Call for a General Strike Bike Bloc!

Cyclists of Seattle Rise Up!

This May Day join the global general strike on wheels. Help shut the down the city to fight for a life worth living.

If you want to ride this May Day, here’s a proposed schedule:

All Day | Swarm – grab some friends and take to the streets.

11:15am | Bike Bloc convergence at Seattle Central Community College to support the student walk out. We’ll then ride down to Westlake Park.

12:00pm | All cyclists meet up for the bike bloc and take the streets in mass. We can ride at the front of the several marches, scout ahead and more.

From critical mass to the Copenhagen climate protests of 2009, bike blocs have been used successfully to disrupt traffic as usual and support convergences. More recently in November, a bike bloc helped interfere with the eviction of Occupy Portland’s encampment. It could be a perfect addition to May Day’s General Strike!

So help us flood the streets with people, life, and freedom. Dress in your most flashy clothes and get ready to get sweaty.