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What do Creativity, Joy, Democracy and Love all have in common?

People Power!

Create and play at the Fremont Solstice Celebration at Gas Works on June 16! Join: We the People Power Festival


We the People Power is a celebration of creativity, sustainable living and grassroots democracy, with hands-on fun for everyone! Building on the excitement of the 24th Annual Solstice Parade, we invite you to dance and play, discover a personal passion, connect with others who share that passion, and get involved in making a positive difference in our community.

Are you passionate about Art? Sustainability? Grassroots Democracy? Health? Wellness? Caring for the Earth? Do you want to work with others to celebrate and share that passion with the larger community? Come to our work parties to learn more, meet co-collaborators, have fun and get involved!

Help co-create an environment where people have an abundance of ways to learn and have fun with their friends, their families. Participants will meet new people and discover the joy and purposefulness of being part of a community that celebrates and serves the greater good.

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Demonstrators claim victory against Jamie Dimon and Chase Bank

direct action at chase bank
Image: Bank Occupiers at a Chase Branch in Capitol Hill

On Wednesday November 2nd, 2011, Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase came to Seattle. And independent participants of Occupy Seattle gave him a warm welcome.

Starting at 2pm, 3 men and 2 women occupied the Chase Bank branch in Capitol Hill on Broadway and E. Thomas. Along with about 70 demonstrators outside, they shut down the branch for over two hours.

Then at 6pm, over 300 demonstrators marched on the Sheraton Hotel where Mr. Dimon was speaking. They raised a loud voice in unison against Chase’s corporate greed and then hundreds proceeded to lock arm and block the entrances to to the Sheraton letting the 1% know that they can no longer proceed with business as usual in Seattle. Demonstrators believe they prevented Mr. Dimon from leaving for at least three hours.

Under Dimon’s leadership, JP Morgan Chase has kicked thousands of families out of their homes by predatory lending and foreclosures. They’ve laid off thousands of Washingtonians after their hostile takeover of Washington Mutual. They’ve perpetuate the monopoly the 1% have on our political system.

Enough is enough. No more business as usual.

“Live your desires. Join us. This world is ours – all of ours – and don’t let them tell you anything different. We will build it together.” – From the Statement of the Bank Occupiers of November 2, 2011.*

*Transcription coming soon.

chr15 is an independent observer and does not speak for Occupy Seattle as a whole.