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Website Update

There has been quite a bit of work completed on the site recently.  We would love your feedback.  This is the best way to get it to us.  Contact Us Form

Most of the work has been under the hood type of issues. Like updating the drupal core and 55 or so modules that were out of date, enabling the onsite update and installation of modules, setting up regular off site backups, and we also cleaned up the database reducing the size from 400+Mb to 50 Mb.

So far we have completed a few user improvements like removing the old hard-coded front page video and replacing it with an easily modifiable video embed feature, categorizing the Work Group page and providing selection by Type of Work Group, the ability to upload images directly from your computer into posts or to the server for use in posts or other content, and a few other minor improvements.

So try out the new features and lets us know if there are any potholes in the road.