Bring The Fight To The Banks – a Non-violent and non-vandalistic direct action

fight the banks non violent action

Friday, July 20 at 9:00am at Westlake Center

This is a NON VIOLENT/NON VANDALISTIC action by Occupy Seattle Peacefully.
We understand we can't tell people what to do but just know it is not welcome at this action. We want to remind the people of Seattle that the banks still need to be fought.
Gather at Westlake for two marches on the banks.
The first will be educating the public on the banks criminal activities.
The second we will bring to the Seattle City Council who said they agreed to pull Seattle's money out of big banks. THEY STILL HAVE NOT DONE IT. We want to remind them of their promise.
More details to come. Planning meetings are every Friday at the Convention Center's first floor @ 4 PM. If you would like to help in the planning we will see you there.
We want to gain the support of as many affinity groups as possible. If you know an affinity group that wants to help use their specific talents for a coordinated fight against the banks please send them this event page. Let's send the big banks and Seattle's City Council a message so loud they can't ignore it! Keep inviting your friends!