than just the banks.
      • Last proposal we passed spoke specifically to the issues of the taking of Native American land. This supports that as well as supporting idea that all people have been colonized, including the majority white workers who are the 99 percent. We've all been colonized.
      • Native women have been sterilized for the past 500 years, don't identify with Western feminism for that reason. Please don't misidentify women. Decolonization is a process. This represents decolonization of our movement. Wall Street was founded on colonization and slavery. To get to the root of this movement, let's call it from the beginning, decolonization, which acknowledges that history.
      • Casey: With respect to the People of Color Caucus, all indigenous people, and all people here tonight: he loves us. Doesn't believe this is needed now. Worded like we're trying to break down our colony at the mayor's office, trying to break down every little colony we have. Should keep things the way they are now and think about a good one.
      • Burning Man: Not his native name. Is of South American decent. This is street name. Is homeless. Doesn't matter what we identify as. We are human. Everyone here is human. Why don't we act like it and recognize that we're human? The word 99 percent includes every human in this group. Doesn't matter who you are for any reason. 99 percent occupy of any city: Occupy means to stay somewhere under force or peaceful. Occupy Seattle is a part of Occupy Wall Street. To Occupy Wall Street means to stay where we are. WS has occupied every city in economic ways. Every single human here is starting to sound like children on the playground. Stay together and get along.
      • Marlin: Supports name change. Heard lots of good points, lots of emotional points. Unity must be our primary concern. Has great love for everyone here. Have inspired him and millions around the world. Is a white man. Is not the best person to speak about issues of marginalization of people of color in first nations. It is his responsibility to do what he can, and to show people around the world, that we, as white colonial people, own responsibility for what we have done. By changing our name, we give credence to this, show the world that we acknowledge the responsibility. This can allow us to truly set a precedent. Can show that we can evolve and bring forth new understandings. Supports symbolic name change.
      • Akila: Is black. Is female. Is part of Information Work Group. Going to New York tomorrow morning. When goes to Liberty Plaza, wants to be representing Occupy Seattle. It's important to keep name as we're one of more than 1251 occupies around the world. Let's not change name, but vote and go home.
    • vote: 22:25
      • 43 favor, 60 oppose
  • point of process: (not a point of process) important political discussion. People need space to caucus with each other to process what just happened. We should adjourn and go home (or stay here) not because we're dissolving the movement or the general assembly, just because people need to support each other.
  • More discussion of proposal just passed
  • break for approximately 40 minutes

Adjourned 23:07

Federal Judge Tells Police Not to Ticket Occupy Protesters

Read about it here:

Meeting the Press – A guide to Talking to the Media

The Occupy Seattle Media Relations Group has provided us with a guide for talking with the media. While everyone has the right to speak as individuals in whichever way they choose, these guidelines will help us portray Occupy Seattle in as positive a light as we can.

Meeting the Press – A guide to Talking to the Media

The Occupy Seattle Media Relations Group has provided us with a guide for talking with the media. While everyone has the right to speak as individuals in whichever way they choose, these guidelines will help us portray Occupy Seattle in as positive a light as we can.

General Assembly notes 10/19

Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-19 18:28
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Jake
  • Agenda: Michael
  • Process mover:
  • Taking stack: Kristen
  • Time keeper: Danica


  • time: 18:42
  • TJ, tentmaster
    • needs
      • blankets
      • tarps
      • visqueen
  • ?
    • last night and for the previous few, cops turn on their lights
      • to combat, people stood in front of cars with blankets and space blankets
  • ?
    • first weekday night was last night
    • encourages those who haven't camped here on a weeknight to do so
  • ?
    • It has been cold, so be wise about where to stay
    • went to City Hall this morning. Was very split.
    • Need to occupy a big enough space so police don't squish us.

Working group announcements

  • time: 18:46

Steering Committee

  • Russ
    • having success, a bit disorganized, trying hard
    • request that proposals be submitted in writing with name
      • on whiteboard, or better, on paper
    • will try to get unsigned proposals into the GA, but hard to do so without a name
    • If your proposal is not mentioned, maybe you didn't follow the rules. Not ignoring you, just moving the process.

