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General Assembly Meeting Notes: 10/9/11



-NEEDS: -cheap pencils, boxes with holes in top, usb solar batteries, power strips, marine batteries (deep cycle batteries), someone willing to do a propane exchange for food stove, someone with access to printing
-DO NOT NEED: peanut butter

-We are making a proposal tomorrow to adopt the Occupy Wall Street list of grievances and also to add localized grievances.

-mission statement: Outreach is a voice to the people who are not in our movement yet. We are a working group to educate and invite people to this movement. We aim to create an anti-repression place for all people in the movement. Everyone part of the 99%. We embrace everyone.

-We need flyers to canvas other communities. The 99% is majority of country who do not feel that they have a voice in this country. We are here to give the 99% a voice, regardless of political affiliation .

-We are taking an extra day to make sure mission statement is representative and inclusive to all members of community before submitting for approval.

-We meet every day at 4:30. if you can’t make a meeting, we have an email for recommendations:
– We need to start rotating facilitators. And they need to be trained! Drop by the facilitator table to learn how to do it.

– contact us:
-NEEDS: power sources, translators for web content, a method to approve things for the online calendar
-we meet every day at 4pm. We wear blue armbands.


FIRST PROPOSAL: Let’s sleep in shifts for rain protection

SECOND PROPOSAL: Don’t ever call the police on each other, we should solve our own problems instead.
MOTION: The vote to overturn the block on the proposal against calling the police on each other failed by a 58-41* margin. Since overturning a block requires a 4/5ths majority, the margin would have to have been 80-19 in order to override the block.

THIRD PROPOSAL: No arrestable direct action that threatens Occupy Seattle as a whole can be undertaken without GA approval.

– To change the GA time for tomorrow to 5:45pm in order to accommodate tomorrow’s events, such as the candlelight vigil at 7pm.

-The Internet Communications work group would like to put notification on the Occupy Seattle website notifying everyone of a student walkout on Wednesday and the Saturday global protest.


– A United Farm Workers Rep requested that we support fthe farm workers walkout tomorrow!
-We need more volunteers to take the minutes! Contact
– A hip hop group has been created! Show support for the hip hop community.
– Capitalism vs. Corporate control study group. After GA next Fri there will be a workshop about why capitalism is the problem, not corporate greed
– Meditation group at 6-6:20 in front of See’s Candy Shop.
– If you have audio, radio friendly hip hop, bring it!
– Tomorrow at 4pm the Old Growth Alliance is hosting a rally and protest for the 4th consecutive year at Westlake plaza. Show respect to elders and the native community.
– We need a car to transport water from Capitol Hill.

General Assembly Notes 10/06

Minutes by Chris Natale

Work Group Statuses:

-$300 for bailing out those arrested in yesterday’s arrests will be used.
-People are coming forward with many additional funding and supplies since yesterday’s arrests
-Donations: we cannot currently accept credit cards and checks. If you would like to use a credit card or check, please buy something from our donation list and deliver it to us.
-We could use more fundraisers

-debate on whether we should accept financial donations until assembly has decided on lawyers.

Interruption: Phone call from NYC
-NYC Reads Statement of Purpose, will be posted on website soon

-Request for more tents, blankets and sleeping bags

-About half those arrested yesterday will be arriving by bus at Westlake Park ~7:30pm

Looking for food from restaurants, churches, community groups… whoever can help us. Email us.

Announcement: We have started a library. Bring us books!

Internet Communications Group: is the email you can offer any help to the internet communications group at.

-need to update website to explain we are working to coordinate with with global movement by posting NYC’s list of demands

-Facebook groups are being created to represent online wing of each working group. We will have a list soon. Currently have:
-internet comm
-outreach and diversity

-go to
-follow official Twitter Feed at OccupySeattle

-request to start direct action work group. Outreach stands in solidarity with this idea

Progressive Stacking:
-let’s implement a weighted system to better represent minorities
-financial transparency: proposal to give all money raised so far to Portland branch until we can implement financial transparency
-debate: some people would rather use the money to bail out person first. Resolved: we will bail him out, but using

-looking for recruits
-world liaison is necessary
-discussion of other locations
-tomorrows demonstrations have permits that allow structures. Proposal to have as many tents as possible
-new flash mob groups with targeted messages. Meeting is important, but going out and meeting people is just as important.
-tomorrow is a big antiwar, anti-militarization protest. Protest as FBI/CIA Federal Building. Recruiting office
-Please, all groups are open. Get involved!

-set time for each meeting: Accepted
-rotation of facilitators, and training. Accepted.
-meeting times: 6:30pm for general assemblies weekdays. Work group meeting times are up to individual work groups. Accepted
-tomorrow: discuss process for 10-15 minutes before tomorrow’s general assembly. Accepted
-notify people of meeting through calendar, online. Accepted
-facilitators should never advocate or present their own opinions. Accepted
-proposal for legal council. if you get arrested: call 206-447-3900 dial 0 to talk to a real person that will transfer you to a legal council Lisa Druggart. Accepted
-proposal for a bank run initiative tabled, sent to direct action group. Accepted
-proposal: community tent for storage of items. Rejected

-Suggestion: talk about location later. Rejected, but no consensus reached on location

-online sign up for kitchen, cooks, transportation. Go to
-rally Saturday 12pm @ Westlake park. Bring everyone!
-SEIU pledges support for Occupy Wall Street Movement. 2.1 million members nationwide!