Proposal to Name This WG; Define Demands and Objectives; Define Path Forward

From discussion on this thread:

Please give your input on this thread. This is an ongoing discussion we have been having and I am proposing a solution.

I propose that we keep our Work Group name as Demands for now, so as not to confuse people, with the intent on changing our name to Objectives once those Demands are solidified.

Demands shall be defined as: What OccupySeattle believes is our end game, our goals.

Objectives shall be defined as: What OccupySeattle believes ought to be done for our Demands to be met. Objectives shall define measurable progress towards our Demands, and we must continually release them once the Demands are met.

Once the Demands are solidified, we will switch into Objectives mode. For all major actions and decisions, OccupySeattle shall ask, “Is this moving us toward our Objectives and therefore toward our Demands?” We need to stay focused on our goals for this movement to continue its momentum.

Thank you for listening, thinking, discussing, and debating.