Media Working Group

  • Carson
    • yesterday, came up with several bullet points on how to keep your foot out of your mouth when speaking to the media:
      • If a reporter asks you a question, always pause, then think before you speak.
      • Do your best to kekp answers short on point and well-articulated
      • always assume wrords can be misconstrued
      • be very very careful about using word "we"
        • you speak only for yourself, don't rpesume to speak
      • if someone asks tricky question that you don't feel comfortable answering, can answer "no comment"
      • when speaking to media, keep in mind that everything you say reflects on all of us, even if you don't use the word "we"

Outreach Working Group

  • Andy
    • meet daily under Sephora sign at 4pm and after GA
    • if you're interested, go to the meetings, post on the forums
  • Ariana
    • new to Outreach and to speaking
    • will be compiling stories about us
    • please tell her your story and while you're here
  • Circus
    • on Friday, Outreach will be doing t-shirt day
    • please bring any t-shirts, old or new
    • if you have any messages for Occupy Olympia, send to by tomorrow
      • Robert from Outreach will visit, take messages

Information Working Group

  • ?
    • make fabric armbands, duct tape is tiresome, wasteful
    • has notebooks for each WG; use them to pass information between each other
    • when you know when your meetings will be, come write them on the whiteboard

Legal Working Group

  • Corey
    • Legal will help people who are arrested for civil disobediance
    • Will not help if you are arrested for something that doesn't fall into that category, including
      • crime of violence
      • crime of narcotic use
      • crime of alcohol use in public place
    • have been problems with narcotic and alcool recently
    • use of mind altering substances create safety problem for us
    • is personally offended when someone overdoses, seeks help from medic, then says he or she is suffering from hypothermia
    • if you tell someone you are suffering from hypothermia but are overdosing, you put yourself at risk

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Maria
    • what: day of solidarity
    • when: this saturday
    • 12:00 p.m. rally
      • will be joined by El Comite, NAACP, United Indians of all Tribes
    • 2:00 p.m. will join national action against police brutality
    • ask everyone to stand in solidarity

Demands Working Group

  • Emily
    • tomorrow, will set up table after GA to take everyone's local demands
    • we don't want to make our own demands; we want to make our demands
    • please make your voices heard
    • meet daily at 4:00 p.m. next to See's Candy; look for the sign

Internet Communications Working Group

  • Danica
    • really want a 24/7 presence so we can update information as it happens
    • if interested, contact at

Teatrical Occupy Seattle

  • Adam
    • newly-formed group
    • encourage people of all races, genders, etc.
    • need entertainment before people burn out
    • to join, meet by the stage after GA

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • ?
    • yesterday we asked for help with a washing station so people can bring their own silverwear, cups, bottles
    • someone dropped off a bunch of tubs
    • need help organizing so everyone can participate in sustainable practices
      • if you'd like to help, join later on east side of park
    • please bring your own utensils, water bottles, etc.
    • we'll sort garbage and recyclables at 9pm
  • ?
    • Sierra Club of Northwest endorses this movement
    • water jugs were donated for refill station
      • have daily pickup
      • information on the bottle. If empty, phone number on bottle
    • need silverwear donations
    • reuse your cups, utensils, even if they're disposable

Logistics Working Group

  • Doc
    • Did anyone listen to Doc's announcements last night?
    • Checked with the Mayor's Office for sixth time today.
      • Has appointment with Seattle Civil Rights Commission Director Julie Nelson
        • Tomorrow morning 7:30am
    • really needs help
    • There are flash mobs pending.

Hip Hop Occupies Working Group

  • Anthony
    • working to bring a voice and entertainment to Occupy Seattle
    • for more information, see him and fellow members 9pm near hot dog stand at north end of Park

Action Announcements

  • facilitator: This will be chance to as for help with things you're working onj
  • Andrew, Sanitation
    • had three people, one is injured, one is out of town he hasn't slept for a long time
    • please join him
  • Russ, committee that helps form the agenda
    • has heard many times that people wonder how we come up with this agenda
    • process is: fill out piece of paper with idea, put name beside it, they look at it
    • he's the only person on that committee; if you don't like it, make group larger
    • meet every day at 4pm in front of Romax
    • If he can't make it, he'll leave a message with Information.
      • If need help, can get it from those who facilitate and guide the meeting.


