Join and Organize – Occupy Caravan Cross County Road Trip


The Occupy Caravan departs from Seattle and two other West Coast cities — S.F. and L.A. — on a 20-day route east.

We're looking for organizers, entertainers — and drivers – to help, educating communities and connecting with cities across the country before arriving for the June30 – July4 Occupy National Gathering on Independence Mall in Philadelphia.  Pictures from the trip

Trip of a lifetime

On the 100th anniversary of the birth of Woody Guthrie let's declare: This Land is Our Land! From the Redwood Forest to the New York Island, everyone, together — let's ride. There will be a lead RV with livestream/multimedia setup to document the trip, and we're looking for as many occupiers, speakers, students and entertainers/performers as possible to fill the roads and Main Streets of America! Occupy Caravan is organizing caravans starting at three cities on the West Coast (Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles) and travleing across the country, all converging in Washington, DC, then traveling to Philadelphia in time for the National Gathering.

Step Up

We're looking for point people in the Seattle area to step up and commit to helping organize a launch event for the Caravan's departure on June 11 — in tandem with friends from Portland — as its makes its way that afternoon over to Spokane — where it needs a welcoming party! — for the first leg of the trip. This will be an urban (and sometimes rural) camping journey, so bring tent! With last night's endorsement of the national gathering proposal by Occupy DC and Occupy Birmingham, the total number of occupations that have endorsed the proposal now stands at 30.

The 30 endorsing occupations are listed on the National Gathering website. Please go to and see the schedule/cities page for a detailed itinerary, or go to Our Occupy Cavavan FaceBook Page.

Write us today and tell us if you're on board and can commit to helping!     Please write to with a sentence or two saying simply "Yes I am coming" or "No I am not coming"; and if yes, any details we should know about how many are in your party, whether you have your own vehicle, etc, and of course any questions, issues or concerns you'd like to discuss about the trip, which we'll try to answer promptly.