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The OS book keeper is Linda Julien.

The OS account signer is Nathan Shields.

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Phone – 206-948-4548


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Mission Statement:

Internet Communications

Mission Statement:

The Internet Communications Working Group provides tactical tools, IT infrastructure, support, and advice to other working groups to facilitate online communication among groups and between Occupy Seattle and the Internet community.  Presented to GA 10-10-2011

Current Contacts:

Mumble Voice Chat: Settings to Join the Mumble Server Address: Port: 64738 server pswd=occupy

Weekly ITC Mtg:

Thursday: 7:00pm on Mumble


8-30-12 7:00 pm

Review progress on obtaining additional server capcity – narrowed possible providers to 3,

Obtained an annual contract on a small VPS as a test installation at a very good rate. We will be moving a couple of the small Occupation sites to it once it is fully set up and tested.  Discussed the issues seting the server up and some of the limitiations we have found.

Reviewed the work related to a custom page for the Calendar as requested by Amy.  So far no success.




8-23-12 7:00 pm

Discussed updating needs page on and reached agreement on changes

Explored options for determining who still had access to OS PO Box.

Discussed option for expanding server capability and obtaining annual rental agreements

8-16-12 7:00 pm

Continued discussion on the media alliance, setup a website for them

Reivewed Work with Amy getting her setup to edit and add content to


8-9-12 7:00 pm

Working with international media aliance. Helped with tech setup and provided access to mumble server.

Fixed corrupted forum installation on Occupy Seattle . org

Cleaned out existing spam on Issues Software and tightened up spam prevention tool set.

Worked  on server1 and tsgu email configurations.Still issues with login by 3rd party clients

Setup email on Tsuga

Investigated setting up a hub on

Establish Occupy Human Rights

7-12-12 7P00 pm

Discussed upcoming NETTICA and re-newal

Worked on improving response of server – adjusted available memory and considered CSS compression

Worked on Facebook intergration

Update on discussion with Scott re: live remote voting system

Contact NY tech ops re their experinece with workbench


7-5-12 7P00 pm

Discussed Options for GA support Voting


6-29-12 7P00 pm

Discussed problems related to Workbench Module

6-22-12 7P00 pm

reviewed Q2A polling software installed on OccupySeattle server

Discussed Workbench module and related software for workflow management

6-15-12 7P00 pm


Polling Software

Reviewed draft theme
Reviewed available plugins Site

Review planned workflow and associated permissions
Reviewed Bettermeans project management – Setup for on
Established Necessary Maintence activities
Reivewed and adopted changes to moderation and editorial policies


6/7/2012 7:00 pm


Impact of Traffic spike and possible responses and plans for future spikes. Consensus – establish short term alternative high capacity site and switch-over procedures

Updating of Project managment system – completed

Proto-type of frontpage change – thumbnails on teasers

Discussion of on-going projects

Discussion of Policies and Procedures for website –  Revised

Plans for future changes


5\31\2012 7:00pm

Discussed :

  • Detailed Changes to site
  • Issues with one 3rd party site
  • Potential causes and solutions to intermittent 500 errors

Adjourned : 7:55 pm