  • presenter: ?
    • proposal: Move our base camp to Seattle Central this Saturday when we have people here from the actions.
    • restated: This Saturday, after the two demonstrations, we march to Seattle Central Community College to set up new base camp, and maintain a daytime presence at Westlake through GA, work groups, actions, direct action, etc.
    • rationale:
      • This occupation has been beautiful, has been going on for over two weeks. People staying overnight are courageous, dealing with cold, cops, oppression. During the week, night time occupation is almost nonexistent. Has nothing to do with the will and result of those staying overnight or the power and prestige of this movement. When we've called for massive numbers of people when we ask.
      • There are hundreds or thousands of supporters there.
      • Members of the occupation are in student government there.
      • There's an Occupy student club there.
      • We can go build our numbers while maintaining presence at Westlake, then later maybe reoccupy Westlake.
      • There, we can avoid having our infrastructure destroyed nightly or weekly.
        • Allow us to more effectively demonstrate, perform outreach.
      • When we approach winter, we cannot continue an outdoor occupation.
      • There are buildings nearby that might be available for occupation.
    • (three minutes of discussion with people nearby)
    • discussion
      • ?
        • Should not move. This area was selected for its symbolism.
        • If you don't want to stay, recommit yourself.
        • Shit may hit the fan there or here, but it's better for it to happen here.
      • ?
        • responding to previous comment: it should be personal choice
          • Whatever GA decides, he'll do. Occupation is about more than what he thinks.
        • Has anyone spoken with SCCC about what is allowed?
          • He's from SCCC, organized walkout there, has been here from day one.
          • Administration has stated publicly that they will not welcome us.
          • Club is meeting tonight to devise method to change that.
            • possibilities being considered thus far:
              • Petition teachers, workers, students
              • Encourage student coordinating committee to hold actions of solidarity next week at campuses all over the city.
      • ?
        • Considering that we'll be lasting a while, need to avoid fear of freezing and remain a community.
      • ?
        • Is in complete agreement that we should have daytime occupation.
        • At last general assembly, someone suggested symbolic march between daytime and nighttime locations.
        • We are the 99%, and many of us have trouble spending the night here (cop harassment, bad location). Shouldn't alienate that group by preventing them from staying over.
      • ?
        • This park was paid for by taxpayer money so that Nordstrom can have a building to promote capitalism. That's a major theme across the country.
        • To move to SCCC, where Boeing, Amazon, Nordstrom have not presence
        • This park needs to be home.
      • ?
        • Fully supports proposal because the constant tension about whether we're staying here, what the cops are doing, how we're not getting any sleep, is distracting us from what we're here for.
        • Is here to get to know everyone, to educate herself about how this system screwed us up and is destroying our earth.
        • Wants to do direct action, demonstrate, have constant daytime presence here.
        • We need to sleep and be safe.
        • Let's build village there where it won't get torn down every night.
      • ?
        • Hasn't stayed the night, so won't tell people they should be willing to stay in cold.
        • Should consider fact or possibility that move to SCCC will be seen as and probably portrayed as a surrender.
          • proposer: That's why we should do it this Saturday when it's decidedly clear that we've defeated attacks by police and mayor.
            • On those weekends we are unmanageable because of our numbers. We can set up more tents or move then because we have the power then.
      • ?
        • Have no illusions that the SCCC admin will not try to boot us out.
          • I'm a student there. If they boot me out, I'll demand a refund.
        • We're under attack all the time here.
        • There, we'll have chance to politicize student body.
        • When stronger, should come back here for reasons previous speaker cited.
      • ?
        • Has noticed pattern that those who dislike the idea of street are unfamiliar though he sleeps here every night.
        • Has a few problems with SCCC.
          • It's on grass.
            • proposer: only partially
          • Sprinklers likely not to be turned of for us.
            • proposer: there are none, palates could resolve this.
