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All branches of the Seattle Public Library will be closed Monday, Aug 27 through Sunday, Sept 2. In response, let's have our own library to provide reading materials, kid's activities, and internet access during the closure. Everyone is invited to contribute!

DONATE books, magazines, any reading material. We especially need books for children and young adults.

COME to the Library on Monday, Aug 27!
Douglass-Truth Library, 2300 E Yesler Way

BROWSE our collection.
LEAD arts and crafts activities or games with the kids.
BRING your neighbors.

This Library will be a community space, not controlled by any individuals or organization and welcome to all people and points of view.
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BOOK DONATION LOCATIONS (check back as we add more):
-Bring them to the People's Library Monday morning.

-Cafe Racer in U District, 5828 Roosevelt Way NE

-PSKS on Capitol Hill, Monday 12-9, Wed 12-3, Fri 12-3 (Peace for the Streets by Kids for the Streets, 1814 Summit
Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122)

-Mockingbird Books in Greenlake. 7220 Woodlawn Ave

-Third Place Books in Ravenna, 6504 Ave NE

-Twice Sold Tales on Capitol Hill. Open everyday at 11am, close late (1 or 2 am)


The People’s Library is open from 10am-8pm every day through the end of September 2nd, after which we have been told our usual public library access will be graciously returned to us from those on high. Until then though, you can find the People’s Library on the steps of the Douglass Truth Library (2300 E Yestler Way). Show up to get your wifi access on, bring and/or take some books or zines to share, music, arts and crafts, enjoy community with folks, and finally, contribute to the Open Space with whatever you want!

Keep an eye on for further details/updates regarding the People’s Library.

Open Space will be taking place for the duration of the People’s Library. It is very simple. There will be a whiteboard (or possible just cardboard bulletin spaces) where folks can write down a time and specific location around the library where they will be hosting a workshop on a specific topic or other activity.


People’s Library fills in for Seattle Public Libraries during closure:
Seattle libraries are closed all week because of budget cuts, but a makeshift library in the Central District is still open to the public.

Activists started what they're calling the People's Library to protest the closure of city libraries. Located at 23rd and Yesler, the People's Library is offering Internet access and a variety of books.

"Literacy is important, and when you have austerity measures that threaten the ability for people to come together and use computers and to get books, it's really not good for the community," said People's Library organizer Charles Conatzer.

The new library might not have the same selection as the city's libraries, but this week it happens to be the only game in town. To help offset budget cuts, the city won't reopen its libraries until after Labor Day.

That move isn't sitting well with many library patrons.

Organizers say the People's Library will stay open through September.



SEATTLE’S LIBRARY CLOSES DOWN: The People’s Library opens for business

The thing about those book people, not to be confused withbookies which is a different kettle of fish altogether is that you just can’t keep them down.

Burn their books and they’ll just go out and print some more. They are a feisty lot by and large and not to be underestimated.

Seattle libraries are closed all this week due to budget cuts, but local activists have filled the vacuum for the entire week with what they call “The People’s Library.”

It’s located on the plaza at 23rd & Yesler outside of the Douglass-Truth Library in the Central District.

In a news release Emily Ravenscraft a spokeswoman for the group said, “The open air library has everything a library should have: books, computers, and even arts and crafts activities for the children.”

The library opened to the public Monday morning at 10am at which time all the books were in place and the computers were turned on and connected to the Internet.

Sky Valley Chronicle:

Capitol Hill library closure: construction, People's Library and the last time (for now)

One of Seattle's more pitiful traditions is about to hopefully come to an end. It's time for our annual week of library closures around the city. The budget-minded sleight of hand has helped keep services and hours as robust as possible around Seattle through recent lean times while giving the library system's administrators a little summertime cost relief.

CHS Capitol Hill Seattle Blog: