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Occupy the Screen!

Mission Statement:

Occupy the Screen! is founded to further the mission of the Local Seattle Occupy Movement using cinema to educate, create meaningful dialogue and bring people together to transform the world.

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Occupy Me – Socail Group


This is a social group for Occupy participants and supporters. Our activities are based around Seattle, but all are welcome. We are honest, respectful, charming, LGBTQ friendly, and planning events all over the city.
• No politics or heavy debates here please. This group is for social connection and fun.

Occupy Non-Violence



>> Mission Statement <<

In solidarity with the global Occupy movement, we are committed to advocating and promoting the principles and practices of nonviolence in pursuit of a just and sustainable world. ~Consented to on Dec 4th, 2011

AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) downstairs &
The University Friends Meeting upstairs
814 NE 40th Street (corner of 40th & 8th Ave NE)
Give yourself extra time to get through the screwy one-way street maze.

Next full Mtg: April 1, 12:30-2:30, AFSC
Planning meeting for that meeting Thursday, March 29, 7PM, AFSC.

Facebook Conduct:
Keep posts peaceful and respectful.
Do not demonize, threaten or harass.
Inappropriate posts will be removed, as will the poster if they persist.
Facebook admins shall consult and consent, insofar as practical, before removing posts or members.




We are committed to bringing about change and raising political awareness through both community outreach and non-violent actions, or Think-Ops.


We seek to reestablish the legitimacy of our constitutional rights, speech and political influence as the sole birthright of the people; reclaiming them from the hands of the privileged, the wealthy, and the inanimate. Guided by our principles, we create forums for a multitude of conversations, cultivating our various passions into progress through peaceful communication, outreach and action. To this end, we are a call to friendship.



We are peaceful. Everyone who participates is expected to respect and embody both our foundational principles and mission statement in their ideas, actions, and the treatment of others.

We don’t vote. Your participation is your consensus, and every meeting, gathering, get-together, etc. regardless of size, is as valid and meaningful as any other.

Occupy Fun

Contact : Facebook

We at Occupy Fun hope to create a safe space for positive community building, between OFun and local businesses within the greater Seattle area. We are a "Non-working" group that exists outside of the Interwebs, and we use this page to promote outreach, social gatherings, and general Fun!

Please invite your friends to join, we are looking for organic member-driven involvement. We strive to be an all-inclusive group, all are welcome, but we have zero tolerance for hatred and bigotry. Please help us keep this space light hearted and treat others with respect.

Check your ideologies at the door. Spamming, flaming and/or trolling are a NO-NO (when isn't it?). Take heavy topics elsewhere. If you act like an Asshat, you'll leave us no choice but to treat you like an Asshat. You probably won't like how we treat Asshats!

Food Not Bombs Liberate Seattle Working Group

FREE FOOD FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Contact 407-234-9733

Occupiers and Cannabis Activist Coalition

Contacts: Devin Smith and Michael Dare

Meetings: 12pm on Friday at Westlake.

The intent of the OCAC is to help Occupy Seattle in anyway it can. The OCAC will also be a way for cannabis activists and occupiers to work better together.

Reasonable Solutions Caucus

A caucus dedicated to changing the system from within. We seek to use reason, logic and common sense to achieve real, political victory for the 99%
Facebook page:

Healthcare for the 99+1 %

Contact info:

Description: “Educate, advocate, collaborate, and demonstrate for healthcare for everyone.”

Online Forum:

People of Color / Decolonize Caucus

Current Contact:

Gender Equality Caucus

Current Contact:

For discussion forums online:
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Environmental Justice


Faith and Spirituality

Contact: Tsukina Blessing/Michael Douglas email:

The Faith & Spirituality workgroup/Occupy Chaplains exists to bridge the faith communities and the Occupy Seattle movement. The workgroup supports the faith & spiritual needs of the Occupy Seattle community, coordinates communications & support flowing both directions between OS and local faith communities, offers outreach and education to faith communities, and sponsors faith-oriented direct action.

Faith & Spirituality meets irregularly – contact occupychaplains to get on the group list.

The calendar of events at the Occupy Sanctuary and sponsored by Occupy Chaplains is available online at

Get Money Out of Politics


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Hip Hop Occupies

Julie C – 425-223-7787
Araless – 206-226-2491
Dan Bash – 206-619-8956
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Website –

Sustainability Brigade


Arts & Entertainment

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(also contact for emergency drivers)