          • Rain will cause drainage and mud problems.
      • ?
        • Will we be interrupting the important learning process happening at SCCC?
      • ?
        • We are at war, fighting government and capitalism.
        • Must use war tactics against this corporate structure.
        • In war times, a direct occupation would occur, then the force would go to a safe place to coordinate multiple attacks.
          • It is wise to find this base camp, whether it's SCCC, Gasworks Park, Freeway Park
      • ?
        • Doesn't seem like there is any guarantee of safety anywhere.
          • So pick a spot and stand firm.
          • Think about space; SCCC doesn't have much available.
            • proposer: Cal Anderson Park is across the street for overflow, and campus crosses street
      • ?
        • This is not Occupy Westlake, it's Occupy Seattle
        • Applauds those who stay here. YOu are the soldiers.
        • Those of us who go home and work online are the engineers.
        • Zucotti Park in New York is open 24 hours/day.
        • It is illegal to be here after 10pm. That can be enforced.
        • Supports multiple locations so if attacked, will have somewhere to move.
      • ?
        • Concern with proposal is that there's strong support at SCCC.
        • There are lots of people near Westlake who do not support the movement.
        • Gives people who do not already support a chance to see us.
      • ?
        • Westlake Park is very well served by public transit than SCCC is.
        • On first day, group of us where here protesting Canadian Tar Sands.
        • Canadian Consulate is near.
        • Would like to stay here.
        • Would like all urban centers to provide places for people who do not pay $200 for a room
        • On first day, group of us where here protesting Canadian Tar Sands.
        • Canadian Consulate is near.
        • Would like to stay here.
        • Would like all urban centers to provide places for people who do not pay $200 for a room
      • ?
        • Agrees about Nordstroms. Wrote the flyer.
        • If we have secure base at SCCC, will have base for targeting Nordstroms, Bank of America, Chase, etc.
        • Could try to get the 49 line into a ride-free line to protest fee increases that came as a result of policies of the 1%
      • ?
        • SCCC and Cal Anderson Park are two blocks from the East Precinct, so not very secure.
      • facilitator: have many people on stack, have many proposals, saw at least 20 people indicating desire to vote
    • vote
      • time: 19:40
      • clear majority support
      • blocks:
        • facilitator: four blockers will take five minutes to discuss, then will present
        • blockers' statements:
          • No work groups were aware of this plan that would dismantle organized abilities to move this soon
          • Decision should be left open, but a binding GA vote at this time is impromptu
          • We should hold our ground.
          • On the board yesterday was written: No major votes would happen on a weekday.
          • Use your imagination and imagine what a motivated and well-funded opponent could do.
          • We can make plans. You can form your own group to move to a better location. Don't need
          • This is revolution.
          • Respects campers and people who've been here all along.
          • Is angry, is ready to fight.
          • Thank you for listening to a white male. Knows they're over-represented.
        • discussion of block:
          • ?
            • Tent is at Parks Department.
            • When we march, we should take our tents and set them up.
            • If we move Saturday, we need to get our tents back.
          • facilitator:
            • try to discuss whether the vote violates the principles of the movement
          • Vote is premature. Other groups are working on alternative options.
          • point of process: This is not binding. Anyone can propose amendment tomorrow.
          • Have been conflicts. Each group thinks the other is better supplied. Doesn't think we should move this fast.
          • ? – symbology of the location is less important than easy access to it. Nobody lives downtown by the park.
          • ? – represents students that cannot be here, younger school-age students. Knows people have been holding it down in face of police. Moving forward so quickly does not honor students and young people.
          • ? – uses Occupy Wall Street quite often because they are successul. Have taken bridge, mayors door, chas bank, citibank. If we grow too much, Westlake is too small. Until then, core of movement should have a spot as a command center. Consider apartment where there's electricity, showers, bed. That doesn't involve moving.
        • vote
          • time: 19:58
          • no supermajority; block stands, proposal fails

Urgent message

  • Shouting person ran, ran into semi-covert officer, was chased by police, and violently arrested. Although we ran, we meant no violence or ill-will, but intend to witness the arrest.
  • Legal: That guy was chased down and tackled because he spit on a cop.


  • presenter: ?
    • proposal: Refuse any police interaction. Occupy Seattle will be a cop-free zone to the best of our ability.
    • restated: Occupy Seattle will be a cop-free zone to the best of our abilities.
    • restated after block: Occupy Seattle will be a cop-free zone to the best of our abilities.
    • rationale: We are experienced people who have experienced violence on part of police. Police history is catching runaway slaves, breaking strikes, killing rebellious workers. Whether through overt force or cointelpro, they are our enemy. They defend interest of the 1%. Seattle police department has history of violence, including murder of John T. Williams and many beatings of people.
    • source: People of Color Caucus
    • discussion:
      • How do you propose to handle that, tactically?
        • Group will decide.
      • I support this as person of color, middle class background, has had varying experiences with police in various cities. Though police are, economically, in same class as 99%, that doesn't change the fact that they uphold desires of the 1%.
      • Twice, police were successful in disrupting our general assembly. We should consider creating a group of people to respond with video cameras, livestreaming, and clear minds.
      • Supports proposal, stands behind with her communities. Historically, people of color have been murdered for speaking out, people have been repressed. If we are to build a global movement, must support people who are suffering from police and military repression, not only in United States, but globally. Should truly unite as community and people.
      • Most people here think of themselves as working class. Agenda of the people of color's goal in this case benefits us all. People who killed John Williams break unions, etc. Let's build unity. No police.
      • Strongly supports what others have said. Whether or not this proposal passes, stop talking to the cops. They may seem like they're trying to be nice, make conversation, but they're gathering information. They might not use it against you, but will use it against your comrades.
      • The cops may seem like cool people individually, but just like salesmen, don't care bout their customers but profits, cops don't care about people, they care about their institution.
      • Supports. Remember the WTO. The police corroboration with DHS has an impact on immigrants. She's from Arizona. They've terrorized, split communities and families. They're doing checkpoints. It affects everyone.
      • There is a word for taking the actions of one or a few and ascribing their actions to the entire group: Stereotyping. It's discrimination.
    • vote
      • time: 20:21
      • majority support
        • block
          • explanation from blockers
            • Was overwhelmingly approved. We would like to see an inclusion of nonviolence and civil disobedience of enforcing the anti-cop proposal. If we don't have nonviolence as policy, could be confusion during the enforcement of the rule, leading to detrimental action.
            • Here at Westlake, are situations all around us involving people who are potentially dangerous. Was here last night, saw intoxicated person attempt to assault people repeatedly. Heard that someone brought an assault rifle.
          • discussion:
            • Historically, cops used to separate people of color from whites. Let's not use drugs as an excuse to silence people in our movement.
            • Agrees with everything said about what people do to people of color. Is concerned that when violence is done to someone it is hard to avoid feeling anger or violence, so when we talk about this, all this anger rises up, and in our language, we are villifying and being dualistic, and talking about enemies. It's hard to stay nonviolent when our heads go there.
            • Violence wasn't mentioned in this proposal. It was that we should not talk to the cops, not include them. Part of not talking is not yelling, not provoking. Need to ensure we don't include them in this movement by becoming violent to them. This would open the door for them to enter. Need to ensure that those two arrests, after people may have assaulted police — which interrupted GA
            • supports proposal: When arrested at RNC in Philadelphia, spoke to the officer who was arresting him. Charged with 8 misdemeanors while charges against all others were dropped. Their job is to help them. Don't need to actively obstruct them if it leads to violence. This is about not helping them.
            • Opposes block. When we speak out in support of each other, we speak out against injustices at the world.
            • Addresses block: Proposal says will be cop-free zone to best of our abilities. We should have another meeting to discuss what "best of our abilities" means. People can discuss self-defense and non-violence. We should discuss the structure and responsibility of the peace and safety committee, what it means to self-govern, not rely on police. We should have discussion of what self-defense against cops means.
          • vote:
            • time: 20:39
            • average cont favoring prop: 102, opposed: 10
            • have supermajority, so proposal passes
  • presenter: ?
    • proposal: We will not call the cops on one another.
    • restated after block: We will not call the cops on one another in this movement.
    • rationale:
    • source
    • discussion:
      • TODO: review recording; wasn't able to take minutes because was reviewing past minutes for group (did we vote not to call police?)
    • vote
      • time: 21:01
      • blocks
        • blocker: Rush Shelley: Has worked in movements of peace and social justice for 25 years. This is only the second time he's blocked a consensus motion. Talking with people outside GA meeting, they walked away from an earlier decision before it was to be made. What they said is what the greater society thinks: If we don't allow police involvement, we shot ourselves in the foot. It will divide the movement and it's not enforceable. Cannot spy on each other to determine who is speaking with police. To exclude any group is against the movement. It would be non-peaceful to do so.
        • discussion:
          • This would encourage us to deal with problems ourselves.
          • Block speaks to previous proposal. This proposal is about not calling the cops. We can take care of dangerous people without their involvement.
          • Letting this block stand would cause previous proposals to unravel, including one that had block overridden.
          • Deeply committed to transformative justice and community-based solutions. We don't currently live in society that has tools, skills, etc., to deal with harm to each other internally. We can create processes to take care of each other when dealing with police, but we shouldn't set hard rule that penalizes people who feel they need to call police.
          • Proposal on Sunday was just fine. Should not remove ability to call for help if we think we're in imminent danger.
        • vote:
          • 57 for, 27 opposed, so block stands, proposal fails
    • point of process: This doesn't change previous decision that you can't call cops unless in imminent danger.

misc announcements

  • these were during block discussions
  • Zach Patton
    • missed most of GA because was at Labor Temple for Occupy Seattle Labor Caucus
    • tonight over a dozen showed up in support
    • several said they'll go back to locals to get rank and file to come support us
    • When they show up, tell them that you support them and that they don't have to be a "them" vs. "us"
  • ?
    • Need a separate event group. Outreach can't handle this.
  • ?
    • Hip Hop Occupies has experience getting up to 1000 people to events; can help
  • ?
    • Someone mentioned not recognizing faces.
      • I have a full-time job, a part-time job at homeless shelter, and daughter
      • If this represents working class, should acknowledge that some people can't make it.
      • Should be home with this family, but is here.
    • Response: didn't mean any offense to those who can't make it
  • ?
    • Came from occupy Philadelphia
      • have kitchen, snack room, educational tent
      • have workers from downtown donating
      • made her think Seattle needs tents
  • ?
    • If you disagree with people, use anti-twinkles, don't boo people.
  • ?
    • There will be a queer liberation and class struggle workshop tomorrow 4pm, by stage.
    • At 3am, woman was serving squash dishes she cooked. Police Lt. approached her and said he'd arrest her for health code violation.
      • when I tried to serve myself because he said the problem was her serving, he:
        • threw food on ground
        • through out rest of the squash
      • let's find out if a code was violated
  • police scanner apps on phones
    • when they talk about activities like this, talk on secret channel; this won't protect you
  • group is working on determining how to make UW more accessible to UW students
  • closed her Bank of America account, opened BECU, who provide referral bonuses
  • November 5 is bank transfer day: "remember, remember the fifth of November"


  • making jewelry out of people's bank cards; has had three people change accounts after seeing her earrings
  • Saw the equivalent of special interests and lobbyists during votes. Suggests we close eyes during votes.
  • That would give the facilitators a lot of power. That's not good.
  • After GA adjourns, will talk about what, to the best of our ability, means, in reference to the cop-free proposal that was passed.
  • As the only person in the facilitator group who puts together the agenda, has one offer tonight to join, so now there are two of us. If you have an item for the agenda, find Russ by Romax.
    • Tomorrow, would normally meet at 4pm, but both people are unavailable. Suggests we meet at 5:30.
    • Clarification: Steering Committee is not part of Process and Facilitation
      • A week ago, suggested that agenda building should not be part of facilitation. So committee is set up to look at proposals and any information that needs to be on the agenda.
  • Shawn from Process and Facilitation
    • P&F meets at 4:30 by Romax sign and stays here late, so cannot be here to collect proposals at night. Russ has been taking on role of being here from noon until later to hold the agenda.
  • If Russ is going to be the steering committee, should be joined by more people, roles should be clarified
  • Today show will be filming live tomorrow in front of Pike Place Market from 7am – 10am
  • After GA, will plan for tomorrow. Have decided not to have everyone down there so we can gain trust of others. Not planning big launch.

Adjourned 21:28

Occupy Seattle Anti-Oppression and Accountability Principles

We are the 99% and our task is to unify the 99%. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, and ridden with various other interconnected forms of repression.

As the Occupy Seattle community, we will consciously and urgently work on dismantling these systems of oppression in our movement. We are working on creating a comm unity where everyone’s autonomy is respected, protected, and treated equally. We all have different levels of privilege that we strive to acknowledge and educate ourselves about, in order to ensure that these privileges are not used to oppress others. We want to have an inclusive atmosphere of ideas in which we do not police each others’ thoughts, but we have absolutely no tolerance for oppressive or intimidating words or actions.

We do not accept any of the following in our community:
■ White supremacy (racism against people of color)
■ Patriarchy (sexism)
■ Ageism (oppression against youth and/or elders)
■ Heterosexism (oppression against LGBTQ people)
■ Transphobia
■ Anti-Arab sentiment (or Islamophobia)
■ Anti-Jewish sentiment
■ Religious intolerance or intolerance of non-religious people
■ Class oppression (classism)
■ Cultural intolerance
■ Oppression based on immigration status
■ Oppression based on experiences with the justice system
■ Disregard for indigenous autonomy
■ Oppression based on appearance or size
■ The following behaviors are also unacceptable:
■ Representing the Occupy Seattle movement to the media or to any other entity without approval of the general assembly
■ Negotiating with the police or the City without approval of the general assembly
■ Instigation of violence in all its forms, explicit or implicit, whether physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, written, graphical, or through indirect means such as calling the police on another person when one is not in imminent physical danger

Any violation of these principles will be dealt with through a community accountability process, to be described in a future Accountability Working Group proposal

General Assembly notes 10/18

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-18 19:35
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Time keeper: Hudson
  • Proposal facilitation: Danica
  • Agenda facilitation: Jack
  • Keeping stack: Joshua


  • time: 19:44

  • ?

    • Last night we engaged in civil disobediance: erecting tent, I entered, some tried to join, cops pushed them back, I refused to go, I was arrested.
    • 5000 people watched on the livestream
    • Upon return, heard stories that all my fellow campers were supportive
      • formed human tents, standing on shoulders, blankets draped over heads, said, "take down this tent"
    • Was beautiful to see after yesterday's split
  • Albert
    • Last night was first night I was not at Occupy Seattle
    • Went to Occupy Portland
      • have 400-500 tents
      • have satellite location with 110
      • have library
      • have cafeteria
      • have village
      • are collecting donations for Occupy Seattle
      • consider some of our actions to be legendary
  • ?
    • some of the things at Portland are great
      • may not be practical at Westlake
  • ?
    • Why is a multi-ethnic background group meeting while they are not allowing white people as has been described by the group that cannot participate?
  • ?
    • Last night was most beautiful night I've seen at Westlake
      • people dancing, singing, not leaving
  • ?
    • has been here many nights, don't usually sleep over
    • stayed here last night, awake
      • many people, really bright lights from police cars all night
      • police and Parks were otherwise respectful
    • This area is known for people struggling with drug abuse
      • I respect their difficulty
      • Discourages some people from joining us
  • ?
    • hopes that whatever we decide tonight creates a space where more people will feel safe joining us for the whole night
  • Cameron
    • spent every night here except for last night
    • getting burned out on Westlake; help me out
  • Mike
    • advises that when we think about bringing more people and making this a more inclusive space, we prioritize people who are less privileged, most marginalized
      • including
        • people of color
        • homeless
      • thus, quite likely at any given time to have drug situations to deal with
    • would like to create space where there is understanding, tolerance, acceptance
    • two nights ago, drunk man interrupted the general assembly
      • he and medic engaged the man in police conversation
      • that people are under the influence doesn't mean they cannot be part of our community, or that their presence makes our space less safe or less productive
  • Tommy
    • spent a few nights here
    • hard to sleep when cops wake you up
    • hard to sleep when people are drumming at 4:00 a.m.
  • ?
    • thanks everyone who is here camping, fighting for those of us who are at work during the day and cannot be here
    • thanks for sleeping through drums and cop lights
    • wishes she could join

Working group reports

Legal Working Group

  • Patricia * what: Information session led by Lisa Dougaard, defense attorney who coordinates our public defense. Come if you have questions about what arrest will involve, legal status of being here, keeping safe, exercising rights, etc. * when: Wednesday October 18, 2011, 5:30 p.m. * where: Westlake Park, by main stage

Media Working Group

  • ?
    • someone convened meeting "How not to put your foot in your mouth when talking to the media"
    • WG will discuss tomorrow at 4pm to decide what should be presented to the general assembly

Information Working Group

  • Norman
    • we pass on information
    • we need to receive information
      • ex: need from each work group what time they are meeting and where
      • calendar of events, workshops, meetings, etc., so they can tell others
    • have had many reports of theft, so please watch your belongings
    • as the desert Arabs say, "trust in Allah and tether your camel"

Logistics Working Group

  • Martin
    • I've broken and set up the tent multiple times
    • broken down last time because people violated our permit
      • so keep your ears and eyes open to breach of protocol
      • if we stay organized and on same page, we can get this done
    • people step into positions of authority when they have not spent a night
    • when you see news cameras, everything is okay
    • when you see news cameras leave, police are likely to come
    • stay organized and alert your fellow citizens
    • don't leave when it rains and stay only when it's sunny
    • if you have your own agenda, you eliminate our common agenda
    • speak to others if you want to know anything about logistics, supply, sanitation, kitchen

Outreach Working Group

  • Robert and Robert
    • WG is working on two initiatives:
      • neighborhood outreach project
        • going out to green markets and other such places, setting up tables, and talking to people
      • cafe meet and greet
        • self-explanitory
    • if you want to help, have ideas for locations, etc., please see someone from outreach
      • look for smiles and Sounders colors
    • working on promotional materials
      • request feedback, particularly from Demands, Media, and Legal
    • we are at the peace tree daily at 4pm, then again after GA
    • if you know someone with design skills, please introduce us
      • we want not just content bug good looks
    • if you have experience talking to people, or are just a nice person, please join us

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • Carlo
    • please bring reusable utensils, cups, water bottles, etc., to reduce trash
    • will set up washing station
      • request assistance:
        • need large water containers
        • need vehicle to shuttle water and empty containers
    • sort trash nightly at 9pm

People of Color Working Group

  • Nina
    • observation: there are no people of color facilitating today
    • need your support as people of color allies to respect our process
    • thank their white allies who have protected them
    • hope to conduct teach-ins on
      • undoing racism
      • impact of racism and colonialism
      • prison industrial complex
    • meet daily at 5:30 p.m. near the hot dog stand at north end of park
    • please keep in mind the injustices people of color have and do suffer at the hands of police

Demands Working Group

  • Justin
    • throughout this week, WG will be collecting local demands you or people you know have
      • ex: more public transportation, more teachers in school, more bike paths, more people smiling and holding your hand
    • need a feel for what the group wants
    • anything they publish is not the final word, shouldn't be taken to represent the movement
    • not taking them exclusively this week, but focusing on them


  • Dan
    • several people got names of people in unions and those who would like to be to explore possibility of a Labor Union working group
    • when: tomorrow night (Wednesday, October 19)
    • where: Labor temple

Facilitation Working Group

  • Shawn
    • GA almost didn't happen tonight
    • are absorbing stress of those things
    • we're losing people
    • meet daily 4:30 under Romax sign
    • please join if you think GA is important
    • has been difficult to use process and make it work better
    • look at minutes and procedures on forums
    • email at

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Circus
    • meeting was planned for tonight around 9pm, but looks like it won't happen then (GA unlikely to complete in 40min)
    • when something happens, people say, "Where is Peace and Safety?"
      • Look to yourself
      • If it's something major, grab everyone around you; don't wait

Internet Communications Working Group

  • Danica
    • need more people
    • if interested in social media, website maintenance, contact us at

Finance Working Group

  • Ted (not in WG)
    • in email conversation yesterday:
      • cannot open credit union account without Federal Tax ID
    • GA has not voted on opening CU account
    • discussed concept of registering with Secretary of State as a non-profit corporation
      • this needs more discussion
      • consider that someone uninvolved could register with Secretary of State as Occupy Seattle


  • ?
    • trying to get some of our gear back that the city took
      • if you lost a tent or other gear, please provide your name, description of loss
      • has pickup, needs one person to claim each tent


  • Maria
    • proposal: On Saturday, October 22, 2011, have day of solidarity, in conjunction with National Day beginning with People's Movement Rally at noon, march Against Police Brutality, march at 2pm
    • rationale:
      • similar actions happened in other cities are successfully got involvement of wide variety of communities
      • communities of color approached us because they did not see large presence of people of color
    • discussion:
      • ?
        • when we have big demonstrations on the weekend around particular themes, that's great
        • would be very powerful if leading up to that demonstration there was self-education and teach-ins about importance of the demonstration
      • ?
        • is unaware with any problems with police during other demonstrations
        • City of Seattle likes to cause problems with marches, parades without license
        • There are enough legal cases to make us right
        • Don't fall for a trap a cop may send that our parade is illegal; keep marching
          • we have a permit for this
      • ?
        • agrees that police brutality is a problem that deserves protest, also wants to honor the police who put their lives at risk
          • problem with policy, not persons
            • at Hempfest, they emphasize the problem is not the police, it is the law
            • believes we have a problem with training police with paramilitary tactics, and that everyone is out to get them
              • if we are antagonistic toward them, makes the problem worse
              • let's emphasize change in policy; maybe we can improve things
      • ?
        • in regards to honoring police:
          • police are part of many of our families
          • police are part of the other 99%
        • until laws change, we must be vigilant and prepared for violence on part of police
      • ?
        • the radical caucus last night decided to hold workshop on police that XXX
          • need people with knowledge and expertise to assist
            • particularly people from People of Color
        • should have ongoing workshops and debate
        • regardless of whether you think cops are on your side or not:
          • will arrest you
          • will beat you
          • might kill you
          • are trying to destroy this movement
        • to join and help plan the workshop, meet by See's Candy after tonight's GA
      • ?
        • supports a march like this
        • has big concern that we're not united on how to communicate about this issue
        • doesn't want to be in group with slanderous, angry, hateful statements hurled
        • are we ready for this?
      • ?
        • have had much discussion about issue of the police
        • has been real education for people who have been here
        • police have fulfilled institutional role: making it difficult to build movement of 99% walk around at night
          • kick people who are sleeping
          • shake tents
          • kick people in tents
          • shine lights in eyes
          • it's about sleep deprivation and weakening movement
            • not that they don't have feelings, families, pat their dogs
            • institutional role is to represent interests of the 1%
      • ?
        • someone just awarded a police officer a peace and safety ribbon
        • after last nights with police ripping blankets off, kicking, etc., this is insulting
          • peace and safety representative gave it to the cop
      • ?
        • bit concerned about having march about police brutality
          • roots us in our struggle, makes it common that this is why we're together
        • movement is about our human nature and experience
        • should bond on things that are common to all of us
      • ? from Hip Hop Occupies
        • regarding the subject: doesn't have to be all about you
          • just because you have not been unjustly treated poorly by police
            • huge majority of population has
        • will meet around 10pm near 5th and Pine
      • ?
        • last night, GA was split in half on topic of police
        • we all have differences in opinion
        • getting aggressive based on your opinion is not good for the GA
        • would have loved if all those people who split instead stayed in solidarity as a group, then met at later time
      • Maria (proposer)
        • would have proposed this last night, but were told that there was only one proposal on the agenda
      • temp check: vote?
        • yes
      • vote:
        • time: 20:44
        • proposal passed


  • ?
    • forming equality solidarity working group
  • ?
    • Seattle Solidarity Network having event
      • what: workshop
      • when: Thursday, October 20, 2011, at 6:00 p.m.
    • action
      • when: Friday, October 21, 2011, at 9:00 a.m.
      • where: 600 1st Ave.
      • march to foreclosure auction held every Friday at king county courthouse
      • general protest
  • ?
    • tomorrow at 5pm, in front of Starbucks, will be vigil of Tibetans
    • recommend attending
    • outreach intends to introduce something like mission statement
      • FYI, so far they have: Occupy Seattle is part of the global movement working to create a more just, equitable, and beautiful world
  • ?
    • what: rally for those who do not like genetically-modified food
    • when: Wednesday, October 19, 2011, at 4:00 p.m.
    • where: Westlake Park
  • ?
    • what: Seattle Central Community College students meeting
      • planning two events
      • have Occupy Seattle Club on campus
      • come meet if you're a SCCC student
    • when: Wednesday, October 19, 2011, at 8:00 p.m.
    • where: Starbucks
  • ?
    • we will have a facilitated discussion about sustainability of the movement after GA
  • ?
    • suggests reoccupation with tents again this weekend
      • try to get people to come back weekly
      • march was 3000, can do better

Adjourned 20:52